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Rado Watches Review

As Brooklyn-rapper Your Old Droog (YOD) eloquently examined in his rap masterclass album TIME, released earlier this year, it’s easy to take time for granted. While you could argue that time doesn’t actually exist, an argument YOD touches upon in-between duets with MF Doom and raunchy recounts of late-night affairs, the world still runs on time. 

Clocks surround us, and if you’re not paying attention to the time then you are out-of-time. Sure, you could carry a clock around your neck like Flava Flav, but why not keep track of our ever-dwindling time on this planet in style with a Rado Watch.

The Swiss watch company has over 689k Instagram followers and that’s only the latest accomplishment in their storied history. They’ve innovated and experimented with watches in ways most companies wouldn’t dream of taking past the blueprint stage.

Our Rado Watches review will examine everything we think it’s crucial for you to know about the company, like their prices, their history, and their design philosophy, so that you can decide whether a Rado Watch is built for your wrist.

Overview of Rado Watches

Rado Watches Review

The brothers Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup started the Schlup & Co. watch manufacturing company in 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland. “Whoa now,” you’re probably saying, “I thought this was a Rado Watches review?”

It is! But stick around and you’ll soon see how Schlup & Co. became Rado Watches.

After WWII, the company launched their own brand of watches, Rado, built off of their home country’s reputation for crafting some of the world’s finest watches

The watch was such a smash that they changed their company name from Schlup & Co. to Rado Watches in the 1950s.

In 1962, they bust down more innovative doors by creating the Rado DiaStar, the first scratch-proof watch in human history. 

1962 was a big year for the company as they also released the Rado Captain Cook, which was designed for people on the move and those with strenuous, labor-intensive jobs.

Now that you have a better idea of their lineage, this portion of our Rado Watches review will cover some notable pros and cons:


  • Offers an exquisite collection of watches
  • Financing options available
  • Free shipping in the United States
  • Speedy deliveries
  • Two-year warranty


  • Watches can be considered expensive (for good reason)
Rado Watches Review

Rado Watches are unisex, but the company also sells traditional masculine and feminine watches as well as items geared towards particular occupations like divers and doctors.

Rado Watches for Men Review

In this section of our Rado Watches review, we’ll cover the company’s hottest men’s watches. These customer favorites are the best of the best.

Rado HyperChrome Review

There are some elements of this watch, like the metal bracelet and quartz crusting, that are definite attention-grabbers, but this watch isn’t a flex so much as it is an integral piece of any wardrobe. 

Street rappers like Jay-Z or millionaire businessmen like Jay-Z would look equally as stellar with a Rado HyperChrome on their wrists.

There’s some customizability as well, as you can pick from a blue, green, black, plasma, or rose gold Ceramos bezel, making this one of the most versatile Rado Watches for men. For reference, the bezel is the ring around the clock.

This product weighs 153g and would cost $1,210, but it’s with teary eyes that we admit that the Rado HyperChrome is currently out of stock.

Rado Captain Cook Automatic Review

This edition of the Rado Captain Cook Automatic brings one of the company’s pillar products into the 21st century while preserving what made it such a catch in the first place.

As it draws from the original Rado Captain Cook, this watch has the company-famous anchor logo, designating that it’s water-resistant up to 300m.

It also comes with a supply of straps, adding versatility. The straps are easy to change too. Hooray for variety!

With that being said, we don’t think you’d want to change the straps too much because the glossy silver and gold finish is immaculate like the gold-certified 2017 Kendrick Lamar album DAMN.

The Rado Captain Cook Automatic weighs 138g and can be yours for $2,250.

Rado Coupole Classic Automatic Power Reserve Review

The Rado Coupole Classic Automatic Power Reserve is as bright as ten thousand suns, yet simplistic in its design. You’ll want to be checking the time as often as possible just for an excuse to look at this beauty.

The sophisticated watch contains sapphire crystals and is another of Rado Watches’ automatic designs that relieves the pressure of having to switch out the battery. Weighing 147g, the Rado Coupole Classic Automatic Power Reserve costs $1,850.

Rado Watches for Women Review

This section of our review will show the ladies some love by covering the best-selling Rado Watches for women.

Rado Coupole Classic Automatic Review

This watch is extremely similar to the Rado Coupole Classic Automatic Power Reserve, for obvious reasons, but the distinguishing factor is this item’s black leather strap. It tones down the watch’s overall assertiveness, making this a more minimal option.

