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Honbike Review

There are e-bikes that go really fast and have crazy built-in tech. Honbike e-bikes aren’t like that and they aren’t made to be. For this brand, it’s all about the journey and making it as stress-free as possible. That means equipping its e-bikes with everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Fuss-free and easy to maintain, Honbike’s chainless, folding e-bikes are easy to use and ride and have won multiple awards for their design from notable organizations—including IF, Reddot, and Good Design. Honbike even has a social community of 13k

Are these e-bikes the right choice for your life? Read this Honbike review to find out. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand’s e-bikes, customer feedback, promotions, and more.

Honbike Review

Honbike launched its first model HF01 in 2022 and has warehouses in Amsterdam and the US. On a mission to “introduce innovative technologies to transform the two-wheeled vehicle industry and make two-wheeled travel a more frequent, convenient, and efficient option for daily life,” its e-bikes take you where you need to go and are super easy to maintain and use.

If you’re new to e-bikes or don’t need all the fuss that comes with techy models, Honbike is a perfect starting place. Equipped with all of the features you need (like hill start assist, smart sensor system, and built-in LCD screen), and nothing you don’t, you’ll notice the difference its simple, smart e-bikes make in your day-to-day life. 

There’s so much more to unpack in this Honbike review, so I’ll move right along. The highlights are up next.


Honbike Review
  • Chainfree e-bikes with clean & minimalist style
  • Maintenance-free service
  • Award-winning Design
  • Two-year warranty
  • Ships to US & EU
  • Free shipping

Let’s get this Honbike review rolling, shall we? With two e-bike models and a whole supply of accessories, the brand’s collection is compact but has everything you need. 

Honbike Review

Once used in the motorcycle industry, Honbike uses shaft drive technology in its electric bikes. Why is this so special? Because bikes usually use chains, and those come with problems. Using a shaft drive means that you’ll never have to fuss with putting your chain back on or worrying that something will get caught in it. 

Honbike has two different models of chain-free, shaft-drive, and belt-drive e-bikes, and you’ll read all about them both below. 

Honbike HF01 Commuter eBike Review

With patented Monotork™ shaft drive, you’ll never have to think about a chain when you drive the HF01 Commuter eBike. Promising to be maintenance-free for 50,000km+, the bike features a 100% enclosed shaft tube that won’t rust or get wrecked by the elements. 

Equipped with hill-start assist technology, the HF01 detects the terrain or slope you’re on and adjusts itself to make riding the e-bike easier. Plus, the Tri-Sensor Smart System determines the speed and torque of your wheels, helping Honbike find the best ways to keep riders balanced and safe when turning.

Meanwhile, as an electric folding bike, HF01 can be folded up within 15s in 4 steps, making it easy to store anywhere or travel with.

In other words, the HF01 is smart, and with the Unibody magnesium wheel design, its durable too. Plus, you’ll never have to make tension adjustments to the spokes. It’s also fitted with a golf seat for maximum comfort no matter your gender, and with an ergonomic construction for support on long rides. 

The HF01 is fully adjustable and comes in one size for all. Get yours in white, black, or red for $1,999.

What customers say: Powerful electric bike for commuting to work and fun this bike come nicely packed and is simple to open. The battery is lightweight and it charged rather quickly so it is always ready for commuting and adventure.” – Korey Sanders, 

Honbike UNI4 Long Range Belt Drive Electric Commuter Bike Review

The UNI4 Long Range Belt Drive Electric Commuter Bike uses SmartHON™ belt drive to give you 52 miles of range—that’s about 10 more miles than your average e-bike has. 

Promising 6,215 miles of maintenance-free belt service, the bike has IPX6 water resistance and uses uphill assist with gyroscope to help you get up and down hills safely. Quieter than other e-bikes as well, you’ll get a smooth, silent ride from the UNI4. 

So what’s it made from? 7000 series aircraft-grade aluminum, which means it’s super durable and lightweight. You’ll also love the minimalist design and one-piece LCD display that’s incredibly easy to use. Pick yours up in white or black for $1,699

Pro tip: Shop during Honbike’s Holiday Sale (11/10-11/30) and use the code UNI4OFF at checkout to get $150 off, a free Disc Brake Lock, and a free Smart Helmet ($118 combined value). Buy two to get $400 off. 

What customers say: “Easy to put together out of the box., charged within 4 hours and starts riding next day. Easy to learn the buttons and the screen is easy to read. Good pickup speed when needed. I’m enjoying it so far.” -Sharon Regen, 

Honbike Features: What Makes Them Different?

Honbike Review 1

SmartHON™ System

The SmartHON™ system adjusts and delivers the power assistance users need based on the terrain and their riding behavior. It gives the rider adequate power assistance when riding on flat terrain and offers an additional power boost to make your uphill rides a breeze. 

Minimalist Design

Honbike is keen on a clean, minimalist design while maintaining overall strength. Compared with the normal electric bicycle with 250 parts, Honbike HF01 only has 57 parts, while Honbike UNI4 is only composed of three tubes, with rounded design applied to every part of the bike.

Unique Casting Manufacturing

Honbike products are constructed from 7000 series (UNI4) & 6061 (HF01) aircraft-grade aluminum material and magnesium alloys for lightness, strength, and resistance to corrosion. 

It also enables Honbike’s distinct and minimal profile. The moulding technique requires no welding, no additional heat treatment to enhance the strength and is more commonly found in automotive, aviation, and high-speed electric motor manufacturing, where consistency, finish and durability are paramount. The process is sustainable too, with far less waste of energy and material.

