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Stuhrling Watches Review

Level up your style without bringing down that bank account – Stührling offers a line of luxury watches for affordable pricing to men and women looking for that extra bit of time-keeping bling.

Covered by Business Insider, Tools of Men, Gear Hungry, Popular Science, and many others, these watches have made a name for themselves in the world of affordable style. The 46.1k followers speak to the loyal clientele they’ve built up over the years.

This Stührling watches review will examine all of the details that make this popular company what it is. Checking out products, prices, customer testimonials, competitors, and more, we’re here to help determine if these watches are worth it.

Overview of Stührling 

Stuhrling Watches Review

Focusing on the craft of each face and dial, Chaim Fischer launched Stührling in 1999 to bring luxurious watches to the market for affordable prices. Working solely in a tourbillon collection, Fischer aimed for accuracy unlike any others available. 

Keeping authenticity and quality key to every model, Stührling have built their way to one of the top brands in the cost-effective timepiece game.

Featuring a line including “open-heart/skeletons, chronographs, dive watches, dress watches and dual-time/travel watches” this brand has continued to venture forward with their products, offering constant new lines and models while keeping those affordable prices.

Prices are a key selling point to this brand, but what other highlights can this Stührling watches review come up with? We’ve got a good list going so far:


  • Offers a wide range of affordable luxury watches
  • Tourbillon collection for accuracy in timekeeping
  • Water-resistant models for the scuba enthusiast in all of us
  • Financing options available with Split It
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Durable designs

We’ve got some great benefits and a few concerns noted. Time to travel onwards in this Stührling watches review to the products and famously low prices available. 

Categorized by strap, movement, case type, water resistance, dial color, and more, this extensive line of men’s and women’s watches covers a variety of styles beyond this simple list.

Make sure to check the listed price for a comparable MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) and see just how much you’ll be saving with each watch. It always feels great to know just what kind of discount is being given before buying.

Stührling Men’s Watches Review

Stuhrling Watches Review

We’re kicking off the products section in this Stührling watches review with the men’s timekeepers. Focusing on three of their best-sellers, each of these styles has a distinct feature that puts it above the standard wristwatch.

Stührling Anatol 371 Automatic 47mm Skeleton Watch Review

Interested in the steampunk aesthetic? Or even just fascinated by the work that goes on behind the face of the watch? Then the Stührling Anatol 371 Automatic 47mm Skeleton Watch is one to try.

The transparent window into the gears behind the watch is easily the highlight of this design. Skeleton watches are popular for a reason! 

This stunning timepiece comes in silver, rose gold, or gold casing for the face of the watch. The original strap is black, but for an additional price, there are a variety of strap colors and styles available to pair with this stunning piece.

Featuring dual dials, this watch can be set for two time zones to keep business or family time differences in mind throughout the day. Another cool element? There’s an AM/PM indicator along the top of the watch signaling the sun for morning and night sky for evening hours.

It really doesn’t get much cooler than this (besides the other options listed in our review). Grab one of these watches for your collection for $250.

Stührling Men’s Swiss Automatic Depthmaster Watch Review 

When it comes to this deep diver, color is everything. The Swiss Automatic Depthmaster Watch delivers on style and function to make every diving trip complete.

This professional diver is made for the deep – 660 feet deep with its 20 ATM water-resistant rating. Latched with a stainless steel bracelet, this watch face comes in black and blue options. Pair the face with silver, gold, or combined options for the strap to finish off the look.

Luminous hands and marks keep everyone informed no matter how dark the environment. Whether searching underwater caves or just checking how much longer you get to sleep in during the dark mornings, this watch has you covered.

At the time of this Stührling watches review, this product is on sale for $325 (regular price $445).

Stührling Men’s Barringer 973 40mm Tourbillon Watch Review 

For those searching for a more elegant design and willing to spend a bit more to achieve it, the Men’s Barringer 973 40mm Tourbillon Watch offers luxury, accuracy, and unique style to the highest degree.