It’s also nearly 100g lighter than its power reserve counterpart, weighing only 44g.

There are no ardent features that would disallow anyone in any traditionally-gendered occupation from upping their style with this item. It’s tasteful and dependable.

The Rado Coupole Classic Automatic is available for $1,200, though we must note that it’s currently out of stock.

Rado True Great Gardens Of The World Review

You can’t have a garden without flowers, and while we’ve never been to a garden that’s black and rose colored, we’re relative homebodies. Even if you’re not leaving the house, you can still treat yourself to one of the company’s most unique watches.

The Rado True Great Gardens Of The World features an enchanting jasmine flower design and a NivachronTM antimagnetic hairspring. The hairspring should keep this watch on time and safe.

There’s a Top Wesselton diamond dotting every hour, so you have a dozen diamonds strapped around your wrist. That’s like having two full infinity gauntlets.

You can get your own Rado True Great Gardens Of The World for $2,450.

RadoTrue Automatic Diamonds Review

This would be the lightest watch we’ve covered in our Rado Watches review if it didn’t house 4 Top Wesselton diamonds.

It is, however, Rado’s sleekest and most minimal design. Bold black and dabs of gold dart the RadoTrue Automatic Diamonds with an understated regal flair. Sometimes you don’t need much, and with this product, you’ll be paying for what it does rather than what it doesn’t do.

The product costs $2,260 but is currently out of stock – and we’re not surprised. 

Finally, we want you to know that you can engrave the watch for no additional cost.

Who Is Rado Watches For? 

Rado Watches Review

Our Rado Watches review team believes that these products are for mature adults who appreciate fine craftsmanship. Since some of their watches are built for diving and made tough-as-nails, they aren’t relegated to formal wear. They’ll suit most people who enjoy the Swiss watch style.

What Makes Rado Different From Other Watch Brands? 

Rado Watches Review

The Swiss watch brand have spent over a century diversifying themselves from other watch companies by embracing experimentalism. Their pedigree comes from the pivotal year in the brand’s history, 1962, when they released two of their foundational items, the Rado DiaStar and the Rado Captain Cook.

The Rado DiaStar was their first watch that included ceramic materials and they’ve continued to integrate it ever since.

Secondly, the anchor design they originally featured in the Rado Captain Cook designates a watch’s automatic capabilities. This logo has become so synonymous with automatic watches that it’s still prominently featured in their products over 50 years after its inception.

Rado Watches Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rado Watches Review

Consumerism is nothing without community, so this section of our Rado Watches review will focus on what the brand’s customers have said about the company. That way, you’ll gain an insider’s perspective as to whether these watches are worth rocking.

On Amazon, the Rado Golden Horse Swiss Automatic Watch with Stainless Steel Strap has a 4.7/5 stars average from 7 enthusiastic customer reviews.

This review the customer left on the product’s page mentions how Rado were happy to acquiesce to his desire, as well as commenting on the watch’s sublime feel and look. 

He said, “Lightweight & comfortable, looks elegant & shining, fast shipping & the seller adjusts the bracelet as my request, love this seller.

Another product, the Rado Men’s Hyperchrome Swiss Automatic Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, earned a similarly high 5/5 star score from 5 customer ratings.

Not only did the fans ensure that everyone was aware of Rado’s esteemed reputation, especially with regards to their anchor design, but they also highlighted how easy it was for them to read the watch’s display.

Like many other product reviews our Rado Watches review team uncovered, fans on this Amazon page loved the subtle details on the watch. They felt it rewarded those who spent the time studying the item’s intricacies. 

One 5/5 star reviewer put it beautifully: “It’s just an understated, great looking watch. It doesn’t scream for attention, but the more you look, the more details come to life. With the rapid release bracelet, you can change your wardrobe daily, and with the nearly 4 DAY reserve, it’s the quality of an automatic without all the winding!

And what type of Rado Watches review would this be if we didn’t investigate one of the company’s timeless DiaStar watches. 

We looked at the Rado Men’s DiaStar Original Stainless Steel Swiss Automatic Watch with Gold-Plated-Stainless-Steel Strap in this instance, and boy did we find some juicy tidbits.

Besides garnering a 4.3/5 star overall score from more than 50 customer reviews, it, like many other Rado Watches, satisfied consumers to the utmost degree. 

Reviewers adored the details, which one reviewer described as, “elegant & accurate.” Many customers couldn’t stop bringing up how lovely the watch’s design looked or how quickly they received the item. 

