Simpliv Learning Review

About Simpliv Learning

About Simpliv Learning

Simpliv is an educational video platform in which users can access multiple courses in various fields of study such as development, database, software, fitness, and more. Simpliv has over 4,000 courses and is accessible to over 180 countries worldwide

Simpliv has been featured in notable publications such as BlogTo and Entrepreneur. Plus, their Instagram has over 2k followers and their Facebook has over 1k followers and counting. 

This Simpliv Learning review will take an in-depth look at the brand, their selection of courses, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth signing up for a Simpliv class. 

Overview of Simpliv

Overview of Simpliv

Founded in 2016, Simpliv established its headquarters in Fremont, California, with a connecting branch office in Karnataka, India. Created by Shahanshah Manzoor, Simpliv’s mission is to make online learning accessible to everyone.

The educational video platform has a variety of classes to choose from, ranging from computer-centric courses such as database input, to better living with health and fitness courses. 

“Simpliv believes that learning has no boundaries. It brings learning to any person who wants to learn, whether it is management, technology, life sciences, or any other subject of interest.”

Overview of Simpliv

Simpliv offers its users options in terms of how they would like to learn. Students can either choose from a list of self-paced courses or join in a live virtual class.

Through virtual learning, students can ask questions and engage in discussions with their professors in real-time. Not only does Simpliv attract students to its user-friendly website, but also potential teachers by signing up to become an Author.

Before we get into this Simpliv Learning review, let’s go over some initial highlights.  


  • 3,000+ Simpliv courses to choose from 
  • Online learning accessible to 180+ countries 
  • Two learning options based on individual student preferences
  • Students can ask questions and engage in discussions with their professors in real-time
  • Users can sign up to become a paid Author in an easy three-step process 
  • Students receive a valid Simpliv certificate upon completion 

Simpliv Classes Review

Simpliv has over 3,000 courses to choose from. To get a sense of the variety offered for students, this Simpliv Learning review breaks down all the courses in each category:

  • Database: 96 classes
  • IT & Software Systems: 770 classes
  • Health & Vigor: 274 classes
  • Individual Development: 598 classes
  • Desirable Lifestyle: 195 classes
  • Productive Expertise & Efficiency: 188 classes
  • Profession: 681 classes
  • Blueprint & Designing: 342 classes
  • Marketing: 256 classes 
  • Frames & Portraits: 68 classes 
  • Music: 118 classes  
  • Academics: 166 classes
  • Language & Vocabulary: 150 classes
  • Preparation Tests: 28 classes  
  • Engineering: 111 classes

This Simpliv Learning review won’t look at all these course categories in detail, but we’ll highlight a selection of classes across the platform.

Simpliv Database Review

If you’re looking to strengthen your database input skills, Simpliv has 99 courses in their Database course selection to choose from. 

Within this category, there are 7 different course models, including classes teaching in Hadoop, SQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL, Oracle Certification, Elasticsearch, and cloud.

The lowest price range for one class starts at $3, with the highest price being $200. This Simpliv Learning review will provide a brief description of 5 classes within the Database category:

  1. Database Management Systems – MySQL: $3 (original price: $15)
    This course reviews topics such as introduction to DBMS, structured query language, installation of MySQL, Normalization, data definition language commands in 6 lectures.
  2. How to Work With Index & Clusters & Sequence and Sub Queries: $10 (original price: $50)
    This database course features topics such as simple index, complex index, unique index, and bitmap index in Oracle SQL, covered in 9 lectures.  
  3. Data Warehouse ETL Testing & Data Quality Management A-Z: $15 (original price: $75)
    This class teaches the essentials of ETL data warehouse testing and data quality management, reporting, and monitoring in 20 lectures
  4. Learning Path Big Data Analytics: $40 (original price: $200
    This course will teach you how to install and configure a Hadoop instance of your own, navigate Hue, the GUI for common tasks in Hadoop, and more in 64 lectures.
  5. Redis: $200 (original price: $1000)
    This course will teach you the basics of Redis and will help you work with advanced features of Redis like Geo, Transactions, and Pub/Sub in 49 lectures

Simpliv IT & Software Systems Review

Simpliv has over 804 classes within its IT & Software Systems category. Students have access to various topics such as concepts in Apache Hive, Internet of Things, Networking and Security, Cybersecurity, machine learning, windows server, computer skills, IT certification, operating systems, Cloud computing, hardware, IT fundamentals, Agile, and DevOps. 

There are some classes available free of charge, with a maximum course price of $800. This Simpliv Learning review features some of the IT & Software Systems classes that students gravitate toward.

