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I own beautiful, fine jewelry…it’s just tucked away in a box on my dresser never to be seen—except on the rare occasion I do something special enough to warrant wearing it. Mejuri was the first (and only) to make me question why I, and so many others, do this.

Why should I hide away my favorite pieces for special events when life is the special event? Mejuri makes fine jewelry for any occasion—whether that’s lounging, grabbing coffee, or a presentation. Its line of feel-good pieces is a mood on its own, a celebration of living life.

A Canadian e-commerce jewelry shop, Mejuri quickly made a name for itself as a conscious creator in a market stacked with low-quality and obscenely-priced pieces.

Fine with a reasonable price tag, jewelry lovers delight in its practices that empower women and help the earth. Just ask any of its 2M+ followers on social or consult one of its many features in popular publications like Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

In this Mejuri jewelry review, I’ll unearth everything you need to know about the brand before buying. From the company itself to its best-sellers, and of course, feedback, I’ll leave no (ethical gem)stone unturned. Let’s dig in.  

Overview of Mejuri

Let me ask you this: Are you really going to wait what feels like a millennium for your first cousin’s wedding to finally adorn yourself with that spectacular sterling silver choker you’ve been dying to wear?

You deserve more and better, so it’s high-time to treat yourself to affordable luxury. Mejuri has just the thing.

Mejuri CEO Noura Sakkijha spent years as an engineer before founding the brand in 2013. Her creative and technical vision inspired her to seek out expert manufacturers to handcraft jewelry with delicate care and precision.

To this day, Mejuri operates on a direct to consumer business model, creating the finest accessories for customers at an affordable price. I’m a big fan of brands that do this, but more so, I’m in love with this one because of its mission: To help women celebrate themselves.

Shifting the dynamics of jewelry buying from “men gifting women” to “women gifting themselves,” Mejuri inspires confidence and power—and that’s pretty remarkable if you ask me.

Mejuri Instagram Rise

While researching for this Mejuri jewelry review, I learned that Sakkijha built Mejuri as an e-commerce and Instagram-focused business before ever becoming a brick and mortar shop in 2018.

With Instagram, it’s the tech savvy millennial crowd catching wind of Mejuri through ads and friend recommendations. It’s actually how I first heard about the brand.

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But what’s made it garner a 1M following on the social platform? Mejuri’s rise in popularity comes mainly from its compelling designs. Through Instagram, Mejuri has created a close relationship with its audience, injecting a personal touch that websites often lack.

Scrolling through its feed, I can’t help but drool over glamorous pieces that I’ll admit look out of my budget.

When locating their prices, my jaw dropped, the angels sang, and life was grand. But that isn’t even my favorite part about Mejuri. Once I landed on its website, I fell in love with what the brand is all about.

Aside from its fresh, contemporary, and accessible styles, I love that it’s working towards a sustainable supply chain, uses responsibly-sourced diamonds, and opts for recycled gold when possible.

Is there anything not to love about this brand? Spoiler alert: No. So to keep the good times rolling in this Mejuri jewelry review, I’ll give you a peek at the highlights next.


  • Long lasting and supports ethical, sustainable living
  • Jewelry is trendy and elegant
  • Mejuri’s packaging is as fancy as the products themselves
  • Jewelry is easy to layer and pair with other pieces
  • Great customer service that honours their return policy in case of any product defects
  • Offers engravable pieces as well 
  • Free shipping options

Ready to dive into this glittering collection? I’ll take you through a range of delicate necklaces, sweet earring, and dainty rings up next in this Mejuri jewelry review.

Mejuri Necklace Review

Mejuri Lotus Necklace

Mejuri Jewelry Review 3
Mejuri Lotus Necklace

Combining gold vermeil and AAA quality white sapphire, the Mejuri Lotus necklace is born. With a thick 18k gold layer on top of sterling silver, I was reassured this darling pick is high quality.

Super versatile, it gives you the option of pairing it with other slim necklaces for a statement, but I think it shines bright when worn on its own. Dress it up or down, this piece won’t give up when it comes to consistently matching your style.

Even on your worst days, the Lotus Necklace is here to bring you a sense of calm. At $105, this elegant piece is an easy pick.

