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Projects Watches Review

A watch doesn’t just have to be a watch. Sure, it should be able to accurately and reliably tell the time whenever you need it to, but it should do so with sophistication and a dash of artistry. For those looking for a statement piece and timepiece all in one, Projects Watches is the place to go. 

Offering exquisitely crafted pieces designed in the United States, this brand has a selection of watches that cover the entire range of subtle to eye-catching. Better yet, they even have exclusive designs inspired by mid-century art. If you’re a fan of Bauhaus, you’re most definitely in luck.

Even if you’re not the greatest of art connoisseurs, anyone can appreciate the thought and details that Projects Watches puts into every single one of their watches. Keep reading, because we’ll cover some new designs and bestsellers as well as take a look at customer reviews, FAQs, and get to know the brand in the best way possible. 

Projects Watches Review


  • Offers a superb selection of artistically crafted and art-inspired watches
  • Well-made and durable
  • Some are based on iconic works of art
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Payment plans available

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Projects Watches Products Review

Projects Watches Wide Light Review

Have you ever wanted to wear modern art right on your wrist? You’re not the only one. While there are many arguments to be made that watches themselves are works of art (and we’re not saying that’s not the case), there is definitely something special about being able to literally wear a watch inspired by art currently sitting in the Museum of Modern Art.

The Projects Watches Wide Light Watch sits at the pinnacle of clean yet eye-catching watches. This piece is inspired by Josef Albers’ Homage to the Square, a series of artwork that does exactly what’s written on the tin. This particular piece features four squares, each nesting inside the other as they draw the eye towards the bottom center of the dial.

The squares themselves are varying shades of yellow, gray, and light blue, a combination that absolutely oozes with the Bauhaus style of design. You can tell how much reverence for the original style and attention to detail went into creating the Wide Light, partially because it’s designed in the USA and also because it’s made in partnership with the Albers Foundation.

This watch is not just for show, as it’s very much about function and form. Made from brushed stainless steel, the Wide Light is water-resistant  up to 30 meters and comes with a versatile 18mm band. It also features reliable battery-powered Japanese Miyota Quarts movement. Time is very much ticking because this watch is currently on sale for$199, which is a nice savings compared to its original $225 price tag.

Projects Watches 1925 Review

Josef, meet Anni. As another powerhouse of the Bauhaus style, Anni and Josef Albers were partners in life and art. Working primarily through textiles and functional materials, Anni pushed the boundaries of what could be done in the realm of printmaking. Her tapestry Wallhanging is the inspiration for the Projects Watches 1925 Watch and it’s truly wonderful to see how the colorful blocks from the original piece are incorporated effortlessly onto the watch face.

With linework reminiscent of Art Deco, the red, blue, and yellow blocks from Wallhanging are used to tell the time in this particular piece: red for the hours, blue for the minutes, and yellow for the seconds. These delightful shapes and colors are perfectly set on a backdrop of gold brushed stainless steel, while the black 20mm leather band exudes quality without outshining the watch face.

Feeling perfectly at home in the Roaring 20s and the currently monicker-less 2020s, the  Projects Watches 1925 Watch can be yours for the sale price of $149, regular price $179.

Projects Watches Ray Orange Review

We’ve used the adjective eye-catching once already, but can you really blame us for describing the Projects Watches Ray Orange Watch in the same fashion? 

With a beautiful blue eye positioned starkly on top of a field of bright orange, this watch is a mid-century statement piece that can be dressed up or down with ease. Cocktail hours, first dates, and family dinners, each is a prime location to strike up a conversation about this phenomenally crafted watch.

Appearing slightly more industrial than the watches we’ve highlighted previously due to the 20mm stainless steel mesh band, the Ray Orange might require an instruction manual to help tell the time, but it’s all entirely worth it. The longest arm of the constellation is used for the hours, the tip of the eye tells the minutes, and the ticking blue iris lets you track every second that goes by. Don’t get too lost in this watch, though, because it truly is mesmerizing.

Even more mesmerizing is that the Ray Orange is currently on sale for $149, down from its original price of $179.

Projects Watches No Time Wasted Review

We’re wrapping this section up with what might be Projects Watches’ best-selling watch: the No Time Wasted. While the name of the watch is printed right in the middle of the watch face, the most striking aspect is the blurred effect present for each of the numbers. 

The hours can often blur together when we’re in a rush or trying to get things done, so this piece serves as a reminder to slow down and enjoy life a little more, lest we’re always seeing blurred numbers out of the corner of our eyes when we’re on the go. 

