VivoBarefoot Shoes Review

About VivoBarefoot

VivoBarefoot Shoes Review

VivoBarefoot is looking to revolutionize the shoe industry by creating sustainably sourced, zero-environmental impact shoes. VivoBarefoot makes shoes for women, men, toddlers, and all with the goal of creating the perfect shoe that lets your foot do what comes naturally, and for the wearer to reconnect with the ground beneath them. 

VivoBarefoot was featured in notable media outlets the likes of British Vogue, Business Insider, and FashionUnited UK. They have an impressive fan base of over 370K followers on Instagram. But even with all this online coverage, could this brand be trendy over good quality? 

This VivoBarefoot shoes review will focus on the VivoBarefoot brand, a selection of their bestselling shoes, what customers think of their purchase and other important details to know as a potential buyer to make your next shoe purchase decision. 

Overview of VivoBarefoot 

VivoBarefoot Shoes Review

VivoBarefoot was created based on three core values: to think on your feet, innovate sustainably and to move as nature intended. VivoBarefoot shoes are unique in their purpose to have as little shoe as possible, so that your feet can connect with the ground beneath them. 

Launched from London, England in 2012, the brand is not only preoccupied with foot-friendly designs. They produce sustainable footwear with zero impact. It all comes full circle as VivoBarefoot’s mission is to forge a change in thought and approach to life by inspiring people to live by eco-friendly values. 

VivoBarefoot has been awarded status as a Certified B Corporation, which requires “addressing social and environmental factors is a key component to building healthy communities.” In other words, VivoBarefoot doesn’t just talk about helping the environment, they do it and they do it with a variety of top quality shoes. 

Before we get into some of the brand’s top sellers, take a look at the highlights of this VivoBarefoot shoes review: 


  • Shoes in a variety of styles for men, women, toddlers, and children
  • VivoBarefoot is a Certified B Corporation with sustainable products and practices
  • Shoes are designed for comfort and natural foot movement
  • Free shipping is available to every country, but only if your purchase is above a certain price relative to the country
  • VivoBarefoot has a rating of 4.5/5 out of 7,003 reviews on Trustpilot, with 75% of respondents rating the company & shoes as “Excellent” 
  • Generous 100 day return policy with a guaranteed full refund


  • Shoes are expensive compared to the average shoe retailer
  • No shoe exchanges
  • When the VivoBarefoot website is not occupying the full screen on your desktop, you must have it on just half of your screen the words become jumbled and overlap, making it difficult to shop
VivoBarefoot Shoes Review

The following section will highlight some of the VivoBarefoot bestsellers. This VivoBarefoot shoes review will highlight popular boots, running shoes, and kids shoes; who the products are intended for and what we think of each model. 

VivoBarefoot Boots Review

This VivoBarefoot shoes review looks at three boot models for individuals with different needs reflecting diverse styles. If you want to become a VivoBarefoot hiker there’s a ready-to-go classic hiking boot, a pair that’s designed with fewer mountains and more cafes in mind, to a boot that you can travel the world in. 

VivoBarefoot Tracker FG

One of the bestsellers of the VivoBarefoot boots family, the Tracker FG comes in both men’s and women’s styles. With a tough leather exterior, the boot is designed for wearing in wild and rough terrains, backed up by a firm ground sole. The lightweight boot features thermal protection and a waterproof lining ideal for outdoor adventures—you’re covered even while hiking in the rain or passing through mud, and your feet will stay warm when wearing them in the winter.

While the Tracker OG is made for roughin’ it, the minimalist boot can go straight from the hike to the bars (give them a quick wipe if they’re dirty, though). If you plan on wearing it in more laidback settings, you may want to switch out the bright red laces, though the brown on black would also be a cool contrast. 

For women, the only available shade for the Tracker OG is the standard dark brown, while the men’s version is offered in both dark brown and an interesting botanical green. Priced at $250, these VivoBarefoot boots have solid value, since it’s like you’re getting two pairs in one.

