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Bitsbox Review

About Bitsbox

Bitsbox Review

Bitsbox is a brand that sells a subscription service where children learn how to code in a fun and enjoyable way.

It encourages them to learn and understand technology at a young age. Children can choose to play with Bitsbox either at school or at home in their own time.  

The brand has been featured on Shark Tank, the Today Show, CBS, ABC, and NBC.  As well as in media sources such as the Washington Post, Bustle and TechRepublic.  Bitsbox also won an award from How to Homeschool as the Best Homeschooling Curriculum for 2019. 

Bitsbox partnered with the creators of Hour of Code, which is an event that takes place once a year to introduce children to computer science.

The Bitsbox + Hour of Code collaboration led to the creation of Bitsbox games that were both enjoyable and mentally stimulating for children.  

This Bitsbox review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their subscription service is worth introducing to your young ones.

Overview of Bitsbox

Bitsbox Review

Bitsbox was founded in 2014 in Boulder, Colorado by Scott Liniger and Aidan Chopra.

The founders had both previously worked at megacorporations such as Google and SketchUP.

Capitalizing on his experience in the software engineering field, Liniger created a prototype of Bitsbox in 2014 for his child. Soon after, he and Chopra left their jobs to invest in the Bitsbox idea.  

They had one mission, “We believe two things: that every kid has the right to learn, and that it’s our job to make stuff that works for every kind of kid.”

Bitsbox Review

They then went on to Shark Tank Bitsbox where they did not get a deal. Luckily, their appearance on the show attracted quite a buzz and managed to gain investors and blossom into a great success.

Before we get further into this Bitsbox review, we will take an initial look at the highlights their products. 


  • Provides a fun platform for children to learn coding
  • Many courses to choose from 
  • The Bitsbox coding language is Javascript, a real coding language to help children learn real-life coding in advance 
  • Children and parents have the option to work on Bitsbox together 
  • Easy to order online or via mail 
  • Ships to over 70 countries 

How Does Bitsbox Work?

Bitsbox Review

To subscribe to bitbox go through the following steps:

  1. Visit:
  2. Go to the Bitsbox com HTML
  3. Click the Sign Me Up button on their website
  4. Choose your Bitsbox Coding Box Subscription
  5. Click Subscribe to place your order! 

Bitsbox offers 3 subscription services: Basic, Deluxe, and Digital. These can be paid for monthly or in larger packages over multiple months. Subscriptions are offered as: 

  • Monthly
  • Every 3-months
  • Every 6-months 
  • Every 12-months

You can cancel or pause these options at any time. They also include free shipping within the U.S. Finally, customers can buy products as a one-time purchase, or use the website for free

Basic Bitsbox 

Bitsbox Review

The Basic Bitsbox is the perfect subscription plan for kids who love creating and making. Starting at $25/month, this is a very easy way to introduce your child to coding. The Basic Bitsbox is ideal for children from the ages of 6-12 and includes: 

  • Bitsbox Binder
  • 10-12 Coding Supercards
  • Grownup Guide
  • Stickers and Charts
  • Website Access 

The binder has a custom Apper Keeper that can hold 6 months’ worth of your children’s projects. The Coding Supercards arrive every month with a new set to learn from.

The stickers and charts also provide a fun way to track their progress and add a little personalization. 

If your child gets stuck, you can also refer to The Grownup Guide, a Bitsbox for adults guide that explains how to use everything.

You will receive a box every month with projects that can be created with a new theme, new types of applications, and new lessons that your child will be learning about the world of coding. It keeps them on their toes, as the projects get harder every month!

Deluxe Bitsbox 

Bitsbox Review

The Deluxe Bitsbox includes everything from the Basic Bitsbox plus more, and it starts at just $38/month. This box includes the following items: 

  • Bitsbox binder
  • 10-12 Coding Supercards
  • Grownup Guide 
  • Stickers and Charts 
  • Extra Sticker Sheets
  • Trading Cards
  • Temporary Tattoos 
  • Mystery Toys 
  • Access to the website 

This box is great for children who prefer gifts that they can grow with over time. Every month there is a new theme and app products that will get harder as the months go on.

