10 Best Candle Brands

Looking For The Best Candle Brands

Lighting a candle a day keeps the stress at bay. What’s more relaxing than cleaning your apartment at the end of the week, lighting a scented candle, and making yourself a comforting meal?

Choosing the right candle is critical when it comes to cultivating a mood. Candle shopping can be a fun event, especially with the number of different options to choose from. 

When picking out a candle for your home you might want to consider the scent, appearance, ingredients, and how long it will last. If you’re shopping online, or don’t know where to begin, don’t stress! We’ve put together a list of the best candle brands to help you get started. 

10 Best Candle Brands

1. Sand + Fog

Best Candle Brands

If you can’t physically be down by the beach every day, why not bring the beach to you? 

Sand + Fog is a California-based company who creates candles that not only smell exceptional but look good on your coffee table as well. Candles in this collection are unique because of their stunning designs. Lids are either hand-painted or carved and can double as a cute coaster. 

Started by three women, Kristi Weissinger, Elisa Larson, and Jill Petroff, with a background in interior design, they wanted to bring people candles they would be proud to show off in their homes. 

Made with essential oils, many of Sand + Fog’s scents are fresh and clean, inspired by coastal waters. Out of the hundreds of candles this brand has on the market, some notable scents are teakwood, tropical citrus, ocean mist, sun-washed citrus, California citron, and white flowers. 

You can buy a single 12 oz candle for as low as $22, a 25 oz for $32, or opt for a trio set for $40. Sand + Fog candles can also be found in many home department stores and retailers. 


  • 100% soy wax candles available 
  • Pet odor neutralization options
  • Visually appealing designs 
  • High-quality 
  • Affordable 
  • Lids can be repurposed 

2. Birthdate Co.

Best Candle Brands

Are you a Co-Star app fanatic? Do you check your horoscope on the daily but only really believe it when it tells you what you want to hear? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. 

Birthdate Co. candles are for all the astrology fans out there. This company has an incredible collection of 365 birthdate candles all designed with a unique fragrance blend that represents the day you were born. 

Launched in 2019, these astrology-themed candles were created by Ajay Mehta and are a super popular gift. Along with the wide array of individualized candles, the brand also released the birthdate book, giving customers a deeper insight into their birth chart and themselves.

Each candle is 13.5 oz and has a burning time of 60 to 80 hours. Birthdate candles are around $60 (currently on sale for $50) but the brand also has gift sets and a few other products, such as the Tarot Trio ($145; currently on sale for $130). 


  • Personalized birthdate candles 
  • All-natural coconut and soy wax
  • Hand-poured in the US 
  • Reusable glass
  • Discounts when buying multiple candles 
  • Customized fragrance blends based on birthdate 
  • Thousands of positive reviews 

3. Bonita Fierce

Best Candle Brands

Bonita Fierce incorporates heritage and home within every candle creation. The brand caters to the Latinx community, producing candles that pay homage to the culture. 

Founded in 2020 by Melissa Gallardo, she wanted to celebrate her Latin-American roots rather than hide them, so she started making candles to connect both parts of her identity. Bonita Fierce is driven by community, environment, and empowerment. The brand encourages those in the Latinx community to embrace all parts of themselves proudly. 

Some of the candle scents include sparkling pomelo, cafe cito con leche, and abuela’s bakery — yum! Prices vary depending on candle size, ranging from a 4 oz candle tin for $15 to a 13 oz candle jar for $35


  • Clean ingredients 
  • Eco-friendly packaging 
  • Reasonably-priced 
  • Scents are inspired by Latino culture 
  • Rewards program 
  • International shipping 

4. Yankee Candle

Best Candle Brands

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine your favorite scent. Is it floral, fruity, sweet, or musky? Chances are, Yankee Candle has it in stock regardless of what your heart desires. The largest specialty candle company in the US, the brand was founded in 1969 by Mike Kittredge at 16.

Having little money to buy his mom a birthday gift, Kittredge used the wax from melted crayons to make a candle. His creative endeavors paid off and not long after that Yankee Candle was born. 

