MKF Collection Purses Review

About MKF Collection

MKF Collection Purses Review

MKF Collection offers designer looks for more affordable prices. Their collection of vegan purses and accessories showcase eye-catching details, impressive function, and quality hardware. 

Are you a fan of designer bags but are looking for a price that won’t drain your savings account? You may have found the right brand. To be sure, we invite you to take a peek at this MKF Collection Purses review. 

We’ve rounded up information about the brand and their bestsellers, customer feedback, promotions, and more to help you shop with confidence. 

Overview of MKF Collection

MKF Collection Purses Review

There’s a little mystery surrounding the MKF Collection. Some say they’re owned by Michael Kors, others believe them to be the work of actress Mia Farrow. 

Both rumors were dispelled by the fact that MKF stands for Mia K. Farrow, the designer behind the Michael Kors look-alike purses. 

And yet, no one can put a face to the name, leaving consumers to wonder if it is simply a nod at the two celebrities or perhaps made up altogether. 

Whatever the story, the brand has created quite the buzz about their vegan handbag collection. The buzz about the brand isn’t due to just the name, but for their designs and mission of sustainability

Crafted with vegan leather, MKF purses incorporate gorgeous detailing, smart features, and a variety of styles to suit the poshest of us all the way to those who need something more light and functional. 

The brand, based in New Jersey, has been around since 2010 and offers quality pieces and fabulous sales

Before we show you some key pieces in the brand’s selection, this MKF Collection Purses review will give you a rundown of their highlights: 


  • A wide selection of styles available, including MKF Collection crossbody, handbags, satchels, backpacks, and more
  • Made with vegan leather
  • Designer look for a lower price
  • Accessible, sold in many stores
  • Sale section with up to 80% off
  • Free US shipping
  • Ships worldwide
MKF Collection Purses Review

MKF’s dedication to luxurious, but “attainable” items shines through in, not only their bags, but belts, hats, and dresses as well. Hidden amongst the chic purse collection lay trendy extras, that aren’t what the brand is known for, yet complement their pieces well. 

Since this is an MKF Collection Purses review, we’ll be focusing on the brand’s bags only. Take a peek at their website if you’d like more info on any of those additional items. 

In the section below, we’ll take you through a varied selection of MKF purses, offered in stylish, fun, and classic colors, all made with superior craftsmanship

MKF Collection Purses Review

When it comes to constructing the perfect handbag, it’s all in the details. Of course, the material used is perhaps the most important decision, and to keep things ultra-classy, MKF chose to design in all vegan leather

As for the hardware, quality counts. You’ll find that each of the brand’s luxurious bags is affixed with high-grade hardware that functions smoothly, has a brilliant shine, and is of solid composition. 

This MKF Collection Purses review will feature the brand’s best-selling bags, including cross-bodies, handbags, backpacks, and totes. 

MKF Collection Ketsy Crossbody Belt Bag Review 

Crossbody bags are loved for their function. We’re all too familiar with the struggle of juggling a handbag, latte, phone, and keys at the same time. Sometimes, hands-free bags just make more sense. 

Of course, looks never hurt either, and the Ketsy Crossbody Belt Bag is certainly full of those. It’s made of smooth vegan leather with a classy metal snap. 

Offered in 7 colors, we adore it in pink, a smart choice for any season. Gold-toned hardware decorates this aesthetically pleasing bag that showcases a rounded, stitched base and a linear, fold-over closure

Crossbody bags are more functional than other types of handbags, but the Ketsy even blows traditional crossbodies out of the water thanks to its adjustable strap that extends to 48 inches. It can also be worn around your hips as a belt waist bag

Inside, you’ll find room for all your necessities, plus a wall zipper pocket to hold tiny treasures, like bobby pins and shiny tubes of your favorite rouge. 

Merging function with style, the Ketsy Crossbody Belt Bag is $149.  

If you’re looking for a smaller crossbody bag, consider the MKF Collection Trios Crossbody Bag

MKF Collection Twister Hobo Handbag Review 

Slouchy and soft, the Twister Hobo Handbag has a relaxed, yet sophisticated look that would give any polished outfit a little edge. Speaking of edge, the chain adds ultra-cool, textured detailing to this otherwise smooth purse. 

