Skagen Watches Review

About Skagen

Skagen Watches Review

If you’ve ever browsed the watch section at any store, it’s more than likely you’ve stumbled across one of Skagen’s timepieces. One of the most widely known brands for fashion watches, Skagen’s line consists of sleek and minimalistic designs for men and women. 

Recently releasing a jewelry collection of pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings, all of their creations share an element of simplicity and utter chic.

Skagen has been reviewed by big names like Forbes for their design, price, and most recently their line of smartwatches. With over 172k followers on Instagram, this brand knows their audience and how to market to their loyal customers.

Lower prices tend to mean lower quality. So, how does this brand actually come out after digging up all the details? This Skagen watches review will provide answers to questions you didn’t even know you had and help you decide if this brand is worth the next buy.

Overview of Skagen

Skagen Watches Review

Skagen was launched in 1989 by a Danish couple who moved to the US for work. Named after the Northern Danish city, Skagen designs were fashioned to represent the simple and pleasant coastline of this stunning Scandinavian town. 

With their sleek styles and typically neutral colors, this company has fashioned itself around minimalism being key to all of their pieces.

Beginning with basic watch faces, this company has kept up with the latest advances, offering their own Skagen hybrid smartwatches to compete against the current technological rush. 

Alongside their smart tech, the brand has begun working for sustainable production and renewable sources with their pro-planet line, but we’ll get into that more a little later.

Just what are the downsides here? We’ve been looking at good prices, products, and production, but there have to be some negatives to consider too. Just check out this pros and cons list to find out all you need to know in a nutshell:


  • This brand offers a wide variety of watches, both standard and smart, as well as a newer extensive line of jewelry
  • Skagen watchband replacements are easily available for purchase
  • Lower prices compared to other watch brands
  • Slim and minimalist designs work with any look
  • Free shipping within the US
  • Paypal financing allows for easier and manageable payment plans


  • Watches are made for fashion, not durability

Skagen Review

Skagen Watches Review

Products are one of the key aspects of this Skagen watches review. How can we tell you whether or not to buy a brand if we don’t consider the products available? 

This review will focus on just the company’s watches, but their creations go beyond watches now, so check out their jewelry online if you’re looking for a new minimalist design for your accessories. They even offer trendy Skagen backpacks!

Skagen Watches Review

Watches are what we’re here for. From men’s designs to women’s styles, this brand covers a range of fashions that will suit anyone’s wardrobe. We’ve pulled some of the highest-selling pieces from this company’s site to give you an idea of the more popular styles available.

Skagen Smartwatch HR – Falster 3 Blue Silicone Mesh Review

Starting strong, we‘re showing off the Skagen Falster 3 Blue Silicone Mesh. This piece is a newer addition to this brand’s line, competing against other smart tech available on the market. 

With its 42mm case, this design takes a bold idea of wearable tech and puts it all in one slim piece.

This Skagen smartwatch comes with the choice of 8 different bands, but we went for their classic blue for this review. 

Clocking your time, heart rate, steps, texts, and so much more, this watch is more than just a stylish accessory. Its Always On display feature will keep you up to date with the latest news, gossip, and more.

Track your health and social life, all in one go. No more missing a call because you set your phone down somewhere you can’t remember; you’ll always stay in touch while rocking a sleek style. Even better is the built-in GPS to stop you from getting turned around in your travels.

Update your life in one easy $295 purchase.

Check out additional Skagen watch bands to switch up your style and match your outfit.

Skagen Grenen Titanium and Gray Steel Mesh Watch Review

Skagen’s titanium watches bring both style and class to every equation in one easy move. The Grenen Titanium and Grey Steel Mesh design will have you feeling like a certain British secret agent sipping the evening away through martinis (shaken, not stirred).

Available with either a metallic grey or deep blue face, you’ll be serving up style with the flick of the wrist. You’ll practically be begging someone to ask you for the time, just for an excuse to show off this slim stainless-steel band made to mold to your wrist. 

Secured with a safety mesh buckle, you won’t be losing this one any time soon. 

At the time of this Skagen watches review, this piece is on sale for $88 instead of the regular price of $175.

