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Anyday Cookware Review

What if I told you that you could cook silky Chinese steamed egg custard, banana bread, and butter chicken curry entirely in your microwave?

Anyday Cookware is an innovative brand offering perfectly designed dishes and accessories to help you make the most of your microwave, save time, and eat nutritious and delicious chef-worthy meals. 

The brand’s products have been featured by popular media outlets like Taste of Home, Fast Company, and Forbes. Well-renowned chef and creator of Momofuku restaurants David Chang is a partner of the brand and helps with product design. It’s no wonder 34k people follow them on their Instagram!

Looking for a more convenient way to cook up your weeknight dinners without compromising taste and nutrition? Keep reading this Anyday Cookware review as I head into the brand’s history, best sellers, and customer ratings, and answer some FAQs so you can decide if they’re worth a try. 

Overview of Anyday Cookware

Anyday Cookware Review

The birth of Anyday Cookware can best be described as a happy accident. Steph Chen, the founder of the company, decided to try cooking chicken in the microwave as an attempt to save time. When she took out the perfectly roasted chicken from the microwave, she was astounded. 

Steph Chen began doing some research on microwave cooking and discovered that many chefs promote this way of cooking. It’s convenient, quick, and despite contrary opinions, it’s pretty healthy. Cooking food from scratch in the microwave uses less oil and foods retain more of their nutrients than by using the oven. 

In 2021 Steph Chen partnered with David Chang to launch Anyday. She said: “Anyday makes it easier to enjoy the flavors and recipes you love. No tradeoffs, any meal and any day of the week.” 

Before I examine the details of the brand’s best-selling products in this Anyday Cookware review, let’s go over some of their most notable features: 


  • Stylish microwave cookware and accessories
  • 100% plastic-free 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • High-quality and ultra-durable products
  • Tons of delicious recipes on their website
  • Free shipping on all orders over $75

Anyday Cookware includes dishes in various sizes, bags for taking your homecooked food on the go, and accessories like hand mitts to keep you safe in the kitchen. Not overbearing, Anyday has a succinct selection of functional products to choose from.

Up ahead in this Anyday Cookware review, I’ll give you a good idea of some of the brand’s most popular items so you can see what they’re all about. Let’s check ‘em out!

Anyday Cookware Products Review

When you visit the brand’s website, you’ll find an assortment of different-sized Anyday dishes. If you aren’t sure which size you should go for, the brand has a quiz online to help you. 

Whether you’re in the market for a single dish to jumpstart you’re microwave cooking journey or you want to go all out with a complete set, Anyday Cookware has options for you. Next up, I’ll guide you through some of the brand’s best sellers. 

Anyday Cookware The Complete Set Review

Are you someone who doesn’t want to bother spending hours roasting, frying, or baking meals in the oven? I think you’ll find The Complete Set incredibly handy. 

This set includes 6 dishes to cook up different-sized meals for your family, friends, or yourself. The dishes in this set are also excellent for meal prepping and storing away already cooked food.

If you live a busy lifestyle, you can simply cook your meal in one of the microwave-safe dishes and then reheat your leftovers in the same dish at another time! 

You’ll receive the following items in your set: 

  • 1x Large Deep Dish
  • 1x Large Shallow Dish 
  • 1x Medium Deep Dish 
  • 1x Medium Shallow Dish
  • 2x Small Dishes 

Coming in a kale green color, you can usually pick up The Complete Set for $175. At the time of writing this Anyday Cookware review, you can buy it on sale for $150

Anyday Cookware The Large Deep Dish Review

For those who want to start experimenting with microwave cooking slowly, The Large Deep Dish is a wonderful starting point. 

This dish is perfect for cooking stews, soups, mashed potatoes, and rice. As with all the brand’s dishes, it’s made from frosted borosilicate glass to handle high heat without shattering. This dish comes with an airtight seal that helps cook your food thoroughly and keeps it fresher for longer.

The Large Deep Dish comes in three colors: kale, blueberry, and black sesame. You can add one to your kitchen for $52.

Anyday Cookware The Anywhere Bag Review

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Bringing your favorite meal or snacks with you and sharing it with friends is a lovely way to connect with others, whether that be at a dinner party or a day on the beach.

The Anywhere Bag is a foldable 100% cotton canvas tote that carries your food from point A to point B. As a bonus, the bag doubles as a trivet for your dish to sit on top of. Not to mention, the bright teal color is delightful!

You can get The Anywhere Bag in a medium or large size for $25 and $30

Anyday Cookware The Anyhand Mitts Review

Have you ever burnt your fingertips by taking a hot dish out of the microwave a little bit too soon? The Anyhand Mitts were created to protect you.

Intelligently designed in a circular shape with two thumb slots, these mittens can be used on both hands. No need to waste time making sure your oven mitts are on the proper hand. 

The exterior of the hand mitts is lined with silicone dots to shield your hands from the heat while also allowing you to grip your dish and avoid any slippage. Kevin from the Office would’ve really benefited from these mitts when he was serving his famous chili. 

