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Oris Watches Review

Luxury watches seem to be a hot commodity amongst many men. However, many reputable watch brands come with a hefty price tag to match. What if you could purchase a sophisticated, well-designed, built-to-last watch without doling out a large sum of money? 

Known for its range of affordable and high-quality mechanical divers and pilots watches, Oris is a Swiss watch-making company that has been in the market for over a century. With over 532k followers on Instagram and being featured in GQ Magazine and Wired, they’ve definitely left a mark in people’s lives. 

Looking to elevate your wristwatch? You’ll want to keep reading this Oris watches review as we go through the brand’s history, best-selling products, customer reviews, and shipping and return policies. The knowledge to make a wise investment will be at your fingertips. 

Overview of Oris

Oris Watches Review

It all began in the year 1904 in the Swiss town of Holstein. Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, two watchmakers, took over a closed watch factory and signed a contract with the town’s mayor. The company’s name ‘Oris’ was inspired by their surroundings — in particular, a brook nearby. 

Throughout the tragic events and hardships of the early 1900s, the company continues to survive and evolve by producing products to fit the needs of the time. In the 2000s the company took the classic diver and pilot watches, upgrading them to ensure they’re the best they can be. 

Oris’ philosophy is simple: “We live for the quality of work we put into our watches. While others follow a path, we define our own. Go your own way.”

Before we turn the dial on some of the brand’s bestsellers, this Oris watches review will take a few moments to go over the key selling points:


  • Wide range of mechanical and automatic watches 
  • Swiss-made, independent company 
  • Watches are built to last a lifetime 
  • Affordable prices compared to competitors 
  • Free shipping and returns 
  • Extended warranty options are available 
  • International shipping
Oris Watches Review

The company offers plenty of sleek and modern watches within their 7 collections. And they’re not stopping there as they continue to improve the functions and designs of their products. 

When something works well, why change it? Rather than completely uproot and change course, the brand aims to elevate their already existing watches. In the next section of this Oris watches review, you’ll get a taste of each collection as we explore various watches throughout. 

Oris Watches Review

Oris provides customers with many different versions of an everyday watch. Whether you’re looking for something more sporty and chunky or slim and refined, the brand has something for everyone. 

This Oris watches review will show you the brand’s most popular choices. Note, all of the watches come with a 2-year warranty, with the option to extend.

Oris Aquis Date Review

In the market for a watch that looks classy and cool and performs well too? The Aquis Date combines function and fashion with its stainless steel strap and emerald green dial. This 41.5 mm watch is sure to get noticed due to its hefty size. Not only does this watch look both futuristic and vintage at the same time, but it also comes with some fairly decent features. 

The water resistance of up to nearly 1,000 feet classifies this piece as a diver watch. Whether you’re Michael Phelps or someone who just likes to spend a lot of time in and around water, you can count on this watch to survive amidst the waves.  

Ready to cannonball into the pool? Grab your goggles and pick up the Aquis Date watch for $2,200.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Review

Do you spend a lot of time by the ocean or just can’t get enough of the beach? The Divers Sixty-Five was designed just for you. 

This diver’s watch comes with a water resistance up to 333 feet, making it wearable for activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and water sports.

However, this Oris watches review does not recommend you wear this watch for deep-sea diving or plunging as it might not make it out alive. 

A tasteful and high class twist on the classic diver’s watch, this version comes with a stainless steel strap, gray dial, and green hour markers, making it a more toned down version than the Aquis Date watch. It’s also a bit smaller and lighter measuring at 40 mm. 

While you pack your beach towels, consider picking up this crowd pleaser for $2,400

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Review

There’s nothing like a timeless rustic watch for daily wear. Regardless if you work in an office or on a farm, the Big Crown Pointer Date watch is versatile enough for any occasion. 

Designed in the age of aviation, this rugged watch goes back as far as the 1910s. It measures 40 mm and comes with a water resistance of up to 160 feet. Unlike the first two watches in this review, you definitely don’t want to take this one out for a swim. 

