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Mila Review

As pollution increases, air quality decreases. What better way to handle all that nasty pollution than getting an air purifier? But with all the options on the market right now, which one should you choose? That’s where Mila comes in. 

The company focuses on creating HEPA air purifiers that are affordable and aesthetically pleasing. On top of that, they also strive to eliminate the annoying task of replacing your filters. Also, the brand stands by their commitment to the environment, which is especially important considering the reasons for the declining air quality. 

With features on Forbes, the New York Times, Tech in Asia, over 50k likes on Facebook, and over 6k followers on Instagram, the brand’s performance and filtration definitely stands out from competitors. 

But is it for you? Don’t worry, this Mila review will clear the air. We’ll take you through information about the company, products, customer comments, and answer some frequent concerns about the brand. 

Overview of Mila

Mila Review

Alarmed by the declining air quality in Shanghai and concerned about the toll on their loved ones, three dads—Grant Prigge, Charles Liao, and David Chitayat—launched their air purifier idea, Mila, on Kickstarter. 

While there is an abundance of affordable “HEPA-like” air purifiers on the internet, you can’t guarantee the quality. On the other end of the spectrum, there are definitely high-quality devices but they also cost an arm and a leg. Not to mention, these products are usually large and obtrusive—not exactly the look you’re going for in the middle of your living room. 

At Mila, you’ll find proper HEPA air purifiers, and most uniquely, a subscription model. Instead of stressing about buying new filters all the time, you can subscribe and get Mila units with new HEPA filters delivered automatically. 

With the Mila app, you can easily control the air purifiers, check on the air quality information, and outdoor air quality too. While the company started in Shanghai, they now ship worldwide to the UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and the United States. 

But before we get into looking at their products in detail, this Mila review will give you the overall highlights of the brand:


  • Effective air purifier and filters offered
  • Small and non-obtrusive
  • Subscription option available for filters (first one is free)  
  • Mila app helps you control your device from any location
  • 30-day refunds
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Free US shipping

Now that you have an idea of what Mila can offer you, we’ll go deeper into its products and how they can really clear things up for you. 

Mila Air Purifier Review

The company only has one device: the Mila smart air purifier. While it is just one item, it does more than just clean the air in your rooms. The product can also detect information about your air quality, temperature and humidity.

With the app, you can even control the device from afar. In the next part, this Mila review will dive into all the nitty gritty details about the product. 

Mila Air Purifier Review

Mila Air Purifier Review
Mila Air Purifier

Here is the brand’s only air purifier: the Mila. With the equivalent of a 45 ft2 HEPA device, you won’t need to worry about any unwanted particles, including smoke, allergens, pet dander, and bacteria. 

Mila also has a Dual-Flow filter which can hold one pound of granular active carbon, perfect for filtering out household smells and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like benzene or formaldehyde. This air purifier can filter almost 95.7% of viruses that linger in the air within 30 minutes too, helping you keep flu days away. 

Each device is tiny but powerful, with eight built-in air quality sensors, which makes this a smart purifier too. Your Mila can detect airborne particles, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, VOCs, humidity and temperature, room presence, and differential pressure too. 

The Mila Air Purifier is affordable too. At $349 per unit, it is on the cheaper end of air purifiers for sure. At checkout, you can choose if you want two Milas for $648, saving $50, or three Milas for $972, saving $75. 

But if you don’t know if the product is really for you, don’t worry! You have a 30-day money-back guarantee, though you will have to pay the shipping and handling fees. 

Mila Filters Review

While there is only one device, there are seven different filters for you to choose from depending on your specific needs. But the device’s carbon monoxide sensor doesn’t mean it includes a Mila carbon monoxide air filter. The best course of action when your device detects carbon monoxide is to vacate the area! 

As we go through this Mila review, keep in mind CADR is referring to the clean air delivery rate, or the unit’s overall ability to clean the air indoors. The higher the number, the better it is with the average being at least two-thirds of the room size. If a room is 15 x 10 feet, then the number needs to be at least 100.  

Mila The Basic Breather Review 

Mila The Basic Breather Review
Mila The Basic Breather

If you just want a simple but effective filter, the Basic Breather would be perfect. It will get rid of all the indoor particles, outdoor pollution, and dust without any fuss with the high quality H12 HEPA filter. 

This filter is best used for larger rooms, with a 447 CADR rating. At $59, this is also the cheapest option. But it does not have a carbon filter, so it won’t reduce odors or VOCs. 

Mila The Big Sneeze Review 

Mila The Big Sneeze Review
Mila The Big Sneeze

If you don’t tend to get sick but allergy season takes you out? No problem! The Big Sneeze is designed to capture all the pesky allergens and save you from that annoying runny nose. 

