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The 1998 cult classic comedy film The Big Lebowski begins with a man trying to find his stolen rug. He holds the rug so dearly because it “really tied the room together.” 

That’s a quality Annie Selke furniture stitches into every one one of their inspired rugs, bedsheets, pillowcases, and more. The company was the recipient of the 2010 Small Business Administration’s Massachusetts Award, and nearly 30 years after the company’s inception, they still carry that hand-crafted touch.

This Annie Selke furniture review is the perfect place to find the answer to every question you have about the brand’s products. We’ll include all the information you need regarding the brand’s practices, prices, products, promotions, public opinion so that you can make informed purchases.

Overview of Annie Selke   

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Annie Selke founded her titular company under the name Pine Hill Cone in 1994, originally working out of her home. Through a lifetime of travel experiences and kitschy interests, Selke developed her vision for textile and home products

The company is now based in Berkshire Hills, Massachusetts, where Selke designs and curates all of the brand’s items. This personal touch ensures every product is infused with the highest possible quality. 

Annie Selke furniture also strives to provide equal opportunities for all its employees, which includes its overseas textile workers in China and India. The company draws heavy inspiration from Indian weaving practices, found in several of their products.

The brand has exploded since its home office roots, collaborating with Woman’s Day and Victoria before launching its own catalog in September 2016.

Now that you have a general idea of what type of garments the founder has been sewing up, let’s hop into the highlights section of this Annie Selke furniture review: 


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  • Customizable rugs for your sizing preferences
  • Offer monthly payment plans 
  • All products are overseen by the company’s founder, Annie Selke, ensuring a consistent brand philosophy
  • Worldly designs set them apart from other brands
  • Has an entire product line that offers discounts on fan-favorite Annie Selke products (Annie Selke outlet)

Annie Selke Furniture encompasses three smaller brands: Dash & Albert Rug Company, which sells gorgeous weaved rugs and was named after Selke’s two dogs (how cute), their home textile line Pine Cone Hill, and their discount brand The Outlet.

Now that you have some idea of what the company offers, this Annie Selke review will dive deeper into their bestsellers. 

Annie Selke Rugs Review

The Annie Selke company offers a bevy of handmade rugs with India. As an additional bonus, all of the products featured in this Annie Selke furniture review can be financed through monthly payments if you can’t afford one lump sum.

To best preserve the pristine quality of these rugs, you should not machine wash them. Nor should you use cleaning products without testing them first. On the bright side, most of the Annie Selke rugs can be vacuumed safely.

Annie Selke Dash & Albert Paint Chip Multi Micro Hooked Review 

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Annie Selke Dash & Albert Paint Chip Multi Micro Hooked

The Paint Chip Multi Micro Hooked ties rooms together so well it would make Jeff Lebowski blush. It’s great for rooms where it’ll catch people’s eyes as the main piece. Think living rooms, entrance ways, and hallways rather than washrooms and closets. 

The fingerprint design comes in three color temperatures, a warm palette with pleasing browns, an oceanic array of blues, teals, and whites, and a kaleidoscopic rainbow gradient. Each would make for a great conversation starter. The rug is 100% wood pile and 100% cotton, with a rubber, PVC, and polyester blend rug pad.

The Paint Chip Multi Micro Hooked costs anywhere from $15 to $3,088 depending on the size. It’s available in all sizes, from 2’ x 3’ to 10’ x 14’.

Annie Selke Dash & Albert Cleo Navy Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review 

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Annie Selke Dash & Albert Cleo Navy Indoor/Outdoor Rug

While writing this Annie Selke furniture review, we found that the Cleo Navy Indoor/Outdoor Rug has already made headlines. It was covered by the New York Times in their October 2019 issue. 

The angular design harkens back to Annie Selke furniture’s rustic roots. One of the available colors is a navy and off-white cream, and the other is a delicious brown and cream pairing. The wool-like rug is made from 100% PET, which is a fiber composed of reused water bottles. 

Plus, the kilim weave means this rug will be less likely to begin piling.

