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Senreve Review

Versatile bags made for everyday women. Loving moms, ambitious career women, strong and beautiful. Senreve designs stylish, fun, and functional bags that can keep up with the busy lives of the women who wear them. You can take their Italian purses and bags to the beach on a Saturday, carry your laptop to work on a Monday morning, and have it on your arm for a Friday night date. 

Senreve sells luxury bags, scarves, card cases, and accessories to pair with silk and cashmere clothing. And they do it all with you and the environment in mind. They’re a global company and have been featured in publications such as InStyle, The Zoe Report, and Forbes. Their pieces are often seen on celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Priyanka Chopra, and Kristen Bell—just in case looking like your favorite celeb interests you!

This Senreve review will give you an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Senreve

Senreve Review

Senreve is an Italian purse brand whose name is derived by the French words for “sense” and “dream,” combining sensibility with fantasy. You don’t need to trade in looks for practicality or practicality for looks. Senreve offers luxury bags that fit into your everyday lives. They’re purses that look fantastic, add sophistication to your wardrobe, and can be used in both mom mode and COO mode! 

The San Francisco-based fashion brand was founded in 2015. Coral Chung and Wendy Wen, the founders of Senreve, launched their bags as a foothold into the fashion world. Senreve’s dream is to combine work and play by blending elegant designs with impeccable quality and innovative construction. Their mission is multifaceted:

  1. As environmentally conscious retailers, they ensure all of their materials are used annually. They also have a zero-waste policy
  2. They team up with partners to help minimize chemical usage, waste, and energy use
  3. They only work with ethical tanneries and factories that source their materials from food production or recycled leather. They never source their materials from animals that are solely used for their hides.
  4. Senreve bags are handcrafted and built to last with a lifetime warranty.
  5. Senreve aims to work only with partners who provide safe, healthy, and fair working conditions.
Senreve Review

Senreve is committed to continuous improvements to their products. They launched 100% vegan bags, and are looking into using 100% recycled and biodegradable materials for packaging. 

Here are the highlights that this Senreve review came across:


  • Deluxe, versatile Italian handbags that can be used for both work and play
  • Zero waste policy
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Handcrafted
  • Classic and timeless pieces 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ethical tanneries (do not source materials from animals that are solely raised for their hides)
  • Working on a 100% vegan line
  • Focused on creating 100% recycled and biodegradable materials for packaging
  • Dedicated to continuous improvement and sustainability
  • Free shipping
  • Duties and taxes are free for most countries


  • Bags are expensive
  • Not many customer reviews that we could find

Senreve offers European handbags for everyday use, purses specific for the weekend, fashionable accessories, sleek card holders, and home items. This Senreve review showcases the Italian handbags that fans of the brand love most:

Senreve Maestra Bag Review

The Maestra Bag is recognized as the original Senreve convertible backpack purse. It’s a laptop bag you can wear as a backpack, satchel, tote, or across the body. It’s attractive, elegant, and ready for your everyday life. Plus, supermodel Taylor Hill has one. Who wouldn’t want to look as stylish as she does? The first step to being a bombshell is dressing like one.

The versatile Maestra Bag features premium leather, offering texture to its minimalist monochrome profile. Senreve offers multiple finishes including pebbled, mimosa, dolce, dragon, or mixed leather, and each finish comes with its own color selection.

Ladies have options in a range of colors to choose the shade that suits them best, including noir, marine, forest, merlot, aubergine, chestnut, ice, and sand. For a limited time, they can also pick from seasonal colors including mauve, blush, cream, coral, and lavender. For certain colors, you can choose between gold or silver hardware

‘The Maestra Bag includes a top carry handle and eight interior compartments. Lipstick, check. Phone, check. Notebook, check. Everything else I need, check. You can fit an 11” or 13” computer in the laptop compartment or a 15” laptop in the center compartment. It also features a supple, stain-resistant micro-suede interior, metal feet to protect the base, adjustable straps, a small exterior back compartment, and a hidden zipper for extra security. 

This Senreve purse is built for the modern woman. The pebbled Maestra Bag sells for $895, the mimosa and dolce models for $995, and the dragon Maestra Bag for $1,175. The mixed leather version varies in price, either $995 or $1,175, depending on color. 

Senreve Midi Maestra Bag Review

The Midi Maestra is the little sister bag who’s just as gorgeous. This backpack purse is the same in every way, except size. A medium-sized version of the Maestra, the Midi Maestra Bag is perfect for carrying your iPad, Surface Pro, or other tablet. The padded sleeve fits a 10.9” tablet and the central compartment can hold an 11” tablet

The Midi Maestra comes in pebbled, mimosa, dolce, dragon, and mixed leather finishes with either gold or silver hardware. She can be worn in all the same ways as her big sister, with the same stain-resistant micro-suede interior, adjustable straps, top carry handle, and four metal feet that protect the base.