We’ll be honest, this grey dial may be one of our favorite watch faces on this list with its stunning streaked design. Matched with either rose gold or silver casing options? It’s a no-brainer, this one is a winning design. 

Sold with Alligator Leather straps on both casing options, everything about this watch screams high-quality living.

Higher in price than some on this list, the Barringer 973 is available for $1,895, still a fantastic deal when compared to the staggering MSRP price of $7,995.

Stührling Women’s Watches Review 

Stuhrling Watches Review 1

Slim fit to the wrist, these Stührling Women’s watches are a sight to behold. Radiant, sleek, and always stylish, these popular products are ones to watch (pun very much intended, thanks).

Stührling Women’s Legacy 3952 Automatic 34mm Skeleton Watch Review 

Peeking into the possibilities that skeleton watches offer, the Women’s Legacy 3952 Automatic 34mm Skeleton Watch exemplifies grace with every wear.

Automatic in its build (to save you the troubles of daily winding), this stunning skeleton elevates classic gears into a dainty design. Available in rose gold and silver casings, this watch sits comfortably with an alligator leather strap of black or white to complete the look.

A small window peeks into the gears behind the face, but it doesn’t distract from the sleek silver sitting behind the marks and hands that keep ticking. Decorated with crystal studs framing the casing, it’s the perfect amount of bling to show off without getting too gaudy.

This piece is currently on sale for $95 rather than its regular $195 price.

Stührling Women’s Symphony 3993 Quartz 34mm Fashion Watch Review 

Seek inspiration from the night sky with the Women’s Symphony 3993 Quartz 34mm Fashion Watch.

Available in five different options, these watches offer blue or silver pearl faces alongside silver and rose gold bands. 

Elegance at its finest, these delicate watches use stars to guide the way as alternating time markers rather than traditional strikes or numbers. Imbedded crystal studs circle the inside of the face for a subtle sparkle.

Simple in style but absolutely stunning all the same, this piece is available for $85.

Stührling Women’s Pentai 3949 Quartz 36mm Fashion Watch Review

Contrasting sizes, the Women’s Pentai 3949 Quartz 36mm Fashion Watch keeps things nice and easy in design. 

There’s no such thing as too much bling, yes? Or is that just us? These thin watch bands are lined with small crystal studs, five per row, going all the way across the stainless steel strap. Not good enough? Check out the lined casing for more simple studs to add that extra shine.

Available in all black, all rose, all gold, or a silver and blue face combination, these four options are sure to find a fit amongst any wardrobe. The larger watch face really sells itself as the showpiece. 

Simple with its four time markers and thicker watch hands, this watch fits the bill for those looking to add a little something to their style.

This watch is currently available for $75 (regular price $145).

Stührling Pocket Watches Review

Stuhrling Watches Review 2

Far too often underrated, these pocket watches are probably some of our favorite pieces in this Stührling watches review. We’re only throwing a few styles into the mix, but we think these best-sellers can win anyone over.

Stührling Consul 979.04 Hand-Wind 48mm Skeleton Pocket Watch Review 

Throw it way back by adding a Consul 979.04 Hand-Wind 48mm Skeleton Pocket Watch to your collection.

Crafted in a rose gold casing and chain with a stunning white dial to contrast, this watch elevates style to a whole new level. Set manually with the onion-top crown, this easy clip will hold steady to any pocket, belt, or pant-line to keep things secure. 

Showing off those sturdy gears on the front and back sides of the watch, it’s easy to see why this $115 pocket timepiece fascinates so many.

Stührling Vintage 6053 Hand-Wind 47mm Skeleton Pocket Watch Review

We’re finishing off our Stührling watches review with a classic – the Vintage 6053 Hand-Wind 47mm Skeleton Pocket Watch.

Ready for this list of features? Skeleton in design, there’s exposed gears front and back thanks to a neat window. The back has an easy kickstand to sit the face up on any surface at your convenience. Classic Roman numerals line the dial, making that “vintage” title really hit home.

Not sold just yet? Just take in the silver or gold options. This durable watch has an additional chain and a swinging dial that can hypnotize anyone into loving it within seconds.