VivoBarefoot Scott II Utility

The Scott II Utility is a lightweight vegan boot made from durable Cordura fabric. VivoBarefoot offers a dark grey option for men only. Small flashes of colour, including on the very handy thumb tab at the back, add a different dimension to the Scott II Utility

Don’t think that just because it isn’t a purist hiking boot it cannot handle the snow and winter: the hexagonal bottom provides good traction whether you are trekking through snow, mud, cold or wet surfaces. Simply put, this boot can handle whatever the city throws at it. 

Designed and styled with the city more in mind, those extra panels and detailing on the side are reflective so wherever you step you’ll stay visible. At $220 that extra panelling on the ankle gives the boot a unique aesthetic that is sure to stand out compared to other boots. 

VivoBarefoot Gobi II Hemp

The Gobi II Hemp boots are a stylish, yet minimalist take on the classic desert boot, available for both men and women. The clue for the core material used is in the word, natural hemp, which is the canvas for the upper element of the boot. 

Combined with one of the thinnest barefoot outsoles that VivoBarefoot shoes have, you’ll feel connected to the ground and there’s an organic cotton lining for breathability. The mens come in just Sandstone, while there are three options for the women when it comes to colour, of Sandstone, Zinc and Pink Graphite. 

The splash of color allows these boots to work with basically pants you choose—dress them up or throw them in your bag as a backup plan and you’ll be ready for whatever plans crop up. These boots will take you anywhere every single day, and not compromise on style one bit. At around $170 a pop, this style represents great value in the boots department. 

VivoBarefoot Running Shoes Review

VivoBarefoot running shoes come in two functional categories: road running and trail running. While the shoe construction varies between the two types, the style and appearance is similar throughout: a streamlined, performance-driven design that won’t slow you down. 

VivoBarefoot Primus Lite

Here is one of the best selling shoes on the website, the VivoBarefoot Primus Lite, which comes in a ton of different color options for men, while women have just Obsidian as a colour for Primus Lite specifically. The shoe is a vegan creation, made using PET plastic bottles recycled into durable performance materials. The shoe is lightweight and breathable, suitable for a run, walk, or workout.

The best thing about the Primus Lite II is that it is perfect for workouts, yes, but it’s stylish design means that it is so versatile. With the colors available your feet can be a flash of colour as you speed past someone, or they can be a bright spark that you can throw on to go to the shops for $150 a pair.

VivoBarefoot Primus Trail

The Primus Trail is slightly different from its Lite brother above, and you can see that straight from the outset, it is a little chunkier, looks a little more supported and the sole is obviously thicker than the Primus Lite. The Primus Trail available for both men and women as an FG Firm Ground style and an SG Soft Ground. There’s also a Primus Trail Kids version as well for some serious juvenile style. 

For men there is just the Obsidian color available, while the women’s version comes in Atlantic Blue and Obsidian. Like the Primus Lite, the Primus Trail is made of recycled plastic bottles that gives it a durable yet breathable structure

While the Primus Lite could be more versatile, the Primus Trail model is best suited for those rugged trails. As the designs of the FG and SG are remarkably similar, the outsole is the major difference here, with low-profile lugs incorporated into the FG style to help with traction on trails and rocky terrains, while SG style is perfect for muddy or wet terrain, both at around $170

VivoBarefoot Ultra III

The Ultra III is VivoBarefoot’s best selling water shoe designed for women, while there is also an Ultra Bloom Kids version as well. It’s lightweight and vegan, designed for land and sea wear. What sets this shoe apart from competitors is the Blooms algae-based alternative to the synthetic components that make up most other water shoes. 

If you are going on a land meets aquatic, this is a go-to shoe. There are a few different colors available, from the Obsidian (pictured), to Algae Green, Electric Blue and a classic Black/White. Flexible, comfy, with a synched drawstring instead of laces, the VivoBarefoot Ultra III can be rolled up and shoved into the bottom of a bag to take wherever you go. At  just a shade over $100, it won’t break the bank either.  