This box also includes 5 extra projects every month and a Bitsbox Apper Keeper that holds 6 months’ worth of projects.

The box’s trading cards have a set of 5 fun short apps to build, fun non-toxic temporary tattoos, and a monthly mystery toy that relates to the box’s theme.

This box has everything you will need and more to inspire your child to learn coding for years. 

Digital Bitsbox 

Bitsbox Review

The Digital Bitsbox is a great option for non-US customers. This means you won’t have to pay for extra shipping.

This is a no-waste, eco-friendly option where you can work online or print out some of the work. This box starts at just $17/month and arrives as a monthly PDF via email.  

This box includes: 

  • 10-12 printable Coding Supercards
  • A printable Grownup Guide
  • Access to a simple website  

The app creation projects in this box are provided with a new theme every month and it’s completely mess-free. You can walk around the house freely without worrying about stepping on anything! 

You will receive the same app projects as the other Bitsbox subscriptions, along with a PDF of app projects every month instead of the physical materials.

The Digital Bitsbox is a great option for everyone who wants to learn coding without being harmful to the environment. 

How Much is Bitsbox?

Bitsbox Review

This Bitsbox review found that you can use the Bitsbox website for free. But each subscription service is priced differently. You can rest easy knowing regardless of what you choose, you can enjoy free shipping

The Basic Bitsbox subscription costs are:

  • $30/month
  • $29/month for 3 months with a total of $86.85 (billed every 3 months)
  • $28/month for 6 months with a total of $167.70 (billed every 6 months)
  • $25/month for 12 months with a total of $299.40 (billed every 12 months) 

The Deluxe Bitsbox subscription costs are:

  • $45/month 
  • $43/month for 3 months with a total of $128.85 (billed every 3 months) 
  • $42/month for 6 months with a total of $251.70 (billed every 6 months)
  • $38/month for 12 months with a total of $455.40 (billed every 12 months) 

The Digital Bitsbox subscription cost are:

  • $20/month 
  • $20/month for 3 months with a total of $56.85 (billed every 3 months)
  • $18/month for 6 months with a total of $107.70 (billed every 6 months)
  • $17/month for 12 months with a total of $203.40 (billed every 12 months) 

Bitsbox Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bitsbox Review

Customers are loving Bitsbox. This Bitsbox review looked at both Amazon and the brand’s official website to see what customers are saying.  

First, let’s look at Bitsbox reviews on Amazon. There are 607 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars. This is a high rating from a large number of customers, which is a positive sign that the product is well-loved. The positive reviews said it is a “Clever way to learn to program.”  

Customers enjoyed that their children are learning real-world programming using a programming language that can be used well into adulthood.

Plus, children are enjoying using it. Some parents even claimed their children enjoyed Bitsbox more than their other games. 

One happy parent wrote “No other coding platform approaches coding like learning a new language. Bitsbox is the best out there – teach your kids to LOVE to code!” 

A teacher who used Bitsbox in her classroom left a comment stating that “My students love Bitsbox, as a technology teacher I do not assign homework, but I have a group of students begging me to take home extra Bitsbox coding.” 

Kids are even commenting on how much they enjoy the coding they are learning and even state, “Bitsbox is so fun, the games were exceptionally amazing! I could make the games my own and I could make the game change to my liking.”

Kids and parents can also work on Bitsbox together, making it a fun bonding experience. It teaches children how to slow down and focus so that they can truly understand what they are doing:

It was simple enough for an advanced 6-year-old girl to immediately learn how to type in the code, but how to change the code to make fun shapes appear—and even controlling the coordinates on the screen so the shapes appear where you want them. Fun.

Some negative Amazon reviews highlighted the fact that there are other free ways for children to learn programming. Some reviewers also claimed that the instructions were confusing and not instructive enough.

