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About BrainStation

BrainStation is a global digital learning company that empowers businesses, brands, and individuals looking to succeed in the digital age. Affiliated with over 500 enterprise clients and 350 instructors, BrainStation collaborates with leading experts and professionals in the industry. The company employs a specialized curriculum with a personalized approach to their real-world digital education system.

The following BrainStation Review will guide you with an inside look into the company and their services to ensure you make an informed decision before enrolling.

Overview of BrainStation

BrainStation was established in 2012 with the goal of helping a million individuals to develop and enhance their digital skills training by 2025. Their comprehensive and project-based learning environments helps businesses and individuals to tackle real-life digital problems.

The learning-based education company offers a range of courses that cover a variety of aspects to the digital industry. Utilizing a hands-on, corporate training, approach with world-class instructors, BrainStation offers programs in Data, Design, Marketing, Product, and Development.

The company collaborates with leading professionals and leading experts such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, Tesla, and other industry leaders to deliver an all-inclusive, data-driven learning program that’s tailored to help accelerate businesses, brands, and individuals looking to excel in their career. BrainStation also provides access to a community of experts and employees from top tier companies to expand your professional network.

BrainStation Review

The company collaborates with leading professionals and leading experts such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, Tesla, and other industry leaders to deliver an all-inclusive, data-driven learning program that’s tailored to help accelerate businesses, brands, and individuals looking to excel in their career. BrainStation also provides access to a community of experts and employees from top tier companies to expand your professional network.

Check out the rest of our BrainStation Review for a breakdown on the features and benefits of their products. Below, you’ll find the pros and cons that summarizes their core values:


  • Classes are led by industry leading professionals and experts
  • Hands-on, data-driven learning, and project-based learning courses and programs
  • Corporate training
  • Part-time and full-time enrollment; classroom and online
  • Small class sizes for a more direct and personalized learning environment
  • Flexible payment plan with monthly installments
  • Available scholarships
  • Exposure and networking opportunities


  • Courses are still quite expensive
  • Inquiring about tuition fees and course packages require signing up and/or speaking to a learning advisor
  • Employment is not guaranteed

BrainStation Courses

BrainStation did a phenomenal job of developing, implementing, and executing their digital learning system. I’m particularly impressed at how they’ve organized their focus on five critical disciplines that encompass the digital industry – data, design, marketing, product, and development.

Their clear approach and emphasis on their primary topics then branch into a diverse range of specialized certificates, or all-inclusive diploma programs, that are tailored to help you accelerate your career in areas you specifically seek.

BrainStation Courses Review
BrainStation Courses

What really stood out to me, however, is how BrainStation differentiates itself from its competitors. They achieved their global recognition for their ability to collaborate with world-class instructors who remain industry-leading professionals and experts.

BrainStation’s unique curriculum employs a hands-on approach with corporate training and project-based learning environments for the most practical application of the skills and knowledge you gain. On top of that, you’ve got reviews from both leading companies and students have been nothing but glowing praise.

The courses and programs are offered for both part-time and full-time enrollment to help students accommodate their regular work schedules and personal life. In addition, BrainStation also offers on-campus and online classrooms for even more flexibility. It’s safe to say that any course that fancies your interest can most likely be found to be offered part-time or full-time, and in-person or online.

BrainStation Review
BrainStation Courses

BrainStation also uses the Synapse platform that enables for a more personalized and custom learning environment. Group collaborations; attending live lectures; and receiving immediate feedback is easily accessible from anywhere on the globe. I find their available training resources to be abundant, in-depth, and convenient to really give the edge in staying up to date on the digital world.

While they offer many various courses and programs, in this BrainStation Review, I want to take a closer look at their Data Science and Digital Marketing courses and programs to get a strong understanding of just how in-depth their course packages are.

BrainStation Review
BrainStation Courses

While they offer many various courses and programs, in this BrainStation Review, I want to take a closer look at their Data Science and Digital Marketing courses and programs to get a strong understanding of just how in-depth their course packages are.

BrainStation Data Science

The first curriculum I want to walk through with you is the Data Science Diploma Program. Constantly updating their courses and adapting to modern challenges, the project-based learning experience is a full-time offering that covers a range of technical skills and knowledge that helps you achieve your goals in the data science field. It’s a great way to build your professional portfolio having tackled real-world problems within the industry. 

The bootcamp is 12-weeks long with an admissions challenge that is completed at your own pace. The admissions challenge is an introductory step to the program and equips you with major skills and principles of data science and analytics so you can get a taste of what to expect. It’s also a chance to work with data – specifically using SQL.

BrainStation Data Science Review
BrainStation Data Science

The actual program itself covers major principles including data fundamentals; machine learning techniques; professional development; analysis for data science; and big data fundamentals. Essentially, you would be using Python programming; working on a capstone project; model evaluations; recognizing how to sort, assess, and use data; and generally exploring multiple techniques to process information. The program covers a lot in 12 weeks, doesn’t it?

The program itself does require speaking with a learning advisor that takes you through the application process, including an interview and the admissions challenge. The full-time program is available exclusively on campus but can be subject to change. If you’re keen on part-time studies, then courses run online for more flexibility and better accommodation.

All in all, if data science is something you’re interested in, I’d highly recommend BrainStation’s immersive and comprehensive program. As an added incentive, BrainStation claims that the average salary for a Data Scientist and Advanced Analysts is approximately $95,000 making the investment potentially very well worth it.

BrainStation Digital Marketing

The second curriculum I wanted to explore is the Digital Marketing program. This one is available for part-time only but is open both on campus as well as online. The course dives deep into the realm of Digital Marketing Strategy; SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing); as well as measuring KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Basically, the curriculum covers the essential in the digital marketing field.