Stylistically, the No Time Wasted is subtle and understated at first glance, but is thought-provoking and striking if you take the time to study it more thoroughly. Elegant, inspiring, and you can get this watch for $169.

Who Is Projects Watches For?

Projects Watches Review

Anyone who is looking for something out of the ordinary, extraordinary even, should check out Projects Watches. Their expertly crafted and art-inspired watches will make something as mundane as checking the time a joy. While some of their offerings are definitely on the more colorful and striking side, they don’t shy away from the subtle and delicately complex.

Simply put, whether you’re looking for a conversation starter or simply a watch that speaks to your soul, Projects Watches has so many wonderful options to consider.

Projects Watches Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Projects Watches Review

There is much to consider when it comes to buying a watch. Is it reliable? Durable? Does it keep time well? Has it stayed consistent and scratch-free throughout the years? These kinds of questions can’t be answered on the product specs page, so the best place to find these all-important answers is on customer review pages.

Starting off on the brand’s website, here are the scores for the four watches covered in this review:

  • Wide Light: 4.6/5 stars 
  • 1925: 4.6/5 stars 
  • Ray Orange: 4.5/5 stars 
  • No Time Wasted: 4.4/5 stars 

It’s easy to tell that customers are thrilled with their Projects Watches pieces. Here’s one review to kick things off that really encapsulates how people are feeling about this brand:

“I wear this watch ALL of the time, and ALWAYS get compliments on it. It’s super comfortable and also very much a statement piece. I love the silicone band – easy to clean, comfortable, eye-catching. And I love that it comes with an additional band so you can switch out to match outfits, etc. I highly recommend Project Watches – fun, fashionable, and tells great time!”

We shouldn’t have to suffer for fashion, so it’s nice to see that you can have form, function, and comfort all in one sleek, unique watch. It’s also worth noting that because these watches are artistic in nature, they take on deeper meanings with those who wear them. Here’s another review that highlights the customer’s thoughts on the No Time Wasted Watch:

“It’s a great design, especially since it relates to my everyday experience. Though it’s hard to read at first, you get used to it after a little. It feels nice to have on and it’s good quality. Not like cheap leather where it peels fast, this one despite me working in a factory is still like brand new! (Though I have to clean the glass).”

The people kind enough to leave reviews also love how much of a striking conversation starter their watches are. Even if it’s not the most out-there piece, it still attracts questions and positive comments, as attested by this review:

“The strap feels really good on the wrist, and the watch for sure looks special, and it’s a very good conversation starter, I wore it three times and every time somebody asked what it was. Very unique design and definitely feels well-made.”

It’s easy to see that Projects Watches has made some truly wonderful watches that go beyond being simply timekeepers. Well-made, stylish, and comfortable, this brand has stumbled onto an award-winning combination, if we do say so ourselves.

Is Projects Watches Worth It?

Projects Watches Review

Yes, unbelievably so. Projects Watches is definitely worth it if you’re in the market for sublime works of art that are also really adept at telling the time. More than just a simple watch, Projects Watches pieces are glimpses into humanity’s artistic past of the 20th century, evoking feelings of blazing trails and heading in new directions.

Whether you want something more than a bland, ordinary watch, or you’re searching for something that’ll truly stand out and make a statement, Projects Watches is the place to shop. 

Where To Buy Projects Watches

Projects Watches Review

The best way to order Projects Watches is directly from their website. They also have an Amazon storefront if you’re more interested in ordering from there.

Projects Watches Promotions & Discounts

Projects Watches Review

Right now, you can save 10% on your first order when you sign up for their mailing list. Besides that, keep an eye on their generous sales (a number of their  watches are currently offered at a discounted price!).


Projects Watches Review

Where is Projects Watches based?

According to the brand, all of their watches are designed at their creative headquarters in Chicago. However, their LinkedIn profile states that they are headquartered in Boston, MA.

Projects Watches Shipping & Returns

Great news! Shipping within the United States is free for orders over $100 (and to be honest, that’s pretty much all of their available watches). Each order will ship the next business day and will likely arrive at your door within 4-7 business days. You can also choose priority shipping (2-3 business days) at an extra cost of $7.95. Select international shipping is also available.

Returns are also very easy to handle. You can return your unworn watch within 30 days of receipt. Simply call or email Projects Watches for a Return Authorization Number, and they’ll guide you through the rest of the process.

How to contact Projects Watches

The easiest way to reach out to Projects Watches is through the chat function available on their website. You can also fill out their contact form on their website or email them  directly at [email protected]

Lastly, feel free to give them a call at +1 617-213-0121 Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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