VivoBarefoot Kids Review

VivoBarefoot Kids is, as one might expect, almost a carbon copy of what you can buy in the mens and womens sections. If you’ve got little rascals and love parent-kid matching vibes, this part of the VivoBarefoot shoes review is up your alley.

The styles and appearances of the adult bestsellers largely remain, while bringing in some more eccentric designs and colors that fit the notion of kids shoes. There are choices featuring both laces and Velcro, which undoubtedly will reduce stress for both the parents and kids if they need the shoes on in a hurry.  

VivoBarefoot Ababa Leather Sandal Kids

VivoBarefoot Sandals have a simple purpose of reminding kids, to an extent, of how their ancestors walked. A no-nonsense, simple sandal, handmade in Ethiopia with Ethiopian Wild Hide, it is naturally scarred. A great little addition is that it has a flap at the back to prevent the sandal from sliding off of your kid’s foot—for those of you that are parents will know, this can be a recipe for a tantrum if your little one’s foot slipped out of the sandal while on the move.

This isn’t your classic kind of nerdy sandal that you kid will hate, it looks trendy and a Velcro snap across the ankle provides support. For your little style icon it comes in a Botanical Green or Navy so there is little not to love about this $60 leather sandal that supports local communities in Addis Ababa. 

VivoBarefoot Ultra Bloom Kids

VivoBarefoot Ultra Bloom Kids

Now not every kid wants to match with their parents when it comes to clothes and shoes, but the VivoBarefoot Ultra Bloom Kids is a great choice for the little ones. Available in two bold colours of Wave Blue or Bio Lime, the shoes are suitable for water and land adventures. Much like the adult version it is vegan and composed of Bloom, an algae-based alternative material.

A fear for any parent is that their kid is going to be out having fun, running from wet to dry whether it’s on the beach, the poolside or wherever, and their shoes become slippery causing a tripping hazard. That isn’t a fear with the Ultra Bloom Kidsit’s quick drying which gives it the added traction over different terrains. At around $76 it is certainly not an inexpensive purchase, but its durability and traction pads on the sole add to it as a worthy investment. 

VivoBarefoot Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

VivoBarefoot Review

By and large, VivoBarefoot reviews are positive across the board. The most consistent issue faced by customers is the price point of the shoes. They’re not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination. There are lots of shoe companies out there and VivoBarefoot shoes tend to be at the higher end of the spectrum which turns away some consumers. That being said, those who bought into the idea of VivoBarefoot love the shoes. 

The overwhelming majority of comments on consumer review websites like TrustPilot are along the lines of  “Awesome shoes. Would love a slip on option but otherwise will keep buying vivo barefoot and would think twice about buying any other brand now.” One particular reviewer had a particularly impressed youngster with his purchase of a pair of VivoBarefoot shoes, writing, “After a full day at school and almost 2 miles walk there and back I asked my 4 yr old how his shoes were. His reply was “they feel lovely, they’re just like socks”. I’m so pleased with these shoes, I’ve been eyeing up some for myself for years and I think I’ll treat myself after this review from my little person”. 

A handful of customers were also disappointed that VivoBarefoot only allows returns, not exchanges. While VivoBarefoot claims to have a no-hassle return process, some find it rather frustrating either in terms of wait times and, in some cases, paying for the cost of the shipping returns. One TrustPilot reviewer was quick to point out “I do resent paying £7 for postage. No one charges £7 to post anything these days.” Negative comments aside, VivoBarefoot has a rating of 4.5/5 out of 7,003 reviews on Trustpilot, with 75% of respondents rating the company & shoes as “Excellent”.

Is VivoBarefoot Worth It?

VivoBarefoot Review

This VivoBarefoot shoes review has a lot of different elements all geared towards whether you as the would-be consumer should buy their shoes, whether it be a VivoBarefoot Primus Lite, a particular style of boot, sandal or more. The Certified B Corporation company prioritizes sustainability, regenerative practices, and making the world we live in a better place for everyone. The fact that they make quality shoes that look good, and have a large variety of styles just further cements the fact that VivoBarefoot shoes are likely worth your money.

