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Scandinavian Designs Review

Simple, modern, and Nordic-inspired furniture — there’s a reason why IKEA became so popular. Scandinavian Designs offers contemporary home furnishings with quality craftsmanship. You’ll find everything from timeless sectional sofas to beds and dressers online or at one of the brand’s 30+ furniture showrooms. 

If you’ve been looking for design inspiration, you might want to consider joining the 39.9k followers on the brand’s Instagram page. You can also read about Scandinavian Designs in Forbes and House & Garden

Are you looking for a variety of minimalist furniture to fill your home? You’ve come to the right place then. Our Scandinavian Designs review will lead you through the brand’s history, best-selling products, customer reviews and ratings, and FAQs so you can decide whether they’re worthy of your investment. 

Overview of Scandinavian Designs

Scandinavian Designs Review

Scandinavian Designs was founded in 1955 by Hans Lindblom. After living in the US for a few years, Hans decided to return to his home country of Norway to begin his career in the furniture industry.

In 1963, he met with small furniture factories in Stavanger, Norway, who agreed to work with him. At this point, Hans took on all the positions of the business from selling products in-store, advertising, and loading deliveries. 

Today, this family-run business has grown to include several showrooms across the US (as well as many more employees). The brand’s motto embodies the simplicity of Scandinavian design and their way of living: “We make it simple. You make it home.” Before we get into the brand’s best sellers, we’ll briefly go over the key highlights in this Scandinavian Designs review: 


  • Vast selection of timeless home furnishings 
  • High-quality products 
  • Custom order options 
  • Financing options through Affirm 
  • Guarantee for best price 
  • Military discount 
  • Virtual appointments available

So, what can you expect from the brand? This Scandinavian Designs review is here to help you find out. The brand has a wide range of furniture for every room of your house, and even your backyard. 

Next up, we’ll browse through the brand’s most popular furniture. Note, all Scandinavian Designs furniture is available to be purchased through financing options with Affirm. 

Scandinavian Designs Furniture Review

Scandinavian Designs Review

Furnishing your home can be a long process. Often, there are so many necessary pieces you forget about until you’re staring at a space where a sofa should be. That’s totally okay since Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

To make your home styling much easier, our Scandinavian Designs review will showcase some of the brand’s best sellers. 

Scandinavian Designs Ingrid Left Sectional Review

Scandinavian Designs Ingrid Left Sectional Review
Scandinavian Designs Ingrid Left Sectional

When it comes to the basics, a sofa is a must — especially for families. The living room is a place for everyone to socialize, hang out, and chill. Which is why you need a couch that will make all the members of your family or your guests feel at home. 

The Ingrid Left Sectional is a sleek curved couch designed to seamlessly fit into your family’s living room and provide ample seating space. Measuring 118” x 118” x 30”, your kids and their friends can all squeeze onto this sofa. 

The tufted seats and entire exterior are wrapped in luxurious upholstery which will give you the utmost comfort. This elegant sectional is finished with dark wooden legs and comes with 4 matching accent pillows. 

Coming in a lovely olive shade, you can get the Ingrid Left Sectional for $3,199

Scandinavian Designs Delphine Chair Review

Scandinavian Designs Delphine Chair Review
Scandinavian Designs Delphine Chair

Yellow is a cheerful and joyous color. Mimicking the sun, it’s no surprise this color is known to uplift people’s moods and add a bright essence to any space. If you’re looking to add a little bit more joie de vivre to your home, may we recommend the Delphine Chair

This chair is simple and modern in design but will make a bold statement anywhere you choose to put it. It has a chic channeled back and sits atop walnut wooden legs. The best part about this chair is the soft upholstery that covers it. This piece is ideal as a reading or office chair due to its size, stature, and soft texture. It measures 37” x 36” x 31”. 

Sound heavenly? You can pick up the Delphine Chair for $999

Scandinavian Designs Karsten Dining Table Review 

Scandinavian Designs Karsten Dining Table Review
Scandinavian Designs Karsten Dining Table

If you’re currently eating pizza on the floor of your new home, then we highly suggest you consider the Karsten Dining Table. With this dining table, you’ll be able to host a housewarming party with your closest friends or family members. 

Coming in a brown saddle stain, this versatile dining table will match any home decor style. The wooden tabletop is propped up by sturdy metal legs. Each piece is crafted to be unique as it is cut with a smoothed edge to enhance the rustic and distressed look of the wood. 

The table measures 78.5” x 35.5” x 30.5”, ensuring you along with five others all have a spot at the table. 

You can purchase the Karsten Dining Table for $899

Scandinavian Designs Karsten Sideboard Review

Scandinavian Designs Karsten Sideboard Review
Scandinavian Designs Karsten Sideboard

Do you adore the farm-to-table look? Why not make decorating easy and go for items within the same collection? The Karsten Sideboard is the Karsten Dining Table’s partner-in-crime. This sideboard has the same stain finish and metal legs which support the frame. 