Mejuri Tarot Moon Necklace – My FAVE Mejuri Necklace

Mejuri Jewelry Review 4
Mejuri Tarot Moon Necklace

I’m over-the-moon for jewelry designs featuring a crescent moon. Maybe this makes me a lunatic (pun intended), but how can I turn down this bestseller made of gold vermeil—especially when it’s accompanied by white sapphire stars?

Measuring between 20 and 22 inches, the Mejuri Tarot Moon Necklace dangles perfectly for any V-neck shirt, blouse or sweater. I love the idea of it paired with a crisp white button down.

With its thin chain, the Tarot Moon stands out beautifully, adding flair and prestige like magic harnessed and inspired by tarot cards. It’s yours for $95—or mine if you don’t decide quickly enough.

Mejuri Locket Necklace

I’ve been obsessed with lockets from an early age. Whether it was the idea of having someone to cherish or the locket design itself, today, I’m equally as drawn to these meaningful pieces.

Add in a picture of the one you love, and just like that, the Mejuri Locket necklace becomes an extension of you. It’s a timeless and sentimental item that stores a precious memory and keeps it close to your heart (literally).

Its 18k gold vermeil layer on sterling silver, gives the wearer a dynamite appearance at just $130

Mejuri Jewelry Review 5
Mejuri Locket Necklace

To my delight, I learned that custom engraving is available at no extra charge. Now I can engrave one of my favourite inspirational quotes inside a petite, old-fashioned time capsule for my own pleasure, or #formydamnself as Mejuri would put it.

Mejuri Earrings Review

Mejuri Oversized Thin Hoops – My FAVE Mejuri Earrings

There are perhaps my favorite go-to hoops. Made in 14k yellow gold and very lightweight, the Mejuri Oversized Thin Hoops are subtle and professional for everyday use for work, casual wear or special occasions.

With my mixed skin tone, these hoops of 2mm in thickness have the impression to always complement my tan, freckled face. 

Mejuri Jewelry Review 6
Mejuri Oversized Thin Hoops

The large hoop diameter of 52mm will make them easy to find if you happen to ever lose them in your home, plus people are sure to notice them and compliment you for having exquisite taste in jewelry.

For $355, the Mejuri oversized thin hoops are a staple item that I think every lady must have in their jewelry box.

Mejuri Single Diamonds Line Mini Hoop

A fan of glitter from time to time, I can’t get enough of these bedazzling Mejuri earrings. They come in either 14k yellow gold or white gold, but I love both of them equally as much.

Made with conflict-free and socially responsible diamonds (SI 1-2 clarity), these precious hoops are both ethical and stunning. 

Mejuri Jewelry Review 7
Mejuri Single Diamonds Line Mini Hoop

If you plan on keeping yours in 24/7, I read that the 14k solid gold are the longer-lasting pick. Whether you’re in the shower, going to bed, practicing hot yoga, relaxing in a sauna, or dancing in the rain, they don’t oxidize or discolour easily, keeping you in style for many days ahead. At $230, you’ll fall in love instantly.

Mejuri Jewelry Review 8
Mejuri Single Diamonds Line Mini Hoop

Mejuri Lotus Studs

After getting to know it so well, it wouldn’t be right of me not to feature the paramour earrings of the Lotus Necklace. Tiny but impactful, this vermeil piece is made from a thick layer of 18k gold on sterling silver, surrounded by delicate white sapphires.

It’s a classic, floral-looking earring— I’d recommend it for first-time piercers if you wish to make a statement in the form of a loud whisper. 

Mejuri Jewelry Review 9
Mejuri Lotus Studs

While reading this Mejuri jewelry review, you might think these opulent earrings would be expensive. In reality, they’re $105, just like the Lotus Necklace. So you could make quite a stunning combo for a little over $200.

Mejuri Ring Review

Mejuri Signet Ring

The smooth, flat bezel surface of this Mejuri ring has been around for centuries and falls into your hands (or rather, onto your finger). A meaningful look, I love the option to add a personal touch.

Once you select 14k yellow gold or white gold, you’re free to add an engraved initial in the centre of the oval, measuring 8mm wide and 6mm high in diameter, to give it a smidge of your personal identity. It’s thin, flattering and subtly gorgeous for $245.

Mejuri Jewelry Review 10
Mejuri Signet Ring – 14k Yellow Gold

Mejuri Beaded Ring

There’s something about an impossibly thin ring that steals my heart. Available in 14k yellow gold and white gold, the Mejuri beaded ring is a textured band fit for many outdoor activities, above or under water, rain or shine.