Since we aren’t always wearing our office hats, sometimes we need something a little more compact that can carry what we need on the daily. The Midi Maestra Bag is the perfect fit. The pebbled model sells for $795, mimosa and dolce sell for $875, and dragon for $1,075. The mixed leather Midi Maestra Bags sell for $1,175, $1,075, or $875 depending on color.

Senreve Mini Maestra Bag Review

And now for the adorable Mini Maestra Bag, almost identical to its big sisters. It comes in the same leather finishes and colors, wearable in the same four ways. But instead of eight compartments there are only seven. The mini purse can hold up to a 10.5” iPad, tablet or Kindle

The Mini Maestra shares its features with the Maestra and Midi Maestra including adjustable straps, a supple micro-suede interior, and the choice between gold or silver hardware. The Mini Maestra Bag is similar to a medium-sized handbag, and would look great when getting dressed up for a night out or dressed down in jeans and a sweater. 

The pebbled Mini Maestra Bag sells for $695, mimosa and dolce for $775, and the dragon finish is available for $975. The mixed leather model sells for $1,075, $975, or $775, depending on color.

Senreve Vegan Maestra Bag Review

The Vegan Maestra Bag has the same appearance as the leather Maestra, except for the fact that it’s 100% vegan! No animal products or by-products. You can feel good that no animals were subject to cruelty in the making of this trendy bag. 

Some other perks make it stand out against its leather counterpart: the vegan leather is resistant to scratches, stains, and water, and the interior contains stain-resistant microfiber rather than suede.

Like all Senreve handbags, this piece is handcrafted in Italy. If you’re not into the oversized vegan Maestra, it’s also available in midi and mini models. These vegan leather Senreve purses come in noir, forest, merlot, pecan, and taupe. The Vegan Maestra Bag sells for $895, Vegan Midi Bag for $795, and Vegan Mini Bag for $695.

Senreve Alunna Bag Review

A crossbody bag that holds just enough of your daily goodies. Look cute and stylish at the same time! The high quality leather Alunna Bag has two compartments on the inside and a small card holder pocket on the outside.

If you don’t like the hassle of carrying a wallet, and just want to carry your essential, the Alunna Bag is super convenient. The central compartment can hold up to an 8.9”/23 cm Kindle and an iPhone XS Max.

The Alunna Bag comes in ice, sand, chestnut, noir, forest, merlot, and scarlet. It features a stain-resistant micro-suede interior, a flap closure, and a convenient magnetic zipper hold. You can wear this cute Senreve bag on your shoulder or carry it wherever you go for $645

Senreve Alunna Mini Bag Review

The Alunna Mini Bag is identical to the original Alunna in every way but size. The central compartment can hold your iPhone XS Max.

It’s always nice when you can tuck your phone in your purse and not have to carry it in your hand. Choose from the same colors as the full-size Alunna for $575.

Senreve Aria Belt Bag Review

The ultimate on-the-go bag that doesn’t get in your way. Just tuck in your keys and your phone, your cards, and maybe some lipstick, and your set. The Aria Belt Bag can be worn as a belt bag, a sling bag, a crossbody, or a clutch. Talk about versatile. The purse features three interior pockets and can fit up to an iPhone 8 Plus.

The Aria Belt Bag comes in the following finishes: pebbled, mimosa, dolce, dragon, and mixed leather. The colors for the pebbled leather are noir, forest, aubergine, merlot, chestnut, ice, marine, and sand. They also have limited seasonal colors, such as blush, tangerine, spice, and cream.

The Aria Belt Bag is ready for daily wear, with a leather exterior resistant to scratches, stains, and water damage. It opens and closes easily with a flap closure and magnetic snap button, a removable leather strap, and an adjustable belt closure.

The pebbled Aria Belt Bag sells for $395, mimosa and dolce for $445 and dragon for $495. The mixed leather Aria sells for $495 or $545, depending on the color. This Senreve handbag is also available in 100% vegan leather for $395.

Senreve Voya Tote Bag Review

The super bag, the favored tote in our purse collection; the bag we can throw everything into, and then get going with our day. Maybe pack a little extra sunscreen, or a towel even, if you’re headed to the beach or a friend’s pool.

The Voya Tote Bag is great for work, play, and everything in between. If you really want to use it for work, it can hold up to a 15” laptop. It features eight additional compartments to hold whatever else you feel like storing inside.

The Voya Tote Bag has the same leather exterior and suede interior as other Senreve bags. A full closure zipper pocket runs along the inside edge, along with an additional security enclosure via a collar stud belt. There is also a large side zipper pocket to keep loose items organized. 

The Voya Tote Bag comes in pebbled, mimosa, and dolce leather finishes, available in forest, sand, noir, marine, and merlot. You can also get it now in two gorgeous seasonal colors of blush and cream. The pebbled Voya Tote sells for $895, with the mimosa and dolce offered for $995.

