Touchland Hand Sanitizer Review

About Touchland

Touchland Hand Sanitizer Review

Touchland is disrupting the personal hygiene world. Their innovative line of Power Mist hand sanitizers and KUB sanitizer dispensers have garnered quite the following with their colourful designs and moisturizing formula.

Mentioned in Vogue, Forbes, and the New York Post, the company is picking up steam and becoming a popular choice. With 135,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 13,000 likes on Facebook, it’s evident this brand is for those seeking an alternative to generic skin-drying sanitizers commonly available on store shelves.

This Touchland hand sanitizer review will introduce you to the company, its mission, some of its top selling products, what people are saying about the brand, promotions, and whether it’s worth having in your back pocket.

Overview of Touchland

Touchland Hand Sanitizer Review

Founded in 2010 by Andrea Lisbona, Touchland wanted to change the landscape of old-fashioned hand sanitizers. Instead of the tacky and overpowering alcohol scent that leaves your skin feeling like a desert, the brand created a hand sanitizer that’s not only cruelty-free but one that focuses on cleanliness without losing any moisture and likable scents. 

Long before COVID-19 would hit, Lisbona knew that hand sanitizers were an important part of maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle. Influenced by innovators, Touchland set out to create a product that married a beautiful form with easy function. 

In 2017, Touchland brought their popular product to the US, because of its great demand for hand sanitizers. Having good hygiene is one thing but this brand also loves to give back. They send 5% of their profits through Touchlives with a mission to help public schools in need provide a safe and hygienic place for students. 

Before this Touchland hand sanitizer review gets into the nitty-gritty of the brand, let’s explore a few of their pros and cons.


  • Doesn’t dry out skin
  • Comes in different fragrances and colours
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • No animal testing
  • 5% of profits donated to communities in need
  • 20x more uses per bottle compared to gel sanitizers


  • No international shipping
  • Pricier than other options on the market
  • Returns are not accepted
Touchland Hand Sanitizer Review

Next up in this Touchland hand sanitizer review, we’ll look at some of the company’s most popular products. From Power Mist sanitizers to bundles and accessories to match, if you’re looking to up the fun in your personal sanitization game, keep reading.

Touchland Power Mist Review

First up, Power Mist. There are 12 varieties of this product, each with different scents and colors. This formula has not only won the hearts of people but awards as well. Its design is easy to tuck into your bag or back pocket so you’re always protected.  

Continue reading this Touchland hand sanitizer review to learn more about this innovative formula.

Touchland Power Mist Aloe You Review 

The Power Mist Aloe You sanitizer is among the brand’s top selling products. The formula contains aloe vera, which is key to keeping your hands soft and moisturized, radish root ferment to protect you against bacteria, along with a blend of essential oils

The Power Mist line features a dispenser that evenly distributes the product across the entire hand, so no need to worry about missing spots; application is quick and easy!

Scent sensitive? No problem here. The fragrance is subtle and won’t turn heads. The bottle is also TSA-friendly, so no worries if you’re going travelling soon.

A 30ml bottle of Touchland Aloe hand sanitizer rings in at $9.

Touchland Power Mist Frosted Mint Review 

The Power Mist Frosted Mint is yet another top seller for the brand. This light blue sanitizing spray is formulated with aloe vera to soften and hydrate your hands. The bottle contains 500 spritzes and has a subtle mint scent to boot. This lovely mist absorbs quickly, leaving no mess behind. 

This 30ml Touchland hand sanitizer spray bottle costs $9.

Touchland Power Mist Vanilla Blossom Review 

Looking for a scent that has warmer tones? Enter Touchland’s Power Mist Vanilla Blossom. If you’re into feeling cozy or love Christmas-y scents, then this scent might be right up your alley. 

However if you are looking for a subtle scent, this might not be it—but the brand does have more muted fragrances that might be right for you.

You can keep this handy 30ml bottle in your bag for $9.

Touchland Cases Review

Next, we’ll discuss the cases in this Touchland hand sanitizer review. The brand has a stylish line of accessories created to conveniently tote your sanitizers around. There’s no need to fumble around to keep your hands clean. 

The fun colors are bright and vibrant, making sure you know where your hand sanitizer is at all times. Monochromatic chic much? 

Touchland Orange Shield Review 

The Mist Case Orange is the perfect companion to your Touchland travel-size hand sanitizers.  It’s conveniently TSA-approved so you can take it with you wherever you travel.  

The silicone case protects your dispenser so you don’t have to worry if you have butter fingers, and features a keyring which allows you to attach it to your keys, lanyard, or anything else you like. You’ll know where it is at all times and won’t have to scramble when you’re in need of a spritz.

You can buy this case for $5 on Touchland’s site, Power Mist is not included. 

Touchland Pink Shield Review 

This Touchland hand sanitizer review finds the Mist Case Pink is a great choice for lovers of the color. It adds a bit of feminine flair to your look and makes for a fun accessory you’ll actually want to wear. 

If you’re looking to inspire a little joy or brighten someone’s day with a vibrant hue, this is an excellent choice. This silicone case is sure to garner some glances.

This stylish accessory also rings in at $5. Again, Power Mist is not included. 

Touchland Purple Shield Review 

Rounding out the popular accessories is the Mist Case Purple. This one’s a top seller and it’s clear why—this beautiful violet-toned silicone case will make a super cute addition to your purse. 

Who needs a charm on your bag when you’ve got something as eye-catching as this? You’ll have people wondering what it is you’re accessorizing with.

Like the other silicone cases, this one rings in at $5 and Power Mist is not included.

Touchland Build Your Bundle Review

This Touchland hand sanitizer review found the brand has come up with some fun and cool ways to mix and match their products. You can build your own bundle and save money to boot! 

