Nexar Dash Cam Review

About Nexar

Nexar Dash Cam Review

Nexar is a smart technology company that specializes in making dash cams for cars. Utilizing phone connectivity, their devices are used to help file accident reports, call emergency services, or to locate parked vehicles in crowded areas

Nexar has gained critical acclaim for their handy apparatus, as they have been featured on Forbes Magazine and Wired. They also boast a following of 24.1K following on Instagram.

Is this company worthy of its green light status or do they give off some red blaring signals? This Nexar dash cam review recommends that you “yield” before making a single purchase, as we will provide a closer look into this brand. 

We will go over their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they are worth checking out. 

Overview of Nexar

Nexar Dash Cam Review

Founded by Eran Shir, Nexar was established in 2015 in an effort to reduce the amount of car crashes all around the world. With the help of his business partner Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, they developed a dash cam to assist drivers on the road. 

By developing a portfolio of vision-based data services for public and private sectors, they ensure that roadways are kept safe and efficient at all times. Nexar has a large backing of world class investors on their team, such as Aleph, Mosaic, Alibaba, Nationwide Insurance, and more. 

Today, the company continues to gain rave reviews for their smart technology devices. Their headquarters are based in Tel Aviv, Israel. A statement made by Nexar dashcams says: 

“Our mission is to create the technology that will make driving and cities better and safer.

When each of us can see what all of us can see, we move together like birds or fish in total synchrony. For safer roads. For zero fatalities. For truly pleasurable driving.” 

Before we get into this Nexar dash cam review, let’s go over some of their key highlights.


  • A variety of Nexar dash camera for cars devices. Most of these models include a parking mode feature and free cloud backup 
  • Select models include automatic phone connectivity for easy access. This is operated by the Nexar dash cam app
  • The Nexar automotive dash cams can be used to help file insurance claims, call for 911, or to find parked cars 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Customers can purchase replacement parts for their dash cams for free on their website
  • Discounts for first responders, veterans, teachers, students, senior citizens, and disadvantaged individuals
  • $10 off your first purchase after signing up for the newsletter 
Nexar Dash Cam Review

Driving can be a tumultuous experience. Unfair speeding tickets, tailgaters, the people who randomly cut you off, and those who can’t manage to flick on their signal—pick your poison. 

With that in mind, it may not be a bad idea to have an extra pair of eyes on the road. Fortunately, Nexar provides a collection of dash cams that are ready to record anything that happens on the road. 

They currently offer 5 models on their website, with the addition of related accessories such as cables and mounts as well. Moving forward, this Nexar dash cam review will provide a selection of their best-selling products to get started. 

Nexar The Dash Cams Review

Designed for those moments where you need proof, Nexar offers a wide variety of their smart technology devices on their website.

Whether it’s needed to file an accident report, or to show evidence that you were driving under the speed limit, this Nexar dash cam review will go over a few of their most popular models down below. 

Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam System Review 

If you’ve got some long road trips coming up, Nexar recommends purchasing the Pro GPS Dash Cam System to hold more hours of continuous recording.

Equipped with high quality 1080p full HD image sensors, this device records both the road and the interior of the car directly to the Nexar cloud app. 

For those questioning, if this prototype works during the dark, we’re glad you asked. It includes 10 infrared light bulbs to provide exceptional night vision.

Built with a suction cup mount, this Nexar camera will not sway to any sudden stops or incremental speeds during the road. 

This model also comes with other accessories such as windshield mounts, a USB charger, an SD card, and more. Optimized for both devices, keep yourself secured and safe by purchasing the Pro GPS Dash Cam System. This model is offered in various GB capacities:

  • 32 GB, 3-hour backup: $140 
  • 64 GB, 6-hour backup: $160
  • 128 GB, 12-hour backup: $175 
  • 256 GB, 24-hour backup: $210 

Nexar SCOSCHE NEXC1 Dash Cam Review 

Made to attach directly to your windshield, the SCOSCHE NEXC1 Dash Cam is optimized with a 140-degree wide angle lens that shoots in a 1080p full image sensor. Compatible with both Android and iOS models, this nifty device can instantly report a crash to your insurance company—this includes details shown on video such as car speed and force of impact.

Equipped with night time visibility, you can still feel safe as the morning road becomes a sundown drive. It also comes with a sticker mount, which can be quickly removed and placed for those that would rather take this device at home with them. 