Today, the brand has a wide range of seasonal candles and accessories with over 600 scents in its collections. If you’re hesitant about which fragrance might be for you, head to the brand’s website and take a quiz to discover the right scent. 

Candles in this line range from $2 for a votive candle to $31 for a large jar candle. Reasonable prices, popularity, and variety are just a few factors that make Yankee Candle one of the best candle brands. 


  • Huge selection of scents (600+)
  • Largest candle company in the US 
  • Rewards program 
  • Subscription box available 
  • Plenty of home accessories besides candles 
  • Available in multiple third-party retailers
  • Auto-ship option

5. Harlem Candle

Best Candle Brands

If you’re looking to add an element of luxury to your home, then we highly suggest Harlem Candle Company. This brand creates beautiful scented candles, diffusers, and room sprays inspired by the finer things in life. 

Teri Johnson founded Harlem Candle in 2014 after becoming infatuated with everything about the district of Harlem— from its rich jazz scene to the bevy of music icons like Billie Holiday and famous writers such as James Baldwin. Today, Johnson has brought on award-winning perfumers to create candles that commemorates the Harlem Renaissance.  

As this NYC brand grew, Harlem Candle Company collaborated with brands such as Kodak and Great Jones Distillery Company. They’ve also been featured in numerous news sources such as NBC, Cosmopolitan, Good Morning America, and The Cut

Items in this line range from $10 for a box of elegant matches to $210 for a gift set that includes a luxe candle, box of matches, and earrings. Anyone who enjoys the aesthetic of speakeasies, jazz, and luxurious hidden Harlem nightclubs will surely gravitate towards this brand’s products. 


  • Luxury vintage-inspired candles 
  • Elegant gift sets and cards 
  • Sophisticated designs
  • Handcrafted with a soy wax blend 
  • Fragrances are developed by expert perfumers
  • International shipping 

6. Paddywax

Best Candle Brands

Paddywax creates candles that are as unique as you are. The brand recognizes everyone’s story is different and works to reflect that individuality within each design and fragrance combination. All of their products are playful, eccentric, and comfy — perfect to warm your home with.

The company was founded by Gretchen Hollingsworth in 1995, who started making them after being inspired by an article in Martha Stewart Living. From making candles at her kitchen table as a hobby to becoming a big name in the candle industry, Paddywax has evolved tremendously. 

If you care about the well-being of our planet, then you will stand by Paddywax’s partnerships. The brand collaborates and donates to the Appalachia Project as well as the National Park Foundation. The Paddywax headquarters are also equipped with solar panels and electric charging stations — we love a company that cares about the environment this much! 

Prices range from $8 for a pack of two car fresheners to $80 for a pack of two 10” pillar candles. We are personally eyeing the wild fig and cedar scent from the Hygge collection ($38). The affordability, transparency, and values of Paddywax make them one of the best candle brands. 


  • Versatile and functional candles 
  • Locally produced in Nashville, TN 
  • Supports human rights campaigns 
  • Candle Club Rewards 
  • Eco-conscious 
  • Vegan ingredients 

7. Anecdote Candles

Best Candle Brands

We all have stories within us, but there are times when we forget how special we truly are and need a punchy one-liner to get us back on track. Inspired by storytelling and memories, each candle from Anecdote Candles is designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth with a touch of humor. 

The New York-based brand was formed by Julie Maskulka in 2019. To this day, the brand’s founder harnesses community and encourages their fans to share their stories about favorite candle memories. 

Each candle has a cheeky anecdote attached to it. A couple of our favorites are “2022 – Smells Like High Hopes and Low Expectations (citron & jasmine)” and “Coffee Break – Smells Like Procrastination and Inspiration (French roast & coconut).” 

Prices range from $9 (regularly $14) for a single travel tin candle to $130 for a holiday bundle. We’re sure you’ll love the cleverness, cost, and quality of this company, which is why we’ve included it in this candle brands list. 