You can store special dinnerware inside one of the shelves or three drawers that this sideboard contains. This stylish and functional piece can also be used as storage for media such as records, DVDs, and CDs. The sky’s the limit with what you can store here.

This sideboard measures 63” x 18” x 33.5”, giving you lots of room to hide belongings you don’t use often. 

Get the Karsten Sideboard for $1399. 

Scandinavian Designs Bennet Bed Review

Scandinavian Designs Bennet Bed Review
Scandinavian Designs Bennet Bed

The Bennet Bed is a super classy and contemporary bed designed with minimalists in mind. This timeless piece is the ideal way to elevate any bedroom with an element of maturity and refinement. 

Crafted from solid beech, hardwood plywood, and particleboard, the outside of this bed is neutral and clean. The headboard comes with 100% polyester upholstery so you can relax, read, doodle, or write from the comfort of your bed. 

You can get this bed in a queen measuring 67.8” x 92” x 49.5”, or an Eastern king measuring 82.7” x 92” x 49.5”. 

The Bennet Bed retails for $849-$999

Scandinavian Designs Bennet Double Dresser Review

Scandinavian Designs Bennet Double Dresser Review
Scandinavian Designs Bennet Double Dresser

Last but not least, we have the Bennet Double Dresser. This smoky fresh dresser matches the modern Bennet Bed to give your room the upgrade it’s been looking for. 

Crafted from solid beechwood and 100% polyester, the look will remain classic for years to come. The six drawers range in depth and will surely provide your clothes with all the space they need. In total, this piece measures 60” x 18” x 35.7”.  

Complete your bedroom furnishings with the Bennet Double Dresser for $849

Who Is Scandinavian Designs For? 

Scandinavian Designs Review

Scandinavian Designs is for anyone looking to furnish their home with simple, stylish, and functional furniture. Since the brand takes inspiration from Nordic culture and collaborates with designers from that region, we believe the brand is ideal for those who adore the lifestyle and aesthetic. 

We recommend the brand for people who are moving into their first family home. Much of the brand’s furniture featured in this Scandinavian Designs review and on their website is large which is perfect for filling up big spaces, and not small studio apartments. 

What Defines Scandinavian Designs? 

Scandinavian Designs Review

Scandinavian Designs focuses on minimalism, simplicity, and function. A lot of Nordic designs also use natural materials such as wood (beechwood being one of the more popular choices), leather, linen, wool, and glass. 

Essentially, Scandinavian design strips away anything unnecessary and extra without sacrificing beauty and aesthetics. 

How Do I Get a Scandinavian Look? 

Scandinavian Designs Review

Do you want to transform your home into a Scandinavian palace? In this Scandinavian Designs review we will give you a few pointers. Here are some simple ways to achieve that Nordic look: 

  1. Minimize: choose simple furniture pieces which will blend into any interior effortlessly. Less is more. 
  2. Use natural elements: try to incorporate pieces made from materials you can find outdoors compared to man-made materials. 
  3. Choose neutrals: shades such as beige, olive, and other earthy tones will give your home a Scandinavian essence. 
  4. Contrast is key: instead of going for the monochromatic look, try using a couple of different shades to create more balance. 
  5. Quality over quantity: once again, less is more. Opt for a few high-quality timeless pieces over a multitude of inexpensive home décor and furnishings if you can. 

Scandinavian Designs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Scandinavian Designs Review

Are you inspired by the brand? It’s great to have all these great pieces but do they actually live up the hype? Keep reading this Scandinavian Designs review to find out what customers of the brand have to say about their products. 

Before getting into specifics, lets breakdown the best sellers from the brand’s website: 

  • Ingrid Left Sectional: 5/5 stars from 11 reviews 
  • Karsten Dining Table: 5/5 stars from 6 reviews 
  • Karsten Sideboard: 5/5 stars from 1 review 
  • Bennett Bed: 4.7/5 stars from 3 reviews 
  • Bennet Double Dresser: 5/5 stars from 3 reviews 

As shown above, the brand has nearly perfect ratings for its most popular products. Many reviewers from the brand’s site speak highly of the quality, design, and style of the products. 

First, our Scandinavian Designs review will focus on the coveted Ingrid Left Sectional. Out of 11 reviews on the brand’s site, many customers rave about their new sectional. One customer reviewer said: “I’m impressed with it. Super stylish and is high quality! I’d never bought a sofa I hadn’t sat in first, but this turned out wonderfully.”

Scandinavian Designs Review

A positive review on Facebook recommends shopping at Scandinavian Designs. From 57 reviews and a 3/5 star rating, one happy client wrote: “One of my favorite furniture stores! We furnished almost our entire house (as well as my business’ office!) from Scandinavian Designs. Modern, yet timeless, quality furniture that doesn’t break the bank.”