The Cleo Navy Indoor/Outdoor Rug is ideal for rooms or areas where it’ll complement other pieces. It’s too tame to be eye candy, think of it more like the light glaze that highlights the brightness of the surrounding pieces.

This rug costs between $28 to $4,704 as its sizes run from 2’ x 3’ to 10’ x 14’. It currently holds a 3/5-star rating based on 2 customer reviews on the Annie Selke furniture website.

Annie Selke Dash & Albert Watercolor Horizon Woven Cotton Rug Review 

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Annie Selke Dash & Albert Watercolor Horizon Woven Cotton Rug

The Watercolor Horizon Woven Cotton Rug holds strong beach vibes. It’s like you’re looking at a coastal sunset with the way the colors fade from the darker reds into the sandy browns and yellow, turning into light blues and greens like the top of the water, with speckles of yellow recalling the day’s fading sunlight. 

The 100% cotton rug boasts a light, flat weave. You’ll want to house it somewhere where its beachy vibes will work best, like a porch or by a huge window that gets natural sunlight

Costing anywhere from $18 to $1,630 the Watercolor Horizon Woven Cotton Rug is available in any size from 2’ x 3’ to 9’ x 12’.

Annie Selke Bedding Review

In this segment of our Annie Selke furniture review, let us suggest taking things to the bedroom. Here we’ll cover Annie Selke furniture’s best-selling sheets, duvet covers, and quilts. 

Monthly payments for these goods start at $15. 

Annie Selke Bed 101 Essential Percale White Sheet Set Review 

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Annie Selke Bed 101 Essential Percale White Sheet Set

This Essential Percale White Sheet Set will work with any room set-up because of its minimalist design. They’re safe and basic, and that’s a compliment. They won’t upset any interior design scheme.

In addition, they’re incredibly soft because of the 300 percale thread count. They’re 100% cotton too, which makes them good for every season. They won’t constrict you in the hot summers nor leave you shivering during the wintertime. Plus, they’re softer on the skin than wool sheets.

The Essential Percale White Sheet Set is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Normally, it costs anywhere from $160 to $224, but the Essential Percale Gray Sheet Set variant is currently 60% off, costing only $88 to $100.

Annie Selke Parisienne Velvet Dove White Quilt Review

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Annie Selke Parisienne Velvet Dove White Quilt

Now, this Parisienne Velvet Dove White Quilt has naptime written all over it. Originally made in India, the quilted velvet design looks like it was engineered in a lab for optimal comfort. 

While we find the original dove white color divine, the quilt is also available in evergreen, gray, navy, topaz, and a light blushing pink. 

Speaking of availability, the Parisienne Velvet Dove White Quilt comes in full, queen, and king sizes, with the full and queen sizes costing $814 while the king costs $884.

Thankfully, there’s also a monthly payment plan option that starts as low as $74 per month.

Even though you’re probably here for the cozy viscose and cotton exterior, it’s worth noting that the backside is 100% cotton. The front and backside have kantha stitching around the thin cotton filling. The quilt is reversible too, if you’d rather feel the cotton backside cuddle you at night.

The Parisienne Velvet Dove White Quilt flaunts a high 4/5-star rating from 2 customer reviews.

Annie Selke Savasana Baffle Box Duvet Insert Review

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Annie Selke Savasana Baffle Box Duvet Insert

The Savasana Baffle Box Duvet Insert is the company’s most popular style of insert. With a hefty 230 cotton thread count, this is a thick, chunky insert that’ll warm you up like a bun in an oven. 

Not only that, the Savasana Baffle Box Duvet Insert boasts a 600 fill power, double-needle stitching, and it’s machine washable. On the subject of washing, the duvet has been treated with a pre-washing procedure. The process eliminates all dust, build-up, and allergens, meaning that we’re report in this Annie Selke furniture review that this duvet insert is hypoallergenic.

This insert runs from $434 to $624, with the monthly payment options beginning at $37. The twin, queen, and king sizes are all available. 

Annie Selke Outlet Review

Just because this is the discount brand of Annie Selke furniture doesn’t mean the brand’s products are made at a discount. These are great alternatives for those looking for more frugal options.

