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About Codeverse

Codeverse Review

Codeverse teaches kids aged 6+ how to code. The friendly online platform leads your little one through missions and provides private weekly classes that coach them on how to make real games and apps.

Designed for young coders of all levels, this online platform has been featured in Vents Magazine, PR Newswire, The Chicago Tribune, The Journal, Forbes, and many other notable publications. The Codeverse Instagram page has garnered a steady 4k followers.

Ready to put your kid on the path to tech success? Stay tuned as this Codeverse review takes a close look at the brand, its coding programs, customer feedback, and more, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your family.

Overview of Codeverse

Codeverse Review

Technology changes rapidly. Understanding how to make computers work and how to build applications and games is a skill that would benefit most of us.

Unfortunately, this technology progresses rapidly that many parents just don’t have the knowledge to teach their little ones.

Craig Ulliott and Katy Lynch saw this problem and decided to do something about it. The husband and wife duo founded Codeverse in 2016.

In order to create an effective and easily understandable program for young children, the team set out to create their own coding language, Kidscript, a combination of popular coding languages that has been simplified.

Based out of Chicago, the brand is on a mission to inspire and empower every kid to become a creator. Before we fill you in on how its program works, this Codeverse review will give you a quick rundown of the brand’s pros and cons.


  • Offers three different coding packages to fit in with different schedules
  • Many different services offered, including one-on-one classes, 24/7 access to the platform, feedback after every class, a parent’s portal to track progress, and more
  • Uses Kidscript—an easy to understand, kid-friendly coding language
  • The learning program is customizable & can be personalized to your child’s preferences
  • Parents have access to the platform but aren’t needed for their child to complete a lesson
  • Children can share the apps and games they develop with friends and family
  • Available around the world via a download from the Codeverse App Store 
  • Offers a free trial

How Does Codeverse Work?

Codeverse Review

Before signing up for a membership, Codeverse lets kids try a free class. This opportunity gives the child and their parents the chance to see what the program is like and if it’s the right fit for their needs.

If their first class is a success and you would like to sign your child up for more, you can choose how many 50-minute classes they take a month. The more classes your kid attends, the faster they progress through the program. Your options are:

  • Supernova Lite: 2 classes per month
  • Supernova: 4 classes per month
  • Supernova Pro: 8 classes per month

You have the choice of signing up for one month of classes, but if you commit to a longer period of time, you’ll save money. A quarterly membership offers 10% off, while an annual membership offers 20% off.

Also, if you have more than one child that you want to enroll, Codeverse will give you 10% off of the additional membership.

In addition to the classes with a Codeverse Guide, your child’s membership also includes unlimited access to the online coding platform, as well as:

  • Personal notes for your child given by your Guide after a class
  • Access to the Parent Portal to track progress and make class rescheduling easy
  • An online platform with endless missions and games that help with coding

But don’t worry, the Codeverse Guides do the rest. You can sit back and watch your child take in the wonderful world of code while a professional helps them learn.

Codeverse teaches kids using KidScript™. This is a programming language specifically designed for children.

It combines languages from professional code like JavaScript, Java, Python, C++, and Ruby into one easy-to-digest form that kids can grasp and start using right away.

Codeverse Review

You know the language and what your kid will get out of Codeverse, but you may be wondering what they’ll actually be doing—how do they learn to code?

Codeverse teaches kids by taking them through “missions.” These missions are self-guided and lead your child through building games and apps.

They’ll learn about coding concepts like variables, loops, conditionals, and methods, but in an approachable and accessible way.

What makes Codeverse different from other kid’s coding platforms is its ability to allow kids create anything they can imagine and see their code come to life directly in the platform while they type.

They can tailor it to their preferences, making it personal and letting them see what creating their own apps in the real world could be like.

Children will progress through five different ranks as they master their coding skills. Rank 1 – Coding begins with the basics and each kid will learn to make a simple single-player game that they can share with you.