The bundles are available in packages of 5 or 10 where you can choose your favorite scents and save $2.50 (for 5) or $10 plus free shipping (for 10)! 

Great to give as gifts or to have inside your coat pocket, car, or wherever else you need them, the Build Your Bundle packages have so many uses. 

Touchland Touchette Bundle Review 

The hottest accessory to go with your Power Mist is the Touchette Bundle. This Touchland hand sanitizer review found the neoprene fabric soft to the touch and trendy enough to have it attached to your bags—work or otherwise. 

The Touchette Bundle comes in three different colors—black, blush pink, and light purple—and includes a Power Mist. Touchland has definitely thought of everything because they matched the metal hardware to the pouch as well. 

You can get the Touchette Bundle—one pouch plus the Power Mist—for $27. You’ll be saving $2 and have a stylish item to tote around! 

Touchland KUB Dispenser Review

This Touchland hand sanitizer review found the brand’s KUB Dispenser to really disrupt the hygiene landscape. The sleek and simple design combines innovative technology with the finest quality to ensure everyone is protected and safe. 

Their starter package comes in five different colors—sunset orange, velvet purple, raspberry red, forest green, or ocean blue—and includes a KUB dispenser plus one Refeel case. The dispenser is small enough to fit on a counter and blend in with its surroundings. The starter package KUB dispenser starts at $199

You can also uplevel your starter package with a Premium D battery that lasts two years and has up to 50,000 uses versus their usual lithium battery, which lasts six months and has up to 12,500 uses. This KUB package only comes in black or white. If you choose the Premium D battery, which isn’t included, it comes with one Refeel case and will cost you $249

The KUB Dispenser can sit on your counter, mounted on the wall, or stand on the floor.

Touchland Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Touchland Hand Sanitizer Review

Based on the research this Touchland hand sanitizer review conducted, the products are adored for their innovation, quality, and cool factor. And who wouldn’t? They’re fun to look at and are much more sleek than the usual hand sanitizer design. 

Customers love the sanitizers, and Business Insider praised the products, writing: “At $12, Touchland Hand Sanitizer is expensive compared to other options, but Touchland does what regular hand sanitizer does and more. It contains 67% ethyl alcohol, its active antiseptic ingredient, but it doesn’t have a strong alcohol smell.” 

One Trustpilot Touchland review said of the products: “Amazing product. Far better than any other hand sanitizer in the market. Not only it works great, but it also looks great and it lasts for a really long time given the use of a spray dispenser. Definitely recommend it.

A customer on Amazon also raves, “Since I tried Touchland for the first time, I have never used another brand again. Not only do they offer many different fragrances but their design is the most stylish and innovative in the market. I simply can’t leave the house without my powermist any more. 100% recommended!!

When it comes to bad reviews there is a common theme: the defective spraying mechanism. If the company is able to improve on this one aspect, this Touchland hand sanitizer review feels the brand will have a lot more admirers.

Is Touchland Hand Sanitizer Worth It?

Touchland Hand Sanitizer Review

Based on the research and other customer comments, this Touchland hand sanitizer review finds the product is worth it. If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated than your run-of-the-mill hand sanitizer, this goes above and beyond, and is worth the extra investment.

Touchland sanitizers come in a variety of fragrances, with a fragrance-free option available for those who want to keep it simple. They are also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free

Compared to their alcohol-scented counterparts, Touchland hand sanitizers smell lovely and don’t dry out your skin. They actually soften and help moisturize because of the aloe vera in their formula. This also means that they can be a great option for people with sensitive skin.

Not only does this product work—it’s stylish and does good too! The company donates a portion of each purchase to communities in need.  Not only are you keeping yourself safe, you’re helping the general public remain healthy too!

Touchland Hand Sanitizer Promotions & Discounts 

Touchland Hand Sanitizer Review

First-time shoppers can receive 10% off their first order. So take advantage of that deal, and sign up for their newsletter while you’re there to be alerted about further promotions.

Where to Buy Touchland Hand Sanitizer

Touchland Hand Sanitizer Review

Aside from their main website, you can also purchase Touchland products at:

  • Amazon
  • Indigo
  • Sephora


Touchland Hand Sanitizer Review

Who founded Touchland? 

Andrea Lisbona, the founder and CEO, came up with the idea for Touchland.

Where is Touchland manufactured? 

Touchland products are manufactured in Mexico and China.

Is Touchland cruelty-free? 

Yes, Touchland is cruelty-free.

Is Touchland hand sanitizer safe? 

Yes. Touchland is safe.

Is Touchland refillable? 

If you are looking for a Touchland refill it’s important to note that Touchland Power Mist bottles are not refillable, but Touchland KUB hand sanitizer dispensers are.

How much alcohol does Touchland hand sanitizer have? 

The products contain 67% Ethyl Alcohol.

How long does Touchland last? 

The Power Mist bottles contain more than 500 sprays—approximately 20 times more than pocket-sized gel hand sanitizers.

Does Touchland ever expire? 

The formulation will expire after 2 years

Can Touchland bottles be recycled? 

Yes, the Touchland Power Mist bottle can be recycled.

What is Touchland’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, orders from Touchland’s site ship within the US only. They use USPS standard ground shipping for most of their products, so you should get your order within 3-10 business days

If you order a KUB smart dispenser or its accessories, though, they are shipped with Fedex.

What is Touchland’s Return Policy?

All sales are final because of the possibility of cross-infection.

How to Contact Touchland

Touchland customer service can be contacted by email: [email protected]

Looking for more clean sanitizer? Check out Safely, a brand that cleans and disinfects with the same gusto, but doesn’t contain any of the chemical irritants that traditional cleaners do.

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