As an apparatus that could very well save your life (and your wallet from future speeding tickets), there are 4 ways to purchase the SCOSCHE NEXC1 Dash Cam alongside its paired accessories:

(Sticker Mount only)

  • 16 GB, 2-hour backup: $80 
  • 32 GB, 4-hour backup: $95 
  • 64 GB, 8-hour backup: $100 
  • 128 GB, 16-hour backup: $135 

Nexar SCOSCHE NEXC2 Dash Cam Review 

Considered a slight upgrade of its C1 version, the SCOSCHE NEXC2 Dash Cam records those hours on the road and the interior of your car. Manufactured with a high-end professional dual lens camera, it features a 1080p full image sensor that can capture low visibility environments like fog or nighttime. 

Designed to provide drivers with 12 hours of footage, this model can easily record situations and events that are saved automatically to the Nexar app. It also works with GPS services, Siri, and Google assistant integration for a hands off experience. 

Including accessories such as an installation tool and cable clips, this 128 GB SCOSCHE NEXC2 Dash Cam costs $160 in total.

Nexar SCOSCHE NEXS1 Dash Cam Review 

This device can kind of be interpreted as a helping hand when it comes to driving. The SCOSCHE NEXS1 Dash Cam is built with several attributes that can let you focus on the road. 

Featuring reliable WIFI technology, this Nexar model connects the camera to your phone. It automatically backs up significant incidents through its paired app. 

It also comes with a parking mode feature-—which is used to save videos of incidents and impacts that occur when you or your phone are not in the vehicle. Built with a 1080p full image sensor, this camera can operate in nighttime vision as well. 

Packaged with a windshield mount, a USB cable, an installation tool and more, the SCOSCHE NEXS1 Dash Cam is offered at 4 different price points:

  • 32 GB, 4-hour backup: $150 
  • 64 GB, 9-hour backup: $170 
  • 128 GB, 16-hour backup: $185 
  • 256 GB, 32-hour backup: $220 

Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam Review 

Known as Nexar’s most popular model, the Beam GPS Dash Cam comes with unlimited cloud storage that automatically records critical situations. It’s tiny enough to be hidden behind a rearview mirror, designed to be inconspicuous.

This Nexar next dash camera can work in the background as you can use other apps (such as navigation) while driving. Recording in high definition 1080p, this device can also create post collision reports in detail to help you file those stressful insurance documents. 

A parking mode feature is incorporated into this one as well, in order to recount damage that may happen to your car when you’re not around. With its included accessories of an SD card, USB charger, and other add-ons, customers can purchase the Beam GPS Dash Cam in 4 ways:

  • 32 GB, 4-hour backup: $120 
  • 64 GB, 9-hour backup: $145 
  • 128 GB, 16-hour backup: $160 
  • 256 GB, 32-hour backup: $195 

Nexar Accessories Review

Alongside the brand’s line of Nexar car dashboard cams, they offer a variety of accessories that are used to pair with their devices. From power cables to mounts, this Nexar dash cam review will look at a few sought-after models that are worth exploring. 

Nexar Dash Cam USB Power Cable Review 

While helping charge your Nexar device, the Dash Cam USB Power Cable can avoid blips or pauses during recording. Coming with a 9.8 inch cord, this model is compatible with all of the company’s offered prototypes, including the Pro GPS Dash Cam System, SCOSCHE NEXC1 Dash Cam, Beam GPS Dash Cam, and more. 

Created to pair with Nexar’s other complimentary accessories, such as their USB charger and windshield mount, this Dash Cam USB Power Cable is actually free. This is thanks to their lifetime replacement parts policy. 

Nexar SCOSCHE Universal USB Hard Wire Kit Review

A collection of wires and adaptors can quickly turn into spaghetti, which is why Nexar has developed the SCOSCHE Universal USB Hard Wire Kit to keep things neat and tidy. Featuring a 5 foot cording system with quick connectors, this compacted charging tool allows users to power and install their dash cams seamlessly inside their vehicle.

Conveniently connecting to any of your car’s power sources, such as battery or ignition, this device can be placed in a hidden position. This ensures that the dashboard remains free of debris and clutter and leaves the 12V socket free for other uses. 

Optimized to suit most of Nexar’s cams and other accessories, the Universal USB Hard Wire Kit costs $30 at checkout. 

Nexar SCOSCHE ReVolt Fast Dual USB Car Charger Review

Designed to pair with its affiliated dash cams, the SCOSCHE ReVolt Fast Dual USB Car Charger powers up your Nexar devices easily. Including two ports, this model is built with a fast 12 watts (2.4 A) power adapter. In terms of compatibility, this accessory can work with the SCOSCHE NEXS1 Dash Cam, the SCOSCHE NEXC2 Dash Cam, and more. 

This is a great asset to have in case you can’t find your adaptor, or the original model came with defects. In terms of price, the SCOSCHE ReVolt Fast Dual USB Car Charger costs $20 in total. 

