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GT Bikes Review

Summer fun doesn’t all have to be in the sun. Sometimes we find it biking through the park, on gravel roads, or even in the shadows of the mountainside. All we need to get going is a solid frame and tires which GT Bikes is more than happy to help out with. 

Featuring an extensive line of mountain and BMX bikes for youth, children, and adults, this business is ready to get the people biking once more.

Not new to the market, this brand already has quite a bit of support for their name. Boasting over 208k followers on Instagram and noted in The New York Times, Business Insider, Gadget Review, and more, there’s a lot to be seen about them already.

We figured why not add one more GT Bikes review to the pile to really dig into what this brand has to offer? Checking out products, prices, customer ratings, and more, we’re here to determine whether this brand is really ride or die.

Overview of GT Bikes

GT Bikes Review

From day one in 1972, GT Bikes came from the California mind to provide riders with a space and method to explore all that the biking world could encompass. 

Venturing beyond simple cycling into a world of tricks and terrain, GT aimed to mix performance with pleasure through simple, safe, and stylish frames that could support any innovative mind.

Basing their business primarily around BMX and mountain bikes to really embrace the two ends of the performance spectrum, these frames came together from the experience of a welder to craft stronger, more durable bodies that would hold up against time and tricks. 

Adding in altitude and suspension to better deal with the shocks and pain that typically accompanied speed, this business began to build ahead of the crowd, moving to craft the first downhill bike that featured a gearbox design.

Working alongside athletes and engineers to always move forward into the next biggest thing, GT Bikes has learned to never settle or rest. Wanting the best for every type of biker, this brand works hard to provide fun, lasting experiences for riders of every skill level. 

Everyone deserves to have a Good Time, so why not have some fun with GT?

This brand’s constant innovation seems unmatched with their endless effort to create the next biggest thing. Of course, their passion is only one piece of the GT puzzle we adore, and this GT Bikes review had to throw in a few of our other favorite facts:


  • Wide range of bike models for all ages
  • Floating stays to reduce and absorb shock during rides
  • Reasonable costs
  • Solid controls and breaks
  • Available through several retailers

GT Mountain Bikes Review

There’s nothing quite as calming as the soothing mountainside on a beautiful day. But why have calm when you can be rocketing down the dirt paths on a GT mountain bike

Taking a look at some of their top models, we’re starting strong with the rocky rides we all go to when in need of a little adrenaline.

GT Bikes Aggressor Comp Review

Tackle the rough and tough terrain with the Aggressor Comp in no time.

This bike is all about preparing for the worst and realizing you’re riding the best. Solid in build, this aluminum frame provides a lightweight option that’s quick and easy to drive and move around to get to the mountain. 

Once there, let the tires hit the ground and get going in an instant. Made for off-road living, this bike wants the best and that means durability and steadiness.

We all know that the dirt paths and twisting trees of mountainsides don’t always offer a smooth ride. That’s why this model comes complete with all the features one could need. 

Adjust the gears with the tap of the thumb to prepare the bike for uphill vs downhill riding; glide to a smooth stop with touch-sensitive disc brakes; tackle terrain in any weather type with solid tires gripping the earth. It’s all here and ready to go.

Ride off into the sunset (or down the hill) for $675.

GT Bikes Aggressor Expert Review

Embracing the nature of the rider and the ride itself, the GT Bikes Aggressor Expert comes to play with a comfortable and captivating experience.

Known to be one of their best bikes for an off-road experience, this bike magically manages to conquer all terrain. Sit comfortably with the paddled seat and slight-rise handlebar while moving up or downhill on gripping tire treads. 

Roll at any height, selecting from two different wheel sizes prior to order. Create the ideal bike and get moving without fear of speed or strain.

The best part about this one comes from its control. Offering 24-speeds at the flick of a finger, it’s incredibly simple to swap between gears to get moving as needed. We all know that sometimes we need a quick switch or stop and that’s what this one is for. 

Throw in the controlled hydraulic disc breaks for easy and sensitive stops and riders will be laughing over how nice these controls feel in the rush of a ride.

Soar through the mountain tops with this model for $770.

GT BMX Review

Whether or not it was the thing that got us into biking, the fascination with BMX riding seems to be everywhere. Why not try to tackle new tricks with the assistance of one of these featured GT BMX bikes?

GT Bikes Performer 29 Review

Who doesn’t want to impress those around them with a single entrance? The Performer 29 comes to the scene with a single thought in mind: ideal execution.

Working hard to conquer the city scene, the GT Performer goes above and beyond in its features to balance lower costs with reliability and design

City biking isn’t just about getting from point A to point B. In the peddling and passage, riders want to promise a certain style in tricks and specs that others can’t.

The Performer comes to play with a double-walled freewheel rear wheel to prep for all the tricks. Whether taking on jumps, turns, or popping up onto that single back wheel to really impress, this ride runs smoothly with all the power coming from the back. 

Comfortable, cool, and chock-full of endless possibilities, this city bike isn’t one to skip.

Start performing for $525.