Annie Selke Owen Denim Throw Review 

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Annie Selke Owen Denim Throw

The Owen Denim Throw thankfully isn’t made of jeans even though it has denim in the name. Gosh, imagine how uncomfortable that would be! The 50” x 70” throw blanket has a wonderful white and blue spacious denim pattern that carries hints of a parkside picnic. 

The fringed edges and lighter colors make the Owen Denim Throw the perfect companion piece for cooler color schemes, or fall nights sippin’ tea when you can’t be asked to throw your arms into your snuggie. Plus, what doesn’t sound cozier than an acrylic, wool, and nylon blend? 

It sits at a $124 price tag regularly, but it’s currently on sale for $64, with monthly payments beginning at $13.

Annie Selke Marion Linen Decorative Pillow Review

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Annie Selke Marion Linen Decorative Pillow

The Marion Linen Decorative Pillow only comes in one size, 22”, and one color, but with a design like this, you only need one. The pillow is trippy, as if Annie melted decorative beads into colors. Painter Laura Park designed the hypnotic hourglass shape along with spatterings of green, yellow, and honey. The pillow transfers her vision from canvas to cushion.

With a design like this, you’d be sinning by burying it under the other pillows on your bed. Place this pillow on your main couch, chair, or anywhere it’ll soak in the attention.

This Annie Silken furniture review is ecstatic about the decorative pillow’s linen exterior. You know this boy is soft. It’s meant for light naps rather than deep slumbers. 

Regularly the Marion Linen Decorative Pillow costs $144, but as a clearance item, it’s only $44.

Annie Selke Selke Fleece Slipper Pink Blanket Review

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Annie Selke Selke Fleece Slipper Pink Blanket

Maybe it’s the combination of pink and fleece, or perhaps it’s the word slipper in the product title, but this blanket is soft enough that we wish it was cuddle weather all year long.

The Fleece Slipper Pink Blanket is subdued, meaning it won’t steal the show. Its feel and  100% polyester design are both subtle so it’s too thin to be your only source of warmth come wintertime. That being said, you know it’ll feel great resting on your skin.

While the Fleece Slipper Pink Blanket is only available in twin and king sizes, it more than makes up for it with its sale price. Normally sitting at $135 to $195, at the time this Annie Selke furniture review it’s currently on sale for $55 to $78, with $10 per month payments available. 

Want more good news? The pearl gray color is also available, and also on sale, but only for 40% so it costs between $104 to $118.

Who Is Annie Selke For? 

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Annie Selke furniture is for home decor enthusiasts who want a personal touch to their furniture. You can tell each product is curated with a master’s vision in mind. Of course they are, since Annie and her team personally inspect every step of production across their product lines.

Comparison: Annie Selke vs. Crate & Barrel 

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Comfort is a subjective topic. Remember, some people walk on fire for fun. That being the case let’s compare Annie Selke furniture with a similar brand, Crate & Barrel, in regards to their shipping, prices, and customization options.

Annie Selke

  • Only two dedicated locations, otherwise they are carried by few retailers in select locations mostly relegated to the United States
  • Ships to the US, Canada, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico
  • Their products are limited to textile-based goods like rugs, tabletop runners, and pillows
  • Average cotton rug costs start at $20 based on size
  • Customizes rugs to specific sizes

Crate & Barrel

  • Multiple stores across the globe
  • Offers international shipping to most countries
  • Wide selection of products – rugs, furniture, lighting, bedding, bath, as well as appliances and outdoor furniture
  • Cotton rugs start at a higher price, $35 on average
  • Do not offer customized rug sizes

Annie Selke Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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Customers seem mixed about Annie Selke furniture goods. After digging through SiteJabber for this Annie Selke furniture review, we found that the brand holds a 1/5-star average based on 3 reviews.

The provided reviews harped on Annie Selke furniture’s dishonest business practices, including selling fur products and not delivering promised credit to customers.

