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About Valyou Furniture

Valyou Furniture Review

The market for accessible, cheap furniture in this world is vast. You can find a decent-looking couch pretty much anywhere, especially if you plan to chuck it out in five years once your kids and dog have had their way with it. But did you know that you can actually buy stylish, long-lasting furniture that won’t break the bank?

Valyou Furniture’s greatest focus is combining sensible and durable designs with comfortable and stylish concepts. They want you to be able to buy one couch, and that’s all. Perhaps their mission is what’s gotten them featured in Newsweek, London Daily Post, and Business Insider. With over 84k followers on Instagram, we can see why they’re so popular.

With such innovative designs made for everyday life, this Valyou Furniture review wanted to dig a little deeper and see what makes this brand tick. Their prices aren’t for the person who shops at IKEA but  we wanted to know: will their furniture really withstand the test of time or are they just high-priced and low quality pieces?

Overview of Valyou Furniture

Valyou Furniture Review

Founded in Hawaii by Efi Bisk and Shaul Rappaport, Valyou Furniture began with the mission to bring two concepts together: practicality and style. And ever since 2018, the furniture company has since been picking up steam with their unique designs made for everyday life.

With its headquarters in Kapolei, Hawaii, Valyou Furniture has struck a chord with folks who love style, but fear bringing any nice, expensive units into their home because they would be trashed immediately.

By entering such a niche market that’s relatively untapped, this company is doing it right. Just check out this list of highlights if you want to see what we mean:


  • Wide variety of styles to fit every room
  • Valyou rewards club
  • All products in stock & ready to ship
  • Ship all over Hawaii and the contiguous USA
  • Fantastic Valyou Furniture reviews
  • International shipping available
  • Multiple delivery & assembly methods to choose from
  • Klarna payments available
  • Easy to assemble

It’s likely that at this point, you’ve been searching for a piece of furniture that’s not only durable and washable, but stylish and chic, and you may have given up that hunt a long time ago.

Well, Valyou Furniture is here to bring to you the end of that search. Within the small market that’s long-lasting and gorgeous furniture, this company emerges with designs made for everyone.

Valyou Furniture Review

Valyou Furniture Review

When it comes to top quality furniture for affordable prices, this company boasts that it offers you both. But this Valyou Furniture review wants to dig into their best-selling products to find out whether that’s the company’s opinion or if that’s truly what these folks are good for. From what we’ve discovered, they’re certainly above average for style and cost.

We’ve collected some detailed information on what the company does best, so take a look and see if you like their customer favorites!

Valyou Furniture Mario Capasa Feathers Sectional Review

The Mario Capasa Feathers Sectional is a durable and stain resistant sofa that fills your room with comfort and style. Available in 4 different sizes to suit any space, this couch has been made for oops-proof moments, including removable cushion covers and a fiber blend material. Plus, this sectional has cushy backrest cushions for added comfort.

With pine wood legs and Egyptian cotton covers, this sectional can be bought in plenty of dimensions, depending on your space. It also comes in beige or gray, can face left or right, and retails for anywhere between $1,500-$2,500 (regularly between $4,200-$5,400).

Valyou Furniture Ohdome The Charm 2.0 Review

The Ohdome The Charm 2.0 might be your favorite piece of furniture yet, but only because of how easy it is to assemble. With a customizable headboard and frame to get the perfect color and fit for your space, the bed can feature an ash wood frame and linen headboard, as one of the options, if you choose to go with fabric.

Available in full to California king sizes, you can choose between ash or walnut as the base of your frame, along with a headboard that speaks to your aesthetic, including white or black leather, beige, and gray. This frame retails between $600-$800, depending on size.

Valyou Furniture Mario Capasa Loft Review 

The Mario Capasa Loft is a soft, cushioned cloud of comfort. This couch has been designed for wear and tear, with stain proof and durable pet-friendly cushions, removable covers, and anti-scratch fabric. With its handmade and 100% vegan exterior, this sofa will outlast any other piece of furniture in your home, while it keeps you and your family lounging.

Coming in 2 sizes, the dimensions of this sofa are either 102” or 142” wide and is available in 3 different colors: light gray, dark gray, or tabac. It retails for between $1,600-$2,100 (regularly on sale from $4,200-$5,000).

