Mvmt Watches Review

About Mvmt Watches

Mvmt Watches Review

The Mvmt watches brand offers up a sleek and elegant line of watches and accessories for both men and women. This Mvmt watches review will take you through all key areas of the company, their products and their policies to ensure customers are well-informed in their purchase decisions.

Overview of Mvmt Watches

Mvmt Watches Review

Mvmt watches prides itself on disruption. Started in 2013, Mvmt founders Jake Kassan and Kramer Laplante hoped their elegant yet affordable watches would shake up the norm. According to Mvmt’s online story, their watch designs revolve around adventure, creativity and yes – disruption. 

Mvmt watches mission statement is straightforward: to remain fashion forward by offering high quality and on-trend designs at a fair price.

Where Are Mvmt Watches Made? 

While Mvmt watches claims that all their products are designed in-house within their Los Angeles headquarters, there is really no further information offered. Where Mvmt manufactures their watches, in what setting and with what specific quality control measures is anyone’s guess. This was the biggest red flag uncovered during the Mvmt watch review.


  • Mvmt watches and jewelry are comprised of high end materials including genuine cow hide leather and top quality stainless steel
  • All Mvmt products come with a 2-year guarantee
  • Mvmt offers free worldwide shipping
  • Mvmt provides customers with a unique, points-based loyalty program that translates into checkout savings
  • For its more than 1 million IG followers, Mvmt instagram allows followers to click on images and purchase products
  • Mvmt products are available across the globe at a variety of retail locations.


  • There is little information available regarding where Mvmt watches are actually made and what the manufacturing process entails.
  • Mvmt does not offer delivery to 10 countries or US territories.
  • Some customers have claimed the watches break fairly quickly.

Mvmt Mens Watches Review 

Mvmt Watches Review

While masculinity and elegance is the tie-in for all Mvmt mens watches, each embodies its own aura of complex individuality.

Composed of stainless steel in a variety of finishes including: rose gold, gold, silver, black, taupe and gunmetal, Mvmt mens watches generally feature interchangeable bands and operate with Miyota Quartz movements. They range in price from $95-$300.

With 124 distinct styles of mens watches on their roster, it would be impossible to cover them all within this Mvmt review. For our purposes here, we have selected 3 popular designs to review. 

Mvmt Revolver Bronze Age

The Mvmt Revolver seamlessly blends a modern look with vintage flair in this exclusive piece. The dial is a contemporary classic in sage green with hands and markers displayed in subtle touches of bronze. Encased in a matte bronze stainless steel setting, the Mvmt Revolver is striking with its interchangeable sage green leather strap.

A single subdial completes the Revolver Bronze Age’s face display. Though considered water resistant at 5 ATM, it is not recommended for swimming.

Powered by a Miyota Quartz movement, with domed glass and wire lugs adding to the retro charm, the Mvmt Revolver Bronze Age costs $140.

Mvmt Chrono Gunmetal

The Mvmt Chrono in Gunmetal sits tall on the wrist in a bold and daring fashion statement. Its gunmetal tones from the brushed stainless steel case to the smooth dial and matching hands and markers, topped off with a gunmetal stainless steel strap make for a dark and striking watch. 

Three subdials and a date display add functionality to the Chrono while a playful splash of color is provided by the bright blue second and subdial hands.

Containing a Chrono movement,  the Mvmt Chrono Gunmetal is water resistant at 5 ATM though again –  it is not suitable for swimming. Available in two size options: 40mm or 45mm, the Chrono Gunmetal goes for $150

Mvmt Hustle

This burnished beauty with brushed gold stainless steel case offset by black dial and glints of golden hands and markers makes a powerful and poised statement on anyone’s wrist. Of all Mvmt gold watches, the Hustle is unique in that it is a unisex option. The Mvmt Hustle is the smallest of the mens watch collection and largest within the womens line. 

The included gold stainless steel link band is interchangeable and impressive in both its appearance as well as its surprisingly light weight.

Operating with a 3 hand Miyota Quartz movement with date display at bottom centre, the Hustle is water resistant at 10 ATM. It is suggested however, that Hustle wearers refrain from deep swimming or scuba diving. Sophisticated in all its golden splendor, the Mvmt Hustle will set you back $140.

Mvmt Womens Watches Review 

Mvmt Womens Watches Review

When it comes to Mvmt watches for women have an immense selection at their fingertips: from delicate and feminine to bold and impressive. No matter the purpose – a beautiful piece of stand-alone jewelry, a functional timepiece or a complementary accessory, one of Mvmt’s 122 available womens watches will hit the mark.

Featuring stainless steel in tones of rose gold, silver, black and white with interchangeable bands, Mvmt womens watches promote stylish functionality. Select watches come equipped with subdials, date display and jewelled accents.

