Watch Gang Subscription Review

About Watch Gang

Watch Gang Subscription Review

Watch Gang is what you get when you cross the subscription model popular among clothing and grooming brands with the need to stylishly know the time. The brand has received praise in a number of popular news outlets the likes of Esquire, BuzzFeed, Ask Men, Men’s Health, and we can’t forget the LA Times. When you line it all up, they’ve received a lot of praise for their luxurious take on the subscription box. 

This Watch Gang subscription review will look past the magazines at what the customers are saying as well as a selection of products and prices. By the end, hopefully you’ll be able to decide if Watch Gang is right for you.

Overview of Watch Gang 

Watch Gang Subscription Review

Matthew Gallagher founded Watch Gang in 2016 with the goal of introducing the uninitiated into the great watch world and giving veterans the opportunity of increasing their collection. Gallagher had always enjoyed watches but he saw them as a way to accessorize an outfit, devoid of their own real emotional significance. Then his father, who sadly passed away, willed him a 1953 Rolex. It instantly became a cherished heirloom.

The goal of Watch Gang is to let others develop relationships with their watches similarly to Gallagher, as either prized possessions or accessories to enjoy. Watch Gang sends its subscribers new watches monthly for as many months as they want. They want to mimic that surprise that Gallagher felt when receiving the Rolex that meant so much to him, so the watch you receive each month is a mystery.

In addition, they offer 5 weekly giveaways live on the Watch Gang Facebook and Instagram where you can receive a watch or subscription for free. This Watch Gang subscription review will be tuning in for Rolex Fridays

The Los Angeles-based company has grown in popularity, shipping across the world. They offer tiers of subscription with the more expensive options giving you the chance to receive more high end watches. Watch Gang guarantees the watches you receive are valued higher than the monthly subscription fee. 

Watch Gang also offers two other purchase options: the Wheel of Watches and the Member Store. The former is essentially a Watch roulette wheel. You buy points, select a handful of watches from different tiers, and then take a spin to see which one you get. The latter is a straightforward store but you have to be a member to access it.

Watch Gang Subscription Review

Let’s look at the highlights of this Watch Gang subscription review:


  • Easy to increase your watch options
  • You get to keep all the watches, which is not a given in the watch subscription world
  • Can receive a watch valued far higher than what you pay
  • Exposes you to a wide range of watch styles and brands
  • Ships worldwide
  • Other purchasing options if you prefer more control
  • Shipping receives positive reviews


  • Thanks to the mystery element, it could be seen as a steep price to pay for something you might not like
  • The Watch Gang Reddit community raises a number of question marks over the valuations
  • International shipping can be very costly
  • No returns or refunds if you don’t like a watch
  • No sizing options so those with very large or very small wrists will have to have them resized

How Does Watch Gang Work?

Watch Gang Subscription Review

Once you’ve signed up for Watch Gang, you can choose between the Original, Black, or Platinum subscription tiers. You sign up for automatically renewing month-to-month payment or you can prepay for either 3, 6, or 12 months with progressive discounts. You’ll receive a first watch shipped within 3 days and then you fall into the usual pattern of having your watch shipped by the 16th of every month. 

Watch Gang Watches

So what can you expect with Watch Gang? Well, a lot. This Watch Gang subscription review will take a look at just a selection of the watches you might find in the coming months and some you might win in a giveaway if you’re lucky.

  • Martenero Edgemere Reserve
  • Fortuna Michael
  • Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Rose Gold
  • Tag Heuer Autavia
  • Rolex GMT Master II

Martenero Edgemere Reserve

The Martenero Edgemere Reserve in the white-blue color scheme can be found in the Platinum Tier subscription. We’re really putting our best foot forward here, as this Watch Gang subscription review loves this watch. It has a very nautical theme, which makes sense–it’s inspired by the marine chronometer. 

