The Classy Home Review

About The Classy Home

The Classy Home Review

Upscale your abode with a purchase or two from The Classy Home. Selling thousands of products to better any home space, this company kills it with their options, services, and brand selection for shoppers to choose from.

This brand has been building itself up for quite some time but hasn’t gained the online traction that other companies have. With only 4k followers on Instagram, this lesser-known business is ready to step out of the shadows of bigger competitors and into the spotlight.

Our The Classy Home review will look at company history, products, prices, competitors, and more to decide whether this brand is actually worth it.

Overview of The Classy Home

The Classy Home Review

Over 15 years in the business has made this brand what it is today. Launched in 2006 to provide affordable home furnishings for those looking to decorate, this company built itself up based on the 100+ brands it offers online.

Pulling from so many other names for their furniture, The Classy Home actually offers over 170k products in their inventory. We dare you to say there’s nothing available that matches your style.

Simplifying the order, service, and construction process through quick customer service and video instructions, this brand knows how to please their customers every step of the way.

As with all businesses, where there’s good, there’s bound to be some not-so-good. We’ve thrown together a list of the top pros and cons to consider:


  • Over 170k products sold from this site
  • Wide list of brands available
  • Low costs
  • Good reviews
  • Simple ordering service
  • Communicative customer service
  • Affirm payment plans available


  • No international shipping
  • No full refunds on returns
  • Limited shipping services

Now let’s take a closer look into the products. We’ve given a simple overview of some of the top collections just to dip a toe into the ocean that is The Classy Home inventory.

The Classy Home Elegant Bedroom Sets Review

Build a better bedroom with The Classy Home’s bedroom sets. These favored items are an easy way to add some elegance to a room without breaking the bank.

The Classy Home Furniture of America Ariston Rose Gold 2pc Bedroom Set with Full Bed Review

The Classy Home Furniture of America Ariston Rose Gold 2pc Bedroom Set with Full Bed Review
The Classy Home Furniture of America Ariston Rose Gold 2pc Bedroom Set with Full Bed

Add a bit of luxury to the bedroom life with the Furniture of America Ariston Rose Gold 2pc Bedroom Set.

Containing both bed frame and bedside table, this set is a great first set for anyone looking to move beyond a basic frame or box for their mattress. Beautifully decorated in rose gold furnishings, this furniture shimmers just enough to glamorize standard sleep. 

Simple in its design, this headboard has just enough character to add some class without going overboard. This two-piece set is available for $966 (normally $1,628).

The Classy Home Progressive Furniture Willow White 2pc Bedroom Set with King Upholstered Bed Review

The Classy Home Progressive Furniture Willow White 2pc Bedroom Set with King Upholstered Bed Review
The Classy Home Progressive Furniture Willow White 2pc Bedroom Set with King Upholstered Bed

Bring natural beauty home with the Progressive Furniture Willow White 2pc Bedroom Set.

Combining gentle willow woods with soft tan upholstering, this King-sized bed and bedside table set keep nature close at all times. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the soothing sights of natural tones in a solidly built setting? 

Neutral enough to work with any wall color or themed room, this set is a great addition to maintain a comfortable and casual room.

This set is available for $1,015 (usually $1,692).

The Classy Home Cosmos Furniture Review

We’re talking this The Classy Home review into their best-selling Cosmos collection. Focusing on their tables, these striking pieces are sure to stun when added to any room.

The Classy Home Cosmos Furniture Carissa Talia Gold Black 2pc Coffee Table Set Review

The Classy Home Cosmos Furniture Carissa Talia Gold Black 2pc Coffee Table Set Review
The Classy Home Cosmos Furniture Carissa Talia Gold Black 2pc Coffee Table Set

Luxury has never been so close as it is with the Cosmos Furniture Carissa Talia Gold Black 2pc Coffee Table Set.

Keeping things rounded with their black marbled tops, these tables cut through the casual with strict gold bars for both support and appearance. Sporadically placed gold bars add rich coloring to these tables, catching every gaze that enters the room. 

With two table sizes (that can be bought separately as well), these tables perfectly tie together a look across a single room or multiple floors.

Add both of these to the collection for $1,515 (a huge saving from the usual $2,558 price).

The Classy Home Cosmos Furniture Arlene Gold Console Table Review

The Classy Home Cosmos Furniture Arlene Gold Console Table Review
The Classy Home Cosmos Furniture Arlene Gold Console Table

Ring in the new year by adding the Cosmos Furniture Arlene Gold Console Table to any living room.

Defying gravity, this black and gold tabletop balances perfectly on four rings that separate the top and bottom slabs. Adding to any contemporary home, this piece is more than furniture – it’s art. With a dash of luxury, a sprinkle of fun, this piece is an easy talking point wherever it’s added.

Grab this piece for the cart for $995 (usually $1,630).

The Classy Home Lamps Review

Brighten up any day with The Classy Home Lamps. These popular pieces are a few of our favorite selections from the thousands of options available.

The Classy Home Chandelier Lamp Review

The Classy Home Chandelier Lamp Review
The Classy Home Chandelier Lamp

Shimmer with delight by adding the Chandelier Lamp to any living, dining, or bedroom. Or anywhere else. It’s up to you.