This handbag comes with tons of options, like a removable MKF charm and three different carrying options: hand, arm, and shoulder, thanks to the 12-inch handle drop and 48-inch adjustable shoulder strap. 

We love the idea of pairing the yellow version of this bag with a long jean skirt, brown leather boots, and a crisp white shirt in the cooler months. 

Open the bag to find a very roomy interior with two zippered pockets and two slip-in pockets perfect for your phone or other quick-grab items. To give you an idea of the size of this bag, it’s 17 inches long and 13 inches high, meaning, if needed, you can even pack your laptop inside

Available in a total of 11 colors, the Twister Hobo Handbag is $279

To keep the slouch but change the look, try the MKF Collection Aileen Shoulder Bag

MKF Collection Lue Hobo with Wallet Review

With a classic plaid print, the Lue Hobo bag carries a sense of sophistication. Offered in 10 color combinations, like tan/yellow and black/white, this fun and classy handbag adds a polished look to any outfit. 

The beauty of this 9×9 bag comes with its streamlined structure and oversized drawstring cord that creates dimension and a unique style when tightened. Metal feet on the base help the bag stand up when put down. 

Shiny, gold hardware adds extra glimmering details that are also present on the sleek matching wallet included inside the bag. The 8x4x1 inch wallet holds 8 card slots, a center zip, and 2 full-size bill compartments. 

Pick up this dynamic Lue Hobo with Wallet for $279

MKF Collection Christine Satchel & Wallet Review

A gorgeous all-season bag, the Christine Satchel comes in 10 smooth-toned colors. Light blue is the perfect summer pick, while yellow is certainly a fall favorite. With a high-class look, this handbag portrays sophistication to a T. 

Structured, but slouchy in all the right places, the Christine Satchel has a buttery leather look that contrasts beautifully with its strappy detailing and brilliant gold hardware. 

If you were a fan of the discontinued MKF Collection Plora Structured Handbag, this one is a great replacement. 

Carrying it on your arm certainly creates a posh look, but the satchel comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that measures up to 58 inches. 

Open the top zipper to reveal two slip pockets and a wall zipper pocket along with a matching wallet. Within the wallet, you’ll find 12 card slots, 1 zipper compartment, and 1 bill stash. 

Enjoy the classy Christine Satchel & Wallet for $299

MKF Collection Isobel Satchel Review 

Compact and structurally designed, the Isobel Satchel is a real attention-grabber.

On the beige and brown styles, you’ll see the striking color contrasts of a black handle against smooth leather. 

If all-black is a must, the gold hardware is what will make your bag impactful. On all three styles, the paneled detailing and embossed handles give the bag a geometric look. 

To keep your purse clean and safe from tipping over, four metal feet sit at its base and a zipper closure at its top. Inside the purse are two zippered pockets and you’ll find an exterior zip pocket as well for necessities. 

Measuring about 12×10 inches, this MKF Collection faux leather satchel is roomy enough for a regular-sized wallet. 

Get the striking Isobel Satchel for $269

MKF Collection Jessie Satchel Backpack with Wristlet Pouch Review

Drenched with saturated color, the Jessie Satchel Backpack mixes distressed and smooth vegan leather to create an eye-catching two-toned look. 

This bag has the slouchy look of a purse, but the roominess of a backpack, its versatility shown by the removable backpack straps and sturdy handle. 

Within the bag, you’ll find a matching wristlet, great to take to summer parties or quick shopping trips. It comes in cognac brown, grey, and taupe. This roomy, 14×9 inch backpack is a great choice for the fall semester. 

It has a playful maturity about it, so much classier than the typical polyester backpack. Elevate your look with the Jessie Satchel Backpack with Wristlet Pouch for $269

If you’re devoted to the satchel style, but find backpacks aren’t for you, check out the MKF Collection Padlock Satchel

MKF Collection Samantha Backpack Review 

In the days of high school, backpacks were a necessity. With so much to carry, they’re practical and functional. 

And while we’ve moved on to adult life, the things we need to carry haven’t changed all that much, but yet, swapping to a handbag is the “mature” thing to do. Well, who said that had to be the case? 