Pollen, dander, and superfine particles won’t stand a chance against this filter. With an H13 HEPA layer, 99.97% of particles, dust, and pollution are filtered away. While the CADR number is lower, at 416, it is still very high compared with other brands since any value over 200 is excellent. 

At $69, this filter is more expensive than the other one but still in a reasonable price range. You can change up your filters too, so you can get this one when you need it. But it also doesn’t have carbon so it won’t reduce odors and VOCs. 

Mila The Rookie Parent Review 

Mila The Rookie Parent Review
Mila The Rookie Parent

Now we have our first carbon filter. The Rookie Parent is perfect for bedrooms and nurseries, with an H12 HEPA filter like the Basic Breather, but with an additional 0.7 pounds of pure granular carbon to get rid of VOCs and odors. 

Not only is there more protection against harmful particles, like VOCs, but you also won’t need to worry about soiled diapers stinking up your room. At 364 CADR, it is lower than the other types, but that’s also because this filter is meant for smaller spaces.

You can buy this one for $69, and like all other orders, it is free when you sign up for your first subscription. 

Mila The Critter Cuddler Review 

Mila The Critter Cuddler Review
Mila The Critter Cuddler

You may love your pet to bits, but let’s be real, they’re not the cleanest. With the Mila Critter Cuddler, you won’t feel conflicted anymore. It has a H13 Filter as seen in The Big Sneeze and a heavy duty carbon filter, you won’t need to worry about pet dander, hair, and bad smells anymore. 

While the focus is not on improving air quality, as seen with the 350 CADR rating, this filter has special designs to get rid of animal funk plus any gases. With 0.84 lbs of modified granular carbon, ammonia is easily removed. 

Also, each filter comes with a washable Mila Sock for fur and bigger flecks. For $79, that is quite worth the price. 

Mila The Home Wrecker Review 

Mila The Home Wrecker Review
Mila The Home Wrecker

If you’ve just finished renovating and your walls are fresh, the smell might be a bit too fresh for you. Don’t worry, the Home Wrecker will take away all those nasty chemicals and odors easily. 

With the H12 HEPA filter, it gets rid of dust, pollution, and smoke particles. But this filter also has 1.96 lbs of modified granular carbon designed to take away dangerous formaldehyde and hydrocarbon odors. Not only are the smells annoying, they can be really bad for your health in the long term. You can buy this filter for $79

Mila The Mama-To-Be Review 

Mila The Mama-To-Be Review
Mila The Mama-To-Be

The next filter on the list is The Mama-To-Be. This medical-grade filter will make sure you get clean and fresh air in the comfort of your own home. 

Unlike the other filters, this one has an H14 HEPA which captures ultrafine particles, pollution, and germs in the air. The 0.70 lbs of pure granular carbon eliminates VOCs and bad smells too. 

The company recommends that you use this in your bedroom as you’re sleeping. While the filter is not designed to clean air, proven by the 245 CADR, it will definitely keep you and the baby safe from particles and germs the other filters can’t catch. It costs only $79.

Mila The Overreactor Review 

Mila The Overreactor Review
Mila The Overreactor

Now we are finally at the last filter: the Mila Overreactor. Similar to the Mama-To-Be, this one has an H14 HEPA filter to capture all the tiny little particles. But this also has 1.25 pounds of modified granular carbon, designed to screen formaldehyde out. 

Just like the name suggests, this filter is the biggest and most badass one of them all. But at 254 CADR, it’s clear that this filter isn’t meant to clean your air. Instead, it’s meant to protect you from bad things that can affect you. It costs $99 for one filter! 

How Do I Use A Mila Air Purifier? 

Mila Review

This Mila review finds that the air purifier is really easy to use:

  1. Make sure you are in an enclosed space; close any doors and windows 
  2. Put the air purifier anywhere in the room as long as nothing is blocking it. You should leave at least 11.8 inches of clearance around your device 
  3. Make sure your product is on a sturdy surface 

Using wifi, you can connect your Mila air purifier to the app. Just select your Mila from the ‘Rooms‘ screen. You can also use your air purifier without the app, but you’d miss out on some features like the Automagic mode, which increases or decreases the fan based on the current indoor air quality. 

How Long Do Mila Filters Last? 

The filters last between six to nine months. If you signed up for auto renewal, you should get your next filter by then. Make sure to throw out your filter according to your local disposal regulations. 

How Do You Pair Mila?

After you choose how many Mila air purifiers you want to buy, the next step is to just choose a filter. Pick whatever suits your needs best, and you can change this up too! 

Pairing your Mila app to your air purifier, open the app and follow the instructions. Make sure you have your WiFi username and password ready to connect your air purifier. The Mila can only work on 2.4GHz networks so don’t try to connect it to your 5G! 