The red band of the Watch Gang Martenero Edgemere Reserve is understated compared to some of the larger, shiny metal bands but the bold color still gives it a pop. The watch face manages to pack in hour markers, minute markers, a 24-hour subdial, and a date window while still maintaining a clean look, thanks to a deep blue and white color scheme with subtle red and blue accent colors.

On the Martnero site, it sells for $695, although Watch Gang gets their valuations from the best available non-sale retail price. If it shows up in your Platinum Tier subscription it’ll cost $300. Ahoy! There are some good savings yonder starboard.

Fortuna Michael

Available in the Black Tier subscription, the Fortuna Michael is part of Fortuna’s Taurus series. The sporty and stylish features a black face accented by a stainless steel case with white lettering and stitching. The band is handmade calfskin leather while the glass over the face is reflection-resistant. It can look a bit busy, but that’s part of the look, and the numerals stand out to keep it practical.

The German-made watch retails for €249 on Fortuna’s site. No conversion is necessary to see the savings of finding it in the $100 Black Tier subscription. It’s a strong deal for a versatile watch that suits both casual and dressy settings.

Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Rose Gold

The Watch Gang Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Men’s Rose Gold gets more and more elegant the closer you get. The handmade Swiss watch features a leather strap differentiated by the intricacies of a crocodile pattern. It’s very nice but the eye is sooner drawn to the dial. A simplistic look becomes quite sophisticated with the silver-white face and the rose gold adornments. From the case to the hands to the numeral-less markers, the rose gold contains a variety of angles so parts catch the light while others wait their turn in the shadows.

The date marker gives it a nice touch of simple practicality and the Dreyfuss & Co label and minute dashes in are there without drawing too much attention. It’s close to the upper end of the Platinum Tier price range at $1,100, so if you have the fortune of finding it in your Platinum delivery, you’ll be saving around $800.

Tag Heuer Autavia

The Autavia Collection is Tag Heuer’s oldest, and they say their most precise as well. It has to be, as it got its start in the cockpits of airplanes and cars. The brown leather strap with white stitching dresses down the sleek black dial and silver case. To better help those pilots, the numerals are prominent on the edge with easily noticed hands rotating around atop three handy subdials.

Speaking of flying high, the winner of the Tag Tuesday Giveaway will be too. This edition of the Tag Heuer Autavia is the prize for the August 25, 2020 edition of the weekly draw. It is possible to receive Tag watches in the Platinum Tier subscription, but for a collection that retails for around $4,000 on the Tag Heuer site, this one is going to be exclusive to the giveaway. Fingers crossed!

Rolex GMT Master II

We’ve saved the Rolex GMT Master II for last in this Watch Gang subscription review. Rolex calls it the cosmopolitan watch and for good reason. It features a 24-hour dial and the ability to track two time zones at once. It was originally designed in 1955 for those who had to frequently travel back and forth across different time zones. The blue-red split is there to designate night-time and daytime. 

While you can get it in different colors today, the classic provides a nice touch of color around the edge so this Watch Gang subscription review is thrilled they’ve opted for the original. This is the Rolex available for the August 28, 2020 Rolex Friday Giveaway. The models rotate so it will be a different Rolex next week. At just shy of $35,000, you won’t find it in a box but only in the Friday lottery. 

Watch Gang Pricing

Watch Gang Subscription Review

So how much is Watch Gang? The three tiers are priced as follows:

  • Original Tier ($50/month)
  • Black Tier ($100/month)
  • Platinum Tier ($300/month)

There are progressive discounts for prepaying for either 3, 6, or 9 months. If you’re an international customer, keep in mind some discounts may not apply due to increased shipping costs.

Watch Gang says every watch you receive retails for at least the fee of your monthly subscription but can be far higher. Watches in the Original Tier range from $50-$150 and are great for the beginning collector and everyday wear. The Black Tier ranges from $100-$500 made up of affordable luxury watches great for everyday wear. 

The Platinum Tier is Watch Gang’s high end subscription ranging in value from $300-$1500, comprising premium watches that you can wear everyday and for special occasions. Those more expensive ones are rare, but exciting to get. Enough to make this Watch Gang subscription review’s day.

