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KiwiCo Crate Review

About KiwiCo Crate

KiwiCo Review

KiwiCo Crate develops creative, hands-on projects to inspire children to think while they play, not just consume. Each KiwiCo crate is specially designed for encouraging kids to invent, explore, and learn. The brand offers single products like crafts, as well as subscription boxes.

KiwiCo has won numerous awards including the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award, and the Academic’s Choice Brain Toy Award. They’ve been featured in notable media outlets like Elle, Goop, and InStyle as well.

This KiwiCo Crate review will take a careful look into the brand, what customers and kids think about their projects, as well as provide a rundown of how their subscription service works to help you decide if you’d like to try them out. 

Overview of KiwiCo

KiwiCo Review

Sandra Oh Lin, founder and CEO of KiwiCo (and mom of 3), created the brand with the mission to “inspire the next generation of innovators”. By instilling creative confidence in kids, KiwiCo also “celebrates kids’ natural creativity and curiosity” and aims to bring families together. KiwiCo’s headquarters are in Los Altos, California. 

To date, KiwiCo has sent out 20 million crates shipped to 40 countries around the world. Plus, they have over 1500 projects designed, and their professional team has put in 1000+ hours into developing their toys.

The company relies on a team of toymakers, engineers, educators, and even rocket scientists to create their products. This proves that the company is trustworthy, professional, and most importantly, dedicated to its customer satisfaction. 

At Kiwico, the only aim is to empower “kids with creative confidence” since every youth’s individual development is different. Kiwico believes that kids “don’t assume one “right way” to build with blocks, paint a picture, or solve a problem. Their unique way is the right way!” 

KiwiCo Review

Before this KiwiCo review gets going, here’s a sum-up of what we discovered about the brand:


  • Toys and crates are developed with the help of toymakers, engineers, educators, and other professionals
  • Variety of subscription plans available
  • Ability to filter products to meet the needs of your child’s age
  • Customers have the ability to cancel their subscription at any time
  • Less expensive compared to its competitors
  • Free shipping for subscriptions within the US
  • Ships internationally
  • Full refund option


  • Some customers complain of poor product quality, shipping, and customer service

How Does KiwiCo Crate Work?

KiwiCo Review

KiwiCo works as a subscription box service that ships activity boxes monthly or bimonthly to your door. You can choose to have monthly or term subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions renew automatically, whereas term subscriptions do not. 

Options for subscriptions are 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, or 12 Months. You cannot cancel your subscription before your last billing period. For example, if you chose the 6 Month Plan, and received 4 and would like to cancel, you will not be able to until after the 6 months is complete. 

If you’d like to purchase their activities singularly without a subscription, you have the ability to do so through their online store. For subscribers, KiwiCo offers 8 crates, each associated with a different developmental period in a child’s life.

  • Koala, Kiwi, Atlas, Tinker, and Doodle: $20/month
  • Maker and Eureka: $30/month
  • Panda: $40, shipped out every 2 months 

Prices decrease if you choose longer subscription plans. This KiwiCo review will now highlight the available crates to choose from. 

Panda Crate (0-24 Months)

The Panda Crate is developed for infants and KiwiCo toddlers, and is sent to your door every two months. In each kit, you’ll find activities suited to their age, as their tiny brains develop during this important time. The crates are designed to help your baby learn by playing, exploring, and interacting with their loved ones. 

To sign up for this crate, enter your child’s birth date or due date and KiwiCo will send you your crate every other month. There are stage-specific activities inside each crate:

  • 0-2 months: Bond with me
  • 3-6 months: Sense with me
  • 7-12 months: Explore with me
  • 13-18 months: Count with me
  • 19-24 months: Discover with me

The crates are backed by researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital and each one contains a magazine and activity cards for parents with detailed information on the activities and tips on how to promote healthy childhood development. 

The Panda Crate is $40 for a 1-Month Auto-Renew Subscription, or $45 for a 1-Month Term Subscription

Koala Crate (Ages 2-4)

Koala Crate provides STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) by introducing kids to new materials, tools, and concepts for hands-on learning. Every kit comes with a convenient Parent Guide. You’ll also receive a magazine and online DIYs to try at home in between crate deliveries.

