Poppin Furniture Review

About Poppin

Poppin Furniture Review

Poppin is an office supply and furniture store known for its minimalistic and modern designs. From notebooks and accessory trays, to file cabinets and desks, Poppin has a large inventory for creating the ideal workspace. 

Poppin has won business awards including 2019’s Inc. Best Work-Places and Crain’s 2019 Best Places to Work. Their products are included in the workspaces of several well-known companies such as Kate Spade and SquareSpace.

Poppin is also featured in notable media outlets including The Architect’s Newspaper, Metropolis, and Azure, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. The company has over 45k followers on Instagram, so they really are poppin’.

This Poppin furniture review will explore the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth the buy.

Overview of Poppin

Poppin Furniture Review

The idea of Poppin began with a stapler. Considered a simple and useful necessity of office work supplies, its standard design hasn’t been revolutionized or upgraded since its invention.

The founders of Poppin, CEO Randy Nicolau, with the help of Chris Burch, Ken Seiff, and Micheal Zennedjian, had this in mind when starting their New York-based company. It wasn’t just about the stapler; it was what it represented for all office supplies. 

“What would happen, we thought, if you reimagined that ordinary artifact of the office into something extraordinary? And with that, Poppin was born” in 2009.

Poppin Furniture Review

Designed to be a hub for all you need in the office, Poppin’s approach to the traditional corporate workspace is to integrate more color and vibrance. Customers can customize their work environment from pen holders to desks and file cabinets. 

Before we get started with this Poppin furniture review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • Extensive collection of modern office furniture and supplies
  • All products are customizable down to various color options
  • Offers White Glove delivery and installation 
  • If your office qualifies for their Rolling Install program, a team of professionals will install your furniture for free
  • PoppinPod items have a free 120-day return policy 
  • Free shipping on orders above $35 


  • Poppin does not ship standard freight orders or third party furniture outside of the continental US
Poppin Furniture Review

Poppin has an extensive collection of office furniture and supplies made to add color, life, and personality to workspaces.

Poppin also offers corporate branding, where you can print the name of your company on desired products. Or if you work from home, you can add a personal touch to your supplies.

This Poppin review will highlight a selection of their most popular products that are adding a little bit of fun to home and corporate offices throughout North America. 

Poppin Furniture Review

Poppin furniture ranges from standard and adjustable height desks, to office chairs and stools, to tables, filing cabinets, storage units, and more. Take a look at these well-loved pieces in Poppin’s collection:

Poppin Adjustable Height Single Desk Review

Sitting all day at work is proven not to be beneficial for your posture. Thankfully, the Poppin Adjustable Height Single Desk solves this problem by its built-in adjustable leg feature that can stretch out at a range of 26.5” to 46”.

You can easily adjust the height using the electronic control handset. This innovative desk has electric table legs that travel 1.4” per second at a noise level below 50dB, so you can adjust quietly without making a commotion.

The Adjustable Height Single Desk can support 250 pounds and works with standard 15A outlets. The tabletop is laminated and stain resistant, so there’s no need to worry about spilling your morning coffee.

This Poppin desk achieved the GreenGuard Gold Certification and exceeds BIFMA’s durability standards for office furniture. There are currently 3 colors to choose from with this piece, including White, Walnut, and Natural Oak.

You can decide upon 4 different desk sizes, for the Poppin Adjustable Height Single Desk, including:

  1. 47”: $499
  2. 57”: $519
  3. 60”: $549
  4. 72”: $799 

Poppin Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet Review

Filing cabinets don’t need to be dull and boring. The Poppin Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet is a stylish alternative to have in your Poppin workspace. It features powder-coated steel construction with a painted steel interior.

Its one-lock design keeps everything stored and in place. This sturdy cabinet is equipped with 2 utility drawers and an adjustable drawer-divider, ensuring your files and documents are organized and tidy. Inside the cabinet, a hanging file drawer provides some extra storage.