Watch Gang Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Watch Gang Subscription Review

This Watch Gang subscription review took a look at some of the pieces Watch Gang advertises as coming soon. Clearly, there are some good deals to be had. Those making a Watch Gang review on their site and in popular news outlets praise the variety of watches, the introductions to brands they didn’t know, and the fun and ease of building a collection. However, there are concerns too.

Reddit has some heated debates on the question is Watch Gang legit? Some users have been critical of the value of Watch Gang watches. While you can get watches like the ones featured here, it is far more common to receive watches closer to the base subscription price. Some Reddit users even suggest Watch Gang watches come in under value. Users say they work around it by using fancy valuation tricks to be able to say watches have a higher value than they do. Watch Gang denies this and gives their methods of valuation in their FAQs.  

A lot of the issues, it seems in Watch Gang’s view, is people looking at old valuations, offers on eBay, or sales that don’t reflect market value. This seems to be more of an issue at the Original Tier where the lower end of the price range represents a fairly cheap watch in the grand scheme of things, so there are more quality issues than at other tiers. There is also no ability to give your size for Watch Gang though watch sizes are adjustable and fit most people close to the average.

This Watch Gang subscription review gives them credit for having more positive reviews of the shipping than negative. This is quite rare for subscription boxes as good shipping largely goes unnoticed, while bad is instantly brought up, so good on Watch Gang for this.

Is Watch Gang Worth It?

Watch Gang Subscription Review

We’ll be honest in this Watch Gang subscription review. Watch Gang seems to maybe not be as great for the beginner as it wants to be. The complaints regarding quality and value at that level are a touch worrying and it might not be the best idea to make a sizeable investment to buy a bunch of something you’re just getting used to. Also, if you’re picky, receiving watches at random might not be the best option for you. 

On the other hand, if you’re a lover of watches or certain you want to be, Watch Gang does give you a fun way to quickly build up your collection and get what seems to be more often than not good value. Basically, a Watch Gang Black or Watch Gang Platinum review would be more positive than a Watch Gang Original one. For the watch connoisseur, aspiring or fully fledged, it looks like a worthy investment.

Watch Gang Promotions & Discounts 

Watch Gang Subscription Review

Watch Gang offers a 20% discount for your first watch at the Black Tier. If you’re sure you want more months too, you can get more discounts for prepaying.

Watch Gang Sign Up

If you’re sold on Watch Gang, follow these steps to get your subscription going:

  1. Scroll down to the Let’s Get Started section on the homepage of
  2. Enter your name and email
  3. Fill out a quick survey to give an idea of your tastes
  4. Choose a subscription
  5. Enter your shipping and payment deals
  6. Receive your watches!


How to Cancel Watch Gang

To cancel your subscription, send an email to [email protected], via the Manage My Subscription form, or reach out via the Live Chat function during operating hours. 

Cancellations have to be done before the 8th of each month or that month will be shipped. Also, prepaid subscriptions will not be refunded but instead be transferred into points for the Wheel of Watches or Member Store.

Watch Gang Shipping Policy

Watch Gang ships all subscriptions by the 16th of each month. US shipping (5-7 business days) is a flat $9.82. Canadian shipping is $14.82. UK is $19.82 and everywhere else is $34.82. This does not include duties. This Watch Gang subscription review notes that there is no option for expedited shipping and international shipping timelines vary.

Watch Gang Return Policy

As a surprise subscription box, there are no returns or Watch Gang exchanges if you don’t like your watch. If it is damaged upon delivery, you can contact them to find a solution.

Contact Watch Gang  

You can contact Watch Gang at [email protected], by contact form on the site, or by leaving a message through the Contact Us button at the top right of the Help Centre. Operating hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm PST and Friday 9am-3pm PST.

If you’re thinking that Watch Gang isn’t for you, check out these affordable luxury time pieces:



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