Peeping at the company’s website tells a more positive story. For example, The Karari Hooked Wool Rug holds a 3.5/5-star average from 11 reviews. All the reviews love the rug’s design. One reviewer said:

This one was just right for us. It also helped unify a number of different grays we have in our neutral space (gray walls, gray couch) and brighten up the room as well. The interesting pattern is almost an optical illusion – when I bought it online, I saw stars, in person I see cubes.

Another customer proudly reported, “Price and quality were great. It has a nice thickness to it without being plush and cushy. Love it.” 

However, some customers lambasted how quickly the rug began degrading.

Annie Selke Furniture’s best-selling item, the Classic Hemstitch White Sheet Set, has a 3/5-star average based on 13 reviews. Common complaints mention the sheet’s thinness and propensity to wrinkle. 

On a positive note, one customer stated, “We love the crisp feel of the cotton, cold winter nights and hot summers both. If you want silky sheets, these are not those. If you want a truly fresh feeling sheets in a true white color, and the feel of true cotton, these are they. Love them. They last about two years, then we figure they’re due for a replacement anyways.

The brand’s Instagram page is popping with customer appreciation. Fans love their arrangements and how the pieces come together on photos of their decor. One Instagrammer left this nugget of a compliment. They said the brand had the “BEST use of textures we’ve seen! Love the juxtaposition of velvet + the fun poufs!

Is Annie Selke Worth It?

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If you have a vision for a room layout that needs a particular sized rug then Annie Selke furniture makes for a worthwhile purchase. There are plenty of customer comments who can attest to that statement as well.

Annie Selke Promotions & Discounts 

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By signing up for Annie Selke’s email newsletter you’ll receive a 15% off of your first purchase on their website. You’ll receive offers and design tips only supplied to those subscribed to their newsletter.

Where to Buy Annie Selke 

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Annie Selke furniture can be purchased through their website. They also have stores in Lenox, Massachusetts, and an outlet store in Pine Cone Hill, Massachusetts. 

You can find a list of physical stores that carry the brand on the Annie Selke furniture website.


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Who is Annie Selke? 

Annie Selke is a Massachusetts-based home decor designer who draws inspiration from flea markets, journeys across the globe, and modern sensibilities. She’s also the recipient of the 2010 Small Business Administration’s Massachusetts Award. She continues to develop all of their products to this day.

Where are Annie Selke products made?  

Annie Selke furniture rugs are made in ethical factories in India and China. Their products are also sourced from these countries. Pine Hill Cone has a business headquarters in India, too.

Who makes Dash and Albert rugs?  

The Dash and Albert rugs are, despite their name, not designed by Annie Selke’s cute puppies. They are designed by Selke and her team but are made in the company’s India and China locations by overseas workers. Annie Selke is committed to ethical production practices.

Does Dash and Albert make custom rug sizes?

You can customize your Dash and Albert rug selection’s shape and size, running anywhere from 2’ x 3’ to 10’ x 14’, with the SWATCH variations coming as large as 24” x 18”.

What is Annie Selke’s Shipping Policy?

Expect Annie Selke furniture products to take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to be delivered via ground shipping. If you’re dying to get your hands on a Savasana Baffle Box Duvet Insert though, there are options for expedited and overnight shipping available. They take between 24 to 48 hours to reach their destination. 

All Annie Selke furniture orders must go to physical addresses, as the brand cannot ship to PO boxes.

Ground shipping is available for customers in the US and Canada. While researching for this Annie Selke furniture review, we sadly discovered that international shipping only includes Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

What is Annie Selke’s Return Policy?

Annie Selke furniture allows refunds and returns up to 60 days after purchase if a receipt is provided.

The company cannot refund or offer returns on personalized items like custom rugs and fabric ordered by the foot, as well as clearance products, wallpapers, lighting, or decorations. The brand recommends checking the product description to ensure your product qualifies for returns or refunds if necessary.

How to Contact Annie Selke

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There are a few ways to get in touch with the company, which you’ll find in the final portion of our Annie Selke furniture review:

  1. Phone: (877) 586-4771
  2. Email: [email protected]

The customer service team is available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm EST. 

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