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About Urtopia Ebikes

Urtopia Ebikes Review

When the folks at Urtopia set out to create an ebike, they packed it full of every last feature you could ever want. That’s why their e-bikes aren’t just ebikes, they’re a next-gen method of transportation that blends technology into your commute, offering a one-of-a-kind riding experience.

Designed by award-winning concept designer, Mathis Heller (who designed for BMW and Ford), Urtopia is loved by athletes like NBA Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady and 5x German champion triathlete Franz Löschke. 

Featured by Forbes, TechCrunch, Cycling News, and other notable publications, this design-driven bike is turning heads left and right. Has it caught your attention too?

Before you make a beeline to the checkout, be sure to check out my Urtopia Ebikes review. I’ve packed it with useful information about the brand and its signature ebike, along with feedback, FAQ, and more. Gear up and let’s get moving.

Urtopia (which is a combination of the words Urban and Utopia) was launched in 2021 in Shenzhen, China. Creating the Carbon One design with the help of Mathis Heller, the brand aimed for the stars and found itself among them. 

Packing their ebike with cutting-edge technology, user-friendly features, and an eco-friendly design, they created a smart, sustainable ebike that could help reduce the world’s carbon footprint while getting everyone some fresh air.

Ready for more? There are tons to unpack in this Urtopia Ebikes review, so stick with me. The highlights are up first.


Urtopia Ebikes Review
  • Smarter and lighter ebikes
  • 30% lighter than other brands
  • Anti-theft protection & fingerprint unlock
  • Sleek, futuristic look
  • Voice command
  • Gamepad controls
  • Easily track your ride & fitness
  • Share your story & make friends

Urtopia Ebikes Review

Urtopia Ebikes Review

Called “the Tesla of ebikes,” the Urtopia Carbon One sure does stand out from the crowd. It’s a difference you’ll notice the first time you see it, thanks to its next-level design. Lean in and you’ll discover that looks aren’t the only thing that makes it special. 

No, the Urtopia Carbon One is made to impress, ticking off boxes for attention-grabbing tech, smart features, and superior anti-theft protection. Made from a full carbon frame, it’s 30% lighter than others so you can carry it into your office like a pro.

If you have to leave it outside, the ebike is unstartable without your unique fingerprint. Along with movement alarms and GPS tracking, you’ll know where your bike is at all times.

Urtopia takes you for a ride like you’ve never experienced, equipped with Bluetooth speakers, embedded lights, and a 100km range. Reaching top speeds of 20mph, you’ll be able to farther as you enjoy cruising through the city.

As you make your way through the city streets, enjoy 5 pedal modes and navigation tools while you explore. Use the bike’s voice command to easily change settings and notice how smooth your ride is thanks to the torque sensor.

The Urtopia Carbon One comes in Sirius, Lyra, and Midnight in Paris colorways in sizes Medium (170-185) and Large (180-195). Experience a different kind of ride for $2,799.

How Does Urtopia Ebikes Work?

Urtopia Ebikes Review

This is the section of my Urtopia Ebikes review where I get into the tech specs. The Carbon One works how any other ebike would, but it’s built with advanced tech to make your journey as smooth and easy as possible.

With a gate carbon belt drive, it promises 30,000km of maintenance-free riding. the 35 N·m rear hub motor with 250W, you’ll pedal between 5 different modes to find your perfect speed. Linking with a Smart App to track your whereabouts, activity, and fitness, there isn’t much the Carbon One can’t do. 

Who Is Urtopia Ebikes For? 

Urtopia Ebikes Review

The Urtopia bike is superior in design and function to many other ebikes on the market. It’s lightweight, easy to ride, and requires very little effort on your part. It’s also packed with advanced tech. If you’re looking for a smart, efficient, and attractive ebike, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Urtopia Ebikes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Urtopia Ebikes Review

Urtopia is a pretty new company, so right now, there aren’t thousands of reviews to check out. While that might be so, there are still plenty hanging around online that I can include in this section of my Urtopia Ebikes review.

The first one we’ll check out comes from Urtopia’s website: “It is much easier to use 🙂 Going uphill is so much easier, I could even read a book while doing this.”

After scanning a few of the comments, it was clear that the Urtopia Ebike is really easy to ride and requires very little pedal power on your part.

Another user wrote: “I got 4 other brands and I’m still learning the Urtopia but so far my favorite ebike. Look how far technology has come so fast. Happy and safe riding.”

Urtopia has been called the Tesla of e-bikes, so comments like that one make a lot of sense. Stepping off the brand’s website and onto Google, I rounded up ratings from a few different sites around the web. 

  • Zdnet: 8.2/10
  • LaurentWillen: 9/10
  • WindowsCentral: 9/10

In Laurent Willen’s Urtopia EBikes review, he wrote: “The engine is quite discreet, I just hear a little noise coming from the rear.” As for how lightweight the bike is, he continued: “My racing bike has normal wheels, so I was very surprised by how light the wheels of the Urtopia were. They are really ridiculously light.”