Skagen Anita Steel Mesh Watch Review

Add some grace to your day-to-day life with the Anita Steel Mesh Watch. The Skagen Anita watches are a line built for elegance and slimming style.

Available in over 10 colors, this collection works with interchangeable bands so you can match your outfit each day should you choose. 

No matter the style of the band, you retain luxury through the face of the watch. Rather than clogging up the face with bold numbers, the Anita design uses striking dots to index the traditional time markers.

Add an engraving on the back to make this piece all the more meaningful when gifting (to others or yourself). This product is wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging, making it one of their pro-planet line products.

Flash your own fashion with this product for $135.

Skagen Gitte Rose-Tone Steel Mesh Watch Review

For a bigger style, check out the Gitte Rose-Tone Steel Mesh Watch. This 38mm watch face sticks out alongside its 14mm wide band to make the minimalist face the feature that will draw everyone’s attention. 

Also available with two alternating face and band colors, this stainless-steel piece will easily become a favorite addition to your accessories.

The secure closure of the metal band can take some adjustment, but once you get the hang of it you’ll love the comfort of the easily adjustable sizing. Elegant and graceful, this piece encompasses the well-loved modern Scandinavian designs of simplicity.

At the time of this Skagen watches review, this piece is available for $93 (regular price $155).

Skagen Hagen Three-Hand Brown Leather Watch Set Review

We’ll say it now, blue and brown may be a new favorite combo after seeing the Hagen Three-Hand Brown Leather Watch Set. This set comes with both a leather band and a stainless-steel mesh option to easily change out the style depending on your mood.

The dark blue face set against the silver casing works with either included option in this set. Both leather and mesh options work well for casual or formal attire, doing well to suit the mood you’re dressing for. 

This set is currently on sale for $90, down from its $175 regular price.

Skagen Watch Bands Review

What puts this brand near the top of our list is the interchangeable strap design that allows you to customize your purchase. 

Whether you want to rock some leather, mesh, or stunning stainless steel, you can easily adjust your look accordingly. We’ve included just a few of our favorites in this review for you to check out.

Skagen 14mm Standard Leather Watch Strap Review

Add a comforting classic to your collection with the 14mm Standard Leather Watch Strap. Made for an interchangeable style with a variety of Skagen watch faces, this strap will work well with any metal face design to complete your look.

Brown leather truly is a traditional style that works for casual and formal occasions. Dress it up or down depending on your shirt and jacket choice. No matter what you wear, this leather strap sits comfortably secured to your wrist to help you track the time while looking great.

This strap is available for $35.

Skagen 14mm Standard Silicone Watch Strap Review

Switch things up with the 14mm Standard Silicone Watch Strap. Available in a variety of colors, this piece perfectly sits against any color of watch face to customize your style.

Our favorite recommendation for silicone would be a classic white band. It’s elegant, dainty, and works with any metals or colors to complete the look. Perhaps not as luxurious as mesh metal options, but this strap is a nice casual dress option that will work for any day.

At the time of this Skagen watches review, this strap is down from its regular $30 to only $12.

Skagen 12mm Standard NATO Nylon Watch Strap Review 

For those who aren’t as big on leather or mesh, Skagen comes in with another option through their 12mm Standard NATO Nylon Watch Strap. Available in a number of colors, this strap is designed to fit the more delicate watch faces with its slim style.

Some customers have stated that this band runs a little long compared to other straps available, but the quality and comfort of the piece more than make up for it. These straps are simple to replace, only taking seconds to install in your watch.

This piece is currently on sale for $8 rather than its regular $25.

Is Skagen Swiss-Made? 

Skagen Watches Review

Skagen Denmark watches are actually a US company. Their products have always been Asian-made, first in Hong Kong, and now in China. While Skagen does offer a Swiss movement line, many of their pieces are Japanese movement in design.

How Long Do Skagen Watches Last? 

Skagen Watches Review

Ultimately, this company does make fashion watches that aren’t built as durable as some more expensive brands. 

The cheaper options from this brand are known to typically last 1-3 years after constant daily use. More expensive options always tend to last longer as their materials are heavier and of higher quality.

