RZE Watches Review

About RZE Watches

RZE Watches Review

RZE Watches was started in 2020 in Singapore by Travis Tan, Vivian Ko, and Clarence Chew. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the founders launched their unique brand of high-end watches.

Founder Travis Tan brought his skill set as a trained engineer and airline pilot to his work as a watch designer.

RZE Watches are built from titanium, the same enduring material used in airplane construction, and are coated with the brand’s proprietary UltraHex™️ titanium coating for a functional, scratch-proof design

The brand offers Field, Dive, and Chronograph watches designed for those who value a durable watch in a classic style. These stylish timepieces have been featured in fashion media and watch websites like Uncrate, Monochrome Watches, and Worn and Wound.

This RZE Watches review will take a close look at their products, purchasing information, and customer feedback to help you learn more about this up-and-coming microbrand. 

I’ll start with a summary of the RZE Watches shopping experience!


  • Offers free shipping on purchases of $99 or more
  • Sells three watch types: Field, Dive and Chronograph
  • Sells watch straps and tools separately
  • Customers have option to make order carbon-neutral
  • Well-reviewed by watch enthusiasts and websites
  • Offer engraving services
  • All products come with a 24-month warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Provides repair service

RZE Watches Review

Now, this RZE watches review will take a deeper dive into RZE Watches’ best-selling models including the Resolute, Endeavour, and Valour.

RZE Watches Resolute – Arctic Grey Review

RZE Watches designed their Resolute Arctic Grey to be a stylish, everyday watch for men

The Resolute Arctic Grey watch is made from solid titanium with an UltraHex™️ coating of up to 1200 HV hardness, ensuring it is durable and scratch-proof

It has a gradient grey face and the watch’s hands are coated with Swiss Super-LumiNova – a pigment that creates its own light – so you can easily check the time, even in the dark.

This RZE Watch review found that this model comes with two strap options: Premium Canvas and an UltraHex™️ Titanium Bracelet. 

This watch’s size specifications are:

  • 40.5 mm case width 
  • 11.5 mm case thickness
  • Overall weight of 65 grams

The Resolute Arctic Grey comes with a waterproof tarpaulin watch pouch for safe storage.

It is sold for $399 for the canvas strap option and $469 for the titanium bracelet. 

RZE Watches Endeavour – Azure Blue Review

Our RZE Watches review will now look at one of RZE’s toughest watch options. The Endeavour dive watch. 

This watch is built to withstand water exposure and can be used underwater, in the shower, or by the pool. Like RZE Watches’ other products, this model is also pure titanium with 1200 HV hardness and coated with UltraHex™️ to prevent scratching. 

The Endeavour in Azure Blue is built with durable materials such as coated sapphire crystals to protect the watch face and prevent glare, and Viton™️ gaskets to seal out water

The watch face has a beautiful, light blue background, and its minimalist design features white hands and simple white lines instead of numerals. 

This model comes with a titanium bracelet. The Endeavour watch also comes in grey, green, yellow, and orange colour options.

This watch’s size specifications are:

  • 40.5 mm case width 
  • 12.5 mm case thickness
  • overall weight of 100-110 grams

You can order the Endeavour watch at the RZE official website for $499.

RZE Watches Valour – Vintage Salmon Review

The Valour Watch in Vintage Salmon is made for active men who need a tough yet lightweight, titanium chronograph watch.

Like all of RZE’s watches, the Valor is coated with UltraHex™️ to ensure a 1200 HV hardness that will keep your watch pristine. 

Our RZE Watches review finds this watch boasts high-end details including sand-textured dials, unique meca-quartz movement (combining the best of both mechanical and quartz tech), and Swiss Super-LumiNova for visibility.

The Valour Watch in Vintage Salmon has a sleek, modern look despite its name. The smooth, silver exterior and simple lines on the watch face give this timekeeper a masculine appeal. 

The Valor offers customers two strap options: FKM Rubber or an UltraHex™️ titanium bracelet. It’s also available in Crusader White and GT Black

This models’ size specifications are:

  • 42 mm case width 
  • 12.5 mm case thickness

You can add this versatile watch to your wardrobe for $369 for the rubber strap option or $459 for the titanium bracelet.

Who Is RZE Watches For? 

RZE Watches Review

RZE Watches are made for men who enjoy the traditional comfort and style of wearing a watch, but desire a modern design and aesthetic

These watches are designed with active men of all ages in mind. Their resilience and versatile visual appeal makes them appropriate for a variety of lifestyles and personal styles. 

With their titanium-based tech, RZE Watches have crafted men’s watches that are lightweight yet incredibly strong. They have options for those looking for waterproof and chronograph timepieces, and even pilot watches. 

This RZE Watches review has found that RZE has as much commitment to fashion as they do function. RZE offers a range of sizes, colours and strap options so customers can express their individual style through their choice of watch.

Any watch enthusiast who wants to invest in a high-quality, well-designed watch will appreciate that RZE timepieces come with a generous warranty, as well as a proprietary coating that prevents scratches and water damage. 

Is RZE Watches Sustainable? 

RZE Watches Review

RZE Watches is making a significant effort to be as sustainable as possible.

