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About Awara

Awara Review

Awara wants you to have better sleep. Its consciously created line of affordable mattresses, bedding, and bed frames features organic cotton, Rainforest Alliance-certified latex, and a natural simplicity that lends a calming aesthetic.

No stranger to awards, Awara mattresses have been called the best of the best by GQ, Tuck, Insider, and USA Today since they’re free from harmful toxins, made from natural materials, and truly comfortable. It’s no surprise that the brand has a social community of 20k followers.

What’s to come in this Awara review? Pretty much everything you need to know about the brand. We’ll cover best-sellers, feedback, and promotions before answering important FAQs to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your bedtime routine.

Overview of Awara

Awara Review

Sleep is an important part of life. Without it, we simply couldn’t function at our best, and if you’ve had one restless night then you know it’s true. Awara’s Natural Hybrid Mattress started it all in 2018. The brand was determined to make a natural mattress that wouldn’t just help your well-being, but the earth’s as well.

Choosing naturally-sourced materials like Rainforest Alliance-certified latex and organic cotton, Awara’s line of mattresses and bedding blends sustainability with comfort and support. Backed by a Forever Warranty, its award-winning mattresses are a great choice for eco-friendly homes. Considering its products are also budget-friendly, that choice just gets easier.

Awara is part of the Resident brand family founded in 2018 by Eric Hutchinson and Brian Mommsen. DreamCloud and Nectar are also part of that family.

Ready to find out more? It’s all coming up in this Awara review. We’ll dive headfirst into the cushy details after a few highlights:


  • Simple selection of mattresses, bedding, and bed frames
  • Affordable
  • Free from toxins and chemical flame retardants 
  • Certified for safety by the SGS
  • Uses water-based adhesives
  • 10 trees planted for every mattress bought
  • Offers discounts and promotions
  • Free contiguous US shipping
  • 356-night mattress trial
  • Lifetime warranty
Awara Review

There’s a beautiful simplicity about Awara. Its collection isn’t complicated, and yet it features many of the must-haves you’re looking for, including sustainability, non-toxic materials, and breathable materials.

Offering concise lines of mattresses, bedding, and bed frames, in the next part of this Awara review, we’ll give you a peek at a selection across them.

Awara Mattress Review

The Awara mattress collection holds just the Natural Hybrid and the Premier Natural Hybrid. The main difference is in the plushness of each option, as both are made with eco-friendly materials and come with a 365-night trial.

They come in traditional mattress sizes from twin to California king. We’ll walk you through the details of each:

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress Review

The Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress is the brand’s most popular mattress. Take a peek through its awards, including Best Latex Mattress, Best Value Mattress, and Editor’s Choice Mattress from numerous competitions, and you’ll see why.

Said to be a top choice for stomach sleepers, this pick clocks in at a 7/10 on the firmness scale thanks to its three layers of Rainforest Alliance-certified latex and organic wool and cotton. All of which also make it ideal for sleeping through the seasons.

Enjoy support from premium individually-wrapped coils, and breathe easy knowing no chemical adhesives can be found in this mattress. Its design helps prevent motion transfer and gives it 10” of height. Plus, it’s naturally cooling and breathable.

Truly relax with the Natural Hybrid Mattress in twin to California king sizes for $900-$1,500 (normally $1900-$2,200).

Awara Premier Natural Hybrid Mattress Review

The Awara Premier Natural Hybrid Mattress offers a “just right” feel, scoring 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. It’s a little softer than the previous model, and it uses Sri Lanka latex and wrapped coil springs for bounce and support while you sleep.

You’ll get the same sustainability security from the Premier, thanks to its inclusion of Rainforest Alliance-certified latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. Made from four different layers, your mattress delivers 12” of breathable, cooling comfort year-round.

Helping to minimize motion transfer, the Premier is great for partners. Right now, you can get it in sizes twin to California king on sale for $1,200-$1,900. When not on sale, this mattress costs $1,700-$2,600.

Awara Bedroom Review

This brand makes everything you’ll need to get a perfect night of sleep. The Awara bedroom collection includes bed frames and bedding alongside its line of award-winning mattresses.

In this part of our Awara review, we’ll introduce you to the best-sellers in the company’s bedroom collection. You’ll discover a handful of bed frames and sheets as well as a pillow—all of which prioritize natural materials and supreme comfort.

Awara The Platform Bed For Better Sleep Review

The Awara Platform Bed For Better Sleep approaches rest through simplicity. Without a headboard, it allows for great flexibility in your room while keeping costs low.

Made from spruce, it’s easy to put together with very minimal parts. And since it has a wooden slat design without a headboard, you can say hello to cooling airflow. The platform helps prevent mattresses from sagging for support and is perfect for use with either of the brand’s hybrid mattresses.