Nexar GPS Mount Review

Ditch those flimsy sticker placements that don’t provide enough security. The GPS Mount from Nexar offers a firm suction cup that ensures a precise hold in preparation for those screeching halts or sudden accelerations. It also provides a concise attachment between your vehicle’s location and its dash cam evidence. 

This model cannot be affixed to flat windshields (which is commonplace in trucks or RVs). For support that stays secure even in the most wildest of terrains, the GPS Mount costs $15. It’s compatible with the Nexar Beam and Nexar Pro.

Nexar Dash Cams Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nexar Dash Cam Review

This Nexar dash cam review found an overwhelming positive customer response online. On their website, there are over 2,410 reviews posted with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars

A majority of Nexar automotive dash cameras buyers stated that their devices are easy to set up, convenient to use, and provided exceptional video quality due to high definition sensors. 

Unit is very well made and extremely easy to install and set up. App works well and the camera pairs easily with the app. Video quality is very good and the saved cloud storage a huge plus. The suction cup mount is easy to install and remove and holds well. Overall a great purchase,” one reviewer wrote for the SCOSCHE NEXS1 Dash Cam. 

There are continued rave reviews on websites such as Amazon and on the Google Store. On the product page for Beam GPS Dash Cam, a total of 1,267 global ratings were compiled with a general ranking of 4.5/5 stars

For the Google store, their Nexar app holds over 3,198 user comments with a score of 4/5 solid stars. Customers on both websites have noted that they appreciate that their recordings are automatically saved to their phone. 

“This product is awesome and is great for anyone with a smart phone. Usually dash cams save all footage on a memory card, but this one saves all footage on your phone. It makes it really easy to access any footage you might want to check out. It’s easy to install and the wires are easy to hide,” One Amazon reviewer wrote for the Beam GPS Dash Cam. 

Are Nexar Dash Cams Worth It?

Nexar Dash Cam Review

Is Nexar a good dash cam? Based on the amount of positive reviews online, this Nexar dash cam review determines that their products are worth purchasing. There are many advantages in installing a camera in your car—it can give you a sense of assurance while being strapped into heavy machinery. 

Not only can drivers record accidents and situations in real time, but it can save some money in the future. For instance, it can provide valuable evidence in court if they accuse you of speeding or being the perpetrator in a car crash. 

Many customers have noted the convenience of its phone connectivity feature, which makes Nexar more hands free and accessible compared to other brands. Lastly, some models are built with a parking mode function, which lets you know if anything happens to your car while you’re away. Overall, for the service that it provides, a Nexar dash cam is worth a splurge. 

Nexar Promotions & Discounts 

Nexar Dash Cam Review

This Nexar dash cam review found a few ways that customers can save money. For instance, buyers can shop through the brand’s family packages category, in which some cams come for a marked down price. 

Users can also get $10 off their first order if they sign up for the newsletter. 

Additionally, the brand offers a variety of discounts for first responders, the military, teachers, students, senior citizens, and disadvantaged individuals. To see if you’re eligible, you can visit their website to find more details. 

Where to Buy Nexar Dash Cams

Nexar Dash Cam Review

Customers can purchase products, such as the Nexar dash camera for cars, by visiting You can also find them at select retailers such as:

  • Amazon 
  • Walmart
  • Staples
  • Best Buy


Nexar Dash Cam Review

Does Nexar automatically record? 

Yes. This Nexar dash cam review found out that there is automatic recording feature installed on the app and on the device. 

Does Nexar record without phone? 

Your Nexar car dash camera  stores video recordings in an accompanying SD card on a loop. This means that older footage is constantly being replaced by newly recorded footage. 

Does Nexar have parking mode? 

Some Nexar models have a parking mode feature, such as the SCOSCHE NEXS1 Dash Cam. As a side note, the GPS Nexar dash live map is built into all of their offered devices. 

Does Nexar record speed? 

A few of their models record speed, such as the Nexar Light Full HD 1080p Dash Cam

What is Nexar’s Shipping Policy?

This Nexar dash cam review found very little information on their shipping policy. While there’s no indication of free delivery or costs, we do know that it takes 3 to 10 business days for domestic orders to arrive. They provide international shipping as well. Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email to locate their packages. 

What is Nexar’s Return Policy?

Customers have until 30 days to return their orders for a refund. They also provide a 1-year warranty for all of their dash cams. Nexar will cover all return shipping costs. 

To initiate this process, fill out a contact form found on their website. 

How to Contact Nexar

For inquiries unrelated to this Nexar dash cam review, you can contact the company through:

Filling out their message form online

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