  1. Essential Computer Fundamentals: $3 (original price: $15)
    In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of computer science, engineering, and core IT terminologies in 24 lectures
  2. How to Use Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners: $5 (original price: $25
    This class teaches the basic skills in using Adobe Premiere Pro. Students will learn different editing techniques and how to use effects in 14 lectures
  3. Python Scripting for Automation: $5 (original price: $25)
    This Simpliv Python class will take you from beginner to expert by introducing you to concepts such as data structures of Python and working with Python modules in 100 lectures
  4. The Complete Cyber Security Course! Volume 2: Network Security: $10 (original price: $50
    In this Simpliv training course, students will learn to discover security vulnerabilities across an entire network, using network hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning in 106 lectures
  5. Ethical Hacking – A Hands-On Approach To Ethical Hacking: $10 (original price was $50)
    Within this class, students will learn about offensive security concepts and techniques using a virtual install of Kali Linux and 3 target victims: Windows XP, Server 2008, and Linux. This class consists of 39 lectures

Simpliv Health & Vigour Review

Simpliv Learning Review

If you’re looking to improve your quality of life, Simpliv offers 274 classes in its Health & Vigour category. Classes range from mental health, yoga, happiness, general health, sports, nutrition, Qigong, and self-defense. 

You can even access a few of their classes for free! The price ranges from $3, to as high as $800. This Simpliv Learning review will now go over some of their particularly valuable Health & Vigour classes

  1. Creating a Mindset for Change for Leaders: Discovering your Assets: $10 (original price: $50
    This class covers concepts such as how fear-based thinking gets in the way of change, and how to rewire your brain toward positive outcomes in 12 lectures
  2. Mastering Meditation 101: $10 (original price: $50
    This meditation class will teach you how to enter tranquility, open your 3rd eye, address chronic pain, and more in 44 lectures.
  3. Psychology and Medicine: $25 (original price: $150
    In this course, students will learn the basic laws of medicine and psychology, and their applications in this discipline with related theories, featuring 23 lectures
  4. Self Defense, Martial Art, Karate Course Hand To Hand Combat: $12 (original price: $60
    Students in this class will learn the foundations of self-defence. This includes lessons on hand-to-hand and combat position techniques, with a total of 20 lectures
  5. Aromatherapy: Healing & Essential Oils Advanced Training: $20 (original price: $100
    This class covers topics in how essential oils can help moisturize and cleanse skin, boost the immune system and brain health, and help manage weight loss in 35 lectures

Simpliv Individual Development Review

Building and learning new skills is always a plus in furthering your career and educational skills. Simpliv has 612 classes included in it’s Individual Development category.

Courses include topics such as art therapy, career coaching, memory courses, mindfulness courses, cognitive behavior, life coaching, aggression, customer service, public speaking, time management, writing, stress management, self-esteem, guided meditation, hypnotherapy, parenting, and leadership. 

Prices range from $3 to $200 with some classes offered for free. This Simpliv Learning review offers the highlights for five courses in the Individual Development category.

  1. Public Speaking: You Can Speak to Large Audiences$10 (original price: $50
    Are you afraid of public speaking? This course is for you! Students in this class will learn how to speak confidently and how not to look or sound nervous in 19 lectures
  2. Leverage The Power of Generations: $50 (original price: $250
    This class teaches students how to work together, form discussions, and achieve open-mindedness that leads to progress, and innovative solutions between all age groups in the workplace, featuring 15 lectures
  3. How to Write a Novel Step-by-Step$10 (original price: $50
    If you dream of becoming an author, this course will teach you the essentials of how to write your first novel in 6 lectures
  4. The ART of Attraction: $20 (original price: $100
    This class advises on how to come off as more confident, beautiful, and attractive. The lesson plan covers topics in sexuality and art with a total of 27 lectures.
  5. Single Parenting – How to Overcome the Challenges: $10 (original price: $50
    This class offers single parents advice on how to mentor their children in a better way, how to balance work life, and how to overcome obstacles in 26 lectures

Simpliv Productive Expertise & Efficiency Review

Improving your efficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel will help your organizational skills and boost your abilities in time management. Simpliv has over 196 courses in its Productive Expertise & Efficiency category.

Classes include lessons in Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, SAP, Salesforce, Apple, Google, MS Project, OneNote, Office 365, QuickBooks Online, MS Teams, and other skills. 

While you can access select classes for free, course prices range from $3 to $200. This Simpliv Learning review will showcase some of their most intruiging Productive Expertise & Efficiency courses. 