While this company uses non-renewable resources such as metals in their products, they focus on using materials and making products that will last, rather than fill landfills. The brand also tries to reduce the amount and size of their packaging.

RZE Watches are also collaborating with EcoCart in an effort to neutralize the environmental impact of their products.

All orders made through their official website come with a carbon-neutral option, so that customers are able to choose to offset the carbon emissions from their orders with a small fee that EcoCart then puts back into environmental projects and organizations. 

A portion of RZE Watches EcoCart contributions go to the brand’s organization of choice – the Myanmar Mangroves project, which is reforesting the ecologically sensitive mangrove forests along Myanmar’s coast. 

RZE Watches Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

RZE Watches Review

This RZE Watches review found that customers are generally very satisfied with their RZE purchases. For example, out of 23 reviews from verified buyers, the Resolute watch boasts a 5-star rating on the brand’s website.

Customers praise RZE Watches for their comfort and wearability. One reviewer writes in their RZE Watches review:This is a very comfortable and lightweight watch.” 

Another customer’s RZE Watches review post agrees: Great addition to my collection. Lightweight and tough as described!” 

People who have bought RZE Watches also note the products’ great value for money. One purchaser, no stranger to buying timepieces, had this to say in their RZE Watches review:

“I’ve owned hundreds of watches and this has to be the best value of any watch I’ve owned.” Another reviewer, who gave the brand 5 stars, commented, “100% as described and is feature rich for this price point.” 

The RZE Endeavour Watch was tested by the watch enthusiast at Beans and Bezels, who noted that this watch is “very competitively priced.” He was happy with RZE’s quality of design, reporting in his RZE Watches review:

“The finishing on the case is excellent, and I continue to be impressed by it’s design and execution.” 

This reviewer was also impressed by the construction and choices RZE made about the watch’s face, writing: “All the lumed elements glow bright, and have very good longevity.”

Another watch reviewer at Watch Report tested out a different RZE product, the Fortitude watch. He noted that the watch’s titanium bracelet – the same found on several of the watches in our review – made it light and comfortable for everyday use

He shared in his RZE Watches review: At 41mm and very lightweight, this should be an easy watch to wear daily, and I believe that some people out there, even those with large collections, might still wear a watch for more than one day at a time, and this is one that will become like a second skin, much like the all their past models.” 

Watch Report’s reviewer added that he loves this brand overall, and shared that the Fortitude was his “second favorite model from RZE, right behind the Endeavour.”

Overall, RZE Watches reviews suggest that this brand has impressed customers with their commitment to high-quality design for an affordable price, particularly when compared to other companies in this market.

Is RZE Watches Worth It?

RZE Watches Review

If you are interested in buying a watch with a traditional-meets-contemporary aesthetic that can stand the test of time, RZE Watches is well worth your consideration. 

In this RZE Watches review, I found that this brand, while small, is positively impacting the watch market by offering a durable, scratch-proof watch made from reliable materials such as titanium and sapphire crystals, at a comparably reasonable price point.

Customers find these watches deliver on their promises of excellent function and style. RZE Watches caters to a new generation who care about personalizing their style choices with different faces and straps, as well as minimizing the carbon footprint of their purchases.

For these reasons, RZE Watches are worth a try!

RZE Watches Promotions & Discounts 

RZE Watches Review

RZE Watches offers free worldwide shipping on all orders over $99.

Where to Buy RZE Watches

RZE Watches Review

All RZE Watches and accessories can be purchased through their official website

Some of their products may be available on websites such as, however the RZE warranty will not apply to products purchased from other suppliers.


RZE Watches Review

Who owns RZE Watches?   

Travis Tan is the co-founder and owner of RZE Watches, which is based in Singapore.

Where are RZE Watches made?  

As this RZE Watches review has shown, these watches are primarily made of titanium. The watch straps are made from titanium, natural rubber, or leather-backed canvas.

What is the RZE Watches warranty?  

All RZE Watches come with a 24 month warranty which covers any manufacturer defects.

How to care for RZE Watches?  

RZE Watches offers customers detailed information on watch care, including sizing and removing and attaching watch straps, in videos and owner manuals available through their website.

How much do repairs cost?  

Repairs covered by the warranty guarantee will cost the customer $25 for shipping and handling. Customers may also be responsible for paying for parts that need replacing due to  external wear-and-tear damage.

How long do repairs take?  

Watch repairs take 8-14 weeks to complete.

What is RZE Watches’ Shipping Policy?

RZE Watches offers free shipping worldwide with any purchase over $99. This company aims to fulfil and dispatch your order within a day

RZE Watches partners with carriers such as DHL, UPS and FedEx which guarantee delivery within five business days, though shipping times depend on destination.

All international orders are subject to customs and duties.

What is RZE Watches’ Return Policy?

RZE Watches offers customers a 30-day return policy if you are unhappy with your purchase. 

Products must be returned within 30 days of purchase, unused, and with a receipt of purchase in order to be eligible for return. 

Only purchases made through the official website can be returned to RZE.

How to Contact RZE Watches

RZE Watches can be contacted in 3 ways. 

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Whatsapp: +65 94799126, from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. PT. 
  3. Standard mail: 

RZE Pte Ltd. 

711 Geylang Road #02-01 

Singapore 389626.

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