That being said, the price is not something to ignore, and there are other shoe companies out there that make similar styles to VivoBarefoot that will cost you considerably less. It is also important to bear in mind that this style of shoe (as close to barefoot as possible) is not for everyone. It will certainly take time to adjust to this kind of footwear. 

If you simply want to ask “Are VivoBarefoot shoes good for your feet?” The answer is yes and there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the footwear, provided the shoes are in your budget (there’s no need to stress about shoes you can’t afford). The ethos of the company, the construction of the shoes, and the plenty of options for all ages are all important factors in this VivoBarefoot shoes review.

VivoBarefoot Promotions & Discounts 

VivoBarefoot Review

For this VivoBarefoot shoes review, I hunted their website for deals and turned up some promising ones: 

  • Free shipping is included wherever you’re located as long as the cart is above a certain price, which changes depending on location of delivery 
  • There is a VivoBarefoot sale section that includes shoes in the Men’s, Women’s, and Kids
  • By logging on to the website, you’re offered 10% off of your first order if you join the mailing list–which of course also enables you to get future promotions and exclusive updates. 
  • If you Refer A Friend then both you, and the friend, will get 20% off of your next order

Keep checking the brand website and their social media platforms regularly for a VivoBarefoot promo code or a VivoBarefoot coupon.

Where to Buy VivoBarefoot Shoes

VivoBarefoot Review

The primary location to order the footwear online is on the brand’s website, Other sellers include: 

  • VivoBarefoot Amazon
  • The Foot Collective
  • Zappos 
  • MEC

Note that the above independent retailers may not offer delivery to certain countries and stocks are less reliable due to the third-party nature of the sites. If you plan to buy online, the best practice is likely to just stick with the official site, that way there is much less hassle and confusion if there is an issue with your order. 


Do you wear socks with VivoBarefoot shoes?

While the shoes are designed with bare feet in mind, if you just prefer socks go for it. If it’s a bit chilly out, VivoBarefoot offers thermal insoles that can keep your feet warm. If you’re going with socks, the best bet is to pick out a non-restrictive or lightweight sock. 

What sizes does VivoBarefoot have? 

The wide variety of VivoBarefoot sizing means that they make shoes for every kind of foot, going from Toddler size, through Kids and Junior sizes to Women and Mens sizes. Mens shoes start at a US 7, Womens start at a US 5.5, Juniors a US 2, Kids a US 9 and Toddlers a US 5. 

The VivoBarefoot sizing chart proves to be a simple but a handy conversion table if you know your shoe size in UK, EU or CM sizes. 

What is VivoBarefoot’s Shipping Policy?

Great news in this VivoBarefoot shoes review: the brand ships globally. There are two shipping options to choose from, Standard and Express, both of which come with tracking capabilities provided by Global-E. 

Pricing varies depending on the country they are being shipped to. Choosing the Standard is free on all orders over a certain price depending on your location, and can take up to 10 business days. The alternative is the Express option will deliver your package to you in 3–5 business days

NOTE: VivoBarefoot’s delivery partners are experiencing some minor delays in some specific regions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you are unsure whether your region is one that is being affected, the customer service team is the place to go for answers, and in the meantime, expect to add 1-2 days for orders to arrive. For contact information, consult the next section of this VivoBarefoot shoes review.

What is VivoBarefoot’s Return Policy?

Due to the nature of VivoBarefoot shoes, it is not possible to exchange sizes or styles after orders are placed. However, if you don’t like the shoes, something is wrong with them, or you simply change your mind for whatever reason, you can return the shoes for a full, no stress, refund within 100 days of ordering.

If you purchased your VivoBarefoot shoes from an independent store or website, you’ll have to contact the store directly as return policies will vary. 

How to Contact VivoBarefoot  

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this VivoBarefoot shoes review, there are several ways to get in touch with customer service: 

  • Telephone Number: +44 (0) 207 048 0600 (Mon-Sat 8:00am – 2:00am)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form on the VivoBarefoot website (requires your name, email address, telephone, order # and country) 

If you’re not set on VivoBarefoot, check out some other brands:


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