  1. SAP for Beginners: $10 (original price: $50
    Students in this class will learn how to apply the basic concepts of SAP, understand how to install SAP IDES for practice, and other concepts in 20 lectures.
  2. Work Smarter With Documents in Office 365$10 (original price: $50)
    This class teaches its students how to work more efficiently using OneDrive for business and SharePoint document libraries in Office 365 in 5 lectures.
  3. IMovie- Beginner to Advanced- The Complete iMovie Course$10 (original price: $50
    This course will teach the basics in iMovie, starting with the basic layout and ending on how to export a video. There are 23 lectures in total.  
  4. Master Microsoft PowerPoint- PowerPoint from Beginner to Advanced: $13 (original price: $65
    This class teaches students the basics of PowerPoint. Topics include how to add animation to text, shapes, and pictures, and how to create handouts and speaker notes, covered in 89 lectures.
  5. Excel for Business Fundamentals: $50 (original price was $250
    This class teaches the fundamentals of Excel for business. Students learn how to be efficient in working with formulas, databases, charts, formatting, shortcuts, and printing, featuring 26 lectures.

Simpliv Marketing Review

If you’re looking to brush up on your marketing skills, Simpliv has over 261 courses in their Marketing category to choose from.

Classes in this Simpliv Learning cover affiliate marketing, content marketing, product marketing, public relations, marketing fundamentals, branding, social media marketing, digital marketing, SEO, agile marketing, advertising, and referral marketing. 

While some classes you can access for free, prices range from $3 to $200. This Simpliv Learning review sums up five of their Marketing classes.

  1. Instagram Marketing 101- How to Use Instagram for Business: $10 (original price: $50)
    Through this course, students will learn how to create an awesome Instagram profile, how to produce daily content, and how to grow Instagram followers in 53 lectures.
  2. If You are Going to Blog: Why Not Make it Awesome?: $10 (original price: $50
    For those looking to create a well-designed blog, this course will teach you how to set up a website for blogging, how to create blog content that sells, and how to maximize the design for your blog in 7 lectures
  3. Twitter Marketing: Gain Huge Following and Monetize Twitter$10 (original price: $50
    Master Twitter for online marketing by learning concepts in streamlining your Twitter monetization and tips on how to find your audience, with topics covered in 18 lectures
  4. Pinterest Marketing: Build a Huge Following of Buyers: $10 (original price: $50)
    Maximize Pinterest marketing to the fullest potential! Students will learn how to build an effective following and the keys to selling on Pinterest. This class contains 11 lectures in total. 
  5. Content Marketing: $100 (original price: $500
    Within this course, students will learn common content marketing mistakes and understand how to grow an audience in 56 lectures in total.

Simpliv Language & Vocabulary Review

Learning a new language is always an exciting asset to have, and it’s especially useful for your resume. Simpliv has over 151 classes in their Language & Vocabulary category.

Students can learn languages such as Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, ASL, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Norweigan, Turkish, and more. 

Prices for courses range from $3 to $50, with some classes offered for free. This Simpliv Learning review will look at a selection of their Language & Vocabulary classes. 

  1. Complete Italian Course (Level 1): Free 
    In this class, students will be taught the basics of the Italian alphabet, the 27 most frequent regular verbs, and other fundamentals of the language in 18 lectures
  2. Super Basic French: Learn the French Language Today!$3 (original price: $15
    Within this class, students will learn beginner French, as this course will cover topics in learning common French words and how to build simple sentences. This Simpliv course is conveyed in 10 lectures
  3. Basic Chinese Language (Level 1): $10 (original price: $50)
    This course is dedicated to learning the basics in Mandarin. Students will learn the fundamentals of conversation such as ordering food and Chinese greetings. There are 28 lectures in total.
  4. Learn to Speak Malay Language (Bahasa Malaysia) in 10 Hours: $13 (original price: $65)
    This course will teach you how to form basic conversational sentences in Malay and fundamentals in Malay grammar in 17 lectures
  5. American Sign Language Level 1: $20 (original price: $100
    For anyone who wants to learn ASL, this course teaches the basics of American Sign Language. The lesson plan includes how to sign the alphabet, spelling, names, and more in 63 lectures

Simpliv Live Virtual Classes Review

A pro of learning in a classroom is having the chance to ask questions and receive answers quickly. If you are not a fan of pre-recorded classes, Simpliv offers live virtual classes in multiple fields of study.

In these live online classes, Simpliv students ask questions in real-time and form topic-related discussions with their professors. Class takers can receive a one-on-one session with their professors and access live Q/A discussions.

Some of these courses are free, with topics such as building skills in Adobe programs, database, programming, and more. For a live virtual class, prices range from $149 to $549.

It’s important to note that students are able to get a recorded version of their virtual classes for a set price. 