Operating on Japanese Miyota Precision Quartz movements, Mvmt womens watches cost between $115 – $165. To keep the momentum moving within these Mvmt watches reviews, continue reading for an in-depth look at 3 of the brand’s most popular womens watches.

Mvmt Lexington

The elegant and ultra-slim Lexington is part of the popular Mvmt watches rose gold collection. It resides in an undersized rose gold case which allows it to rest flush against any woman’s wrist.  Delicate rose gold hands and markers are stunning against the smooth white dial. An interchangeable stainless steel strap in signature Mvmt rose gold adds to the charm of the Lexington.

Containing a 2 hand Miyota Quartz movement, the Mvmt Lexington’s water resistance level is at 3 ATM meaning it is not ideal for swimming.

Clean, simple and opulent in design, the Mvmt Lexington is priced at $125.

Mvmt Santa Monica

The dusky, polished looking Santa Monica watch is an attractive piece of jewelry in its own right or when paired with complimenting bangles.This Mvmt black watch features an ebony dial with brilliant rose gold accents – all encased within brushed rose gold stainless steel to dazzling effect.

Rose gold hands and markers operate on a 3 hand Miyota Quartz movement and sparkle against the black watch face. An interchangeable black leather band completes the glossy display. 

Considered rain resistant at 3 ATM, the Santa Monica should most definitely be protected around water. Sparkling yet practical, the Mvmt Santa Monica costs $115.

Mvmt Skylar

Slender and petite, the Mvmt Skylar charms with its signature square face and warm blue dial set within a polished silver stainless steel case. Silver hands are eye-catching against the smooth, clear dial with an interchangeable bright silver link strap completing the Skylar ensemble. I will admit that the Skylar is my personal favorite of all products discussed within this Mvmt watches review.

A simple date display at bottom centre contains a Miyota Quartz movement and enhances the overall dainty character of the Skylar. Considered water resistant at 5 ATM, once again Mvmt suggests keeping this particular watch clear of water.

The Mvmt Skylar is impeccable in terms of refined sophistication and is reasonably priced at $125.

Mvmt Watch Accessories

Mvmt Watches Review

As this Mvmt watches review will now show, the brand is committed to encouraging customers to play around with their watch aesthetic – without spending a fortune. While each watch includes a Mvmt watch battery, the majority also come equipped with an easily interchangeable watch band as well. 

Simply by swapping out the interchangeable straps, watches can transform from subtle and low-key to high-energy and attention-grabbing; from formally elegant to classically casual; from glossy and polished to muted and matte – depending on your outfit, the occasion or your general mood.

To simplify the process and ensure customers are purchasing bands compatible for their watch, Mvmt categorizes available straps based on watch style. Available in an array of colors, Mvmt watch band prices range from $24.50 to $50.

Mvmt Glasses & Jewlery

Mvmt Watches Review

The Mvmt brand is not exclusive to watches as this Mvmt watches review will prove. Also available from the company’s line are several other high-end items including: jewelry, sunglasses and Everscroll glasses.

Men’s Mvmt jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces and rings priced between $45-$63. Their feminine jewelry line features bracelets and necklaces at a cost of $31-$70.

Mvmt sunglasses and Everscroll lenses for both men and women are available in three sizes with your choice of frame:

  1. Aviator
  2. Rectangular
  3. Round

Sunglasses range in price between $47-$211.

The Mvmt Everscroll lens is an exciting product designed with clear cut health benefits in mind.  Nearly 70% of adults living in the US experience eye strain due to the increased usage of digital devices such as cellphones, iPads and laptops. The blue light emanating from our screens is harsh on our sensitive eyes and can result in strain, discomfort, headaches as well as sleep disruption.

The Everscroll glasses – sometimes referred to as Mvmt blue light glasses – use state-of-the-art technology to filter the blue light, allowing us continued exposure to our devices while improving our focus, preventing blurriness and encouraging sounder sleep cycles.

These custom glasses are only available from Mvmt and are priced at $70-$85.

 Are Mvmt Watches Good?

Mvmt Watches Review

In my opinion, I find Mvmt watches to be stunning. They combine functional elements with remarkable style and are available at fair price points. To that end, I feel Mvmt products to be well worth the cost. To see how Mvmt compares with watch competitor Vincero, check out our Vincero vs Mvmt comparison review.

Since style is subjective and in order to instil some objectivity within this Mvmt watches review, let’s take a look at what Mvmt customers have to say.

Regarding Mvmt watches Amazon reviews, there are 841 in total, with 79% rating 5 stars and 13% being 1-3 stars. Most of the positive reviews rave about the beautiful appearance and high quality of Mvmt watches. The reviews on the lower end, focussed on extremely long shipping times. A few customers complained that they are still waiting to receive orders that have apparently shipped months earlier. I’m hopeful that these issues have since been resolved.