The dark brown leather strap makes this watch an excellent accessory to complete any outfit. As mentioned above, you can wear this classy piece with a suit or cowboy boots. It’s also worth mentioning the leather strap is made from sustainable materials. 

This watch can be yours for $1,750

Oris Big Crown Propilot Big Date Review

The Big Crown Propilot Big Date watch is slick and impressive, sure to astound anyone when they see it pop out from under your cuff. The bronze case offsets the dark face of this watch, giving it a distinct golden glow, making you think of a beautiful sunset. 

Designed for pilots, this watch features a high-contrast black and white Super LumiNova hand marker for quick and easy readability. This feature is ideal for secret agents or busy bees who have no time to waste. 

The most interesting thing about this watch is the olive strap, which comes with a bronze clasp inspired by passenger seat buckles of old aircraft planes. Talk about an accessory with history. 

For $2,200, the Big Crown Propilot Big Date can be yours. 

Oris Big Crown Propilot X Calibre 115 Review

Name something or someone more transparent than the Oris Big Crown Propilot X Calibre 115. We’ll wait. This titanium watch looks like it was taken straight out of a futuristic movie. With nothing to hide, the watch reveals all of its inner workings through a skeleton-like design. 

Playing with the element of past and future time, this watch is powered by its hand-winding feature. Once it’s been wound, the watch operates for 10 days compared to the typical 2-day power of mechanical watches. 

You’ll also receive a special wooden box with your purchase to safely store your watch at the end of the day. Or put it out on display because this is definitely a piece of art. 

This bewitching piece retails for $7,600

Oris Rectangular Review

Sometimes it’s good to go a little off the main path. Even if that means making the simple switch of a round dial watch to a rectangular one. 

The Rectangular watch is an elegant unisex accessory coming in several bright variations. Dials come in the colors white, blue, anthracite, and burgundy and pay homage to the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 30s. 

This slim timepiece measures 26 x 38 mm with 4 different leather strap options to choose from. You can switch colors every season to match the weather or your mood. 

This unique watch retails for $1,950

Oris Artelier Complication Review

Finally, for those who want to stick with a more traditional take on a classic, the Oris Artelier Complication has your back (or should we say wrist).

A dark brown alligator leather strap gives this watch a professional style to be savored for years to come. The gold and silver dial complements this neutral watch nicely, and gives this item a luxe look. 

Most notably, the watch comes with an automatic winding mechanism designed by the brand. Within the dial, you’ll find the hour and minute markers, a dial to display the date, a second 24-hour time zone display, and a moon phase indicator. 

Ready to update your current watch? This elegant and timeless timepiece retails for $2,250. 

Who Is Oris For? 

Oris Watches Review

This Oris watches review believes the brand’s target demographic is millennial and middle-aged men. The brand’s Instagram is fresh and basic, not keeping up with the current online trends because they know their customer won’t either. 

A lot of Oris products are simple, minimalist, and formal, making them an ideal choice for business and office workers. We can also see older men enjoying the timeless quality and designs of this brand. 

Anyone who appreciates a brand that balances quality and price will favor Oris. Impeccable craftsmanship and performance are not compromised with the fairly affordable price tag on the brand’s best-selling watches. 

Oris Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Oris Watches Review

Investing in a luxury watch can be a big deal for many. There are several factors to consider such as quality, price, and design before dropping major cash on a newfound accessory. So, this Oris watches review scoured the internet to see what customers had to say about the brand. 

Due to its specific niche, we could not gather many customer ratings of the brand’s most popular products. Instead, we checked out a few blogs and forums to get people’s opinions of the brand. Our findings? Many customers had nothing but nice things to say about the company’s watch selection. 

On Reddit, one dedicated Oris Watch reviewer attests to the brand’s durable and innovative products. A user says: “I have three Oris watches and they are all regular parts of my rotation. Highly regarded and recommended!”