You can get this frame in sizes twin to California king. Each size comes with a 50-night trial and a 3-year warranty for $275-$300. Normally, the Platform Bed costs $400-$475.

Awara The Bed Frame With Headboard Review

Box springs are so retro…and not the good kind of retro. Outdated, bulky, and so unnecessary, bed frames are the easy and affordable way to pull together your bedroom set.

The Awara Bed Frame With Headboard is simple but modern, with an upholstered headboard with a button-tufted design. Affixed on a metal frame with wooden slats and 8” legs, putting your frame together is super simple. Pick from grey or linen colors to match an existing set.

Your frame is backed by a 50-night trial and a 3-year warranty. Enjoy simple comforts with this great-looking piece in twin through California king sizes for $300-$375 (normally $400-$475).

Awara Organic Cotton Sheets Review

Sure, you may have a mattress protector and a duvet, but sheets are what make your bed extra comfortable. As the layer between you, your bed, and your covers, they sandwich you on either side. If you’re sleeping on itchy, hot, or low-quality sheets, your sleep could be compromised.

The Awara Organic Cotton Sheets are pretty self-explanatory. Made from 100% long-staple organic cotton with a percale finish, they’re woven in a special way that adds the same luxurious crispness that you’d find in a hotel. But since they’re cotton, you know they’re balanced with softness too, along with the fabric’s natural cooling, breathable abilities.

The Organic Cotton Sheets will get softer the more you wash them, so don’t hold back. Single-ply for durability, get a set in sizes from twin to California king for $139-$219.

Awara Pillow Review

Pillows are like tiny mattresses for your head and neck. Offering support and comfort while keeping your neck in alignment with your body, there’s a reason we sleep with one every night.

The Awara Pillow is made from organic cotton with a sustainable latex-chip filling. Delivering a supportive amount of cushioning, your head won’t sink in like it would with memory foam. You won’t overheat as you do with memory foam either, thanks to this pillow’s breathable nature.

When your pillow needs a clean, just remove the outer lining and throw it in the wash before drying it on medium heat. Grab one in standard or king sizes for $99-$129.

Who Is Awara For?

Awara Review

Awara offers a simple selection of mattresses, bed frames, and bedding. Accented by eco-friendly certifications, tree-planting efforts, and non-toxic materials, the brand may be particularly appealing if you’re someone who cares about the safety of the planet as much as you do about your family.

Since the line is incredibly affordable, it’s a great choice for those on a budget who don’t want to compromise on their values.

Awara Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Awara Review

Selling its mattresses and bedding online only, no Awara review would be complete without hearing from customers to understand what the brand’s products are really like. In this section, we’ll show you what we found after combing the web for comments and ratings.

Our first stop was You’ll see a list of ratings for some of its best-sellers below, then we’ll jump into comments.

  • Natural Hybrid Mattress: average of 4.7/5 stars from 888 reviews
  • The Platform Bed for Better Sleep: average of 5/5 stars from 93 reviews
  • Organic Cotton Sheets: average of 4.7/5 stars from 26 reviews
  • The Award Adjustable Bed Frame: average of 4.8/5 stars from 63 reviews
  • Pillow: average of 3.8/5 stars from 9 reviews

Looking into the comments for The Platform Bed for Better Sleep, the majority of Awara reviews mentioned how sturdy the platform is and how easy it was to set up. Since this kind of feedback was common among reviews, the comment you’ll see next tells you a little more about what the company is like to deal with:

We purchased an Awara…platform bed in December of 2019. Over the last couple of years it had become less and less sturdy to the point that the whole bed would wobble. Contacted Awara, sent in a few photos and they are sending a new platform bed. It’s been almost 2.5 years…they stand by their product warranty.”

The same customers mentioned outstanding customer service, and really, that’s what you want from any company. Things are bound to happen to products—but it’s the integrity of a company that makes you choose it over another. So what else do customers have to say?

We swapped over to an Awara review on Mattress Nerd to look into the Natural Hybrid Mattress. Its team gave it a 4.7/5 star score, testing it thoroughly. Some points worth mentioning:

The Awara is made with latex foam and coils, which are both bouncy and supportive materials. The Awara is very springy, and it’s great for those who like to sleep “on” the mattress rather than “in” it.

Some beds totally suck you in. The Natural Hybrid Mattress doesn’t. Though it’s soft, it’s also supportive, making it a great option for those who don’t gel with memory foam. The Awara review continued:

Our testers said the Awara was very easy to move around on. We consider it a highly responsive mattress that quickly adapts to your changes in position, making it a good fit for combination sleepers or those who move around a lot at night.