The Samantha Backpack embodies classy style. Though convenient, it doesn’t skimp on sophistication, but rather merges it with everything we loved about our high school bags. 

Featuring a roomy front pocket for your phone and pens, two interior slip pockets, and a zip pocket for makeup, keys, or anything else you don’t want to lose track of. 

The Samantha Backpack comes in 10 colors so you can express your personal style, whether that’s black all day, every day, or flirty rose pink. The bag, with an embossed MKF logo, is finished with a sparkly insignia atop its magnetic closure

Measuring 11×11 inches, pack what you need, and take it with you in style with the Samantha Backpack for $269.  

MKF Collection Chi Tote Bag with Wallet Review

There’s something about a tote that’s so easy-breezy and convenient. The Chi Tote Bag has the same relaxed vibe about it, and though it’s made of vegan leather, the stitching gives it an almost nylon look. 

Made in cognac brown, wine, and blush colors, each one is accented with a chain handle, magnetic snap pocket, contrasting black stitching, and a bold, gold MKF insignia. 

As any tote should be, this one is quite roomy, measuring 16×11 inches – enough space to pack an overnight supply of clothes or your laptop, lunch, and notepad. 

With the Chi Tote Bag comes a matching MKF Collection wallet with a detachable wristlet, perfect for nipping out of the office to grab a coffee. With convenience and style, the Chi Tote Bag with Wallet is $299.  

Love totes but want something a little simpler? Try the MKF Collection Ornate Shoulder Tote.

Who Is MKF Collection For? 

MKF Collection Purses Review

The MKF Collection is completely vegan, so it’s a great choice for anyone looking to help the planet out. 

If material isn’t a biggie to you, the brand’s style may be. Within their collection, you’ll discover chic, on-trend purses that rival those of bigger designers, like the one we’ll compare them to next in this MKF Collection Purses review. 

One of the aims of this brand was to make their products accessible. That means they’re made from high-quality materials and have a top-designer look, but they’re more affordable than what you’d find on the golden shelves at Chanel or D&G. 

With that in mind, MKF is for the lady who wants a designer look but doesn’t want to break the bank. She may be environmentally conscious, vegan, or at least looking for an alternative to traditional leather bags. 

Comparison: MKF Collection vs. Michael Kors 

MKF Collection Purses Review

While conducting our MKF Collection Purses review, we couldn’t help but draw comparisons between them and Michael Kors. Perhaps it was the M insignia, the supple leather look, or the strappy detailing. 

Whatever it is, it’s not too far of a stretch to say these two brands have similar styles. 

To help show what makes our featured brand unique, in this section of our , we’ll do an MKF Collection Michael Kors review – a quick comparison of the two designers, starting with first impressions. 

Michael Kors is a more well-known designer than MKF, and upon landing on their website, we immediately got a luxury vibe. That’s not to say our featured brand doesn’t have that as well, but there’s something about the Michael Kors layout that’s just more upscale. 

In terms of cost, the two brands are quite similar, though, as expected, Michael Kors is a little more expensive. Let’s put one of each of the brands’ similar models head-to-head to see what the big differences are.

We chose to look at the MKF Samantha Backpack compared to the Michael Kors Viv Large Leather Backpack. Here are some basic stats on both:

  • MKF Samantha Backpack:
  • Vegan leather
  • 11×11”
  • 3 color options
  • Gold hardware
  • $270
  • Michael Kors Viv Large Leather Backpack:
  • Pebbled leather
  • 11×8”
  • 4 color options
  • Removable straps
  • Gold hardware
  • $450 (now $230)

The Michael Kors has a slightly more artistic design, whereas the MKF backpack is a little simpler, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less attractive. When looking at what makes these bags unique, design and fabric are the biggest difference. 

In regards to the brands’ entire collections, Michael Kors and MKF are very similar as well, both offering men’s selections and a bundle of other accessories. 

With two brands that are very alike in terms of looks and what they offer, it comes down to your preferences. One uses vegan leather and is more affordable, the other is a well-known designer. Both brands use quality materials and have great-looking bags

MKF Collection Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

MKF Collection Purses Review

This MKF Collection Purses review has talked a lot about the quality of the brand’s designs. Since assessing the quality of a bag requires you to feel, see, and experience it, we’ve combed the web to find helpful customer feedback to provide some insight. 