This lamp gives the appearance of a hanging chandelier while saving ceiling space. Three lights hang from this lamp, branching out from the single base. 

These silver-coated branches and crystal beads shine in the light given by the lamp heads, elevating the space with a glimmer of hope.

Make any room into a statement for $190 (regularly $310).

The Classy Home Ivory White Ceramic Faux Linen Table Lamp Review

The Classy Home Ivory White Ceramic Faux Linen Table Lamp Review
The Classy Home Ivory White Ceramic Faux Linen Table Lamp

Stick to the simple pleasures in life with the Ivory White Ceramic Faux Linen Table Lamp.

Standing tall at 30”, this classic piece works in ivory, cream, and gold tones to warm up the room with a soft glow. Appearing traditional, but maintaining affordable prices, this contemporary piece perches on any side table for the perfect décor. 

Steady and durably designed, this lamp is made to last the many makeovers our homes undergo. Plus, it’s currently on sale for $390 (regular price $595).

The Classy Home Sofa Review

Sit comfortably and lounge on The Classy Home Sofa of your choosing. We’ve selected a couple of their popular models, but they’re a great start to the world of couches available from the thousands of products in this collection.

The Classy Home Denim Sofa Review

The Classy Home Denim Sofa Review
The Classy Home Denim Sofa

Rustic, homey, but with a bit of class, the Denim Sofa does it all.

Inspired by a Chesterfield design, this standard setting takes a homier approach through its weathered denim appearance. Classy feet keep this sofa standing tall, the gold accents pleasantly pairing with the blue of the couch. 

Rolled arms provide the perfect headrest for lounging, the soft down cushioning only adding to those after-work naps.

This piece is currently on sale for $2,760 (down from a whopping $4,190).

The Classy Home Global Furniture U8210 Pluto White Sofa Review

The Classy Home Global Furniture U8210 Pluto White Sofa Review
The Classy Home Global Furniture U8210 Pluto White Sofa

Class up the place a little with the clean colors of the Global Furniture U8210 Pluto White Sofa.

We’re putting it out there, the best part of this sofa is the adjustable headrests. You read that right. Tip these headrests back to the perfect angle for lounging in front of the TV or propping those feet up after a long day. Contemporary in its appearance and build, this whole sofa screams sleek and slim.

Comfortable in its seating and classic in appearance, get this sofa for $865 (on sale from the original $1,415 price).

Who Is The Classy Home For? 

Anyone looking to add some new style to their home can be satisfied with The Classy Home furniture. Mix up a fashion for reasonable costs and well-reviewed services. Generally, kids won’t be the ones putting the order in, but this is a good brand for those looking to save some money.

Comparison: The Classy Home vs. Wayfair

The Classy Home Review

Cheap furniture equals Wayfair. We all know the name, the brand, the deals, and more. But it’s always good to remember that there are more options on the market. We’re really giving it our all with this The Classy Home review, comparing a furniture titan to this lesser-known name.

Let’s lay it all out:

  • Products – We’ll be honest here, both of these brands have an extensive range of products available. The one plus to The Classy Home is that they’re brand-based, offering a number of different companies that make up their inventory. On the other hand, Wayfair works from 5 brand names for their millions of products.
  • Prices – We have to give this one to Wayfair. They offer similar products for about $100 cheaper than The Classy Home. Both of these brands offer great discounts compared to other furniture stores, but Wayfair takes this lead.
  • Services – Once again, we’re highlighting Wayfair here. This company offers a number of delivery options including curbside drop off, delivery to the room, set up, and packaging removal. The Classy Home provides two options for delivery, but neither is as extensive as the Wayfair selections.
  • Popularity – Wayfair is clearly the well-known name of these two, but they also have some less-than-ideal customer ratings. Part of that comes with being a bigger name in the market, but Wayfair reviews are generally far more critical of the furniture and services than any The Classy Home review found online

Wayfair has the upper hand after being so popular in the market, but The Classy Home still has hundreds of thousands of products in addition to great prices. The great part about being a lesser-known name? Less negative publicity for those savings.

Either brand will get the job done, but looking at reviews alone would lead us to trust The Classy Home over Wayfair any day. 

The Classy Home Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Classy Home Review

We’re turning this The Classy Home review to the people of the internet for the truest facts and figures of this business. Do items really look that good? Are prices that low? We’re here to dig for the details that will provide potential customers with everything they need to know before buying.

We skipped over TrustPilot for this one as its mere 6 ratings didn’t seem worth discussing. SiteJabber, on the other hand, clearly shows an interest in this business with a 4.5/5-star score based on almost 17k ratings.

This The Classy Home review can confidently state that this brand is well-loved on SiteJabber by furniture buyers. This online company has seemed to sway customers with their easy navigation and order process.

Great website with high quality products! Efficient search filters, secure check out, and items shipped are packaged well! Accurate names for the products they sell! Lowest prices among all the online furniture stores. Benefits program is great, I was able to redeem points on my second purchase to receive additional dollars off of the discount that was already there!

Customers also love the low prices for such great furniture. The pieces available match their online appearances which isn’t always the case these days.