I can effectively marry this piece with the Mejuri Signet Ring mentioned earlier and create a big enough statement with only using slim and lightweight jewelry. 

Mejuri Jewelry Review 11
Mejuri Beaded Ring – Yellow Gold

To me, this beaded ring resembles a pearl necklace, both of which may be regarded as classy. The price of $95 is affordable and, to me, reasonable considering its 1.3mm thickness.

Mejuri Jewelry Review 12
Mejuri Beaded Ring – Yellow Gold

Mejuri Diamonds Open Ring – My FAVE Mejuri Ring

Mejuri, you did it again. Making me swoon and add one more piece to my cart, this ring features two diamonds spaced apart and creates a distinct look. I like to think of it as giving my finger a nice hug with 14k yellow gold, but it’s available in white gold too.

Mejuri Jewelry Review 13
Mejuri Open Ring – Yellow Gold

The ring’s open design makes it versatile enough to match with essentially any of its peers, like the Mejuri Signet Ring and Beaded Ring. Since it’s an open design, I recommend treating it with special care since it’s prone to catching onto other objects. The cost of $210 is well-worth the effort it’ll take to keep this little guy safe.

Mejuri Jewelry Case Review

Aahhh! Could the Mejuri jewelry case be any cuter?! With its smooth, grain leather surface, I envision it adorning my dresser very nicely in its tone of soft beige or spunky black.

Inside, there are three compartment trays, all of which are specially designed to fit all your fine or semi-fine jewelry. The interior lining is made of anti-tarnish suede that helps maintain your jewelry’s pristine condition.

If you absolutely want to and your heart shouts earnestly for it, you have the option of adding up to three monogram letters to personalize the jewelry box.

Mejuri Jewelry Review 14
Mejuri Jewelry Case

During this Mejuri jewelry review, I noticed that on the brand’s website they showcase an example of the monogram letters with the word, “YES” scrawled across the front. To me, that means saying “yes” to life and filling it only with pieces my heart calls out for. For $195, I intend to guard it with my life.

Mejuri Travel Case – My FAVE Lifestyle Product

I travel with my jewelry in my wallet’s coin purse. A terrible place for it, no doubt, but one I settle on for lack of another option. Here is that option, and frankly, it’s glorious.

Imagine grabbing the Mejuri jewelry box and squishing it to its smallest element—that’s how the Mejuri travel case is created. Let’s admire the four necklace hooks with six pocket holes for earrings and the ring holder that measures 0.5 by 2 inches.

The Mejuri travel case, costing $110, is extremely compact. It can wedge inside a purse, luggage, and this Mejuri jewelry review without any hassle. You’ll have two exterior leather options for the travel case: grain leather in black or beige.

Mejuri Jewelry Review 15
Mejuri Travel Case – Beige Grain Leather

Is Mejuri Jewelry Good?

Mejuri Jewelry Review 16

A reasonable question, no doubt. To me, the value of Mejuri jewelry based on its price and quality seems reasonable overall. Their exceptional manufacturers commit to ethical practices and handcraft with the finest materials—this also helps them score points.

In addition, Mejuri’s top priority is the consumer and delivering products directly to them, means you avoid markups that make your favorite pieces 10x more expensive. The jewelry utilizes precious metals, chains and gemstones. Gemstones including diamonds, sapphire, citrine and pearls are very high quality and enduring for many years to come, especially with the right amount of care.

Based on my findings so far, I can confidently say Mejuri jewelry is good. But let’s see what customers has to say.

The majority of customers on their website boast about Mejuri’s simple and minimalistic styles being amazingly dainty and perfect for nonstop wear. These faithful customers even go the extra mile of recommending Mejuri to close friends and family, further spreading the shopping indulgence.

On the other hand, some Mejuri reviews voice their skepticism surrounding the quality, and if the jewelry can positively withstand the test of time without showing obvious tainting or deformation.

Outside of the Mejuri website, others have agreed. Some have had technical issues with the jewelry as well, but I’m happy to report in this Mejuri jewelry review, that while these things are unfortunate, they’re also uncommon.

Mejuri Promotions & Discounts

Mejuri Jewelry Review 17

For this Mejuri jewelry review, I hunted around for deals offered by the brand. Right now, it’s offering free shipping and extended returns (no Mejuri coupon code required) to select locations.