This cabinet exceeds the BIFMA’s durability standards for office furniture. It comes with two keys and ships fully assembled to save you the hassle of flipping through a manual.

There are currently 8 colors and 2 accent shades (white or black) available for selecting the color scheme that will best compliment your space. The Poppin Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet is priced at $249

Poppin Portable Laptop Desk Review

This table only needs two legs to stand up! The Poppin Portable Laptop Desk can quickly be adjusted to heights between 1.5” to 21.5”, so you have the option to sit or stand. It has 3 adjustable joints, allowing for quick reconfigurations to accommodate changing needs throughout the day.

This portable desk has a joint release feature that can rotate 180 degrees to help you find a position that’s most comfortable for you. Designed in a lightweight aluminum material that’s easy to clean, this desk can be easily carried to any part of your workspace.

The desktop itself can support 22 pounds, which is more than enough for your cup of coffee and laptop. To keep your PC from overheating, it also has vent holes on the mobile laptop desk service. As a bonus, this Portable Laptop Desk comes preassembled for $69.

Poppin Office Supplies Review

If you want to accent your workspace with modern and bright office supplies, the Poppin desk accessories line features organizers, desk supplies like magnets, rulers, and sanitizer wands, notebooks, planners, and more. Check out these fan-favorite sets and office accessories:

Poppin Super Stacked Review

If you find your desk littered with office supplies, it’s a sure sign that it needs serious reorganization. The Poppin Super Stacked tray is perfect for keeping your pens, pencils, notepads, paperclips, staplers, and other office supplies tidy. It features: 

  • 2 letter trays
  • A medium accessory tray
  • Softie This + That Tray
  • A pen cap
  • A set of 6 white retractable gel luxe pens 

The letter trays, medium accessory tray, and pen cup feature a lacquer-like finish. The Softie This + That tray is made out of a flexible silicone material. This set also includes 12 signature ballpoint pens with a 1 mm tip, which write in black and blue ink. 

If you are not a fan of the blue option, The Poppin Super Stacked tray is designed in 5 different tones including White, Aqua, Blush, Dark Gray, and Sage.

As a one-in-all organizational accessory, you can now purchase this Poppin item for $60, discounted from the original $70 price. 

Poppin Dynamic Duo Review

Tape and staplers usually go hand-in-hand, right? No need to buy them separately as you can purchase the Poppin Dynamic Duo. The stapler attaches 20 sheets of paper together, and fits half-strip and full-sized staples.

The Poppin stapler is the same length as the tape dispenser for a neat, even aesthetic. Both pieces come with a smooth, lacquer-like finish. The tape dispenser features a solid weight core which prevents the model from tipping over.

The Poppin Dynamic Duo set comes in 6 colors. For this office necessity, you can get your paired stapler and tape dispenser for just $26, reduced from the original $28

Poppin Retractable Gel Luxe Pens Review

The Poppin Retractable Gel Luxe Pens are so smooth, that “they inspire flow like a top-notch TED talk.” The sleek gel ink makes your writing glide on paper, so there’s no need to push down on your pen to release ink. It features a .7 mm tip for fine, minimalist lines and your best handwriting yet. 

Paired with a silver metal clip, the overall design looks smart and professional, especially when one of them is tucked into the front pocket of your dress shirt.

The Poppin Retractable Gel Luxe Pens are priced at $10 and come in 6 colors to suit your preferences, with either blue or black ink (depending on the color chosen).

Poppin Modern Assorted Signature Ballpoint Pens Review

Instead of filling your pen cup with an assortment of writing tools that often don’t match, you can opt for the Poppin Modern Assorted Signature Ballpoint Pens to satisfy your organizational needs.

These vibrant pens come in a medium 1 mm tip and write as smooth as silk to impress those important people at the office. Each box includes 1 pen of each color: blush, white, aqua, dark gray, navy, and mint.

The set of six Poppin Modern Assorted Signature Ballpoint Pens writes in black ink, available for $9.  