The Anyhand Mitts ring in at $20.  

Who Is Anyday Cookware For? 

Anyday Cookware Review

Writing this Anyday Cookware review, I’ve come to realize that the brand’s products would be helpful for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking elaborate meals but still want a tasty and healthy dish.

People who don’t have access to kitchen space, ovens, or stovetops, such as many college students or city slickers, can also make use of Anyday’s microwave-built dishes.

Anyday Cookware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Anyday Cookware Review

Are you thinking about giving Anyday Cookware a try? Keep sticking with us before making any firm decisions. Together, we’ll gain insight from customers of the brand to find out if they’re worth the hype. 

Before I dive into the details, let’s quickly break down the ratings of the brand’s best sellers I mentioned above: 

  • Anyday Cookware The Complete Set: 4.92/5 stars from 676 reviews
  • Anyday Cookware The Large Deep Dish: 4.92/5 stars from 676 reviews 
  • Anyday Cookware The Anywhere Bag: 5/5 stars from 4 reviews 
  • Anyday Cookware The Anyhand Mitts: 4.79/5 stars from 28 reviews

All in all, I discovered many positive Anyday Cookware reviews on the brand’s official website. Many reviewers commented on its products’ convenience, function, and high quality. Some even go as far as saying that Anyday has helped bring out their creativity. 

One fan of The Complete Set wrote: “The Anyday is a weeknight night game changer. Instead of reheating leftovers, cooking from my usual repertoire, or giving in to laziness and ordering delivery, I’m using Anyday to steam fresh veggies and poach fish. Learning to reinterpret recipes for the microwave has been an exciting new creative outlet in the kitchen.

They went on: “We’re eating healthier, more elaborate dinners on weeknights because it all comes together so quickly and easily. The bowls will easily pay for themselves many times over in all the delivery orders that I don’t place.”

But I didn’t stop with the brand’s website. Out of 797 reviews on Junip, Anyday averaged 4.91/5 stars. One 5-star reviewer said: “These are great! I’m a terrible cook and already I’ve made quite a few things that have impressed the family.”

Finally, a user on Reddit commented on the portability and convenience of the brand’s cookware. They said: “I frequently make shakshuka at work with my AnyDay. I am not a good cook and I am really lost without recipes to follow. I really like the shakshuka recipe because all I have to do is throw stuff into the bowl and take a couple of eggs with me to work.” 

To sum everything up in this section of my Anyday Cookware review, I found out that most customers of the brand have nothing but positive things to say. Although the brand’s products are on the pricier side, many reviewers reported they are well worth the cost.

Is Anyday Cookware Legit?

Anyday Cookware Review

Anyday Cookware is a fairly fresh brand with innovative cookware. From what I could see, this brand is completely transparent and trustworthy. I did not come across any complaints about Anyday’s shipping or return policy. This is a legit company.

Is Anyday Cookware Worth It?

Anyday Cookware Review

The brand offers creative, high-quality products that are multifunctional and save you time in the kitchen. I love to see a company that is solution-oriented and forward-thinking. That being said, I’ll conclude this Anyday Cookware review by giving the brand two thumbs up

Anyday Cookware Promotions & Discounts 

Anyday Cookware Review

At the time of this review, Anyday has sales on some of their most popular cookware sets. You and your friend can both save $10 when you refer them using an Anyday Cookware discount code.

For the latest promos, recipes, and products, I’d suggest staying in the loop by signing up for the brand’s newsletter.

Where to Buy Anyday Cookware

Anyday Cookware Review

You can buy Anyday Cookware from the brand’s website,


Anyday Cookware Review

Who owns Anyday Cookware?

Stephanie Chen, the chief of staff at Meyer Corporation, owns Anyday Cookware

Does Anyday Cookware ship internationally?

Currently, the brand only ships to the US, Canada, and Australia. They plan on expanding their delivery service in the future. 

What is Anyday Cookware’s Shipping Policy?

As mentioned above, Anyday Cookware ships to three countries. For US orders, the brand uses UPS Ground shipping and will provide the service for free on orders over $75. Orders under $75, will be charged a flat rate of $9

The brand offers free shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, on orders over $170. Orders over $100 will be charged a $30 fee. If your order is under $100, additional taxes and duties will be applied. 

What is Anyday Cookware’s Return Policy?

Anyday Cookware wants you to love your new product(s). If you don’t, the brand offers to refund you within 30 days of delivery. 

All items must be in their original condition and you are responsible for any shipping fees. To start the return process, email the brand with your order information and reason for return. 

How to Contact Anyday Cookware

Inspired to try out a microwave recipe that’s not a mug cake? Well, I hope this Anyday Cookware review provided you with everything you wanted to know about the brand. If you have any additional questions, I’d encourage you to reach out to the brand via: 

  1. Email: [email protected] 
  2. Phone: (888) 699-7005

The brand’s team is available to chat Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 4 pm PT. 

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