To get a 10% Mejuri coupon for your next order, sign up for the mailing list. Doing so also means you’ll stay up to date on the latest deals.

Want more? The brand recommends checking back on to their site for any Mejuri discount code that may pop up. I’ve found that though there isn’t a Mejuri sale section, you will find pieces for great deals from time to time.

While there is no Mejuri promo code available now, the brand offers a 2-year warranty on all of its pieces. That’s a pretty good deal to me.

Mejuri Black Friday

Although Black Friday seems like a lightyear away, Mejuri certainly doesn’t hold back from giving the customers what they want and at lower prices.

Judging from each Mejuri Black Friday in the past, it looks to me that Mejuri offers discounts ranging from 10% to 30%. It’s like the gods are smiling upon us with open hands ready to give, give, give! And I’ll happily accept.


Where to Buy Mejuri 

Mejuri Jewelry Review 18

Mejuri jewelry can be purchased through their website,, or at one of their retail locations in Toronto or New York. I personally love shopping for jewelry online, but there is something to trying a piece on before you buy—just be prepared to fall in love.

Mejuri Shipping Policy 

Mejuri ships to Canada, the US, Europe, Australia, and other international locations (refer to their website). Each country has a differing shipping rate, for example, orders above $100 in Canada have free shipping or $5 flat fee for express shipping. Orders below $100 in Canada cost $10 in flat fee for expedited shipping or $15 flat fee for express shipping.

I found that the US shares the same shipping rates as Canada, whereas other countries do have to spend a little extra in order to get a hold of their long-awaited, gorgeous items.

In this part of my Mejuri jewelry review, I have to note that shipping processing times depend on what you order and the status of each product (backordered, made to order, or stock). The estimated shipping dates are provided with the order details in your Mejuri profile and confirmation email once your order is placed.

Mejuri Return Policy

Mejuri returns are free within 30 days for a refund in Canada, Australia and US, however, you must ensure that all original tags and packaging are still intact, and the piece of jewelry itself has no sign of wear.

What’s not eligible for return or exchange? Engraved pieces—just so you’re aware dear reader. Lastly, to start the return process, you must:

  1. Log into your Mejuri profile account 
  2. Select “My Returns” 
  3. From there, you’ll be walked through the steps to select the item and generate the return labels.

Contact Mejuri 

All done with this Mejuri jewelry review? You can reach the brand’s Customer Happiness team by emailing [email protected] or DM them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Physical Location Hours – Mejuri Toronto and Mejuri NYC

Mejuri Toronto: Monday to Friday 12-8 p.m., Saturday 10-7 p.m., and Sunday 10-6 p.m. 

Mejuri NYC: Monday to Saturday 11-8 p.m., Sunday 11-7 p.m.

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Asked by Wendy Lin (3 years ago) Reply

I have heard they sent better quality jewelry to bloggers and reviewers. My personal experience was I brought two pieces of Mejuri jewelry. They tarnished and turned black within few hours of wearing. The quality is worse than Dollar Tree’s .99 cents necklaces. I spoke with tons of others who had similar experiences. I cannot believe this. How dare they market it as luxury and super high quality jewelry.

Answered by Pamela Stewart (3 years ago) Reply

Thank you!

Answered by T. Turner (3 years ago) Reply

I totally agree. I didn’t have a chance to wear the necklace and bracelet I purchased. Completely tarnished in the box. I am EXTREMELY disappointed. I will never make a purchase from this place again. I’ve chalked this up as a loss. As a matter of fact, it’s going right in the garbage… 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Asked by Corina Reyes (3 years ago) Reply

They were bashing JTV so I decided to look up the 10 best jewelry at no cost. Believe me yours is not at low cost. I guess that’s why we go back like your jewelry but can’t afford it.

Asked by Corina Reyes (3 years ago) Reply

I just realized my phone said at no cost I meant at low cost my apologies.

Wanted to love them but horrible quality
Asked by Kim (3 years ago) Reply

I purchased 3 of the sphere bracelets (2 in silver and 1 in 14k gold, expensive) because I loved the style and wanted to support a Canadian company. I warn you, do NOT waste your money! The quality is horrific and all 3 of them broke (the gold one 4 months after I got it with regular wear, working from home, no impact – it had to be defective). I’ve learned my lesson and the customer service people didn’t care at all. Terrible service – stay away!!!

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