Poppin Medium Soft Cover Notebook Review

The trusty notebook is truly a much-needed necessity in the workplace. The Poppin Medium Soft Cover Notebook can be your next journal or place to jot down your creative ideas. It features a useful back pocket to store receipts or post-it notes inside. It’s also bendable, so you can easily squeeze it into your bag. 

The notebook includes 192 white-lined, acid, and lignin-free pages, which weigh up to a small 70 GSM. It’s also enclosed with an elastic cord and ribbon bookmark to quickly get back to where you left off.

The Poppin Medium Soft Cover Notebook is priced at $10, and there are 10 colors available to suit your taste.

Poppin Accessory Pouch Review

Let’s face it, miscellaneous items can make a work desk pretty chaotic. Having a place to stow chargers, writing tools, earbuds, etc. can turn your disorganized desk into a zen space.

The Poppin Accessory Pouch is ideal for storing your valuables in its stylish and compact design. It’s made out of a durable, water-repellent, luxe metallic canvas, so there’s no sweat if you spill your drink on it. 

Enclosed in an easy-to-grip silicone zipper, the interior is fully lined cotton with a contrasting color. It also includes an interior zip pocket to store small items like paper clips, coins, or disk drives so you never have to lose your tiny but important items again.

You can get the Poppin Accessory Pouch in Aqua, Blush, Wine, and Olive for $20.  

Poppin Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Poppin Furniture Review

This Poppin furniture review naturally started with their website to get a sense of how customers feel about the products. Here’s how some of the furniture and office supplies featured above measure up:

  • Adjustable Height Single Desk: 4.5/5 stars (19 reviews)
  • Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet: 4.5/5 stars (128 reviews)
  • Super Stacked: 4.5/5 stars (36 reviews)
  • Dynamic Duo: 4.6/5 stars (58 reviews)
  • Retractable Gel Luxe Pens: 4/5 stars (92 reviews)

On the website, Poppin has buyers answer survey-type questions as part of the reviews; Most customers note that each Poppin product has a good design, good construction, and is easy to assemble.

Poppin fans expanded on these survey answers in their reviews: “This filing cabinet is a whole cut above its competitors. The three drawers slide silently and the rounded corners make it sleek and modern,” one customer wrote about the Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet.

“I love that I have the ability to program several different height settings into the touch pad. I can sit on my drafting chair, a yoga ball or stand and change the desk at the touch of a button, a reviewer wrote about the Adjustable Height Single Desk.

Poppin Furniture Review

“I really love THESE pens because they are stylish, make my handwriting look stylish (never before thought possible by anyone), and I love the bright, happy colors, a buyer noted about the Retractable Gel Luxe Pens.

Though negative comments on the site are rare, we did find them here and there. One Poppin furniture review remarked that the Adjustable Height Single Desk is “nothing special quality-wise,” and another noted that the Signature Ballpoint Pens “are way too expensive considering the other options out there.”

Another unhappy buyer had this to say about the Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet: “the drawers don’t automatically close like the other file cabinets I have, and in spite of the locking wheels I purchased it does tend to move when I open or close the drawers.”

Next, this Poppin furniture review brought us to Amazon, where the products perform quite well. Some examples:

  • Stow 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet: 4.6/5 stars (out of our 83 ratings)
  • Assorted Signature Ballpoint Pens: 4.5/5 stars (out of 111 ratings)
  • Medium Pocket Notebook: 4.6/5 stars (out of 49 ratings)
  • Pen Cup: 4.6/5 stars (out of 37 ratings)

Most customers on Amazon, specifically for the Poppin All Desk Collection White Set, said that they liked the modern design and that the items were overall very useful.

Poppin Furniture Review

There are also a good amount of people that like their pens, stating that they write very smoothly. However, like reviewers on the Poppin site, some noted that the products are more on the expensive side.

 “I love this desk set! It gives my desk and room a more modern touch…The pieces are fairly interchangeable and the stapler and tape dispenser both work well,” one reviewer wrote on Amazon, and many echoed similar sentiments.