This model is available for a cool $85.

Who Is Stührling For? 

Stuhrling Watches Review

Here’s the great thing about Stührling – these watches are available for men, women, and anyone else who lives on land or dives in the water. 

In fact, customers have commented on men’s watches worn by women and vice versa. These models are striking in appearance, durable in design, and comfortably fit any wrist.

The luxurious styles tend to lean more towards working professionals, but these watches can fit any age from teenagers up. Add a bit of class to the daily routine with a simple addition to the wardrobe.

Comparison: Stührling Watches vs. Kenmar Watches

Stuhrling Watches Review

Stührling is hardly the first brand to offer affordable options for luxury model watches. One company making their mark on the subject is Kenmar Watches, who first opened their doors in 1997.

We will say, this isn’t a fair comparison. Stührling watches creates their own products while Kenmar’s entire business surrounds selling other high-class brands at reasonable prices. 

One of the best features of Kenmar is their “Offer” option that allows customers to make their own offer for pieces rather than paying the listed price.

Selling unique brands of high-quality watches, this brand works to enhance everyone’s image with a timepiece that won’t soon be forgotten. 

Compared to Stührling, it’s a whole different game. Both brands offer men’s and women’s watches for cheaper prices, though Stührling’s own pieces are slightly more affordable than their opposition.

So, what does it come down to? If you’re looking to buy from a brand that crafts their own products for cheaper prices, then Stührling is the place to go. For those who want to barter pricing from a variety of watch brands, then Kenmar is the one to check out.

Stührling Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Stuhrling Watches Review

Let’s take this Stührling watches review to new bounds by examining the customer testimonials left behind by those satisfied (or not-so-satisfied) buyers. The brand’s site itself has thousands of positive comments to pull from, so we’re just going to dive right in.

Currently, the website has over 3,865 ratings for just the company alone – that’s not looking at individual products. Customers are happy to share their experiences, noting that though they came in weary of a lesser-known brand, they were ultimately satisfied with their purchases.

One five-star review wrote, “My Stührling Maritimer 935 Quartz looks like a thousand bucks. It looks great on my wrist and with only a few days of wear already has gotten a bunch of compliments…for the price not too shabby! Thanks, Stührling!

Other customers reflect on the stunning models and quality builds offered by the brand. Luxurious watches are rarely affordable, and buyers take note of how rare it is to find well-made products for these prices:

Didn’t know what to expect as I had never heard from this company before, moving up from a budget watch company I had my doubts so I took a chance and was I surprised by the build quality and touches of luxury…Stührling hit the nail on the head with what they offer for the price so much so I’m on my third one debating on which one to make my fourth.

The other place to pull verified purchase reviews from is Amazon, where thousands of customer reviews exist for the brand – each product listing over 100 ratings with ease.

One of the most popular Stührling watches found on this site is the Original Men’s Watch Calfskin Leather Strap Analog Watch Dial with Date, with 4.4/5-stars based on over 2,150 ratings. 

This watch has been described as “Sharp, classy, dapper, and elegant. Better than a Daniel Wellington watch and much more affordable.

One customer went so far as to explain “I have been collecting Stührling watches for some time now and they have been amazing both in image and quality. I have always appreciated the simple designs of these dress watches, but most importantly, I have been very pleased with the durability of each one that I have owned.

These watches have been described as not only aesthetically striking but also lightweight and built to last. With a great fit, replaceable straps, and reliable timekeeping, it’s safe to say these are a favorite on Amazon and everywhere else they’re sold.

Check out the ratings for these popular Stührling products on Amazon:

  • Stührling Analog Dive Watch: 4.2/5 stars based on over 3,290 ratings
  • Stührling Pro Diver Watch: 4.4/5 stars based on over 2,345 ratings
  • Stührling Automatic Skeleton Watch: 4.4/5 stars based on over 430 ratings
  • Stührling Chronograph Analog Watch Dial with Date: 4.6/5 stars based on over 125 ratings
  • Stührling Aviation Watch: 4.3/5 stars based on over 865 ratings
  • Stührling Sports Watch for Men: 4.3/5 stars based on over 505 ratings
  • Stührling Original Men’s Winchester Elite Automatic Skeleton Watch: 3.6/5 stars based on over 110 ratings

While there aren’t many other rating sites to pull from, Redditors have made this brand quite popular. 