Each crate includes materials and inspiration for themed projects. Projects could be related to categories like music or cityscapes. Some of the activities that you’ll receive could be science or art based, crafts, and imaginative play.

Topics in the Koala Crate include Numbers & Early Math, Sensory Art, Stacking & Building, Pretend Play, Nature & Animals, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, and more. Koala Crate is $20 for a 1-Month Auto-Renew Subscription or $25 for a 1-Month Term Subscription.

Kiwi Crate (Ages 5-8)

When you sign up for Kiwi Crate, you have the ability to pick a line that your child would be interested in learning about. The crate is delivered monthly and comes with everything you need to explore and create STEAM projects including an Inspiration Booklet. You will also receive a magazine as well as online DIYs to try in between projects. 

These crates include science activities, arts and crafts, imaginative play, and more. Themes for this crate include science of color, lemonade stand, and treasure hunt.

Some sample topics are Science Experiments, Muscles & Organs, Mechanics & Building, Art Techniques, Motion & Force, Magnetism, and more. Kiwi Crate is $20 for a 1-Month Auto-Renew Subscription or $25 for a 1-Month Term Subscription.

Atlas Crate (Ages 6-11)

The Atlas Crate is all about adventure and curiosity, helping your child to appreciate other world cultures by connecting them to other communities outside of their own.

Pick a line your child would enjoy and the Atlas Crate is delivered monthly. It includes STEAM projects, Inspiration booklets, Atlas Cards (DIY activities for geography, customs, history, and food), and an Atlas adventure book with activities. 

The crates are delivered in a progressive system. The first crate explores the world at a high-level by introducing basic navigational skills via a DIY globe. The other crates help discover a country’s geography, history, and traditions. Lessons are delivered through projects, DIY activities, recipes, and more. 

The Atlas Crate is $20 for a 1-Month Auto-Renew Subscription or $25 for a 1-Month Term Subscription.

Doodle Crate (Ages 14+)

Doodle Crate is for teenagers and adults to learn how to use different crafting tools, techniques, and materials. Getting crafty also teaches other important lessons like patience and persistence – ones that we could all use some brushing up on!

You can pick whichever line suits you or your child best, and the crate is delivered monthly. These also make great KiwiCo gifts. In your kit, you will find Art and Design Techniques, an Inspiration booklet, creative DIYs, and video tutorials with tips.

These kits include activities like Solar Imagine, Embroidery, Woodworking, Soap Making, Block Printing, Sculpture, Resist Painting, Needle Felting, Fabric Dyeing, and Candle Molding. Doodle Crate is $20 for a 1-Month Auto-Renew Subscription or $25 for a 1-Month Term Subscription.

Tinker Crate (Ages 9-16+)

Tinker Crate is perfect for the aspiring creator. Tinker projects use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to inspire the “next generation of innovators – from scientists, engineers, and leaders alike”. STEM inspires creative problem solving, critical thinking, and innovation

This kit includes projects, a detailed blueprint, the Tinker Zine, and links to video tutorials. Projects focus on mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering as well as chemistry, biophysics, astrophysics, and more. This kit also includes activities like making a Trebuchet, Paper circuits, or a Walking Robot. 

Tinker Crate is $20 for a 1-Month Auto-Renew Subscription or $25 for a 1-Month Term Subscription.

Maker Crate (Ages 14+)

Maker Crate helps transform your artistic vision into something tangible. Each box includes techniques and inspiration for creating a functional work of art or science. 

Boxes contain the project and all of the quality materials you need to complete it, as well as instructions and inspiration on how to do so. They’ll also provide some out-of-the-box techniques to inspire further solo projects.

Projects include Macrame Hangers, Terazzo Trays, Metal Sculpture, Paper Marbling, Dip-Dye Painting, Loom Knitting, Hand Lettering, and Embroidery. The Maker Crate is $30 for a 1-Month Auto-Renew Subscription or $35 for a 1-Month Term Subscription.

