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About Made by Mary

Made by Mary Review

Made by Mary teaches us that the simplest of things can be beautiful. Known for their minimalist jewelry, they specialize in hand-stamped disc pendants, rings, gemstone pieces, and hair accessories. 

Boasting a steady following of 456K on Instagram, Made by Mary is often featured in several news outlets, including PopSugar, Refinery29, InStyle, and Marie Claire

Despite the hype, is this brand a diamond hidden beneath the rocks, or should it be classified as fool’s gold? Stay tuned, as in this Made by Mary review I will take a magnifying glass to their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if the collection is worth a gander. 

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Overview of Made by Mary

Made by Mary Review

It was like a glimmer of hope clouded by the darkness. Deep-seated in postpartum depression, and exhaustion from being a new mother, Mary Moody found herself at a crossroads. In the midst of her existential crisis, she sought comfort in jewelry.

Glitz aside, she was captivated by the idea that simple necklaces and pendants could symbolize emotion and sentimentality

 A simple interest quickly turned into a lifelong passion, as Moody took her jewelry-making from a hobby to a full-time job. It allowed her to connect with a network of female artisans that empowered her to keep going.

Established in 2013 in Draper, Utah, Made by Mary continues to develop handcrafted pieces that signify memory instead of vanity

Every woman is valuable and unique, and has an individual story that we can help you tell. Each Made by Mary piece is lovingly handmade and can be personalized based on your direction, making it simple and beautiful for you to tell your story and keep it close to your heart,” reads a statement made by the brand.

Before I get further into this Made by Mary review, let’s go over some initial highlights.


  • A variety of minimalist, versatile jewelry to choose from
  • Customization offered for many pieces 
  • All pieces are hand cut, stamped, shaped, assembled, and packaged by the brand’s small team in Draper, Utah
  • Reasonable prices
  • Customers believe that Made by Mary jewelry is a high-quality gift option 
  • Offers a 60 day warranty
  • Free shipping on orders $75 or more 

Is Made by Mary Real Gold? 

Made by Mary Review

Without question, Made by Mary does sell authentic gold jewelry. The real inquiry lies in the overall percentage of each piece. The brand specializes in plated discs, which feature vermeil as its base metal. 

Once the pendant is flattened out, it’s dipped with gold that’s at least 10K or higher. Some of their designs are gold-filled trinkets—which uses a mixture of brass and a sturdier layer of aurum to keep things resistant and tarnish-free. 

A few Made by Mary pieces contain solid gold, and are by far their most expensive collection. Fused with a durable metal—such as alloy—this type of jewelry withstands the test of time. 

Known to last forever, this is the ideal option to have if you want to pass it over to your kids or grandchildren. For more information on the brand’s goldsmithing methods, I recommend hopping over to their website.

Can You Clean Made by Mary Jewelry? 

Made by Mary Review

Depending on the jewelery, Made by Mary offers a helpful list of instructions on how to properly care for their designs. In terms of gold-filled trinkets, users should regularly clean them using mild soap. After washing, it’s important to pat dry with a gentle fabric. You should never rub the surface. 

To preserve the pendant’s quality, customers should take them off during exercise, shower routines and take extra care when coming into contact with certain substances—such as salt, perfume, or chlorine.

For their sterling silver collection, the same set of rules follows. However, users must be mindful when washing them in order to avoid signs of oxidation. Made by Mary recommends storing your jewelry pieces in a dark cool area to help keep its glimmer. 

I recommend visiting Made by Mary’s website for those who’d like to know more tips and advice on how to properly care for their jewelry. 

Made by Mary Review

Whatever happened to sentimental jewelry? Not everything is for show, as many are blinded by the number of gemstones and precious metals crammed into a single trinket piece. Made by Mary specializes in creating heartfelt pendants, designed to memorialize nostalgia, memory, and emotion

Along with disc-plated charms, their collection includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, gemstones, earrings, and hair accessories. They also have nifty storage containers to keep your valuables safely locked away. Up ahead in my Made by Mary review, I will take a comprehensive look at some of their best-selling designs. 

Made by Mary Necklaces Review

Everybody needs a subtle touch of sparkle now and then. Ranging from chokers, chains, bar pendants, disc plates, and hanging gemstones, my Made by Mary review will go over a few of their customer favorites. 

Made by Mary Mama & Co Bar Necklace Review 

Considered the perfect mother’s day present, the Mama & Co Bar Necklace features a petite metal-plated pendant as its centerpiece. Accompanied by a smaller disc that showcases the number of children in the family, this sentimental charm can strike a chord for those hard-working moms. 