As for the smartwatch line, the Skagen watch battery has been known to have a short charge life. Though the line is quite good considering the price, battery life is the downfall for this smart tech. 

Keep it in mind when looking to purchase and figure out how long you’d be looking to go between charging times.

For their prices, this brand lasts fairly well considering they’re mainly made for fashion. If you’re looking for a 10-year timepiece, then it’s worth spending more on those lasting materials.

Is Skagen An Ethical Brand? 

Skagen Watches Review

Skagen has recently begun launching more initiatives to match Denmark’s own attempts of becoming sustainable and responsibly sourced. This brand has put steps forth to make changes in product and packaging to reduce waste in production.

Currently, the brand is reducing virgin plastic use in production and in the manufacturing of their products. Their leather bands are also coming from responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly locations.

The big difference comes from their new pro-planet line that’s dedicated to renewable and waste-free resources. This new line includes their cork watch, apple leather bands, and solar power timepieces.

This brand may not be perfect, but at the time of this Skagen watches review being written, they’re making good first steps towards a better future.

Who Is Skagen For? 

Skagen Watches Review

Skagen watches are designed in a simple style to work for anyone. Men’s and women’s options are available through the brand, but many designs are unisex due to their minimalistic fashion and neutral coloring. 

The brand also offers a pride collection with a bit of color to showcase your pride year-round.

Whether you’re someone who’s looking for a traditional clock face or you’re in need of a smartwatch to match the pace of your life, Skagen has a design for you. No matter age or gender, everyone deserves a stylish watch strapped to their wrist to complete their look.

Comparison: Skagen vs. Fossil  

Skagen Watches Review

Fun fact, the Skagen watch brand is actually owned by Fossil. Originally competitors, Skagen was bought out in 2012 and productions shifted according to Fossil’s standards and locations. That said, both lines continue to sell under their own branding.

Despite being owned by the same corporation, this Skagen watches review wouldn’t be complete without giving a brief overview of the differences between the two brands. 

When it comes to materials and prices, the companies are on par. The main difference between these options comes down to designs.

For standard designs, Skagen sticks to their sleek minimalist style while Fossil offers a similar line in addition to a variety of other options. Fossil does go beyond by providing a wider line of product designs to suit a greater audience.

Among their lines, both brands have come into the 21st century with their own lines of Smartwatches. 

The Skagen Falster 2 was their first model on the market, soon replaced by an updated version made with a higher functioning capacity. Fossil joined the race with their Gen line, making a bigger watch with the same faults and figures as their competitor.

When it comes to choosing between these brands, it all comes down to style preference. Fossil offers more options aside from their bolder smartwatch design. Skagen sticks to their sleek and simple style for all aspects. 

It all depends on what look you want to pull off when you walk out the door in the morning.  

Skagen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Skagen Watches Review

For a complete picture in this Skagen watches review, we took to the internet to find out just how these products hold up for consumers. 

At first glance, a lot of individual blogs have reviewed this brand, but when it comes to larger rating sites like SiteJabber, there aren’t many things said about this company.

When it comes to searching for 5-star reviews, many are found directly on the Skagen website for a variety of products. The Anita Three-Hand Silver-Tone Steel Mesh Watch holds over 50 reviews on their website, combining for a 4.7/5-star rating.

One customer stated, “Really pleased with this watch, quite light in weight & not chunky. Haven’t worn it anywhere yet but it’s comfortable.

Popular themes among the Skagen watch reviews on their website revolve around the comfort, cost, and design of their pieces.

Some other highly rated products on this website are:

  • Melbye Titanium and Gray Steel Mesh Day-Date Watch: 4.2/5 stars based on 30 ratings
  • Hybrid Smartwatch HR – Jorn 42mm Brown Leather: 4.4/5 stars based on 21 ratings
  • Hagen Three-Hand White Silicone Watch: 4.8/5 stars based on 21 ratings
  • Fisk Three-Hand Silver-Tone Steel Mesh Watch: 4.8/5 stars based on 33 ratings

Many Redditors and single bloggers have also reviewed the brand, though once again these reviews come from lower numbers which make the consensus less reliable. 