So far, we know the Urtopia Ebike is lightweight, smart, and easy to use, but I ventured over to T3 to find out more. Their reviewer said: “The brakes are about the best safety feature on the bike. Even going full speed, I was able to stop in a single car length.”

When you’re going 20mph, responsive brakes are really important. It’s good to know that Urtopia’s check out.

That just about sums it up for this section of my Urtopia Ebikes review. As I mentioned before, there isn’t a ton of feedback available right now, but I hope that as people catch on to how cool these ebikes are, more becomes available.

Is Urtopia Ebikes Legit?

Urtopia Ebikes Review

Nothing I found while writing my Urtopia Ebikes review would convince me otherwise. There isn’t a ton of feedback available for this brand, but what I have seen is good.

Is Urtopia Ebikes Worth It?

Urtopia Ebikes Review

Urtopia’s ebike is much more affordable than other carbon ebikes on the market. It also has more features. While the Urtopia bike cost of $2,799 isn’t small, considering all of the components, high-quality materials, and design elements that go into it, it’s definitely worth the money.

How To Choose The Best Product

Urtopia Ebikes Review

Choosing the best ebikes is a matter of personal preferences and activities. Generally, ebikes aren’t meant for rough terrain and have speed limitations, so first things first, you should know exactly what you’re using your ebike for before shopping. Here are what else you should keep in mind:

  • Classes (Class 1, 2, or 3): Different classes offer different features. For example, Class 1 and 3 are both pedal-assist ebikes, but Class 3 has greater assistance. Class 2 is all about throttle power.
  • Type and quality of batteries: How far do you need to go on a daily basis? The quality of batteries will greatly affect their range, so be sure to map out your commute before you buy a bike. If you travel further than 20k, you’ll need to be picky about which bike you buy.
  • Type of motor: Ebikes will either have mid-drive motors or hub-drive motors. Hub-drive motors look better and may lead to better maneuverability.
  • Torque: How much power do you need? Are you looking for an ebike with great acceleration? If so, go for one with a lot of torque. If you like to take things slow, choose less.
  • Additional features: Urtopia is known for its additional features like Bluetooth speakers and navigation. These come in handy on sunny summer days and when exploring new places. If they matter to you, be sure your ebike has them.

Urtopia Ebikes Promotions & Discounts 

Urtopia Ebikes Review

I didn’t spot any deals while writing my Urtopia Ebikes review, but to stay on top of the latest and greatest, sign up for their newsletter. From time to time the brand will send out special promotions and exclusive discounts, so I’d definitely recommend joining to stay in the know.

Where to Buy Urtopia Ebikes

Urtopia Ebikes Review

Get ready to experience a new kind of ride by heading to


Urtopia Ebikes Review

Who owns Urtopia?

Urtopia was founded by a group of forward-thinking engineers in 2021. It’s based in Shenzhen, China, and its signature ebike was created by award-winning concept designer Mathis Heller.

What is Urtopia’s OTA and What are the Benefits?

OTA stands for “Over-The-Air.” This is a type of download technology. It was used for early cell phones and helps devices connect to a computer or download software.

Urtopia uses OTA to help improve terminal functions and deliver a more convenient and intelligent experience by helping to resolve technical issues more efficiently. In fact, the Tesla Model S uses OTA technology and now the Urtopia ebike does as well.

Choosing a bike with OTA technology means that its features can be frequently updated to evolve with the times. You may find that you do not need to update your entire ebike, just depend on Urtopia to update your ebike’s system.

What is Urtopia’s Return Policy?

Urtopia offers a 14-day return policy for its ebike. They handle returns on a case-by-case basis, and ask that you stick to these guidelines when making a return:

  1. Email Urtopia’s support team and ask for a return.
  2. Be sure to email within 14 days from the date of purchase.
  3. Once Urtopia receives your email, they will get back to you with instructions on what to do next.

Why Do Urtopia Ebikes Use Rear Hub Motors?

Urtopia, which is an amalgamation of the words Urban and Utopia, makes ebikes specifically for urban commutes. They are not intended for use on the mountain or gravel and one of the main focuses of the brand is on the lightweight nature of their bikes.

Choosing a rear motor means they can keep the bike lightweight and give it an attractive look. Rear motors also lead to better maneuverability than front or mid-placed motors.

What is Urtopia’s Warranty Policy?

Urtopia EBikes offers a two-year limited warranty for the frame, battery, and certain parts of the bike. The warranty automatically starts with your purchase of the bike, there is no need to register your product online.

Urtopia will replace or repair any parts that fall under their warranty at no cost to you. The warranty does not cover:

  • Brake System
  • Spokes
  • Tires

How to Contact Urtopia Ebikes

Urtopia Ebikes Review

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in my Urtopia Ebikes review, you can send an email to [email protected] or use the contact form

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