GT Bikes Friend Ship Review

We always say that the best rides are like an adventure and the best adventures are shared with friends. That’s why GT Bikes encourages the rider to really embrace their bike through the naming and creation of the Friend Ship.

This GT BMX bike aims to forge a bond with the rider. Don’t just use the bike, but understand the movements, turns, pressure points, and more. In knowing exactly what the bike is capable of, riders learn to control more of their own experience. 

Each bike comes with a different buddy to accompany the ride with characters from Space Ninjas to Carter the Cat and more. There’s a story and adventure for each character to really set off the rider into a world of imagination.

Built for younger riders to begin exploring the world of BMX riding, this secure body is all about supporting new friends as they venture out into jumps and tricks to impress friends and family. 

Add some excitement with the dry erase plate to really express thoughts and feelings on every ride.

Never ride alone again once the Friend Ship is within reach for $215.

GT Grade Review

Mountain biking and pavement biking are known and battled terrains already, but what about gravel? While some bikes are born with multi-terrain in mind, sometimes we want a specialty. 

That’s why the GT Grade bikes came onto the scene specifically to handle the rough and rocky world of gravel. These best-sellers battle their own bumps and obstacles without leaving behind any marks or mistakes.  

GT Bikes Grade Elite Review

Don’t let the fear of the game keep you from playing. Take on treacherous terrain with the comfort and support of the Grade Elite.

Built for the hills, mountains, and rocky roads that we all yearn to explore, this bike is ready for the most. Designed specifically to handle graveled paths, the GT Grade Elite comes ready for each challenge. 

Taking time, testing, and specific geometry to create that ideal thrust for extra speed when racing downhill on the rocky roadside, this bike was made for the fun and somewhat fanatic times.

Using a triple triangle frame for additional support, this product keeps the seat steady and raised at all times for the best view of the path not taken. Full control from the textured handles provides an easy grip when things get a bit rough to handle.

Head in without hesitation with this bike for $1,365.

GT Bikes Grade Expert Review

Another one in the collection of GT bikes we’d love to try, the Grade Expert functions as the ideal starting point to anyone’s downhill career.

We know that it can be intimidating to start tackling rides on anything other than paved road, but everyone needs to face their fears at some point in order to grow. 

The Grade Expert sets forth a secure and comfortable frame for riders of any level to enjoy the ride at any speed through any terrain. This GT Bikes review really wants to offer something for everyone and this bike really does fit the bill.

Crafted from light alloy material, it’s easy to hook this bike up to the back and get it out to the woods for a ride every few days. Using the triple triangle method, the floating stays in this bike make comfort an assurance. 

No nasty vibrations will work their way up through the seat with this one. Instead, shocks are absorbed leaving jumps and bumping hills to be a smooth and joyful ride rather than a literal pain.

Get going on the mountainside for $1,950.

GT Avalanche Review

We couldn’t complete a GT Bikes review without looking to the world of mountain bikes specifically. That’s why we had to showcase the Avalanche.

One of the top GT mountain bikes in their selection, this piece is all sport, all the time. Clean in its minimal appearance, the beauty of this one comes from form and function. Light aluminum framing keeps the bike weight manageable for trips and travel. 

Thick tires provide all the separation one needs between them and the rough terrain as the rubber speeds down any hillside with ease.

Don’t fear too much speed on the hill – the GT Avalanche prepares itself for the worst. Brake discs are in place and ready at the trigger to control speed and stops at the slightest hesitation

Riding smoothly from pavement to gravel to mountainside, this bike goes the distance without any question or concern. It’s all just good times here.

Start saving up for this one with its $850 price tag.

GT Performer Review

When it comes to bikes that this GT Bikes review had to include, we wanted to save our favorite for last: the GT Performer 20.5.

We’ve already covered a Performer in this article, but just because we’ve seen one doesn’t mean they’ve all been done justice. 

We’ll be honest, a bit part of our love for this one comes from the retro color scheme in place. Yellows, reds, browns, and turquoise make up the palette for this bike, throwing it right back to the 90s without any regret. We love it.

As for the bike itself, this BMX is ready to get anyone riding. Ideal for those starting out or returning to the world of tips and tricks, this bike is all style and substance in one solid piece. 

Ready for any ride, this bike keeps things compact for complete control over jumps and balance. Start small, then build up and get ready to be the star of any show.

Cycle steadily for $425.  

Who Is GT Bikes For? 

GT Bikes Review

We’re pretty proud to say that this brand works for just about any biker. Whether new to the scene or someone with decades of experience behind them, it’s never too late to learn new tricks and tips that will improve rides and good times.

Designing bikes for adults, youth, and even children riders, GT Bikes introduces durable and steady models for every age. 

Allowing riders the chance to learn basic skills on a bike that can take them the extra mile, these affordable pieces cut the cost of requiring more specialized models later in life. 

Start kids young with a secure and sturdy frame to allow them room to grow and conquer terrain at later ages.

GT Bikes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

GT Bikes Review

We’re biking big with this one and we didn’t want to do anything without some solid support behind our opinions. That means this GT Bikes review took in the public ratings to flesh out just what their reputation was and how things hold up in reality.