  • Natural ingredients free from additives and dyes
  • Coconut-soy wax blend
  • Hand-poured in the US 
  • High-quality elements
  • Fair prices 
  • Modern and simple design 

8. Byredo

Best Candle Brands

Byredo is a European brand that specializes in modern luxury candles while also carrying perfume, makeup, and body care. High-end? Check. High quality? You better believe it. 

This Stockholm-based company was founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham, who set out to create a line of products that convey emotions and memories. Currently, the brand’s products can be found in over 40 countries. 

With a simple and sophisticated design, these candles would be great for people of all genders. A lot of the scents are woodsy or floral and tend to lean on the side of masculine. Most standard 8 oz candles in this line go for $71.

Byredo is one of the best candle brands for people who are looking to add a classy European element to their homes, especially if you have special guests coming over. 


  • Minimalist black and white design and label 
  • Range of candles, room sprays, and accessories 
  • Free shipping and returns 
  • Complimentary samples included in every purchase 
  • Special gift wrapping 

9. Voluspa

Best Candle Brands

Voluspa is a chic candle brand that uses passion and chaos to bring consumers a beautiful and wide range of high-end fragrances. The brand offers a variety of fresh, woody, floral, and spiced scents that will keep your home smelling like a million bucks. 

In 1999, Traci and Troy Arntsen started experimenting in their kitchen with essential oils and homemade waxes. After spending many years traveling, the duo wanted to take their experience and turn it into something tangible. And from there, Voluspa has gained notoriety through their delighted customers and celebrity following. 

You may have seen the brand at Sephora stores as well as Indigo. Prices range from $12 for a petite candle jar to $215 for a large five-wick jar. 


  • Diversity of scents and sizes 
  • Exquisitely beautiful jars that can be reused 
  • Updated collections every season 
  • Hand-poured in the US
  • Candles are crafted by hand 
  • Available at many third-party retailers 

10. Nette

Best Candle Brands

Burning candles in your home can be really soothing, and who doesn’t love lighting one to set a certain mood? But let’s be honest, candles don’t have the greatest effect on the environment. Thankfully, Nette understands this dilemma. 

Nettle candles prioritize the planet while also encouraging self-care rituals. All of this brand’s products are eco-friendly, vegan, and free from toxic chemicals. Not to mention, the pastel vessels are super pretty and something you’ll want to keep forever. 

Carol Han Pyle, the founder and CEO of Nette, launched the brand in December 2020. Developing a clean-burning candle without compromising fragrance and function was her driving force. Pyle sought out all the right vendors to produce the beautiful candle that you see today. 

You can expect to pay between $68 to $82 for a Nette candle. The passion that the founder has for our planet and shifting the industry in a more sustainable direction makes Nette one of the best candle brands. 


  • Cruelty-free and vegan candles 
  • Non-toxic coconut and soy wax 
  • Handmade glass containers from Italy
  • Sustainable practices
  • Packaging made from recycled shoeboxes  

How to Shop For The Best Candle 

Best Candle Brands

Shopping for a candle should be a pleasant experience filled with joy. When deciding which candle to buy, you want to consider the brand, wax type, wick types, ingredients, scent, and price. 

Now that we went through some of the best candle brands, we will guide you through the different factors of a candle so you can decide which one you’d like to buy.  


Have you ever heard the expression, you vote with your dollar? Choosing to support a brand that has similar values as yourself is a smart way to spend your money. 

For example, if you are super passionate about environmentalism then you should purchase your candle from a brand such as Nette or Paddywax. If you value minimalism and quality then you might want to go for a luxe brand such as Byredo or Harlem Candle Company. 

Perhaps you want to support Latinx American company — then Bonita Fierce will be your go-to. At the end of the day, all of the best candle brands have something unique to offer you and the aesthetic you’re going for. Find a company that resonates with you and support them. 

Wax type 

Farewell beeswax, soy is here to stay. Most of the best candle brands on this list use either 100% soy wax or a soy-coconut blend, aside from Yankee Candle which uses paraffin wax. 

So what’s the difference between the types of waxes? Paraffin wax is popular because it holds fragrance well and is inexpensive to produce. However, this type of wax is not very good for the environment as it uses up a lot of resources. 