Customers have full freedom to choose which type of metal they’d prefer for this Made by Mary vertical bar necklace. This includes gold, silver, and rose gold. For those who’d rather opt for a different inscription on the charm and keep things personal, the brand offers full customization

Priced at $64, let that special something know that you’re thinking about them with the Mama & Co Bar Necklace.  

Made by Mary Mama Co Disc Necklace Review 

We can’t thank our moms enough for all that they do. Tasked to do the most difficult of jobs, they’re often met with no reward. Gift the matriarch of the house with the Mama Co Disk Necklace as a way of saying “thank you”. 

Showcasing a dainty charm with the inscription “mama bear” in cursive, this pendant also features an adorable animal as a final touch. It’s plated in either gold, rose gold, or silver, and users can choose between bear or bird for the final engraving. However, the final pendant size will always be ⅝” in circumference. 

Varying in terms of chain length, the Mama Co Disk Necklace gives you full power to add a touch of cuteness for $52

Made by Mary Grandma Disc Necklace Review

There’s a pandemic outside our windows, and we’re all still living in this strange world. Through these hard times, we often find ourselves without the company of our loved ones. For when we can’t visit our beloved elders, the Grandma Disc Necklace serves a touching reminder that they’re never forgotten. 

Featuring a miniature engraving on the pendant, this ⅝” charm is a small but powerful gesture of unconditional love. This customizable Made by Mary initial disc necklace can accompany up to 7 characters if you’d like something else printed. 

It ranges from different chain lengths, including 16” to 22”. Make your intentions known—even if they’re far away—with the Grandma Disc Necklace for $52

Made by Mary Moonstone Necklace Review 

According to the brand, the Moonstone Necklace symbolizes hard work, collaboration, family, and the sweetness of life.” Displaying a gorgeous white gemstone as its “shining star”, this beauty is complemented by tiny, gold-finished orbs around the chain. 

What’s especially neat about this design is that the pendant offshoots a stunning blue glimmer when light passes through. Offered in chain lengths 16 and 18”, this dainty piece acts as the perfect gift to give to a Pisces friend or family member. 

Available in either gold, sterling silver, or rose gold for the encasement, the Moonstone Necklace rings up to a total of $48

Made by Mary Birth Flowers Review 

The Birth Flowers necklace showcases a charming etching of cherry blossoms atop a shiny metal plate. Ideal for nature lovers and springtime babies! Meant to represent the fleeting moment of beauty, this pendant teaches us to appreciate the smallest things in life. 

Available in either gold, rose gold, or sterling silver, the disc size measures up to ½” or ¼” depending on your preference. Part of the Made by Mary disc necklaces collection, this stunning design also comes with a meaning card that you can include in a well-written card. 

Perfect for communion, birth celebrations, or those who have their special turning of age in April to June, the Birth Flowers pendant costs a reasonable $48

Made by Mary September Birth Flower Review 

The September Birth Flower pendant is the perfect gift for Virgos and Libras alike. Depicting a petite peony on the front, this gorgeous trinket symbolizes trust, harmony, and respect of nature. Offered in 3 variations of metals, customers can also choose the disc size and the chain length.

Going with the springtime theme, we recommend pairing it with the Made by Mary poppy ring. Priced at $48, treat your friends (or yourself) to the September Birth Flower pendant as a pat on the back. 

Made by Mary Poppy Choker Necklace Review

The Poppy Choker Necklace serves as the finishing touch to any open-necked tops or dresses. Since it’s designed to sit quite high, this style allows you to stack other jewelry pieces, such as the Made by Mary initial pendant necklace. 

This trinket is offered in 3 different chain lengths, including 13” to 14” and 15” to 16”. For those looking to add more glam, we suggest rocking the Made by Mary letter earrings or the Made by Mary bee necklace! 

Featuring a series of delicate discs around its base chain, this beauty comes in either gold, rose gold, or a dazzling silver. For a gorgeous piece to complete your daily ensemble, the Poppy Choker Necklace costs $52

Made by Mary Rainbow Ring Review

The Rainbow Ring embodies a sort of child-like innocence throughout its simplistic design. Showcasing 2 curved bands as the main detail, this understated but stunning number adds a bit of whimsy to your overall look.

Offered in three different metal types, users can choose either a gold or silver-filled arc. This model is available in 8 different sizes. If you’re unsure of which one to get, the brand offers a measurement chart and a Made by Mary ring sizer on their website. 

Designed to represent faith, hope, and pivotal moments of change, the Rainbow Ring costs a gleeful $42. If simplicity is your thing, the Made by Mary knot ring will also be right up your alley. 

