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Airinum Review

Disposable masks? Please, the trend nowadays is to go green. Instead of opting for one-time use face coverings, Airinum enables you to breathe smarter and live more comfortably. This online shop sells the ‘world’s most advanced air mask,’ which helps filter out pollution, pollen, and unwanted bacteria before it enters your system. 

In the era of COVID-19, it should come as no surprise that face masks are a hot commodity. There’s a good chance that you’re already well familiar with Airinum, as they boast a following of over 46.6k on Instagram. They’re also featured on several media outlets, including Hypebeast, The New York Times, and CNN. 

Is your trash can full of used masks? Perhaps it’s time to adopt more eco-friendly practices. Keep reading, as this Airinum review will take a closer look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Airinum

Airinum Review

In the late spring of 2020, the pandemic brought the world to a complete standstill. For the first time ever, the streets of New York were empty, the economy was rapidly spiraling, and we began a heady descension into quarantine madness. And with it, we were tasked to bring a new accessory into our daily wardrobe: the face mask. 

Of course, it’s only natural for companies to start developing face masks in order to meet growing demands. Airinum, on the other hand, existed years before the pandemic. This Swedish-based brand was founded by Alexander Hjertstrom, Fredrik Kempe, Johannes Herrmann, and Mehdi Rejraji. 

In lieu of disposable face coverings, Airinum produces reusable masks that offer integrated filtration against pollution and bacteria. Since its debut in 2004, they’ve helped spread awareness about poor air quality and public health.

In a thought-provoking quote left by the brand, Airinum states that it’ll continue to focus on two key values as part of its company mission:

 “We started Airinum with a vision to create a world where everyone can breathe clean and healthy air. To get there, our mission is two-folded; 1) we exist to create products that can empower people to live healthy lives regardless of their surroundings, and 2) be part of raising awareness about poor air quality.”

Before we get into this Airinum review, let’s go over some initial highlights: 


  • Sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable masks;
  • Designed with more functions and benefits than ordinary face coverings;
  • The brand raises awareness in several issues dealing with poor air quality and public health;
  • Positive customer reviews; 
  • Free shipping on orders $125 or more.
Airinum Review

I don’t know about you, but I’ve collected a hefty amount of face masks since the pandemic started. I’m usually in between disposable coverings to cotton-based alternatives, depending on what I have on hand. 

Unfortunately, some designs aren’t engineered to sit comfortably. This includes multiple cons such as tight straps, thick unbreathable material, and coverings that just slip down the face. Don’t even get me started on foggy glasses. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably looking for a mask that feels effortless to wear. Fortunately, Airinum has mastered face-covering down to a science. Designed with air filtration, lightweight material, and an adjustable fit, you may forget that you’re wearing anything at all. The masks come in a variety of designs as well. 

From attachable filters to the Premium Lite Air Mask, this Airinum review will feature a few of the brand’s bestsellers for readers to compare. 

Airinum Masks Review

This online brand offers two sets of face masks: the Urban Air Mask 2.0 and the Lite Air Mask. Both products come in a variety of colors, including black, pink, and blue. 

For those who need a quick comparison to help them choose, don’t worry; this Airinum review has you covered. We’ll provide an in-depth look into the brand’s popular picks to help you make that critical decision. 

Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0 Review

In preparation for variants and impending COVID-19 waves, it’s best to stay safe with the Urban Air Mask 2.0 from Airinum. 

This highly advanced face-covering features a clean, seamless design that feels super light to wear. It’s definitely an upgrade for any cotton-based alternative, as this protective guard features integrated filters, CO2 valves, adjustable straps, and a washable skin. 

If you’re worried about safety, the Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0 has been tested at the RISE R&D facility in Sweden. It reportedly offers a 98% protection rate against harmful bacteria and pollution. On top of that, this face covering is quite similar to professional-grade masks, such as the N95 respirator. 

Built with an adjustable nose clip with integrated memory foam, this face mask eliminates the need for any micro-adjusting. Best of all, it prevents your glasses from getting foggy—which is a godsend for those who don’t own contacts. 