Meanwhile, those who reach Rank 5 – Commander will be able to build advanced apps and will have a deeper understanding of harder concepts.

In the next section of this Codeverse review, we’ll provide details on the brand’s three different course packages: Supernova Lite, Supernova, and Supernova Pro.

Codeverse Supernova Lite Review 

Codeverse Review

Whether they’re new to coding or already have a full schedule, Supernova Lite is a great place to start.

With this package, your child will have full access to self-led missions but will have two one-on-one classes with a Codeverse Guide. Each lesson works out to cost $54, so you’ll pay $109 per month.

The company provides different estimates for how long it will take your kid to progress through the program based on their age. Remember that every child learns at a different pace, but here is an overview of what Codeverse expects:

Reaching Rank 2 – Pilot will take:

  • Roughly 3-4 months for children aged 6-9
  • Roughly 2-3 months for preteens aged 10-14

Reaching Rank – Coding Commander will take:

  • Around 6-8 months for children aged 6-9
  • Around 5-6 months for preteens aged 10-14

Codeverse Supernova Review 

Codeverse Review

The Supernova subscription provides one class per week to help your child develop their coding skills, in addition to all of the other bells and whistles the brand offers.

If this package suits your child’s schedule, they’ll reach their milestones faster. Here’s what Codeverse suggests:

Reaching Rank 2 – Pilot will take:

  • Roughly 2-3 months for children aged 6-9
  • Roughly 1-2 months for preteens aged 10-14

Reaching Rank – Coding Commander will take:

  • Around 4-6 months for children aged 6-9
  • Around 3-5 months for preteens aged 10-14

With this subscription, each class costs $50—that’s a 10% saving. Your total will be $199 per month.

Codeverse Supernova Pro Review

Codeverse Review

For the kid who’s seriously into coding, Supernova Pro provides eight one-on-one classes per month or two per week.

This package provides quick results and is a great option for a casual summer learning course that will enhance your child’s knowledge by the end of their vacation.

They’ll be able to return to school and show off the games and apps they built to all of their friends!

Codeverse’s recommendation for achievements approximates:

Reaching Rank 2 – Pilot will take:

  • Roughly 1-2 months for children aged 6-9
  • Roughly 1 month for preteens aged 10-14

Reaching Rank – Coding Commander will take:

  • Around 3-5 months for children aged 6-9
  • Around 2-4 months for preteens aged 10-14

This package saves you almost 20% on your subscription, at $43 per class. Your monthly total will be $349.

How Much is Codeverse?

Codeverse Review

The coding program offers three different packages to choose from that were outlined in the previous section of this Codeverse review. 

Below, you’ll find the monthly Codeverse pricing for each of those packages:

  • Supernova Lite $109
  • Supernova $199
  • Supernova Pro $349

Codeverse Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Codeverse Review

Though the brand’s programs sound promising, this Codeverse review turned to online testimonials to learn about children’s real experiences with the subscriptions and in-person camps and studios. Spoiler alert: the company has received some very positive feedback!

On Trustpilot, the kid’s coding platform has a 4.7/5 star average from 89 ratings. Impressively, 85% of those ratings are Excellent (5-star) and only 3% are Average, Poor, or Bad (3, 2, or 1-star).

For a majority of customers, Codeverse is an exciting and effective coding platform that kids actually want to use. Parents report that the instructors are helpful. One reviewer noted that even their 5-year-old had an easy time using the program:

The platform is easy to navigate, easy to use for our 5 yr old and her instructor is so patient with her. He really takes his time helping her understand what she’s doing and why she’s doing that exact step. This trait is very important when teaching kids.

Meanwhile, another young learner looks forward to his class every week:

The Guides are really great and engaging and he always gets off and says ‘Mom, Rate that one EXCELLENT’ I have found that it also has helped him with his planning of things that we have to do throughout the day because he is thinking in steps of what to do first, then what to do next, etc.”

