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Little Spoon Baby Food Review

About Little Spoon

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

Little Spoon creates fresh, healthy meals for kids that are delivered to your door every 2 weeks. The meals contain 100% clean ingredients with vitamins, minerals, and zero preservatives. 

The brand has been featured in Vogue, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Well + Good. Little Spoon also has a following of 128K on its Instagram account. 

This Little Spoon baby food review will check out the brand, subscription options, customer reviews, ingredients, and more, to help you decide if its products are the right choice for your little one. 

Overview of Little Spoon

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

Little Spoon was founded in 2016 by Angela, Ben, Lisa, and Michelle with the mission to “make parents’ lives easier.” They introduced their first product, Babyblends to the market after becoming frustrated with the lack of fresh baby food options available.

Soon after, they launched Plates as a healthy alternative for kids up to the age of 10 so parents could avoid the other go-to harmful microwavable meals offered. 

Little Spoon meals average around $5 each with plenty of nutrition included. The brand has cooked and cold-pressed over 6 million meals and created a parenting platform called Is This Normal for parents to connect and discuss the highs and lows of parenthood. 

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

This Little Spoon baby food review will now provide a run-down of the brand’s shining qualities and the areas they fall short on. 


  • 100% clean meals that are free of preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones
  • Balanced nutrition with hidden superfoods and veggies
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Fresh food unlike baby food bought in-store 
  • Babyblends are cold-pressed to retain vitamins and minerals
  • Ready to heat and eat
  • The packaging is reusable and recyclable
  • A rotating menu of 100+ items 
  • Good options suitable for vegetarians, picky eaters, and those with allergies
  • Babyblends help transition your baby to solid foods easily 
  • Range of plans from one meal a day to three
  • Add on boosters to supplement your kids’ diet with extra fiber or vitamins if needed
  • Low shipping costs ranging between $5-$6


  • Food arrives in plastic containers instead of jars
  • Customer complaint of the food not tasting good
  • Does not offer international shipping options
  • No return policy available 

How Does Little Spoon Work?

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

Little Spoon operates as a subscription service delivering fresh baby food to your door.

You’ll have the option of the Baby Blends and/or Plates plan depending upon the age or type of food your child is eating. For example, the brand offers finger foods and puréed options like the Little Spoon Poopie Power for a baby’s sensitive tummy.  

The plans are typically structured like so:

  • Babyblends: 1, 2, or 3 meals per day
  • Plates: 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week

Each delivery includes two weeks of fresh food in your specified quantity. You can add Little Spoon baby boosters like the Sniffle Shield to your order as well. 

Little Spoon fresh baby food is not available for a single purchase. But if you would like to try the Little Spoon baby food delivery service one-time-only, sign up and cancel the subscription after the first order. You can pause or skip an order at any time. 

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

Little Spoon’s 3-step process requires information about you, your child, and the desired plan. Next in this Little Spoon baby food review, you’ll find details on the questions asked in their subscription process: 

  1. Enter your name, if you are a parent, expecting, both, or a caregiver
  2. Select whether you have one baby, twins, or triplets, and enter their names
  3. Enter your zip code to ensure Little Spoon delivers to your area
  4. Choose your child’s gender and enter birthdate, and the type of diet you currently feed your child 
  5. Enter if your child is a picky eater and any allergies
  6. Choose a plan
  7. Enter billing and shipping information
  8. Start plan and choose meals 

Little Spoon’s subscription makes it easy to incorporate the nutrition your kids need into their diet.

Their meals are made with simple ingredients and are packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins. With rotating menus featuring seasonal meals, Little Spoon caters to those who suffer from allergies, as well as picky eaters and vegetarians.

This Little Spoon baby food review will now break down their two subscription plans: Baby Food and Kid’s Meals

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

Little Spoon Baby Food Review
Little Spoon Baby Food

Babyblends helps your little one transition to solid foods easily. Choose from a rotating menu of over 100 flavors including seasonal favorites like Gingerbread Cookie.