If you already have a Mila, then you can add it to the ‘Rooms’ section in the app where you’ll be directed through the setup. 

Who Is Mila For? 

Mila Review

As you can see with all the different filters, Mila is for anyone who wants cleaner air. From pet owners to new parents, the air purifier company has a variety of filters for you to choose.

While they are designed for home use, you can also take one to your office since they are small and unobtrusive. 

Comparison: Mila vs. Dyson 

Mila Review

Before we take a look at the customer comments, this Mila review compared this brand to another popular air purifier brand: Dyson. Although both brands produce air purifiers, they have many differences. 

One big difference is the price point. Dyson products are definitely more expensive than Mila, costing around $600. Filters cost more as well but the CADR is lower. For example,  the Dyson Pure Cool Link is at 135 CADR and they only have one type of filter. 

On the other hand, Dyson air purifiers can also be heaters and air conditioners. They also have a unique Dyson shape, with the open ring. But this still results in a bigger overall product than the Mila air purifier. The former has various air purifiers you can choose from, instead of just one option. 

At the end of the day, both brands produce high quality air purifiers, but they suit different needs and customers. 

Mila Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mila Review

From individual blogs to comments on Amazon, this Mila review gathered different customer comments to show you what customers think about the product. Generally, customers love the Mila air purifiers because they pack a punch and look cute while doing so.

As one customer wrote on TechHive: It’s definitely the best-looking air purifier we’ve tested, reasonably compact and featuring a polka-dot pattern that wouldn’t look out of place at a MoMA exhibit. 

Amazon shows a 4.6/5 star rating from 66 reviews, where 83% are all five stars. This Mila review found that customers enjoy the build quality and how it filters so well

A reviewer wrote the following testimonial: Mila is simply the best! She’s so intuitive. On the first day the AQI in my bedroom was almost 300. It’s been cold in NorCal and with the combination of turning on the heat and using tap water in my diffuser I was coughing a lot!! Mila worked hard that day. 

The app is also a helpful feature. This buyer wrote: “The product functions great and I love having the app with all my air quality information so accessible.”

As with any popular tech product, there are also criticisms about how the Mila purifier doesn’t fully deliver up to its promise. Luckily, the brand’s policy outlines a 30-day refund window and customer service can help remedy any technical issues—or send a replacement. We wouldn’t worry too much about it though, as these comments are rare.

Is Mila Worth It?

Mila Review

All things considered, this Mila review finds the brand to be worth it. Not only is it affordable, they also offer a money-back guarantee. While you would need to pay for shipping, Mila really is a fraction of other models of similar caliber. 

At the end of the day, this is a great product that does serve its promise of filtering air. Plus, it’s visually appealing and perfect for most spaces in your home or office.

Mila Promotions & Discounts 

Mila Review

You can receive $20 off when you sign up for their mailing list, and your first filter is free when you start a subscription. 

With the promo code SAVE30, you can save $30 at checkout. 

Where to Buy Mila

Mila Review

For the best quality assurance, this Mila review finds that you should buy the products straight from the website, which also lets you sign up for their subscription service. Otherwise, you can find the brand on Amazon. 


Mila Review

Where is Mila made? 

Mila prototyping and testing started in China from 2017-2019. After the design was solidified, mass production began in China. According to the company’s sustainability policy, they use recycled plastics in the filter frame, and are working on a component that’s biodegradable.  

In the future, this company wants to create a filter exchange program. Though carbon and HEPA filters can’t be recharged or reused, fortunately, they are both made from biodegradable materials. 

How do I change a Mila filter? 

While Mila dust sock filters can last six months, you will need to replace them regularly. After signing up for a subscription, you will get filters sent automatically to your doorstep.

What do you do once you get your filter? Just follow these easy steps. 

  1. Remove the magnetic front cover
  2. Pull out the old filter located in the bottom half
  3. Slide your new filter back into place
  4. Put the magnetic front cover back on

…and done! 

What is Mila’s Shipping Policy?

While the brand ships globally, prices vary depending on your location. At the time of this Mila review, there is free shipping for US orders. Shipping to Canada would cost $45; all other rates will appear when you enter your location. 

According to their Terms and Conditions last updated in 2020, there is free shipping on auto refill products, which means your subscription. 

What is Mila’s Return Policy?

If you don’t like your product, you have a 30-day refund window which does not include shipping and handling fees. Before you send your product, make sure to contact customer service and confirm the return location and information. 

How to Contact Mila

We hope you enjoyed this Mila review! For any lingering questions, you can either send the brand an email at [email protected] or fill in their online form under the ‘Help’ button on their website.

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