Made by Mary Mini Hoop Earrings Review

Everybody needs a classic pair of hoops in their jewelry collection. The Mini Hoop Earrings feature a delicate design made out of 14k gold. Made to be lightweight and comfortable, they’re suited for everyday use compared to those heavy, chandelier-like ornaments. 

Users don’t have to take these beauties off when showering or running, as these are handcrafted to be extra durable. The hoops are available in either gold, rose, gold, or sterling silver

This set isn’t complete without the help of other stylish pieces. How about a Made by Mary coordinates bar necklace and a Made by Mary jewelry case to keep things locked in? 

Customers can get their hands on this stunning pair of Mini Hoop Earrings for only $22

Made by Mary Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Made by Mary Review

The brand earns a standing ovation according to thousands of positive reviews online. On their website, hundreds have flocked to their designer pieces to voice their praises for Made by Mary rings, hoops, chains, and more. 

The Poppy Choker Necklace showcases a total of 918 comments with a solid 4.7/5 star rating on their website. A majority of customers loved its simplistic and beautiful design. 

This choker pairs perfectly with other necklaces (especially my Nora Disc) and is absolutely stunning. I ordered it in rose gold. Shiny, stunning, comfy, beautiful, all around amazing! I highly recommend it,” one reviewer wrote for the Poppy Choker Necklace

Online blogs such as Blossomful and the BurritoBuzz gave positive testimonials towards this jewelry brand. Authors on both websites raved about its customization aspect, which enabled each trinket piece to be more sentimental and personalized. In their own words, Made by Mary offers timeless designs that are both wearable and affordably priced

“One of the main reasons I bought them is because they are great as everyday pieces. Of course you can wear them on more special occasions, and pair them with more expensive pieces…These necklaces are affordable and you can wear them anytime, they amp up a simple outfit while remaining chic,” reads a Made by Mary review on 

Etsy holds a total of 3,769 reviews with an impressive 5/5 star rating. A good number of customers were impressed with the quality of their Made by Mary earrings and necklaces. 

Others stated that their pieces made excellent gifts to give to their family members and friends. Absolutely stunning!! So gorgeous. Amazing quality, right down the adorable packaging. Will make such a lovely gift,” one customer wrote for the Personalized Baby Bracelet

So far, I haven’t come across any red flags or customer complaints among Made by Mary reviews online. I’ll be sure to update you on any important information in the future. 

Is Made by Mary Worth It?

Made by Mary Review

The jewelry industry is often interpreted to be cold and corporate. With every single purchase, there’s an underlying belief that the more money spent equals consideration and love. Made by Mary challenges this thought process, as their designs convey the hidden beauty of simplicity

They offer customers a chance to personalize their necklaces, earrings, and pendants. The end result no longer signifies vanity or publicity, but an emotional and meaningful gesture. Since they cater to minimalist jewelry, their pieces are considered timeless, classic, and versatile for many occasions. 

Compared to other brands, Made by Mary isn’t clouded with stacks of gemstones, intermixed precious metals, or complicated designs. Their pieces are meant to be worn for casual use, or can be styled by upscale events. 

This means you get more wear out of your trinkets, despite those bigger-than-life charms that are hard to wear. Affordably priced and crafted with precision, love, and care—Made by Mary makes jewelry to symbolize unconditional love instead of superficiality. 

Made by Mary Promotions & Discounts 

Made by Mary Review

At the time of this Made by Mary review, I found out that they have a rewards program in which customers can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive deals and perks.

In terms of their refer-a-friend program, buyers receive $10 for every successful referral. I haven’t come across a or a Made by Mary discount code recently. 

Where to Buy Made by Mary

Made by Mary Review

Customers can purchase their jewelry, such as the complete Made by Mary bar necklaces collection, by visiting You can also find them on their Etsy page as well. 


Made by Mary Review

What is Made by Mary’s Shipping Policy?

I’m happy to report in this Made by Mary review that they offer free shipping on US orders that total $75 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $5. They do offer other delivery methods such as expedited, priority, and international. 

For domestic shipping, it usually takes 15–20 days for parcels to arrive. Customers can also rush their order by notifying Made by Mary in advance. Buyers can track their packages by heading over to the website. 

What is Made by Mary’s Return Policy?

While doing my research for this Made by Mary review I found out that they offer a 14-day return window for their jewelry. This applies to unworn and non-custom pieces only. The brand will cover shipping costs for domestic orders. 

They do offer a 6-day warranty on most of their designs with the inclusion of repairs. For more details on this and other specifics, I’d encourage you to visit their website. 

How to Contact Made by Mary

Made by Mary Review

For inquiries unrelated to my Made by Mary review, you can contact the company through:

Direct messaging them at their Made by Mary Instagram page

Explore more options for everyday jewelry and statement pieces:

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