Valyou Furniture Mario Capasa Feathers Sofa Review

The Mario Capasa Feathers Sofa is this brand’s perfectly petit and cozy couch. Designed to feel like feathers against your skin, this linen/Egyptian cotton blend couch has removable and washable seat cushions, as well as heavenly backrests for added comfort. Did we mention the material is stain resistant and pet-friendly?

The feathers sofa lives up to its name in softness, and comes in a variety of sizes, depending on your space. With a pinewood frame and ashwood legs, this sofa is available with 3 to 6 seats, and in beige or gray. It retails for between $1,200-$1,900, on sale down from $2,400-$3,700.

Valyou Furniture Mario Capasa Feathers Ottoman Review

The Mario Capasa Feathers Ottoman would be the perfect addition to your living room’s vibe. Made for practical comfort, this cloud-like ottoman features the same stain-resistant and durable fabric as its couch counterpart, so feel free to put your feet up and relax on its durability and style. 

With its removable covers and memory foam cushioning, the feathers ottoman comes in beige or gray, featuring a pinewood frame, Egyptian cotton blend fabric, and the dimensions of 37” x 25″ x 18″. It is currently on sale for $350, down from its regular price of $550.

Valyou Furniture Ohdome The Charm Nightstands Set of 2 Review

The Ohdome The Charm Nightstands Set of 2 are this company’s favorites because, well, they look gorgeous. With natural stains to reveal their grain and detail, these solid ash wood side tables will be the last pieces of bedroom furniture you’ll need to invest in to hold your books.

Coming in an ash or walnut stain, these nightstands have the dimensions of 17.5” x 16” x 19” with a leg height of 6”, and retails for $300.

Who Is Valyou Furniture For? 

Valyou Furniture Review

Valyou Furniture is for folks who have an eye for style and interior design, but also have a bustling life full of children, pets, and spillage. They appeal to the masses of people who love to have nice things but are afraid to commit to gorgeous, cloud-like sofas because they’ll get ruined the next day.

That’s because the brand has stepped up their game in comparison to their chic competitors. They use durable fabrics that can be washed and wiped, not to mention their vast array of size options and furniture concepts. In other words, this brand is for people who like pretty and practical things that will last.

Valyou Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Valyou Furniture Review

When considering the best options to furnish your space, there’s almost an infinite number of places to order from. But between high shipping costs and long delivery times, it’s hard to know what you’re going to get until you actually experience the company’s process yourself.

That’s why we took this Valyou Furniture review to the next level. By providing direct-from-the-consumer feedback, we’re certain you’ll get the detailed information you need before placing an order and holding your breath while hoping for the best.

We tracked down a whole bunch of Valyou Furniture reviews and ratings to consider before sharing with you what we felt to be the most valuable and telling experiences and feedback. So, let’s begin with a list of ratings regarding this furniture brand’s best-selling products from the brand’s site:

  • Ohdome The Charm Nightstands Set of 2: 4.3/5 star average, from 20 customer reviews
  • Mario Capasa Feathers Ottoman: 4.3/5 star average, from 35 customer reviews
  • Mario Capasa Feathers Sofa: 4.5/5 star average, from 74 customer reviews
  • Mario Capasa Loft: 4.5/5 star average, from 59 customer reviews
  • Ohdome The Charm 2.0: 4.6/5 star average, from 138 customer reviews
  • Mario Capasa Feathers Sectional: 4.4/5 star average, from 457 customer reviews

On Trustpilot, there are an impressive 99 Valyou Furniture reviews, with plenty of fantastic feedback for the company. We found an average of 4.3/5 stars for their average rating, including this 5 star feedback from a recent customer:

“I had been looking for a new sectional for my living room and finally decided on the Valyou Furniture feathers sectional after only three months of searching. I had seen so many other pieces of furniture that were either too expensive, too ugly, or too uncomfortable but the Valyou Furniture feathers sectional is just perfect! It’s not as expensive as some of the other brands.”

Valyou Furniture Review

Meanwhile, Yelp has plenty of feedback from recent Valyou Furniture customers, showcasing a total of 404 reviews and a 3.5/5 star rating. Here’s an example of your average Valyou review:

“I had to furnish an apartment very quickly and had a very hard time finding attractive furniture in Honolulu that was reasonably priced. I found a listing for a sofa on Facebook marketplace and that is where I met Kiana.”

“She is the most responsive, kind, professional and just all around helpful person. She made buying the furniture easy and was so accommodating throughout the entire process. I will definitely be using this company going forward. I highly suggest stopping by their showroom. great experience!”