Little Spoon organic toddler food is made weekly using cold-pressure to keep Babyblends fresh for 14 days and you can choose from 1,2, or 3 meals per day. 

For those that don’t know, cold-pressing keeps vitamins and nutrients intact while preserving quality in taste, color, and texture. There are no preservatives or fillers in their blends, either.

After all, the Little Spoon baby food company believes that “exposure to fresh, nutritious food can set your kid up for a lifetime of health, and help minimize susceptibility to obesity, and other diseases.”

Little Spoon small spoon Babyblends can alco include naturally sweet treats like Cran-Apple Pie which is a mixture of apples, cranberries, quinoa, and cinnamon, or the savory Kale White Bean Pear Basil Quinoa Avocado Oil. Yes, all that in one simple serving!

Little Spoon Kid’s Meals Review

Little Spoon Baby Food Review
Little Spoon Kids Meals

Plates is a great option for those who are just starting to eat finger foods and are for children up to age 10. The meals stay fresh for up to 14 days in your fridge or 2 months in the freezer.

As specified above, parents have the option to choose from either 4, 6, 12, or 24 meals per week. Little Spoon toddler meals are only offered in savory options for lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, there are no breakfast items at this time. 

You can feel good knowing that the company uses antibiotic-free chicken and the top-selling Chicken Super Nuggets meal contains 13g of protein and 5g of fiber.

Some Little Spoon menu items in the Plates plan could include Mac and Three Cheese, Spinach and Cheese Ravioli, or the Turkey Taco Bowl.

Another great option for vegetarian families is the Little Spoon organic toddler meal, Gluten-Free Cauliflower Gnocci with Veggie Marinara Sauce. Amazing!

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

What’s great about Little Spoon is that the meals arrive fresh and stay fresh in your fridge.

The plates are also completely reusable and recyclable and the brand hopes to launch its Plate Return Service soon.  

As one happy reviewer states, “We absolutely loved the plates! … The plates taste great, they were super easy to heat up, and I love they can go into the freezer as well. They truly bring the same quality with them I have come to expect from Little Spoon.”

How Much is Little Spoon?

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

Little Spoon prices vary depending on plan and meal type. This Little Spoon baby food review will now break down the pricing for its different subscription plans:


  • 1 meal/day = 14 meals delivered – $3.50 per blend or $25 / week
  • 2 meals/day = 28 meals delivered – $3.20 per blend or $45 / week (from $49)
  • 3 meals/day = 42 meals delivered – $2.75 per blend or $58 / week (from $74)


  • 4 meals/week = 8 meals delivered – $6.50 per meal or $26
  • 6 meals/week = 12 meals delivered – $6 per meal or $36 (from $39)
  • 9 meals/week = 18 meals delivered – $5.50 per meal or $50 (from $59
  • 12 meals/week = 24 meals delivered – $5 per meal or $60 / week (from $78)

Little Spoon Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

Unfortunately, Little Spoon does not have a profile on any customer review websites, nor do they have customer ratings on their official website.

Below, you’ll find reviews from Top 10 Delivery Services, Reddit, and Healthline, that discuss Little Spoon’s convenience, nutrition, taste, packaging, price, and customer service. 

On Top 10 Delivery Services, Little Spoon has 3.5/5 stars from 30 customer ratings. Customers who rate the brand 5/5 stars talk about how the service is time-saving and there is great nutrition provided for their babies. One review reads:

I order 3 blends per day which gives me time to spend more time outside and leave my husband with the baby while I go to yoga or with friends.” Another says, “[My] 6 months old baby [enjoys] eating broccoli and kale and peas…But I couldn’t be more thankful that he’s eating healthy.”

Little Spoon reviews on Reddit also love the vast options that the brand has, “We’re quite pleased, good variety of fruits and vegetables sent to us”. They also note that the brand “looks great and their staff is amazing and knowledgeable as well.”

But, Little Spoon has its share of criticism. A Little Spoon organic baby food review thread on Reddit questioned the need for their service:

It is not at all hard to find organic purees without a bunch of added crap in them, but the website makes it sounds like unless you go through them, baby food is either laboriously made at home…or is pure poison full of additives.”