And people on Slumber Search received exceptional customer service from the brand. Out of 98 reviews and a 9.1/10 rating, one 5-star reviewer commented: “Great shopping experience! Was able to get all of my questions answered by the friendly staff. Made the process of buying a new bookshelf as painless as possible. Will definitely be visiting again soon.” 

Another 5-star reviewer from Slumber Search says, “Tom the Manager was amazing! We had a issue with our couch and he came out to our house to check it out and got us a replacement right away. He was really helpful and we love the styles and designs that Scandinavian Designs carries. Recommended! Thanks Tom for great customer service!”

All in all, we found lots of generous feedback on the brand while writing this Scandinavian Designs review. A few reviewers complained of high costs, but many noted the quality of products made the price tag worth it. As well, numerous reviewers say the pieces they bought from the brand will be used for a long time. 

Is Scandinavian Designs Legit?

Scandinavian Designs Review

Yes! Scandinavian Designs is a trustworthy and completely legit brand. The brand has been in business for over 50 years and has several showrooms in the United States. Chances are you can find a Scandinavian Designs outlet near you. 

When it comes to shipping and returns, we only came across a few complaints regarding troubles with scheduling a delivery and receiving orders. However, these negative Scandinavian Designs reviews were few and far between. 

Is Scandinavian Designs Worth It?

Scandinavian Designs Review

Scandinavian Designs produces beautifully designed and high-quality furniture inspired by the Nordic lifestyle. The stunning craftsmanship of each piece along with the intricate attention to detail makes the brand stand out amongst its competitors. 

The pieces in this brand are durable which makes them great choices as compared to cheaper quality furniture stores. That being said, we’re going to conclude this Scandinavian Designs review by deeming the brand worth your buy. You’ll find a plethora of minimalist furniture which can have a place in your home. 

Scandinavian Designs Promotions & Discounts 

Scandinavian Designs Review

If you’re on the lookout for a discount, you’re in luck! We found plenty of reduced-priced options available in the brand’s sale and clearance section on their website at the time of this Scandinavian Designs review.

We also recommend signing up for the brand’s newsletter to stay on top of any new products and gain access to exclusive deals. 

Where to Buy Scandinavian Designs

Scandinavian Designs Review

In love with the Nordic aesthetic? There are several locations where you can find this brand, mostly at one of the brand’s 30 showrooms across the US. To find your nearest location, use the store locator feature on the brand’s site. 

Want to browse through their selection and take a chance ordering online? You can do that too! Simply look at your options and make your purchase on the brand’s site. 


Scandinavian Designs Review

Who owns Scandinavian Designs?

Scandinavian Designs is owned by the company, Procuritas. The headquarters location is in Petaluma, California. 

Does Scandinavian Designs ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Scandinavian Designs does not offer international shipping. The brand only ships to locations within the continental US. 

What is Scandinavian Designs’ Shipping Policy?

While doing our research for this Scandinavian Designs review, we noticed the brand has two different shipping options depending on your location. If your address is within 25 miles of one of the brand’s stores, then you qualify for deluxe shipping.

Deluxe shipping:

  1. Starting at $99
  2. Includes any item
  3. Can be brought to any room
  4. Assembly and packaging removal included 

If you live outside the 25 miles of the brand’s distribution centers, then you will receive standard shipping. Note, select items will have an additional fee, which will be calculated at checkout. 

Standard shipping entails: 

  1. Starting at $149
  2. Includes any item 
  3. Brought inside your home 

Shipping times will depend on several factors. You will be able to track your order once you make your purchase. If by chance you’re not home on your selected delivery date, or you reschedule after your shipping time frame has been set, then you’ll be charged a rescheduling fee of $49.  

What is Scandinavian Designs’ Return Policy?

Changed your mind? No worries. The brand offers a 14-day return policy. The items must be in mint condition to get a full refund. Item(s) damaged during transit? Don’t worry. Reach out to the brand and they’ll arrange a repair or replacement. If you’re unable to use it at all, simply refuse the delivery. Photo evidence will be required. 

Shipping fees are nonrefundable and any additional shipping fees associated with your return is your responsibility. You will also be charged a 10% restocking fee on any items that are sent back without factory-sealed packaging. 

Finally, mattresses, custom orders, and final sale items are nonrefundable. If you wish to exchange or return a product bought in-store, you are advised to contact the brand’s customer service team to find out the next steps and speed up the process. 

How to Contact Scandinavian Designs

If you have any other inquiries about the brand, you can contact them through the following ways: 

The brand’s business hours are Monday to Friday 8 am – 4 pm, and Saturday to Sunday 8:30 am – 4 pm PST. 

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