Another Reddit user on the same thread comments on the versatility of the brand’s watches:

“I’ve got a Sellita Aquis Date and the Bronze Dial Big Crown. Aquis dresses up when it has to, but is otherwise a great daily and weekend watch. Bronze wears smaller and with the tapered, though rugged, strap it’s a fit for conferences and church, […] everyday. These two scratch my Oris itch, and could be a great collection all on their own. Great brand, history and value.”

In terms of price, many customers of the brand report being impressed by the affordability of their timepieces. This Oris watches review discovered several people online reported fair pricing for the quality of items. 

From 51 reviews and a 5-star rating on Google of the Oris Aquis Date, one reviewer commented: “This is my first Oris watch, and it’s far exceeded my expectation. I wanted an everyday watch but one that I did not have to worry about. This watch looks and feels good and keeps great time. I would definitely recommend this model and for the price it’s just great.”

Last but not least, a blogger from a site called Bob’s Watches remarked: 

“Oris watches are certainly worth their price tag […]. Oris stands behinds its watches with a 2-year warranty, combining performance with affordability to offer users a high-end timepiece that is built to last a lifetime, without the extreme price premiums that accompany some of the biggest names in the luxury watch industry.”

To sum everything up, this Oris watches review found the majority of the brand’s feedback was positive. Many customers speak highly of the cost, quality, and versatility among several other admirable traits. The bonus was we didn’t come across any complaints when it came to shipping or service either.  

Is Oris Worth It?

Oris Watches Review

Compared to other high-end luxury watch brands, the company offers customers exceptional quality products without the astronomical cost. For this reason alone, this Oris watches review recommends the brand. 

The excellent price point, and quality to match, are not the only factors that make this company worthwhile. Oris also believes in change for the better, and is taking actionable steps towards a friendlier future. 

The brand partners with organizations such as the Korea Federation for Environmental Movements, Reef Restoration Foundation, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Not only are they passionate about protecting the planet, but Oris is involved in many community-building initiatives as well. 

Finally, we were blown away by the customers’ honest reviews of the brand. Unlike many other brands, Oris has a lack of complaints and scrutiny from upset customers. The informative and positive customer testimonials are a sure sign the brand lives up to its standards. 

Oris Promotions & Discounts 

Oris Watches Review

At the time of this Oris watches review, the brand is not offering any promotions or discounts. We highly suggest you sign up for emails to be informed of any upcoming product launches or exclusive deals. 

Where to Buy Oris

Oris Watches Review

You can buy Oris directly from the brand’s website. If you prefer to shop in-store, then you can find your nearest retailer using the brand’s store locator feature on its website. 


Oris Watches Review

Who owns Oris?

Oris is under the company name of Oris SA, with its headquarters located in Holstein, Switzerland. 

Are Oris watches made by Rolex?

No, Oris is a privately-owned company operating independently of Rolex. 

Does Oris ship internationally?

Partially! The brand ships to specific countries throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and Australasia. To see if the company will ship to your country, check out the full list on the brand’s website. 

What is Oris’ Shipping Policy?

All Oris orders are shipped from the brand’s headquarters situated in Switzerland. Orders process promptly, unless you order on the weekend.

The time it takes to arrive at your doorstep will depend on your location as well as any sizing that may need to happen for metal straps. And it’s important to note all shipments require a signature at the door. 

As for the cost of shipping? There is none! Oris offers free shipping on all orders. Orders are shipped using UPS, which you can track easily through the link in your confirmation email. 

What is Oris’ Return Policy?

Not 100% happy with your Oris? Fear not, the brand will not let you live with a product you aren’t proud to wear. That being said, the company has a 14-day return policy from the date of receipt.

Here’s the lowdown: 

  1. Items must be undamaged and in original packaging. 
  2. Items that are scratched, damaged, or worn will be returned to you.
  3. Returns are free for most countries using UPS. 

Most importantly, this return policy only applies to items that have been bought from the brand’s website.

How to Contact Oris

Have any additional questions about the brand or need to get your Oris serviced or repaired? Contact the brand via the contact form on their website.

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