In the digital age, social media has come to play and important role in the online space for companies. Understanding, implementing, and executing engaging practices to market to consumers is important for any product, brand, or company. BrainStation recognizes the real-world problems and offers their course that makes use of their resources and current industry tools such as Google Ads to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and training to employ holistic strategies at their job.

BrainStation Digital Marketing Review
Brainstation Digital Marketing

The certificate program has you master the art of social media, email marketing, analytics, brand and search marketing through their online live lectures. You also have a chance to work with BrainStation’s very own data-driven learning platform – Synapse, that teaches, challenges, reviews, and provides feedback on your progress.

If you’re schedule looks jammed, but you want to pursue a higher education that is time-sensitive, then BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Certificate Program might just be right for you. It’s honestly so important to stay connected and up to date on the latest digital platforms and techniques and the courses in this program offer everything you could ask for to build your resume and portfolio.  

BrainStation Tuition

Tuition runs high. Personally, I’ve switched between majors, Universities, and have completed a graduate program and I’m still feeling the burden of tuition debts. With so many academic institutions claiming to provide the highest level of education, it’s important to consider the quality of education and the price of tuition fees.

Regardless of the school or program you plan on enrolling in, tuition can be very expensive, and resources can seem limited. Combine that with the growing emphasis in the digital industry and demand for technical skills, knowledge, and training are increasing; which then requires investing into accelerating your credentials.

BrainStation Tuition Review
Brainstation Tuition

The bad news is that BrainStation requires users to sign-up in order to gain full access to course details and prices. However, there is good news. For your convenience, I’ve comprised a sample list of courses and their tuition fees to help give you an idea of the price range you can expect to pay for their programs.


  • Design Thinking – $1,940
  • Python for Data Science – $1,940
  • Digital Marketing – $3,140
  • Search Engine Marketing – $3,140
  • Web Development – $3,140
  • User Interface Design – $3,140
  • Data Science Diploma – $13,450
  • Web Development Bootcamp – $13,450


  • Search Engine Optimization – $1,950
  • Python for Data Science – $2,240
  • Product Management – $3,540
  • Digital Marketing – $3,540
  • Web Development – $3,540
  • User Interface – $3,540
  • Web Development Diploma – $15,950
  • User Experience Design Diploma – $15,950


  • Web Accessibility Training – $950
  • Advanced Excel for Analysts Training – $1,500
  • Google Ads Training – $1,500
  • Cybersecurity Training – $1,950
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing Training – $1,950
  • Data Analytics – $2,500
  • Digital Marketing – $2,500

Overall, the list shown above are a few of the courses offered through BrainStation. As mentioned earlier in the BrainStation Review, course lengths can vary from days to weeks but are generally flexible to accommodate a students’ personal and professional life. With that said, tuition fees depend on a range of factors including part-time or full-time enrollment, as well as in-person or online learning.

BrainStation also offers the convenient option to pay the tuition fee over 12 monthly installments. The flexible plan is just another way that the company helps accommodate the needs of those seeking a higher education by adjusting to students’ time and financial budget. And yes, just like any other school, the company does also offer scholarship opportunities with full detail which can be found here.

BrainStation – Is It Worth It?

The digital economy is booming and the importance of gaining, or keeping up with, the necessary skills, knowledge, and training to succeed in the industry is critical. I mean, if you’re in the market for a career shift or looking to advance in the industry, just look at the ever-growing requirements for the position. Technical skills are demanded by employers and any kind of education that gives you the edge over the competition seems worth it to me.

Pursuing a higher education is an amazing decision but you should take factors into careful consideration such as cost, quality, and length of the courses or programs. That’s where BrainStation comes in to deliver all the benefits and features you would look for to accelerate your career.

But why is that? Well, although the price my seem step and the course, or program, length appears short, the overall quality of the education is nothing short of fantastic. No, you aren’t guaranteed a job after completion, but being led by professional experts and industry leaders from globally recognized companies seems sweet to me. In addition, you gain access to expanding your professional network which is a pretty good bonus.

If you’ve skipped the previous parts of the BrainStation Review, then make sure to check out the rest of the review, or even scroll down below and read up on reviews submitted by actual students across various forums and platforms.

BrainStation Toronto

BrainStation has a location based in the heart of downtown Toronto. While tuition prices run slightly higher than the Vancouver location, the Toronto-based chapter offers a full course listing that makes it an ideal campus with an array of programs to enroll in.

The Toronto-based location can be found at the following address:

460 King St. West
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1L7
[email protected]

BrainStation Vancouver

BrainStation also has a location based in the downtown district of Vancouver. One thing I noticed about the BrainStation location in Vancouver is that their tuition costs for their courses and programs were generally lower than the Toronto chapter. The quality of education remains the same, but it was interesting to see the price difference between the two campuses.

The Vancouver-based location can be found at the following address:

455 Granville St., Suite 400
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 1T1
[email protected]

BrainStation Reviews

I’ve conducted my own research on the company, diving deep into the programs and courses that the institution offers. While everything about the school’s services seemed amazing, I had to find out what other people, specifically students or alumnus, had to say.

The short version is that the reputation of BrainStation is nothing short of phenomenal. It’s simply become the rage and people from all walks of life find their teachings to be both practical in the real world, as well as comprehensive in their use of resources and application.

BrainStation Careers

Maybe you’re not looking to be a student. Maybe you’re looking for a career with BrainStation. Lucky for you, the website features job openings in a variety of positions that are available for applicants. From representatives, coordinators, and to instructors, BrainStation has an extensive list of job openings that are available. Check out the list here.

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