Eureka Crate (Ages 14+)

The Eureka Crate inspires kids and adults to think about how everyday objects work, and how to critically and scientifically view solutions to real-world problems. This KiwiCo review believes this crate is great for kids who are thinking of engineering as a career choice and for adults who want to expand their minds.

Each kit comes with an engineering project, along with all of the high-quality materials you’ll need to complete it, as well as a Maker’s Guide. These are hands-on projects that teach you to develop solutions to real-world situations, like how a desk lamp works or how to make an instrument. 

You’ll get to create these things and discover how they’re made from start to finish – with your own hands. Topics include electronics, energy, mechanics, momentum, optics, and more. The Eureka Crate is $30 for a 1-Month Auto-Renew Subscription or $35 for a 1-Month Term Subscription.

How Much is KiwiCo Monthly?

KiwiCo Review

There are a few different variations of KiwiCo costs for their box monthly subscriptions:

  • Koala, Kiwi, Atlas, Tinker, and Doodle are $20 per month
  • Maker and Eureka are $30 per month
  • Panda is $40 but is shipped out every 2 months 

This KiwiCo review will tell you that the price goes down when you sign up for 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plans, which are paid in full at checkout

KiwiCo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

KiwiCo Review

KiwiCo reviews Reddit users post aren’t very positive. This particular review talks about the poor quality of the items, while the Better Business Bureau ranks them at 4.43/5 stars with an B rating. Customer’s complaints range from long shipping times to “rude” and “unhelpful” customer service. Many customers seem to have a problem with canceling orders as well. 

On the other hand, some Reddit users write that their kids love the KiwiCo projects, though some may be more suitable for older children. One KiwiCo review sums up this sentiment: “We tried the KiwiCo Panda Crate and we loved it. It gave us more activities that were developmentally appropriate to engage with our baby and change things up. We started it once he was closer to 1 year though.

KiwiCo has a very high rating on Influenster, with 4.5/5 stars out of over 1600 ratings. Reviewers express their love for the brand’s products, and especially the quality time they spend with their children while they develop and learn. Like one KiwiCo review puts it:

“I got my daughter the Doodle Crate subscription because she is very artsy. This project was right up her alley! It was age appropriate and she was able to do it all by herself. The final product was beautiful. I am considering subscribing her to the science crate as well.”  

Are Kiwi Crates Worth It?

KiwiCo Review

This KiwiCo review has found that their subscription service, along with their projects, are more affordable than their competitors. Some customers say this comes with a different kind of price, as the projects are poorer in quality.

Compared to the small number of negative reviews, there are thousands of happy customers who love the projects and are satisfied with their orders

Based on complaints about shipping times and refunds that turned up in this KiwiCo review, we recommend being wary of these processes and understand that shipping and returns may be more challenging during the pandemic and busy seasons.

This KiwiCo review thinks that trying out their projects is worth a shot. If you’re skeptical, try the 1-month or 3-month subscription and see how it goes. That way you’re not investing as much, nor are you locked into a lengthier subscription that you cannot cancel.

With all the satisfied parents and their kids, products designed by experts, and multiple awards for KiwiCo, we give this brand a thumbs up.

KiwiCo Promotions & Discounts 

KiwiCo Review

Enter KiwiCo promo code JOYFUL at checkout for 50% off your first order, though this excludes store purchase and international shipping. Or, sign up for their newsletter and get 30% off your first order.

Be sure to check back next year for the KiwiCo Black Friday sale. 

Sign up for KiwiCo

KiwiCo Review

Sign up for Kiwico on their official website,, by following these steps:

  1. Click ‘Get Crate’ on the homepage
  2. Enter the name of your child, or who will be receiving the crate
  3. Choose Age
  4. Pick a line
  5. Choose your Subscription Plan
  6. Checkout
  7. Enter your contact, shipping & billing info
  8. Await your crate! 


What age is Kiwi Crate for?