Another great example of a Valyou Furniture review worth reading is this feature that we found on Modern Castle, where the reviewer gave the furniture company a 95/100 rating, based on one of Valyou’s most popular sofas. To see the details of what they had to say, read on:

“The different materials chosen are of a good quality and add to the overall look and feel of the sofa. The build is done with precision to increase the life of the sofa, all while providing comfort with a modern look. Even though the boxes it came in were big, the assembly process was simple. No tools are required and it takes 10 minutes to have the couch ready to go.”

Valyou Furniture Review

“The Feathers sofa is quite soft all around. The pillows and cushions being stuffed with poly fiber fill give the sofa a great feel that you can sink into. The ability to unzip and remove the covers to clean and wash makes it simple to care for. The stain-resistant fabric is an added bonus that helps maintain the sofa even when accidents happen.”

With countless feedback that comes across positive and excited, Valyou Furniture reviews give this company their great reputation. While the brand itself can brag and speak highly of its products, it’s the customers who will offer true blue ratings, and in that case, Valyou is doing pretty well for itself.

Most of the great reviews are regarding quality, while a few others focus on price. Where Valyou has gathered a few negative bits of feedback is in their shipping. But it appears that most furniture companies are the same or worse, so perhaps it’s just a tricky business to ship large scale items overseas.

When all is said and done, Valyou Furniture reviews are predominantly awesome, and that’s what we really needed to know.

Is Valyou Furniture Legit?

Valyou Furniture Review

This brand, which began in Hawaii, has taken the furniture world by storm with their innovative designs and their desire to bring a practical edge to interior furnishings.

Valyou Furniture reviews and overall reputation precedes the brand, and have added to their trustworthy and sincere name that leaves them with a stamp of legitimacy. 

Is Valyou Furniture Worth It?

Valyou Furniture Review

If you have a taste for modern furniture that adds an element of style and ambiance to your room, then yes, Valyou Furniture is worth it.

To some, their prices may be a bit more than your typical furniture store. But since this brand’s units are built to last with their durable materials, stain proof coverings, and removable cushion covers, the price is worth it.

By combining practical design features with chic and comfortable couch solutions, Valyou Furniture is living up to their claims and prices by creating something their customers can love now and into the future.

Valyou Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

Valyou Furniture Review

At this time, there aren’t any Valyou Furniture coupons or discounts available from the brand. However, they do have a rewards club, and a rather appealing sales section that is eye-catching and promotion-savvy.

Where to Buy Valyou Furniture

Valyou Furniture Review

Valyou Furniture prides itself in its services as a company almost as much as it does its products.

This is why their units and products are solely available through their website, and not on any other third-party platforms. Don’t worry, they ship internationally and take the utmost care in delivering your new furniture to your door.


Valyou Furniture Review

Who owns Valyou Furniture?

Valyou Furniture is owned by co-founders Efi Bisk and Shaul Rappaport.

Does Valyou Furniture ship internationally?

Great news! Valyou Furniture does indeed offer international shipping. They will be able to offer you a quote on the shipping costs and delivery times once you head to the checkout with your products.

What is Valyou Furniture’s Shipping Policy?

Valyou Furniture offers a variety of shipping options, which will be considered depending on where you live. Their delivery times vary, as you can see in the chart below, and they offer a selection of services that you can choose from, depending on how you want your furniture delivered.

Overall, your shipping and delivery costs will be calculated at checkout.

Delivery times:

  • East coast: 1-5 business days
  • West coast: 5-12 business days
  • Hawaii (Oahu): 2-3 business days
  • Hawaii (other islands): 3-7 business days

Delivery styles:

  • Curbside delivery
  • Inside your home
  • Pick-up
  • White glove set up

What is Valyou Furniture’s Return Policy?

Making returns with Valyou is straightforward and simple. You just need to get in touch with them within 14 days of your delivery, and they will get a return initiated.

The items must be like new, and in their original packaging. Your original shipping charges will not be refunded.

How to Contact Valyou Furniture

The following ways are the best if you’d like to get in touch with Valyou regarding returns, questions, or shipping information. 

  1. Chat with one of their live agents on the website
  2. Email them using the contact form provided
  3. Phone: 1-888-913-2008 

Their customer service team is available every day between 6 am to 10 pm PST.  

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