On the other hand, Beeswax is a natural type of wax that has been used for centuries. This wax is eco-friendly, but not vegan, and it tends to burn quicker than other waxes. Many candle companies are now resorting to using soy wax for multiple reasons. Soy wax is better for the environment and burns longer than beeswax or paraffin wax. 

Wick types

Two types of wicks are commonly used for candles — wooden or cotton. Both types of wicks have their pros and cons. 

Wooden wicks are more natural and raw, and can last longer than cotton wicks. These types of wicks also crackle when they’re lit, adding some extra coziness to your space. However, they produce less light than cotton wicks and require more maintenance. 

Cotton wicks are less sustainable but far less expensive, produce more light, and are more versatile. If you want an eco-friendly option, then we suggest looking for brands (such as Nette) who don’t use lead or zinc within their cotton wicks. 


Besides wax, the main ingredient in candles are scented oils used to give them their fragrance. Most of the best candle brands use a mix of essential oils which are natural and clean. 

Dyes and dried flowers can also be added to candles. If you have any allergies or if you’re concerned about any harmful ingredients, then we suggest making sure that you purchase from a brand that offers clean candles. 

Scent profiles 

What is a candle without its scent? There are plenty of different scent profiles to choose from. This is probably the most personal part of the candle-buying journey as everyone has their preference. 

A large portion of the best candle brands feature a variety of scent profiles which include fruity, floral, fresh, spicy, and sweet. Many candles have a careful blend of fragrances that make them different from one another, using more unique scents such as amber, cashmere, or woody. 

You can also get seasonal candles you can change throughout the year to match the weather and mood. 


The price of a candle varies depending on the brand, size, and ingredients used. You can find a decent candle on pretty much any budget.

Before investing in a large candle, we suggest purchasing the smaller version if it is available. You’ll be able to see if you like how the scent burns in your home before overcommitting. 

Of course, when you’re looking at non-toxic candles made with high-quality and sustainable ingredients, then there is a certain level of pricing you’ll need to accept. Otherwise, you might be surprised by some of the costs that come with these kinds of candles. 


What is the purpose of a candle?  

Aside from making your house smell good and creating an ambient atmosphere, candles can be used for other purposes. 

Many people use candles in religious ceremonies. Votive candles are often used in Catholic prayer rituals. Another example of candles being used for religious purposes is for the festival of Diwali. 

Lighting a candle can also be a ritual for some people. You can light a candle before a yoga practice to set the mood and intention or as you eat dinner to add an element of hygge to your environment. 

How do you make candles burn longer? 

There are a few simple tips and tricks to make the most out of your candle and keep it burning longer. 

First, make sure that you light your candle for an adequate amount of time. Of course, don’t burn your candle for longer than four hours, but make sure that the container forms a pool of wax the first time you light a new candle. This will encourage your candle to use all of the wax rather than just the stuff in the middle. 

Next, regularly trim the wicks. If your wick is frayed or uneven, your candle may have bursts of sparks or start to smoke. 

Finally, be aware of any debris sitting in your candle. Remove any pieces of the burnt wick after letting your candle cool before lighting it again. 

Which candle wicks burn slower? 

Most of the best candle brands listed above use cotton wicks which emit a bright flame. However, if you want to maximize your candle’s use, then we suggest going for candles with wooden wicks.  

Compared to cotton wicks, wooden wicks take a bit more time to start burning (around 20 to 30 seconds). Wooden wicks create a smoldering flame and emit less light than a cotton wick. For this reason, they take longer to burn through. But as we mentioned before, some will crackle so don’t be surprised by that. 

Final Thoughts

Best Candle Brands

Turning a house into a home can be as easy as buying a few nice candles. These magical items give us light, lift our moods, and improve our focus among many other benefits. 

Buying a candle we adore can also be a satisfying adventure for the senses. When purchasing a candle consider the scent, appearance, function, and price. 

Hopefully, with some knowledge about the best candle brands in the market, you can make an intentional and informed purchase.

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