Influenster also has a substantial number of positive reviews for Poppin. The brand has an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars out of 43 reviews. Some of the most popular items rated included the Thin Highlighters, Signature Pen Pink Box, and the Medium Soft Cover Notebook.

This Influenster reviewer mentioned that they love the brand for all that they offer: “Poppin has some seriously cute office supplies and have helped me stay so organized. I miss their purple line but can still find it at random retailers. They can be kind of expensive but it’s easy to find their products on sale.” 

Is Poppin Worth It?

Poppin Furniture Review

This Poppin furniture review encourages you to check out their various collections of office supplies and furniture. Poppin’s modern approach to the traditional workspace is refreshing, with most designs available in vibrant and modern colors.

While most of their merchandise already comes assembled, Poppin also provides customers the option of having a team of professionals install the furniture for you.

Though some buyers did not appreciate the designs, the vast majority of customers are satisfied with their Poppin products. When it comes to Poppin, even if you don’t enjoy the product, you can always fall back on their return policy (more on this in the FAQ section).

Be sure to check out Poppin for some great modern office designs and see if you can upgrade your workspace into something more inviting and lively. 

Poppin Promotions & Discounts 

Poppin Furniture Review

Select products on the Poppin website are currently on sale, such as the Super Stacked tray and the Dynamic Duo stapler and tape holder set.

Where to Buy Poppin

Poppin Furniture Review

You can order Poppin office furniture and supplies on their website, Poppin.com. There’s also a Poppin New York City showroom at 16 Madison Square West, 3rd floor, 10010.

Other places to shop include the Staples Poppin collection, Amazon, Indigo, and Wayfair.


Are Poppin products affordable?

This Poppin furniture review found that a sizable amount of customers have noted that their products are on the expensive side. For instance, furniture ranges from under $25 to over $3,000. 

What is Poppin’s warranty?

Poppin has 3 different types of warranties, which include a 12-year warranty, a 5-year warranty, and a 3-year warranty. You can discover what products are eligible for each type of warranty by visiting their website. 

Have Poppin products been recalled?

This Poppin furniture review found one instance of recalled items. In 2018, Poppin recalled their pitch rolling chairs due to a fall hazard. 

Does Poppin ship to Canada?

This Poppin furniture review found that only customers within the continental U.S are eligible for shipping. However, you can find Poppin Canada products on Amazon and at Staples. Customers can also access Poppin Australia through Amazon. 

What is Poppin’s Shipping Policy?

Most Poppin products can be shipped through FedEx to all 50 states, with additional fees to Alaska and Hawaii. There may be certain orders that are too large or heavy to ship through their carrier and would ship via Standard Freight.

This Poppin furniture review found that the brand cannot ship standard freight orders or third party orders outside of the United States, and this includes Poppin office supplies Canada. 

Poppin has several delivery service options including:

  • White-Glove Delivery + Installation
  • Free Rolling Install (PoppinPod Om Only)
  • Room-of-Choice Delivery
  • Standard Freight
  • Next Business Day Delivery + 2 Business Day Delivery
  • Standard Ground Delivery (Within 3-5 Business Days)

Customers can find a full list of details on each delivery service option by clicking the Poppin logo on the homepage, and scrolling to the shipping and returns link at the bottom. 

What is Poppin’s Return Policy?

Poppin has different return policies for different products. For PoppinPod items, they have a free 120 day returns policy if the product is in new condition.

For Poppin furniture and Poppin office supplies, products can be returned within 30 days from the date of receipt. Poppin corporate branding is not eligible for returns. Third-party furniture returns are also accepted within 30 days.

Check out their website for more details in terms of restocking fees. To place a return, contact Poppin’s customer service team.

How to Contact Poppin

If you have additional inquiries that were not addressed in this Poppin furniture review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone: (888) 676-7746
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: (888) 864-8564 
  • Headquarters: 16 Madison Square West, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10010

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