A 1-star Little Spoon baby food review on Top 10 Delivery Services says they don’t like the packaging and that their kids don’t enjoy the meal options:

[My] daughter has…tried 3 plates and hated every one of them…My husband and I tried it and we both thought it was disgusting as well,” and “Baby food should be kept in glass or porcelain jars.” 

Lastly, the brand does not have customer ratings on its website or Facebook page. So, this Little Spoon baby food review will include a summarized pro and cons list from Healthline to provide an encompassing view of the brand.

The article states, “Little Spoon is significantly more expensive than store-bought baby food or toddler meals, but the quality may make it worth the price for you. Additionally, you’ll need to purchase or prepare puréed meats separately if you want to give them to your baby.”

Is Little Spoon Worth It?

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

Since customer reviews are scarce, this Little Spoon baby food review will consider the reviews but will note that the small amount of feedback may not give a true reflection of the brand.

From what this Little Spoon baby food review did come across is that there seems to be only one reported issue with the quality, taste, and service of the brand.

Though one review spoke of a child not enjoying the meals, this does happen on occasion with meals when it comes to a child. Unfortunately, meals are non-refundable but it’s an issue that can be worked around by contacting customer service.

If you’re skeptical, order the minimum amount of meals and cancel your subscription after your first order. But based on positive customer reviews, this Little Spoon baby food review does not believe you will be disappointed in its service.

There are many great features about this brand and although some believe the price is high at an average of less than $60/week (approx. $8.50 for 2-3 meals per day), this Little Spoon baby Food review believes they are worth the buy.

Even subscribing to the Little Spoon babylittle products at four meals per week takes alleviates the pressure to cook and you can pause or cancel any time

Little Spoon Promotions & Discounts 

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

There are currently no promotions available on the Little Spoon website but the brand does offer discounts for their members that they send via email after you sign up. 

Sign up for Little Spoon

Little Spoon Baby Food Review

To sign up for Little Spoon, head to and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Sign Up in the top right-hand corner of the webpage
  2. Choose Baby Food or Kid’s Meals
  3. Enter details about you and your child
  4. Decide on a plan best suited for you and your child
  5. Enter billing and shipping information 
  6. Pick your menu


Little Spoon Baby Food Review

Is Little Spoon FDA approved? 

Little Spoon adheres to FDA-established guidelines for all of its products. 

What age is Little Spoon for? 

Little Spoon’s Babyblends are suitable for babies four to seven months old until they are ready to transition to finger foods. Plates are great for toddlers to children 10 years old.

Is Little Spoon baby food safe?

Little Spoon takes safety seriously. Their Babyblends are cold-pressed to kill any harmful bacteria. This ensures all of their offered meals are safe while protecting the included important vitamins and minerals. 

Do you heat Little Spoon baby food? 

Heating any of the meals offered by Little Spoon is a great option. Their Babyblends can be warmed in the microwave or a pot on the stove. Their Plates can be microwaved as well. 

Can you freeze Little Spoon baby? 

Little Spoon does not recommend freezing your Babyblends but some customers did mention that they have frozen their products. The meals last for approximately three months in the freezer. 

Is Little Spoon expensive? 

Little Spoon’s subscription prices vary anywhere from $25/week to $60/week at an average of $5 per meal. Their prices are reasonable but it is more expensive compared to regular store-bought jars of baby food.

How do I cancel my Little Spoon subscription?

To cancel your Little Spoon subscription, send an email to [email protected] and a team member will assist you. 

What is Little Spoon’s Shipping Policy?

Little Spoon offers to ship within the 48 contiguous states only. They have a $5 flat rate for Babyblends shipments and $6 for Plates shipments.

Your order will ship out the following week as long as it is placed before Saturday at 6:00 pm ET. All future orders will be sent out every two weeks unless you change your schedule. 

What is Little Spoon’s Return Policy?

Little Spoon does not have a return policy due to the nature of its products. 

How to Contact Little Spoon

If you require any other information that this Little Spoon baby food review did not provide, you can get in contact with the brand using the following methods:

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