Trustpilot currently has 722 customer reviews posted regarding Mvmt products, with 70% rated as great and 22% classified as poor or bad. Positive comments focussed on affordable pricing, high-end quality and Mvmt’s commitment to providing excellent customer service. One customer related how Mvmt staff assisted him in tracking down his missing shipment.

The negative reviews on Trustpilot involve the poor quality of Mvmt products and the inflexibility of staff when it comes to issuing refunds for damaged items. One customer claimed his watch arrived with a pin missing from the strap. When he reached out to Mvmt, they would only offer him a $10 refund which he found unacceptable. In several specific instances, complainants said that Mvmt would only offer them exchanges instead of refunds – which complicated matters when the watch they originally purchased was no longer available.

All in all, I feel nothing really stands out in terms of customers’ positive and negative reviews. As we all know, it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time. 

Mvmt Promotions & Discounts 

Mvmt Watches Review

Mvmt offers several promotions on their website to help their customers save money. When browsing their site, a pop-up encourages users to enter their email in order to receive 10% off their first purchase.

Mvmt has an interesting loyalty program available to their customers. By engaging with the Mvmt brand via social media, customers receive non-expiring points which can be amassed and upon reaching various reward levels, redeemed for cash discounts at checkout. Mvmt’s unique loyalty program was one of my best discoveries when researching this Mvmt watches review. 

Located on the Mvmt website is a Last Chance section featuring soon-to-be discontinued items at bargain basement prices.

A quick google search also found many sites offering a variety of Mvmt promo codes.


Mvmt Watches Review

Where to Buy Mvmt

All Mvmt products are fully available at their website:

Select Mvmt items are available at specific retail locations across the globe including Mvmt watches Nordstrom, Hudson’s Bay and Macy’s. In order to find a store in your location that sells Mvmt products, check out the Mvmt store locator available on their website.

You can also find many Mvmt watches, jewelry items and accessories on Amazon.

Mvmt Shipping Policy

The brand receives major points within this Mvmt watches review for offering free standard shipping worldwide. Although it should be noted that they are unable to deliver to U.S. territories and to 10 specific countries.

Expedited shipping is also available at a cost but only within the U.S. It is the customer’s responsibility to cover any and all additional fees and duties that may be incurred during delivery.

According to the Mvmt shipping policy, once a customer’s payment is confirmed, orders are typically processed and shipped within 24 hours. Standard U.S. shipments tend to take between 5 to 7 business days to arrive while expedited parcels can take between 1 to 5 days.

International shipping can take anywhere from 3 to 14 days, depending on the location.

Mvmt Return Policy

Before wrapping up this Mvmt watches review, let’s review key elements of the company’s return policy. Mvmt provides free returns and refunds on orders valued at more than $50 within 60 days of delivery. For returns valued at under $50, customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping. All expedited shipping charges are non-refundable.

Any products being returned or exchanged must be in new condition with original packaging. Points earned from an original purchase will be deducted from the customer’s account following the return.

In order to initiate Mvmt returns or refunds, customers can follow these steps:

  1. Notify Mvmt customer service by email ([email protected])
  2. Customer service will email a pre-paid shipping label within 24 hours
  3. Upon receiving the returned item(s), a refund will occur through the original payment method

Please note that refunds can take up to 7 business days to process and vary depending on a customer’s payment provider.

Contact Mvmt

Mvmt Watches Review

Mvmt offers customers several modes of contact:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 (888) 507-0220

Customers can submit an online contact form directly on the Mvmt website. Staff typically respond within 24-48 hours.

Mvmt is also proud to provide customers with a Live Chat option available on their website under contact information.

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Asked by Liviu Zugravu (3 years ago) Reply

They do not take any responsibility for their mistakes; they sell you a piece of garbage that falls apart and then, you notice that their 24 month warranty is a bad joke.
I sent four emails and no feedback.

Answered by James Fogarty (3 years ago) Reply

There is an old saying, “ good products are not cheap, cheap products are not cheap. “ MVMT sells JUNK, all Sizzle, zero substance.

Answered by Susan Maus (3 years ago) Reply

I am sorely disappointed in the lack of instruction that comes with the watch. There are additional links for adjustment when the watch runs small. No tools, no instruction, and now I have to return it because it will not fit. Given the reviews, I am not looking forward to trying to fight to get a refund. There has to be a better way and much better customer service.
I will not recommend this brand to anyone.

Asked by Connie (3 years ago) Reply

Received my mvmt watch for Christmas 2019. What a wonderful timepiece it has been. Keeps time to the second. I have had many compliments on it. I have the Beverly marble.

Asked by nereida fernandez (3 years ago) Reply

Hello, Just received a MVMTH as a gift, it’s a cool looking watch, works well, but the leather band appears to be something other than leather. To bad !!!!!!!!!!!!

Asked by William Hill (3 years ago) Reply

Please give me information on how to purchase a waych

Asked by Fred (3 years ago) Reply

All these watches aren’t manly. Definitely for a millennium.
Get out of your box.

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