Codeverse Review

Negative Codeverse reviews were present, albeit rare. One Trustpilot review revealed that  “Codeverse failed to show up (online) for the agreed-upon time.” It continues to note that the company would not refund the customer’s money, though they did end up doing so later.

Additionally, another parent found that their kid “enjoyed the first month of classes but after that he got bored and he said he wanted to learn real code, not kid’s script. Though Codeverse says it is for advanced coders, it appears there is a cap on the level that kids can learn up to.

In terms of these negatives, such comments were extremely rare. In terms of the first con, there were so few complaints about the company’s customer service team that we think these were anomalies.

In terms of the second, we think it’s understandable that kids will become too proficient in coding to continue learning with the program. It is, after all, a children’s course.

Perhaps after they complete Codeverse, they can move on to something tailored to teens or adults.

All in all, testimonials on the brand are extremely positive. Codeverse is an enthralling learning platform with very positive and patient instructors.

Is Codeverse Worth It?

Codeverse Review

Codeverse is a unique online learning platform that gives kids full control of the apps and games they create.

With the option to participate in one-on-one classes led by an instructor, as well as receive feedback, we find this program to be highly beneficial and worth the buy.

What really helped us make our decision were the reports of friendly and patient Codeverse Guides who take the time to explain concepts to kids in great detail.

Great teachers are crucial to a beneficial learning experience, and we’re so happy to see this program has that.

Additionally, we love that the Codeverse code a kid program caters to multiple different learning styles.

Not only will your child be able to attend classes and receive notes and feedback, but they can also access their work and other missions at any time to further deepen their learning.

Coding is an important skill, and, just like languages, it is one that is easier to learn when started at a young age. We think Codeverse will help your child get there.

Codeverse Promotions & Discounts 

Codeverse Review

We also have an exclusive code for our readers. Use code HBR-25 to get 25% off your first month!. Codeverse also offers quite a few ways for parents to save money on its services:

  • Codeverse offers a free online class for new users. This enables them to try out the platform before they commit to an entire month
  • The service also gives discounts of up to 20% when you subscribe quarterly or annually
  • If you have more than one kid, you’ll save 10% on subsequent memberships

Sign up for Codeverse

Codeverse Review 1

To sign up, first head to, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘Book a Free Class’ in the top right-hand corner of the webpage
  2. Enter your name, email address, and phone number
  3. Let them know who will be coding (your child)
  4. Set a password

Once your kid completes the free online class and you both decide that Codeverse is the right choice, you can pick which subscription option will work best for your schedule and needs.

You already have an account and password, so all you need to do is pay for the subscription and get access to the Codeverse portal


Codeverse Review

How much does Codeverse cost? 

Codeverse online classes range from $110-$350 per month. The cost depends on how many classes you would like your child to attend.

How do I cancel Codeverse?

To cancel your Codeverse learn code for kids membership, all you need to do is email [email protected] and let them know.

How do I cancel my Codeverse subscription?

Canceling your Codeverse subscription is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create an email to [email protected]
  2. In the subject of the email write “Cancellation Request”
  3. In the body of the email, let the customer support team know that you’d like to cancel your subscription, along with your reason

What is Codeverse’s Shipping Policy?

Codeverse is taught completely online. There is no shipping involved. Once you pick a package, you and your child will have access to the platform. All you need is a computer with internet access.

What is Codeverse’s Return Policy?

Codeverse has a two-week satisfaction guarantee that allows users to try out the platform. If they’re not satisfied at the end of that period, they can get a full refund.

If you’d like to request a refund, send the customer support team an email with the subject “Refund Request,” and let them know why you’d like one.

If you signed up for a subscription and are committed to it long-term (i.e. quarterly or annually), but decide that you would like to cancel after the first two weeks, Codeverse will refund you the amount for the months that you do not wish to use.

How to Contact Codeverse

We hope that you found all of the information that you needed in this Codeverse review. If you have any questions for the company, you can reach its customer service team through:

There are many ways to learn. Here are a few other options to consider when you are looking for your next learning experience:

Code Monkey




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