“This doesn’t teach much. Just let’s write some commands and do activities but don’t give any basic information to kids.” Other Amazon reviewers also commented that it was a pricey product

Next, this Bitsbox review looked at the reviews on their website to see what customers were saying. The Bitsbox website has a series of reviews from parents, teachers, and kids. But, there were no negative reviews found on this site

Is Bitsbox Worth It?

Bitsbox Review

Based on the background of the company, the products, and the reviewers that have provided feedback, this Bitsbox review believes that Bitsbox is worth it

To summarize, Bitsbox encourages children to think creatively and develops their problem-solving skills.

The best part of Bitsbox is that it uses a coding language that is usable in the real world, environmentally friendly, and possibly instrumental to your childrens’ future career

Bitsbox is also easy to order digitally. Your children can think of coding as a game, so you may never have to force your child to learn.

Although the system is not free, it is worth the price to prepare your child in advance for the digital world ahead.

Bitsbox Promotions & Discounts 

Bitsbox Review

Bitsbox is not currently offering any promotions or discounts on their subscriptions. There is also no Bitsbox coupon code available on their site. 

Don’t give up on them just yet. If you purchase one of their monthly subscriptions for a prolonged period, you will be getting a discounted price. Sign up on their website to receive these exclusive deals

Sign up for Bitsbox

Bitsbox Review

This Bitsbox review found that in order sign up, you must go through the following steps to sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Find Store and select Subscriptions
  3. Select 1 of the 3 plans
  4. Go to Bitsbox/ start
  5. Once you receive your subscription box, go to Bitsbox sign-in and get started 


Bitsbox Review

What is Bitsbox?

Bitsbox is a learning system that teaches children computer science and coding. It is offered through different subscription options.  

What happened to Bitsbox after Shark Tank?

Bitsbox did not end up leaving with a deal at Shark Tank, but the sharks projected the Bitsbox valuation at 4 million dollars.

The owners Scott Liniger and Aidan Chopra began to experience real success after their time on the show. 

They received the money they had hoped to get from the “sharks” from other investors instead.

A month after their episode had aired, their business had tripled, and they became a top-tier coding company that helps children learn. Bitsbox net worth of 2020 is now over $1 million

What coding language does Bitsbox use?

Bitsbox teaches children coding using the coding language JavaScript. This will teach them real text-based coding.

How do I cancel my Bitsbox subscription?

If you would like to cancel your Bitsbox subscription, go through the following steps:

If you ordered directly from Bitsbox:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the Cancel button 
  3. Answer the survey questions
  4. The cancellation process will begin (this can take up to 48 hours)

If you ordered through Amazon:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Hover over Accounts and Lists
  3. Click on Memberships and Subscriptions
  4. Click Manage Subscription when you find Bitsbox in this list 
  5. Click end subscription 

All boxes that have been paid for will be shipped. If you have any further questions about canceling your subscription after reading this Bitsbox review, contact the brand’s support team at [email protected] 

What is Bitsbox’s Shipping Policy?

This Bitsbox review found that Bitsbox ships to over 70 countries.

Note that countries outside of the US will have to pay additional shipping charges at checkout. This could be $5-$18 per month depending on the subscription level. 

Here are the shipping policies for each subscription (other than the Digital which arrives via email): 

  1. The Basic Bitsbox ships to Canada for $5/month and $8/month to all other countries (International customers may have to pay import and duties) 
  2. The Deluxe Bitsbox ships to Canada for $10/month and $18/month to all other countries (International customers may have to pay import and duties). Order digitally for free shipping

What is Bitsbox’s Return Policy?

You cannot return your Bitsbox if it has already been shipped, and you won’t receive refunds for any unshipped Bitsboxes during your subscription. You can, however, cancel your subscription renewals at any time

How to Contact Bitsbox

If you have any further questions after reading this Bitsbox review you may speak to their team via:

  • The Live Chat on the brand’s official website
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (720) 476-4030 from 9 AM to 5 PM

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