One customer stated, “I was weary at first to order online and from a retail store I’d never heard of for the amount I was spending. Great communication through email after you order with a tracking number. Was packaged perfectly, nothing damaged and I love my new gorgeous living room set.

According to various reviews on Houzz, The Classy Home serves up great communication with their customers. While a few negative comments regarding shipping and wait times deter some, others haven’t been so easily swayed and are thankful they haven’t been.

We had a very pleasant shopping experience with them. We saw a recliner on it, and liked it very much. They were selling it for quite low prices as compared to other online stores. So, we chose to go with them. Then we were scared after seeing some of the negative reviews about this site. But thankfully, we did not face any problems with them.

Even The Classy Home’s app (that’s right, there’s an app for that) has great attention from satisfied customers. Currently, the app sits at 4.2/5 stars based on over 100 ratings.

These reviews regard a wide number of elements of this business, but it really all comes down to service in the end. Buyers are more than happy to tell their tales of struggles and successes in this aspect.

One five-star The Classy Home review posted, “Even through this coronavirus that we were going through, customer service still got to me within a matter of time to help me with any issue I might have had. Whether it was shipment, delays, or anything else that could have possibly went wrong, they were there to take care of it and in a very nice manner too.

Their B-rating on the Better Business Bureau only adds to the number of praises for this company. Beautiful furniture, easy site navigation, hundreds of products, and crazy low prices all solidify this company as a solid choice.

Is The Classy Home Worth It?

The Classy Home Review

The moment you’ve all been waiting for – The Classy Home review final recommendation. We’re giving this one two thumbs up.

The extensive product line alone draws our attention, but low prices, great service, and an easily accessible site all add to reasons why this one gets a yes. 

The Classy Home Promotions & Discounts 

The Classy Home Review

This The Classy Home review has discovered a wonderful thing about this business – seasonal sales. Constant promotions are running to knock at least 10% off of regular price, often with more discounts and deals available before checking out.

You can also get a promo code for 11% off by signing up for their mailing list. 

Where to Buy The Classy Home 

The Classy Home Review

Since this business prides itself on offering a number of brands, the company site is the only place to buy from The Classy Home. Just head to theclassyhome.com for the never-ending list of brands available.


The Classy Home Review

When was The Classy Home founded?    

The Classy Home first came to light in 2006.

How many brands does The Classy Home carry?   

Over 100 brands exist in the stock of The Classy Home. Not too shabby for one location, right?

Does The Classy Home have a showroom or store?  

No, The Classy Home does not currently have a showroom or store. They operate solely online to keep prices as low as possible.

Does The Classy Home offer an Extended Warranty Plan?  

Yes, they do! Any customer can purchase an extended warranty through a third-party company available at checkout.

Does The Classy Home price match?  

Price matching is available with this company. The only thing to note is all price matching must be done prior to the order shipping out.

What is The Classy Home’s Shipping Policy?

Get the process going after reading this The Classy Home review. Find a piece and ship it out to complete that show home that’s always been dreamt of.

First order of business – knowing if an order is even possible. The Classy Home ships within the US only, so other countries are out of luck with this one. For those who have the ability to order, read on for all the info.

Two shipping services are available at checkout:

  • Standard shipping
    • Curbside drop off of items
  • White Glove Service
    • Items are delivered to the desired room
    • Set up and assembly are offered in select states, so check the listing to see where all is included

Shipping costs are dependent on location and the items ordered. The maximum price for delivery is $150, but zip codes must be entered at checkout to verify what costs apply for select orders. Some states like New York offer free shipping for orders over $200.

The best part about ordering furniture? Delivery times are scheduled. No need to track things down and impatiently wait. All orders are organized for drop-off, though any missed deliveries will require a re-delivery fee, so make sure to be there and wait for the first appointment.

What is The Classy Home’s Return Policy?

We’re not really recommending returns in this The Classy Home review, and we’ll tell you why – a large chunk of money is lost in the process.

Returns that aren’t due to damage go through a lengthy process that begins by emailing customer service and requesting a return. 

Only once the company accepts the request can the delivery stage begin. Customers have 5 days after the accepted request to begin the return.

To start the return process, customers must:

  1. Agree to the 25% restocking fee (coming out of the refund)
  2. Pay the shipping fees for the return
  3. Disassemble items in perfect and unused condition
  4. Repackage all items in original packaging

It’s a lot of fees and details for only a portion of the money back. If the item is damaged or defective, email customer service for a return or exchange, but for those who just don’t like the item, it may just be easier to resell it online.

How to Contact The Classy Home

The Classy Home Review

Does our The Classy Home review leave any lingering questions? Completely understandable. Just reach out to customer service and they’ll be happy to answer inquiries and lay rest to those final concerns:

  • Online Chat
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-877-718-CLASSY (2527)
    • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET
      Friday: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET
  • Fax: 347-772-1212
  • Fill out the Online Contact Form on their website

We know furniture shopping needs research, that’s why we’ve covered other brands so you can have more options to choose from. Below you’ll find more brands with great furniture.

Albany Park

Design Within Reach

West Elm



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