The good news is this brand seems to deliver on performance and style. Bike Ride rated this one 8.8/10 stars based on 100 ratings with most positive opinions surrounding comfort, cost, and looks. 

A big part of this brand is their floating stay technology to reduce vibrations and shock during rides. As a result, these bikes are “Extremely comfortable and easy to ride (by both sexes none the less).”

Leaving behind antiquated notions of gendered bikes, GT leaves things up to the ride rather than the rider. Looking “extremely sophisticated while still being ‘fun” these bikes are all about a secure and comfortable ride for everyone without breaking the bank. 

Remaining reasonable in cost, GT Bikes tend to be “Less than a quarter of the price of comparable bikes from other manufacturers.

While the brand doesn’t sell their products directly, these bikes have shown to be huge hits in local distributors and retailers. On Dick’s Sporting Goods’ site, the GT Men’s Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike holds 3.8/5 stars based on over 780 ratings. 

Built from the opinion of hundreds, this bike seems to come across as the “smoothest ride [they’ve] had on and off the street.”

Light in weight with a sturdy aluminum frame, this bike is a great piece to introduce drops, rocky terrain and winding tracks without fearing wipeouts. Solid tires and body, the performance of this one seems to be unmatched in the minds of these raters.

One GT Bikes review stated, “For the price, it’s hard to beat the quality and features on this bike. The lightweight aluminum frame, mechanical disc brakes, and Shimano gears make this bike feel and perform like a bike at least twice the price!

The same GT Bikes review went on to note that the bike “Rides very nicely on both paved roadways/ bike paths but also performs well on the trail handling rocks, roots, etc. with ease. Great buy if you want a good multipurpose bike that you can use for most moderate/intermediate trails as well as just riding around time.

We do have to note that although this specific model seems to be incredibly loved, it’s far from the only one sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods to find popularity amongst customers. Other top models include the following:

  • GT Women’s Laguna Pro Mountain Bike: 3.9/5 stars based on over 110 ratings
  • GT Men’s Avalanche 29” Mountain Bike: 3.6/5 stars based on over 85 ratings
  • GT Kids’ Bank BMX Bike: 3.2/5 stars based on over 70 ratings
  • GT Kids’ Berm BMX Bike: 3.7/5 stars based on 55 ratings
  • GT Youth Stomper Pro 24″ Bike: 4.4/5 stars based on over 30 ratings

We do, of course, have to note that not every course runs smoothly with this brand. Some have complained of paint chipping or lost seats upon arrival. Fortunately, these areas are covered by warranty and can often be replaced without concern for no cost.

Overall, we’d agree with Ice Bike’s 9/10-star GT Bikes review when they commented that this brand offers “offers excellent navigation, responsiveness and smooth riding at an affordable price.” 

Providing bikes for every event and environment, there’s little that can’t be accomplished with a GT Bike by your side.

Is GT Bikes Worth It?

GT Bikes Review

Time for the final opinion – we’re deeming GT Bikes well worth the money. From what we’ve seen online, this brand comes in with affordable costs on their durable products

Reasonable prices alone make this one brand worth checking out, but when the quality of frames and tires are thrown in as well, we’d be foolish not to give this one two thumbs up.

Offering an extensive collection and with their sights constantly set on improving through innovative approaches and designs, these bikes are all about comfort and ease on any ground. 

Ride without fear and embrace the wind rushing against the face for the joy of freedom and nature. It’s all about the experience and the good times – GT provides both.

GT Bikes Promotions & Discounts 

GT Bikes Review

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this GT Bikes review, this company isn’t offering any discounts or promotions for their products.

Where to Buy GT Bikes

GT Bikes Review

Here’s the thing – GT Bikes doesn’t actually sell their own products directly. Manufacturing items, they sell through local dealers and retailers

A map of nearby locations can be found on Those who don’t want to check out via the map can turn to bigger names such as the following retailers:

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Clemmons Bicycle
  • Bike Attack
  • City Grounds
  • Jenson USA


GT Bikes Review

Who owns GT Bikes?

GT Bikes is owned and operated by Dorel Industries, run from Montreal, Canada.

Does GT Bikes ship internationally?

GT Bikes are available internationally through certain retailers.

What is GT Bikes’ Shipping Policy?

Due to GT Bikes not selling their product directly, they don’t actually have a shipping policy in place. All shipping details come directly from the retailer rather than the supplier, so times, costs, and tracking info will differ depending on the location and business.

What is GT Bikes’ Return Policy?

Similar to shipping information, the return policy in place will come directly from the retailer rather than GT Bikes themselves. 

We will say that bikes come with a three-to-five-year warranty depending on the model and parts. The warranty comes directly from GT themselves, so any issues with that regard can be directed through customer service for assistance.

How to Contact GT Bikes

Any issues or questions can be directed to customer service with ease. This brand works from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST and they’re always happy to answer questions through one of two methods:

  • Phone: 1-800-BIKE-USA
  • Fill out their Online Contact Form

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