Amy Fournier

Creative Writing

In university, I spent a lot of time writing for the school magazine, The Artichoke. I realized that I had a knack for writing about various topics and enjoyed writing for a specific audience. I also wrote weekly email campaigns for a running club on campus that I was involved in which was super fun. After I graduated from university I spent a year working at a nonprofit as a Journalist. This entry-level position allowed me to bring my skills to the workforce and challenged me to try something different-- reporting. I wrote articles across the organization's various publications including Youth Mind, the Newcomer, and the Gender-Based Violence project. The job entailed lots of research and conducting interviews with sources for my articles. I enjoyed being able to flex my creative muscles and learn from others. I am thrilled to bring the skills that I have accumulated so far to my work at Honest Brand Reviews.

Articles by Amy Fournier