Available in pink, black, and light grey, the Urban Air Mask 2.0 retails for $55 compared to its original price of $75

Airinum Lite Air Mask Review

I swear, why is it so hard to find a reusable black mask these days? If I do end up finding one, it’s usually more expensive than buying a 3-pack decorated with various colors and prints. 

Fortunately, the Lite Air Mask offers a simplistic style free of any bells and whistles. Not only is this face-covering fashionable in design, but it comes with various benefits compared to any cotton-based guard. 

The Airinum Lite Air Mask is built with durable filters, 3D air mesh material, flexible loops, and a washable exterior in case of laundry days. As an added bonus, it also comes with detachable head clips to help ease any tension from the ears. 

Designed to block out pollution, smog, or air-borne bacteria, the Lite Air Mask sells for $49. In case you’re not a fan of black, it’s also available in other colors such as pink, blue, and cream. 

Airinum Accessories Review

I know what you’re thinking: “Face masks have accessories? Who needs ‘em?” Believe me, that’s what I thought at first when perusing through Airinum’s website, but I then concluded that it’s well worth the investment. If anything, add-ons like bags, head straps, and exhalation valves may prevent you from buying disposable coverings in the future. 

This Airinum review will spotlight some nifty accessories offered on the brand’s website. And who knows? Maybe it’ll change the way you wear face masks from now on.  

Airinum Mask Bag Pro Review

Let’s face it. Most of us are guilty of placing our face masks in inconvenient locations. From jacket pockets to purses, we usually opt for the disposable alternative if we can’t manage to find our reusable covering. For those who want to slow down their consumption of one-time use throwaways, the Mask Bag Pro keeps your guard clean and protected. 

Part of the Airinum Accessories collection, this nifty pocket is designed with anti-microbial Polygiene ViralOff fabric. It’s definitely a level-up compared to any cotton carrier, as the Airinum Mask Bag Pro prevents any unwanted bacteria from camping out in your face covering. 

If you’re especially guilty of losing your face mask from time to time, it also comes with a flexible lanyard, which can be tied loosely around your neck or carry-on. Currently, the Mask Bag Pro retails for just $25

Airinum Head Strap Review

Let’s give a round of applause to our healthcare workers. With most operating on a 12-hour schedule, we need to thank the amount of hard work put in saving our loved ones from the clutches of COVID-19. 

While they may enjoy the comfort of orthopedic shoes, some nurses and doctors still struggle with wearing masks for hours on end. Fortunately, they don’t have to suffer in silence for long. 

The Head Strap from Airinum can ease the tension placed on the ears. Designed with adjustable hooks at the back, users can easily affix their face masks with no added hassle. It’s also a great accessory for those who wear glasses, hearing aids, or any ear-based add-ons, as it does wonders in alleviating any pressure or pain. 

Offered in black, pink, and light grey, pair your existing face mask with the Airinum Head Strap for $15

Airinum Exhalation Valves Review

Finding it hard to breathe? Go easy on your lungs by adding the Exhalation Valves as part of your face mask. This accessory is engineered for the Urban Air Mask 2.0 and is designed to filter clean air from unwanted particles in the atmosphere. While it’s great to use during the pandemic, it’s also optimized for cities covered in smog and pollution. 

Currently, this accessory is offered in pink, black, and grey. This pack includes two Airinum Exhalation Valves in total. Together, they cost $15 at checkout. 

Who Is Airinum For? 

Airinum Review

Since we’re still locked into the pandemic, I think it’s safe to say the Airinum is for everybody. Face masks are still required as part of your everyday ensemble, even if you’re fully vaccinated. 

This online shop offers a more sustainable alternative compared to one-time-use disposables. If anything, it’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint until COVID-19 has finally blown over. 

Of course, this Airinum review needs to address the elephant in the room. The masks are not affordable, as they retail for a hefty $49$75. Unless you go by hundreds of face masks on a weekly basis, perhaps it’s best to opt for a cotton-based alternative as a more cost-effective alternative. 

Airinum Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Airinum Review

Since it’s common to wear face masks nowadays, it should come as no surprise that hundreds of people are flocking to review sites to voice their opinions on Airinum. Fortunately, the consensus is quite unanimous, as most customers agree that the products are well worth the price tag. 

