Amy Fournier

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Toronto, Canada


York University


Creative Writing


In university, I spent a lot of time writing for the school magazine, The Artichoke. I realized that I had a knack for writing about various topics and enjoyed writing for a specific audience. I also wrote weekly email campaigns for a running club on campus that I was involved in which was super fun. After I graduated from university I spent a year working at a nonprofit as a Journalist. This entry-level position allowed me to bring my skills to the workforce and challenged me to try something different-- reporting. I wrote articles across the organization's various publications including Youth Mind, the Newcomer, and the Gender-Based Violence project. The job entailed lots of research and conducting interviews with sources for my articles. I enjoyed being able to flex my creative muscles and learn from others. I am thrilled to bring the skills that I have accumulated so far to my work at Honest Brand Reviews.


I went to York University to study English and then applied to the Creative Writing program in my second year. The Creative Writing program offered me the chance to hone my writing and editing skills through small workshop classes in literary nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. In the last year of my undergraduate program, I took a graphic design course which I also thoroughly enjoyed and excelled in. Overall, getting the chance to collaborate with other creative individuals and authors was the highlight of my postsecondary career.

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