Senreve Cashmere Colorblock Shawl Review

A beautiful shawl, scarf, travel blanket, and throw. It’s soft, warm, and cozy for fall and winter days. All things right on brand with Senreve’s ideals of functional versatility. The fashionable colorbock shawl is hand-stitched and hand-dyed in Mongolia, spun from 100% Mongolian cashmere.

Senreve’s Cashmere Colorblock Shawl comes in elegant hues of dusk, desert lily, and blue sage. This cold weather accessory sells for $495. It’s pricey for a scarf, but in such timeless shades, luxurious cashmere, and with so many functions, this Senreve review thinks it’s worth the splurge.

Senreve Cart Folio Review

In keeping with their zero waste policy, Senreve has taken to creating smaller products like their Cart Folio, to make sure all materials are used. This sophisticated leather card holder holds up to seven cards and features the Senreve logo in gold lettering, so your girlfriends will know where your stylish taste comes from.

The Cart Folio comes in a ton of trendy colors, including dragon forest, dragon marine, dragon cream, dragon noir, dragon chestnut, dragon storm, dragon aubergine, dragon merlot, noir, marine, merlot, fuchsia, blush, lilac, and ice. This Senreve accessory is offered for $145 or $175, depending on the style and color you choose.

Senreve Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Senreve Review

There are no customer reviews on the Senreve website, but that didn’t stop this Senreve review from finding out how customers feel about these bags. We found 51 reviews on Yelp, where Senreve has 4.5/5 stars. This amounts to 41 5-star reviews and only 5 1-star reviews, which is pretty impressive! 

It’s not easy to get to the actual customer comments for the Senreve reviews on Yelp, but we were able to dig into a few. Positive reviews boasted of excellent customer service and the quality of the bags. Customers were also happy with Senreve’s choice not to burn any of their products at the end of the year. On the other hand, unhappy customers complained about the sturdiness and practicality of the bags.

This Senreve review found a few customer reviews on shopbop. The Maestra Bag had two customer reviews: one 5-star rating that said the bag was great for work and travel. The customer was also happy with both the quality and construction. The other was a 1-star review that said the versatile ways of wearing the bag didn’t work for her athletic build, and she ended up returning it. 

If celebrities make a difference to you, you could check out the IN THE WILD section of the Senreve website and see who in the spotlight is using their bags. Quite a few stars are wearing the bags, so if you want to emulate them, this is your chance.

Is Senreve Worth It?

Senreve Review

First things first, these are not bags to buy on a budget. They’re expensive. But if you’re looking for a quality purse that you won’t need to replace for a long time, one that is attractive and versatile, the price may not be an issue. Quality and looks can make up for cost, in our opinion. 

Senreve no doubt provides variety. You can pick from a wide assortment of colors, such as a burgundy leather purse, a pale pink purse, or a light blue purse, different styles and sizes, like the mini leather black backpack purse or a full-size butterscotch tote. This Senreve review loved all the options!

Senreve Review

We also can’t forget Senreve’s commitment to sustainability. If the environment and animal welfare are important to you, then Senreve’s values and mission alone can make these bags worth the buy.

Although this Senreve review could not find many customer reviews, the ones we did find were more on the positive side than the negative. For all of these reasons, we feel that yes, Senreve bags are definitely worth it!

Senreve Promotions & Discounts 

Senreve Review

If you send $75 to a friend through the Give $75 friend referral program, you and your friend can each save $75 off an order of $395 or more. Orders over $300 receive a complimentary Sepia City Scarf valued at $85.

Apart from those two promotions, our Senreve review could not find a sales section or any other promotions on the website.

Where to Buy Senreve

Senreve Review

You can purchase Senreve bags directly from their website, They also have stock in select retail stores throughout the United States, Singapore, and Taiwan. To find out more information regarding where you can find these retail stores, visit their website.

This Senreve review also found select purses available on ShopBop and TheRealReal. 


Senreve Review

What is Senreve’s Shipping Policy?

Our Senreve review discovered that the brand delivers worldwide, with the reception of Russia. Shipping is free, even for international orders. For China orders (excluding Hong Kong), visit their China website.

Duties and taxes for international orders are also covered, except for the following countries: Croatia, Portugal, Russia, Austria, Malta, Latvia, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, China (excluding Hong Kong), Brazil, and Vietnam.

Free shipping is for ground orders. In the US, shipments arrive within 6-9 business days. You can choose expedited shipping for an additional charge.

What is Senreve’s Return Policy?

Senreve will accept returns for any reason within 30 days of the delivery as long as the items are in brand-new condition. If they receive a damaged product upon return, the return cannot be accepted. You can request to have it shipped back to you, at your expense.

Free gifts that are not returned with the original order will be deducted from the refund. More information can be found on the Senreve website. 

How to Contact Senreve

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Senreve review, you can contact customer service via: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 415-723-2519 (10 am PST to 6 pm PST)
  • Contact form on

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