Below, you’ll read comments from a variety of sources that shed light on what MKF Collection handbags are really like. 

First, we headed to to see how their customers rated the MKF Collection Twister Handbag. Finding a 3.9/5 star score out of 57 reviews, we’ve placed the rating snapshot below to help you see how it was calculated:

  • 5 stars – 27 ratings
  • 4 stars – 15 ratings
  • 3 stars – 5 ratings
  • 2 stars – 5 ratings
  • 1 star – 5 ratings

Happy shoppers say that the bag looks “rich and expensive,” and though sells it for quite the deal, it is a quality, luxury bag so really, it should look that way. Others say that the picture does not do the bag justice. It’s large, has tons of “bling,” and is very durable

Hitting up Amazon next, we checked out the ratings for the Twister Hobo Handbag to see if the comments match what we found on It has a 4.3/5 star rating awarded by 100 shoppers. You’ll find the rating snapshot below:

  • 5 stars –  70%
  • 4 stars –  9%
  • 3 stars –  8%
  • 2 stars –  6%
  • 1 star –  7%

Positive reviews speak of the high quality of the bag, and though the price isn’t listed on this page, one notes that it “looks like it’s worth over $200.” Since the price on the brand’s website says $280, we’d say the customer on Amazon got this bag for quite the steal. 

On the topic of quality, another buyer said his wife has “used it for about three years and is still nice.” That shows us MKF Collection bags are well-made and durable

Feeling content with what we’ve read in terms of quality, we headed to the Better Business Bureau to see how well the brand deals with customer issues. Finding a B rating and just 15 complaints, it appears that MKF has resolved them all. 

Since this is an honest MKF Collection Purses review, we’ll be real with you. There have been some issues with the quality of certain bags, but also a ton of customers who say the brand’s purses look and feel amazing. 

It appears that many get them through discount retailers, so we wonder if the quality is much higher when buying directly from the brand’s website. 

Is MKF Collection Worth It?

MKF Collection Purses Review

The answer seems like a no-brainer. It’s a good idea to order items directly from the brand’s website to prevent the possibility of receiving a fake.

From what we can tell, MKF purses have great quality, cute designs, and functional details, and we believe they’re worth the buy – plus, they have a killer sale section! If you’re on the fence but want to give them a shot, remember, you can always return it. 

Since the brand has a solid rating on the BBB, if something does go wrong with your order, it appears that they take care to resolve it. 

MKF Collection Promotions & Discounts 

MKF Collection Purses Review

Everyone loves a deal. That’s why throughout this MKF Collection Purses review, we kept an eye out for all of them. Here’s what we uncovered:

  • Sale section with up to 80% off handbags
  • Free US Standard Shipping

Where to Buy MKF Collection

MKF Collection Purses Review

You can actually find discontinued items – like the MKF Collection Isabelle Shoulder Tote – at a few different online shops, like Amazon, Overstock, and Zulily, but for everything else, we recommend buying directly from


MKF Collection Purses Review

Where is MKF Collection made? 

According to JLR Imports, MKF Collection bags are made in China. 

Is MKF Collection vegan and cruelty-free? 

Yes, they are! MKF uses vegan leather and other non-animal fabrics for all of their designs. 

What is MKF Collection’s Shipping Policy?

MKF Collection ships around the world. For US customers, the brand offers two shipping options:

  1. Standard: free
  2. Priority: $9

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to follow your package’s journey. 

What is MKF Collection’s Return Policy?

If you need to return or exchange your MKF Collection order for any reason, you can do so within 30 days of purchase. Some basic guidelines for returns include:

  1. Items must be in their original condition with the original packaging
  2. Final sale items are not eligible for return
  3. You will be responsible for all return shipping costs

To start a return, email [email protected] with your order number, name, and reason for return. A member of their support team will let you know what to do next. 

How to Contact MKF Collection

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed in this MKF Collection Purses review, feel free to get in touch with the brand by emailing [email protected] or calling (201)676-8010.

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