Here’s a revealing 5/5 star review that shows how much brand loyalty Rado Watches have built from their century-long time in the watch business: 

I have loved these watches since I was 9 years old. I Grew up watching my dad wearing one and always dreamed of affording one. Now I have more than plenty. I rather go with Rado than Rolex any time of the day but it’s just me.”

Amazon wasn’t the only place where customers fawned over Rado Watches. Our investigations led us to a nifty website called Mouth Shut. 

There, our Rado Watches review staff were pleased to find that over 385 fans rated the company an average of 3.9/5 stars. The brand earned praise for their value and aesthetics across the board.

Reviewers noted how sleek the watches were, giving them an air of professionalism. They also alluded to the longevity of Rado Watches. 

Seems like the company wasn’t lying when they claimed their products were scratch-proof because we found customers who held onto their watches for years without ever reporting even a scratch!

This happy customer tells us all about how his Rado Watch has stuck with him for years and remained in mint condition. “Very nice experience, I have changed battery only once, and still I am using that watch, great experience.

Strangely, although customers on this website kept bringing up the high cost of Rado Watches, they seemed to enjoy it. They felt they were paying for world-class products and enjoyed the prestige that came alongside the item’s steep price tag. 

Whether that’s a dealbreaker is up for you to decide, but this customer explains why they believe the cost is worth it: “The design is mindblowing. People just can’t ignore it without asking what you’re wearing. Price might be high but the quality they provide is also one of the best of all.

When all is said and done, we found that what customers loved most about the company was their beautiful designs, their high durability, and their great displays. 

Is Rado Watches Worth It?

Rado Watches Review

If you’ve got the spare cash on hand then our Rado Watches review team recommends picking up one of their products. They last an incredibly long time judging from customer feedback, so it’d be as worthwhile of an investment as buying a new house.

Suffice to say, the brand is worth it.

Rado Watches Promotions & Discounts 

Rado Watches Review

Rado Watches offers two interesting promotions. The first is that all US 2nd day shipping orders receive free shipping.

Secondly, the company features financing payment plans for all of their products.

Where to Buy Rado Watches

Rado Watches Review

While the best place to buy a Rado Watch is through the company’s website at, maybe you want to shop elsewhere.

Since our Rado Watches writers are so kind, we’ve cobbled together a small list of places you can buy one of the company’s products:

  1. Big online retailers like Amazon
  2. Luxury department stores like Nordstrom and Hudson’s Bay
  3. Check the store locator on the Rado Watches website for more precise retailers


Rado Watches Review

Who owns Rado Watches?

Adrian Bosshard is the current CEO of Rado Watches.

Where are Rado Watches made?

Rado doesn’t source their watch-making practices to other countries. They keep them near and dear in Switzerland.

Where is Rado Watches based?

Rado Watches are based in Switzerland, the same country they were founded in over a century ago.

How long has Rado Watches been around?

Rado Watches have persisted as one of the pinnacle watch properties since 1917, meaning they’ve had over 100 years to perfect their watches.

Does Rado Watches Ship Internationally?

Our Rado Watches review team is happy to tell you that the company ships internationally. You’ll have to check out how their shipping rates differ between each country yourself, though.

What is Rado Watches’ Shipping Policy?

Speaking of shipping, let’s focus on one of Rado Watches’ biggest perks, their shipping policies. 

All US Rado Watch orders are shipped within a day through FedEx. As we mentioned earlier, you won’t have to pay any shipping fees if you selected the 2nd-day shipping option and these orders should arrive in 2 business days.

Rado Watches’ fastest shipping service is overnight shipping, which will deliver your product in 1 business day. However, shipping costs vary based on the product’s size, weight, and end location. This price is calculated at the checkout stage of purchases

What is Rado Watches’ Return Policy?

After buying a Rado Watch you’ll have a 14-day window to return it. The watch needs to be in good-as-new condition and come with its original packaging.

You’ll also need to create a return label, which you can find on the company’s website.

Even though their watches are scratch-proof, don’t get cheeky and try to return a scratched watch. They’re experts, they’ll know what you’ve done, and you will not get a refund. 

How to Contact Rado Watches

If you have any lingering questions or queries, we’ve listed all the best ways you can contact Rado Watches below:

  • Call them at +1 877 839 5224
  • Enter a personal inquiry through their Contact Us page found on their website,
  • Go all the way to the top and call the company’s Swiss headquarters at +41 (0)32 655 6111

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