One account posted “This watch looks amazing, it really stands out. It looks unique and the fake gold movement looks outstanding. It’s a manual wind, not an automatic. This was my first watch over $30 that I ever purchased, and I will always keep it and wear it. I love this watch!

With so many positive reviews coming out, it’s hard to find a downside in a brand that helps customers save while looking great.

Is Stührling Worth It?

Stuhrling Watches Review

Our Stührling watches review happily recommends this brand as one to buy. With a variety of luxurious models available in addition to the replaceable straps, these beautiful pieces are a pleasure to wear during the day and night.

In addition to their appearance, numerous customers have commented on how durable, reliable, and affordable they are. The two-year warranty keeps things ticking as quality is key to every product. Whether buying for yourself or a friend, this is a good place to start.

Stührling Promotions & Discounts 

Stuhrling Watches Review

Stührling is the place to go for deals and discounts. Offering a variety of bundles, sales, and special promotions, this company is constantly running discounts to cut costs and make luxury looks affordable.

Currently, they are running Fall Sale with savings of up to 57%. Select models for women’s watches are also up to 59% off. See what we mean? Savings on top of savings.

Where to Buy Stührling  

Stuhrling Watches Review

Stührling watches are available for purchase at Stü For those wanting to shop outside the original store, options are available at Time By Me and Amazon.


Stuhrling Watches Review

When was Stührling Founded?  

Stührling was originally founded in 1999. The company has been going strong ever since.

Who owns Stührling?  

Stührling is owned by founder Chaim Fischer.

Where are Stührling Watches Made?  

This Stührling watches review has learned that all watches by this brand are manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

Can I buy a Replacement Strap for my Watch? 

Absolutely! There are a number of colors and styles for replacement watch straps. Mix and match to find the best fit for your style.

Can I wear my watch in the shower? 

While some models are water-resistant, it’s important to note that watches shouldn’t be worn in showers, saunas, or hot tubs

The heat can lead to the metal expanding which in turn can cause water damage. Doesn’t matter how tight the pieces are if the metal expands.

Do Stührling watches come with a warranty? 

All Stührling watches come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

What is Stührling’s Shipping Policy?

The top promotion to note in this Stührling watches review? Free shipping! Mostly. This company offers free domestic and international shipping most of the time but admits that special promotions, combo packs, and other discounts can cause shipping costs to pop up. 

Shipping costs will be displayed at checkout, so be sure to double-check before completing any order.

As for shipping times, domestic services are as follows:

  • DHL SmartParcel (Standard)
    • 5-7 business days
  • Expedited
    • 2-4 business days
  • Overnight
    • 1-2 business days

International shipments are sent through DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Times vary depending on location and expedited shipping options are available for an extra cost.

Once a shipment has been sent, a tracking number will be emailed out to the attached account. Who doesn’t want to keep an eye out for their order?

What is Stührling’s Return Policy?

We’ve got you covered when it comes to all details, and that means looking into returns too. This brand offers 30-days for a full refund.

To complete a return for money back, follow these quick steps:

  1. Head to the company website for the Return/Exchange Request Form
  2. Fill in the information including the order number and email address
  3. Submit the form and (once accepted by the company) repackage the product
  4. Domestic orders will be sent a UPS return label, other returns will be given further information on how to proceed
  5. Label it, tape it up, and ship it out

Exchanges can be done for new, unworn, and undamaged watches. As long as the returned item is in good shape, then they’ll send off a new watch once the original one has reached its final destination.

If there’s been a difference in price since the first purchase, the extra cost will be requested (for higher pricing) or refunded (for sales prices).

How to Contact Stührling 

Stuhrling Watches Review

Need to reach out with inquiries after finishing our Stührling watches review? This brand has a few easy-breezy methods of contact:

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