Maintenance-free Service

As mentioned above, the Honbike has two different drive systems, with Monotork™ shaft drive system lasting up to 50,000 km (HF01) before needing maintenance, while that will be 10,000 KM with Gates Carbon Belt Drive (UNI4), allowing users to focus on the ride, not the repairs.

Who Is Honbike For? 

Honbike Review

Honbike makes fuss-free, low-maintenance e-bikes that are ideal for those who need a reliable, easy ride. They’re a great option for first-time e-bike buyers or anyone who’s looking for a simple cruiser. 

Honbike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Honbike Review 2

This Honbike review wouldn’t be complete without checking out customer feedback, so that’s what we’ll do next. The first source we’ll look at is the brand’s website, and below you’ll find a few ratings for its bestselling e-bikes. 

One customer wrote this Honbike review about the HF01: “I have not had the bike long, but the few rides I’ve had are very nice and the bike works great. I am most impressed however, with the support provided [with] my purchase…They answered every question specifically and were responsive almost immediately.

It’s easier to support brands that have great customer service as it really makes a difference when you need to get your questions answered—especially if you’re new to the whole e-bike thing.

So far, we know that Honbike’s e-bikes are enjoyed by many people and that the company has a supportive customer service team. So let’s jump off the brand’s site to see if similar feedback can be found elsewhere. I found a Honbike review on BikeRadar, and here’s what the happy customer had to say about the HF01:   

The ride is rather impressive. The five assistance levels offer distinctive amounts of power, and it’s easy to flick up through the modes thanks to the easy-to-reach remote next to the right-hand grip.” 

While the reviewer said that the single gear doesn’t produce crazy high speeds (goes up to 20mph), it’s still a great cruiser if you just want to get to and from work. 

A Honbike reviewer on The Gadgeteer wrote something similar about the HF01, awarding it a 7.8/10 score. They had this to say about how easy it rides:

I took the Honbike ChainFree One out for a ride and was very surprised at how easy it was to pedal even without the motor on. In fact, it pedals about the same as my Schwinn Perla which weighs about the same but isn’t electric.  When you enable the pedal assist, look out! You’re flying along the street.

From everything I found in my research for this Honbike review, the company is a great one to shop and deal with and makes e-bikes that customers love.

Is Honbike Legit?

Honbike Review

Yep, Honbike is a legit brand and makes some pretty impressive e-bikes. Nothing I’ve found while writing this Honbike review would make me think otherwise.

Take Honbike UNI4 as an example, in order to follow the local e-bike laws, the brand has launched US and European versions for this model, the former is equipped with a 350w motor and has a top speed of 20mph, the latter comes with a 250w motor and a maximum speed of 15.5mph.

Is Honbike Worth It?

Honbike Review

Honbike makes fuss-free, easy-to-ride e-bikes that are 100% worth the money. As someone who’s new to the whole e-bike thing, the fact that these are reliable and low-maintenance is important to me. If you’re in the market for a no-frills, easy-riding e-bike, I’d definitely recommend checking Honbike out. 

Honbike Promotions & Discounts 

Honbike Review

Buying an e-bike saves you money in the long run. Not only that, but it helps save the planet too. Even though those are two major draws, the brand still offers multiple ways to help you save money, like offering free shipping on all US and EU orders. 

Right now, Honbike is offering $150 off its UNI4 e-bike when you use the code UNI4OFF at checkout, while you will get $400 off when buy two UNI4 with code HONBIKE. But get this discount requires you to place an order during their latest holiday shopping season.

In addition, each UNI4 purchase comes with a free Disc Brake Lock and a free Smart Helmet ($118 combined value). Just use the same code (UNI4OFF) at checkout.

Where To Buy Honbike Products

Honbike Review

Honbike is based in the EU but if you live in the US or Canada, you’re in luck, since the company ships directly to both those locations from its US warehouse. To start shopping, go to


Honbike Review

Who owns Honbike?

Founded in 2019, Honbike is based in Amsterdam, though the company doesn’t say exactly who its owner is. From what I can see, it looks to be a group. 

Does Honbike ship internationally?

Yes, Honbike ships to the mainland EU and to the USA and Canada. See the next section of this Honbike review for more information.

What is Honbike’s shipping policy?

Honbike is based in the EU and if you live there, the company will ship your order for free. There are some regions that Honbike doesn’t ship to—including British Overseas Territories and the Canary Islands. Otherwise, Honbike offers free ground shipping with included order tracking. 

Here’s what else you should know about the shipping policy:

  • In-stock products will ship the next business day
  • Deliveries take, on average, 4-15 business days
  • Once your order is shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number via email
  • You’ll need to be home to sign for your package

If you live in the US (aside from Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico), Honbike will still ship your order for free. Canadian orders will have a shipping fee. Delivery takes 4-10 business days. 

What is Honbike’s return policy?

Honbike accepts returns 14 days after the date you received your products. Below, I’ll list the other general guidelines of the policy.

  1. You can only return an item to the brand directly if you bought it from
  2. All items must be in their original condition with their original packaging
  3. If you received a damaged item, get in contact with the brand directly by emailing [email protected]  

When making a return, you’ll need to include your proof of purchase. To start the process, email [email protected] and let them know you’d like to return your order. They’ll send you a return authorization code. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee

How To Contact Honbike

Honbike Review

If you still have questions after reading this Honbike review, email [email protected] and Honbike’s team will get back to you with answers. You could also use the contact form online if you’d prefer. 

Honbike’s customer service hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm (PST). 

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