Simpliv Author Review

Is Simpliv only for students? Not at all! If you think you have the necessary skills to teach a specific discipline, you can sign up to become an Author (teacher) by following their easy 3-step process.

This Simpliv Learning review breaks down the requirements below, if you’re interested:

  • Choose the topic you wish to teach
  • Prepare a sample lecture and upload it to Simpliv. They will review and get in touch
  • If you meet all the necessary requirements, you are now an eligible Author

Simpliv provides the payment details for authors through their website. 

How Much is Simpliv?

How Much is Simpliv?

To sign up for a Simpliv class, you have to set up an account on their website. By doing this, you will automatically be listed for a subscription.

This Simpliv Learning review hasn’t seen any pricing lists or variations that may come by subscribing on their website. However, based on its research, users may have to contact customer support for pricing details

Once you’ve signed up, you have access to their course database. For classes that aren’t free, prices may range from as little as $3 or as much as $1000.

Simpliv Course Bundles Review

This Simpliv Learning review found that the platform also offers course bundles, with a collection of select courses taught through one field of study for a discounted price. The number of courses varies within each bundle, ranging from 4 to 15

Class bundles include educational videos delving into photography, marketing, ASL, creative writing, and more. Prices range from $40 to $173. It is also worth noting that you have lifetime access to each course

Simpliv Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Simpliv Learning Review

This Simpliv Learning review found generally positive customer responses based on its research. On review websites such as, BloggersIdeas, and Switchup, Simpliv receives an average of 5/5 stars.

Most reviewers comment on how easy Simpliv is to use and it’s wide selection of courses to choose from. Other Simpliv reviews admire the many affordable classes they can sign up for, which they cited as a huge advantage.

The classes themselves are well-built and taught by reputable teachers. Unlike some online learning platforms, students can talk to their professors and initiate class-based discussions, which most users rated favorably.

This Simpliv Learning review found a few customer complaints. On the Better Business Bureau website, some Simpliv LLC reviews noted issues with customer service and Simpliv was quick to remedy any issues

Is Simpliv Worth It?

Simpliv Learning Review

Based on the numerous positive Simpliv learning reviews, this Simpliv Learning review readily recommends this online educational video-based platform to those who are internet savvy and have access to a computer regularly.

Simpliv’s website is widely accessible worldwide, featuring thousands of courses on different disciplines. In most cases, courses are offered for very reasonable prices, and there are also Simpliv free courses that you can sign up for.

Simpliv also gives users multiple options for how they would like to receive or access their learning, with self-paced courses and live virtual class options. It’s also easy to sign up to become a teacher, making Simpliv altogether a user-friendly platform to explore and use.

Unlike some online learning platforms, Simpliv sends students course certificates when they official complete a class. This encouragement, overall accessibility, and dedication to broaden education makes it easy for this Simpliv review to wholeheartedly recommend this platform.

Simpliv Promotions & Discounts 

Simpliv Learning Review

This Simpliv Learning review found out that users can get 30% off when they checkout using the Simpliv promo code: SIMPLIVLEARNING30.

There are also a variety of courses in multiple fields of study currently offered at a discounted price.

Sign up for Simpliv

Simpliv Learning Review

To sign up for Simpliv, visit their landing page at: and click Sign Up in the upper right hand corner. From there, input your name, phone number, email address, and country. 


What courses does Simpliv offer?

Simpliv has over 5,000 courses to choose from. This Simpliv Learning review will list their course categories found on their website:

  • All Development: 1091 classes
  • Database: 96 classes
  • IT & Software Systems: 770 classes
  • Health & Vigor: 274 classes
  • Individual Development: 598 classes
  • Desirable Lifestyle: 195 classes
  • Productive Expertise & Efficiency: 188 classes
  • Profession: 681 classes
  • Blueprint & Designing: 342 classes
  • Marketing: 256 classes 
  • Frames & Portraits: 68 classes 
  • Music: 118 classes  
  • Academics: 166 classes
  • Language & Vocabulary: 150 classes
  • Preparation Tests: 28 classes  
  • Engineering: 111 classes

How do I cancel my Simpliv subscription?

This Simpliv review will provide a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Simpliv subscription.

  • Log into your Simpliv account
  • Visit the subscription and billing tab on the main account page of Simpliv. Browse the option of ‘manage your subscription’
  • Cancel and confirm your cancellation 

It is worth noting that even if you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to sign into Simpliv and access your account to see your history and previous certificates, but not online classes. 

How to Contact Simpliv

If you have questions that this Simpliv Learning review didn’t cover, you can contact the company through:

  • The headquarters phone number: (510)-849-6155 
  • The branch office: (080)-68439514 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Filling out and submitting their message form online 

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