In total, there are over 2,876 testimonials on the company’s website, with an overall score of 4.5/5 stars. According to a majority of buyers, Airinum face masks proved to be comfortable to wear. 

Others stated that the masks felt well-made due to their exquisite fit and functionality. Take it from two happy customers, who both left a 5-star review on the company’s website:

“It’s the most comfortable facemask ever; easy to breathe; doesn’t fog my glasses; and looks good. A bonus is that it is comfortable to wear in warm weather for long periods of time.”

“It’s a great mask; it’s very comfortable to wear with a great design and great breathability,” one customer wrote on Airinum. “Very well filtered and fully adjustable for an incredible fit. A very high-end mask.”

The positive reviews don’t stop there, as we found several encouraging testimonials on other websites such as Amazon, Trustpilot, and Bloomingdale’s. We’ll let the ratings speak for themselves:

  • Bloomingdale’s for the Urban Air Mask 2.0: 23 reviews with 3.6/5 stars 
  • Amazon for the Lite Air Mask: 185 reviews with 4.1/5 stars 
  • Trustpilot: 137 reviews with 3.8/5 stars 

Aside from high claims of product quality, most Trustpilot users agree that the brand’s level of customer service is superb.The customer service representative was prompt to resolve the issue. After providing photos of items she immediately re-ordered and mailed. I appreciate her thoroughness and think it’s the best customer service I’ve had in years.”

Some independent blogs, such as Breathe Safe Air, also left a commendable review of Airinum face masks. According to the author, “After using the mask for myself, I can confidently say that it is one of my favourite cloth masks. It fits me very well and it also features some unique elements that are on few other masks – primarily Polygiene’s Stay Fresh technology.”

Based on a post made by the One Tech Traveller, Airinum masks seemed to hold up in terms of fashion and fit. “The valves are considerably different from the first generation, sleeker with a circle design and slimmer profile. The first versions were very bulky and protruded outwards; these are far more subtle.”

Despite the love shared online, this Airinum review did encounter some negative feedback attributed to this brand. For instance, most customers stated that the price wasn’t very attractive, as they were quite expensive compared to an ordinary cotton face mask. But all in all, I think it’s safe to say that Airinum is a reputable brand to support. 

Is Airinum Worth It?

Airinum Review

When it comes to quality, Airinum is unmatched. You definitely get what you paid for, as these face masks feature an elevated design that can easily trump any one-time-use disposable. Due to the numerous assets, there’s a good chance that you’ll continue to use Airnium’s products for months on end. On top of that, it doesn’t hurt to mention that you prevent waste by doing so. 

If you account for the number of disposable face coverings one wastes within a month, that $65 alternative may not seem so shocking. For a brand that’s been in the mask game for more than a decade, this Airinum review recommends that you check them out. 

Airinum Promotions & Discounts 

Airinum Review

This Airinum review found out that customers can get 25% off on the Urban Air Mask 2.0. It also comes with two free filters as well. 

Aside from this, there seems to be no discounts or promo codes offered on the brand’s website. We suggest keeping tabs on the company’s social media for any future updates. 

Where to Buy Airinum 

Airinum Review

Looking to buy a reusable mask? Customers can head over to to see what they have in store. You can also find them at select retailers, including:

  • Amazon 
  • Bloomingdale’s 


Airinum Review

Who owns Airinum?

Airinum is not a solo project. Instead, it’s run by a team of four founders, including Alexander Hjertstrom, Fredrik Kempe, Johannes Herrmann, and Mehdi Rejraji.

What is Airinum’s Shipping Policy?

This Airinum review is happy to report that they offer free express shipping on orders $45 or more. Fortunately, they provide international delivery to select countries such as Canada and Japan. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

What is Airinum’s Return Policy?

Airinum offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their products. It’s worth noting that items must be in new condition in order to be considered eligible for returns. Thankfully, the company provides a free shipping label for buyers to use. 

You should also know that the brand provides a lifetime warranty on all face masks and accessories. This policy covers any defects or damages for its products for up to one year. 

To initiate the return process, customers must contact the brand for further instructions. You can also scan the QR code provided on Airinum’s website to get started. 

How to Contact Airinum

For inquiries unrelated to this Airinum review, you can contact the brand through:

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