For subscribers, KiwiCo offers 8 crates, each associated with a different developmental period in a child’s life:

  • Panda Crate – 0-2
  • Koala Crate – 2-4
  • Kiwi Crate – 5-8
  • Atlas Crate – 9-13
  • Tinker Crate – 9-16+
  • Doodle Crate – 14+
  • Maker Crate – 14-104
  • Eureka Crate – 14-104

Where does KiwiCo ship from?

KiwiCo’s warehouse is located in California, US. Orders ship out within 2 days of purchase, but shipping times vary by option and location. KiwiCo Amazon orders do not exist, as you have to purchase directly from  

How long does KiwiCo take to ship?

When a crate is shipped, it can take between 3-10 business days for delivery in the U.S, and 9-11 business days for KiwiCo shipping to Canada. KiwiCo also ships to many other countries. You can find all countries they ship to in their Locations List, however, you cannot ship store orders outside of the US and Canada. 

Subscription KiwiCo crates ship for free in the US, including Hawaii, Alaska as well as Military addresses. Shipping costs for other countries can be found in the Locations List above but is typically between $5-$6. International customers must also pay for any taxes or duties their country may have.

Shipping is free for subscribers when they make purchases in the online store. If you’re not a subscriber, but located in the U.S, you can still get free shipping on orders over $49. For Canadian non-subscribers, you can get free shipping on orders over $125.

KiwiCo shipping options include:

  • Free UPS Regular Shipping (3-10 business days
  • USPS Rush Shipping (2-5 business days)
  • UPS 2-Day Shipping (2 business days)

After your crate or order is shipped, KiwiCo will send you a tracking number that you can track online via your account portal on the website.

What is KiwiCo’s Return Policy?

Monthly subscription KiwiCo boxes cannot be returned. But, if you buy something from the store you can return it if it is unused and not damaged. You must start your return within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. Customers are responsible for shipping fees on returns.

Send your return to:



11928 Harlan Road

Lathrop, CA 95330

Make sure to include your order number, account name, and reason for return in your return package. Your items must be in the original packaging or crate and in original condition to qualify for a refund.

How do I cancel my KiwiCo subscription?

Canceling your KiwiCo subscription is easy and can be done at any time. They’ll prompt you with an offer to pause or receive every other month, but if you want to cancel completely follow these steps:

  1. Click the KiwiCo login at the top right of the page
  2. Click the ‘Subscriptions’ option under your name
  3. Click ‘Edit’
  4. Choose ‘Cancel Subscription’ at the bottom of the page

Make sure that you cancel by 11:59 pm PST the day before your billing date, or you will be charged for the next month’s crate. For auto-renewing subscriptions for 1-month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, you’ll need to cancel after your term has been completed. You cannot cancel mid-term. 

Ongoing monthly subscriptions or KiwiCo Free Trial subscriptions can be canceled after the first crate ships. Termed subscriptions cannot be canceled and they will automatically shut off after the term is complete.

How to Contact KiwiCo

If you need any more information that this KiwiCo review did not provide, you can contact the company through:

Their chat hours are Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM and Saturday-Sunday, 9 AM-5 PM PST. Phone hours are Monday-Friday, 6 AM-5 PM PST.

If you’re not set on KiwiCo, check out other educational subscriptions for kids with Lovevery.

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Hard to cancel.
Pat Weathers
3 years ago Reply

My wife had agreed to automatic renewal when she first subscribed to the 12 month program. Our grandson has received two years worth and became bored about six months ago with it. You’re not warned that the renewal is coming up and we didn’t realize it until we got our credit card statement six weeks after the charge. KiwiCo is guilty of the same problem that too many other on-line retailers have; it’s very hard to contact them as they don’t want you to call and when you go through the cancellation process you will be asked several times to reconsider. The state that once subscribed you’re stuck although given a chance to pause. I see no reason they can’t let you cancel at any time, for any reason, and refund unused credits less handling charge. We’ll see.

3 years ago Reply

It’s been 2 months since the first crate arrived here in Europe. There is no way to contact customer service. The FAQ what to do if you didn’t receive order, doesn’t even answer its self. Avoid this company! They take your subscription and only send 1 crate.

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