These reviews generally state the ever-honest opinion that the cheaper brand isn’t built to last, but makes for a good fashionable starter watch.

Is Skagen Worth It?

Skagen Watches Review

When it comes to this Skagen watches review’s final recommendation, we have to preface it with a word of warning. Any brand made cheaply and offered at lower costs isn’t meant to last as long, so you have to go in with lower expectations about the lifespan for these products.

That said, if you’re looking for a fashionable watch to start off a collection or a simple piece to add on for date night, this brand is worth looking into. 

They won’t last forever and you can’t expect them to be top quality, but they are a fun and stylish accessory that aren’t too expensive, especially if you use a payment plan through Paypal.

Is Skagen worth it for their higher-priced items like smartwatches? Probably not. But when it comes to their cheaper and more traditional watches, they’re well worth the shot.

Skagen Promotions & Discounts 

Skagen Watches Review

Saving money is always better, so when it comes to Skagen promotional codes, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a deal. 

The best way to do this would be to register for the newsletter to receive the latest codes, offers, and giveaways. Signing up also gives you 20% off of your first purchase with the brand.

Promo codes often pop up throughout the year, but there are a few standard discounts offered year-round. The best deals are always found in the sale section, so make sure to check out what’s on whenever you’re looking to buy.

Where to Buy Skagen

Skagen Watches Review

If you’re within the US, it’s easy to go online to For those unable to order directly from the website, Skagen is available through a number of other retailers and websites:

  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Fossil
  • Amazon
  • Nash Jewellers
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • People’s Jewellers


Skagen Watches Review

Where is Skagen made? 

Ready to have your mind blown? This Skagen watches reviewer has discovered despite the Denmark branding, this company is actually operated in the US with their products made in Asia. 

Originally manufactured in Hong Kong, production has since been moved to China after Fossil bought the company out in 2012.

What is Skagen’s Shipping Policy?

Everyone wants quick shipping, no matter what you’re ordering (especially if you’re eagerly awaiting the iconic Skagen titanium watches). You’ll be happy to know then that Skagen offers three shipping services for US residents with prices and speeds dependent on your choice.

1) Standard Shipping

  • Free
  • 5-7 business days

2) 2-Day Shipping

  • $13
  • Only available for the continental US
  •  2 business days

3) Overnight Deliver

  • $20
  •   Only available for the continental US
  • 1 business day

Through the US website, deliveries to the US are only available. You can set the website for deliveries to Japan, Germany, or the United Kingdom, but those are currently the only options available.

 Once you’ve ordered an item, you’ll be issued a tracking number so you can keep an eye on the time (get it?) and know when to expect your new watch!

What is Skagen’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Skagen Falster 3? The brand has you covered with their 90 days from purchase return policy. All you’ll need to send your item back is proof of purchase (original receipt, invoice, etc) and to ensure the piece is unworn or undamaged.

Ready for a return? It’s just four simple steps:

  1. Take the Return Detail form and make sure it’s separated from the Order Summary page (that’s for you to keep – you’re welcome!)
  2. Fill in the required info – circle your merchandise, fill in quantity, check return, and fill in return code (listed on the form and online to indicate why you’re returning the item)
  3. Put the form in the return box
  4. Attach the return label (provided) and mail it out

When shipping out returns, all packages should be sent to:

Returns Dept

10615 Sanden Dr

Dallas TX 75238

If you’re looking to switch up your product with a quick exchange, you must go through the return process to order a new one. This can be done online or someone in customer service can help guide you through it all.

If you’re past the 90-day return policy but your watch has a warranty, you’re eligible for Skagen watch repair for any damages or dings that happen for the duration of your warranty. Check out the fine print for details!

Contact Customer Service if you have any questions about returns or exchanges.

How to Contact Skagen

Despite being called Skagen Denmark watches, the brand actually operates out of the US, working in CST (Central Standard Time). Make sure to account for time differences when you’re calling in with a question. 

If you want to leave company feedback, there’s an online form through the website you can fill out to help the company be their best. 


  • 1 (877) SKAGEN-1
    1 (877) 752-4361
  • Mon-Fri 8 am- 8 pm CST
  • Sat-Sun 9 am- 7 pm CST


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