So there you have it, if you were wondering if the Natural Hybrid Mattress was a good fit for you, hopefully, this helps. We’ll look into some more specs in the next Awara review we checked out on a website called Good Bed.

Assessing the mattress from head to toe, Good Bed’s tester rated in categories from firmness to support, describing feeling “quite floaty” thanks to its latex cushion. It went on, “In our evaluations, the Awara mattress afforded very good back support and spinal alignment particularly in back and stomach sleeping.”

Reporting a 10/10 score for edge support, the folks at Good Bed highly recommend the mattress for parents or pet owners that may get pushed to the edge by tiny intruders. Overall, the Natural Hybrid Mattress gets shining scores. It’s not hard to see why it has won so many awards.

There wasn’t much in the form of negativity towards Awara. We checked the Better Business Bureau for common complaints, but it’s a mixed bag. Some report troubles getting in contact with customer service, others report lengthy return processes. In all cases, the brand has responded and most issues have been resolved.

Is Awara Legit?

Awara Review

Since it’s part of the purpose for this Awara review to give you the full scoop, while looking for feedback, it’s important we keep an eye out for any red flags. Though we looked at its profile on the BBB, we saw that all issues were either replied to or resolved.

With that said, Awara currently has a warning on the BBB. It’s not about the quality of its products but in regards to a claim made about where DreamCloud (Awara’s sister company) mattresses were made. Apparently, the brand claimed they were made completely in the USA, but it turns out they’re partially made in the USA.

DreamCloud has removed all claims of USA-made products from its website. And though the issue is on its way to being resolved, the BBB has suspended Awara’s rating—even though by the looks of things, it should be flawless.

The current BBB warning doesn’t concern us too much about Awara. What we care about most here is legitimacy in the business and making sure you’re buying from a reputable brand. From what we can see, Awara is both.

Is Awara Worth It?

Awara Review

Awara is loved by customers for several reasons, and one of those reasons is its affordable options. Another is its safe materials, and another is its luxurious comfort. We’re partial to this brand because of its certifications.

Using Rainforest Alliance-certified latex, organic cotton, and organic wool, Awara proves that a sleep brand can truly be both sustainable and affordable—the two don’t often coincide.

Throw in free delivery, a 365-night trial for its mattresses, and a lifetime warranty, and buying mattresses and bedding is transformed from being stressful and chaotic to actually enjoyable. Imagine that.

Awara Promotions & Discounts

Awara Review

As an already incredibly affordable mattress and bedding brand, we were surprised that Awara offers multiple ways to save. Here’s what we found:

  • Get a FREE Tranquility Bundle ($500 value) by entering your email when prompted
  • $400 off all mattresses
  • Sale on Bed Frames
  • Free contiguous US delivery
  • Risk-free trials (356 or 50 nights)

Where to Buy Awara

Awara Review

Part of the reason why this brand is so affordable is due to its completely e-based approach. Sold exclusively online, the only place you can order is from


Awara Review

Who owns Awara?

Awara is owned by Resident, a home goods brand based in California. It’s the same company that owns Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses, so if you’ve ever purchased from either, you’ll be familiar with Awara’s policies.

Does Awara ship internationally?

Right now, Awara only ships within the USA. Delivering to all 50 states, if you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you’ll be charged a non-refundable shipping fee.

What is Awara’s Shipping Policy?

If you live in the contiguous US, Awara will ship your order for free—that includes bed frames and mattresses. Shipping times vary from item to item.

To get an estimate of when the item you’re interested in will ship out, just head over to the product page and turn your gaze to the price. Under there, you’ll see a shipping estimate. Right now, pillows are shipping out in 2-3 business days, whereas mattresses ship out in 2-5 business days.

Once your order has been picked up by the carrier, delivery can take an additional 3-5 business days. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your order does ship out though, and you can click on the tracking link to keep an eye on where your package is on its journey to you.

What is Awara’s Return Policy?

All Awara products come with some sort of trial. While the brand invites you to sleep on its mattresses for 365 nights to decide if they’re right for you, you’ll have 50 days to try out bedding and bed frames.

The brand recommends trying all of its products out for at least 30 days before making up your mind, but as long as you get in touch before your trial ends, you can get a full refund if at any time you decide a product isn’t what you’re looking for. If you decide you’d like to return your Awara products, all you need to do is:

  1. Call or email Awara and let its team know
  2. They’ll arrange for a pick-up of your items

It really is that easy. Once your items make their way back to Awara’s warehouse, they’ll be inspected upon approval. Your refund will be issued to your original method of payment.

How to Contact Awara

You’ve made it to the end of this Awara review and with any luck, all of your questions have been answered. If you still have some, the brand’s support team is available seven days a week and can be reached via:

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