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Horizn Review

We’re sure that we aren’t the only ones ready to fly out and explore after two years of being locked up. Luckily, Horizn has us all covered with a line of smart and sturdy luggage that will survive any type of trip. Pack up and head out for a lengthy exploration of life, knowing that all luggage will survive the journey right by your side.

This brand isn’t new to the game. In the market since 2016, this eco-friendly business currently has over 69k followers and has already been featured numerous times in GQ, The Independent, Condé Nast Traveller, Vogue, and many more media outlets.

Checking in on products, prices, materials, and more, this Horizn review will set out to identify all aspects of this business to help customers figure out if this is the brand for them to buy.

Overview of Horizn

Horizn Review

Launched in Germany in 2016, this travel-centric business is building not only towards an explored world but also a greener one. Employing extreme standards to building and testing, these eco-friendly products stand out amongst the crowd.

Combining sustainable practices with ambitious craft, Horizn’s popular pieces began with the search for a way to combine luggage with removable charging

This stellar idea went on to collaborate with NASA to introduce their special edition space luggage. Providing power to every traveler in a time of need, this company skyrocketed once this idea was in motion.

Moving from powering people to powering the planet, Horizn took notice of the negative impacts of production and set out to change. As of 2020, all cases made by this company are crafted with 100% vegan materials, with most elements being recycled or reused. The packaging is also recyclable and the business runs primarily on green energy in production and offices.

Seeking sustainability to preserve the planet we all want to explore, this brand has invested heavily into eco-friendly practices and continues to push forward in finding new ways to explore that avenue.

In addition to their sustainability project, this brand also promotes a social program dedicated to helping youth internationally. Partnered with Kiron, Horizn is donating to help disadvantaged youth access the education they need to succeed in life. 

They’ve also launched an Art Programme to encourage young artists worldwide, promoting new talents and supporting every endeavor.

We have to admit, there’s a lot of good coming from this company. We made sure to include a comprehensive highlights list in this Horizn review:


  • Offers a variety of quality luggage, featuring both check-in and carry-on sizing
  • Sustainable practices followed
  • Vegan and recycled materials only
  • Green energy-based manufacturing
  • Power banks are incorporated into luggage
  • Waterproof and secure casing
  • Smooth control of the wheels to direct cases while on the go
  • Ships internationally
Horizn Review

Heading into one of the best parts of this Horizn review, we’re focusing on the products. Noting both pieces and their prices, we’ll be giving a rundown of what this brand brings to the table that others don’t.

Horizn Luggage Review

Essential to every traveler, luggage can really make or break a trip. Why chance it with a cheaper build when you can be secure in the choice with one of these best-sellers? 

Clean cut in terms of looks and function, these pieces aren’t to be missed when it comes to a globetrotter’s wish list.

Horizn H5 Essential Cabin Luggage Review

Prep for any short trip with the H5 Essential Cabin Luggage.

Strong, stunning, and simple to use, this case has everything in mind to make travel stress-free. Each case is durably designed to keep snow and water out, protecting all inner items from the wild outdoors. 

This Horizn luggage really stands out when it comes to color. With 10 color options available, customers can customize to their heart’s content – including two gloss-coated options that will really shine in the light.

If color isn’t enough to make a point, add a monogram to the case to ensure others know just who they’re dealing with. Or to make sure they don’t take the wrong case. Either works as a good motivator here.

Smooth wheels and a four-stage handle mean this lightweight piece is quick to move and easy to drive through the worst post-flight crowds as you all rush towards the exit.

Cool in looks and in its vegan material build, this case can be bought for $335.

Horizn M5 Essential Cabin Luggage Review

Suit up and ship out with the M5 Essential Cabin Luggage by your side.

This sustainably designed case is all a traveler really needs when headed onto the plane. Not only does it perfectly fit into the overhead storage, but it also knows what the priority is. 

All of your gadgets and gizmos can be stored for easy access in the front pouch that contains a laptop pocket that fits up to 15”.

Waterproof in its design, this lightweight piece is all about making travel as simple as possible at all times. Roll it through the airport, slide it in overhead, and you’ll be set with any one of the 7 color options.

This versatile piece is available for $435.

Horizn H6 Essential Check-In Luggage Review

Sitting at 64 cm tall, the H6 Essential Check-In Luggage is ready to see the light of day. Or the dark of the cargo section on the plane. Probably both.

This hard case is ready to withstand the worst, showing its strength through its recycled shell. Any of the 6 available colors are easy to spot coming out of the luggage belt. 

For those who still can’t quite figure out which bag is theirs, a monogrammed option is available at an extra cost. That should ensure no one else grabs the wrong bag, right?

With four slick wheels and a solid handle to follow the serpentine motion of getting out of the airport, this bag didn’t come to play. It’s ready for any length of travel (recommended up to two weeks, but for minimalists, that’s like a month) and ready to conquer the climate it’ll come to face.

Add this case to the cart for $405.

Horizn H5 Smart Cabin Luggage Review

Roll right onto the plane and slide the H5 Smart Cabin Luggage into the overhead with ease. No more battling to fit the bag in under the lid, this case was made with one purpose – comfortably fitting into the cabin.

Forget the bulging problem that other carry-on cases present; this overhead cabin piece keeps all stored items compressed to reduce any stress. 

Approved by the TSA, this carry-on contains not only a secure lock to keep the bag from ripping open but also a smart charger that’s ready to help with any in-flight entertainment. Watch those downloaded episodes or movies throughout the flight and charge up to have the GPS ready for landing.

Featuring an incredibly hard shell, this case takes storage seriously when it comes to protecting whatever was deemed important enough to pack. With faux leather detailing (it’s all vegan, no worries!) this case looks and acts smart on all vacations.

Add one of 5 colors to the “to buy” list for the next trip for $420.

Horizn H6 Smart Check-In Luggage Review

Week-long trip coming up shortly? Rather than lugging a huge back or stuffing a duffel, remove any inconvenience with the H6 Smart Check-In Luggage.

Compressed with subtle padding, this piece contains a front pocket for easy access to those things that may be needed at a moment’s notice. 

Waterproof, but still incredibly light, there’s no need to worry about dragging this case around the airport. Aside from its light build, the 360-degree wheels will make travel a breeze.

Secure the necessities with a TSA-approved lock on this durable design. While featuring a smart power bank like others from this brand, the real highlight here is the completely recycled and vegan materials used for the build. 

Eco-friendly in its creation, customers can feel good about showing off any of the 6 colors of this case.

Go smart with this suitcase for $515.

Horizn M5 NASA Edition Special Edition Review

We’re ending the products portion of this Horizn review with our favorite piece on the market: the M5 NASA Edition Special Edition. That’s right, so special it’s an edition twice over in its title.

This piece was designed for the 50th anniversary of that “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Created in collaboration with astronaut Alyssa Carson, this sleek silver case highlights the stunning orange and blue of NASA for all to see.

In addition to its beauty, this case has personality to spare. That personality comes forth in the front pocket, commemorative tag, and removable charger. Let’s not forget the polycarbonate shell that completes the whole piece and keeps things locked and loaded for any trip you take.

This special edition isn’t one to miss, so check it out for $845.

Who Is Horizn For? 

Horizn Review

Weary traveler no more, this brand is for anyone looking to see the world or simply take that relaxing vacation we’ve all needed after the madness of 2020. Offering ample storage space, power at any time, and a variety of sizing, Horizn covers carry-ons, check-ins, and more. 

Anyone looking for a getaway will appreciate all the elements that this company brings to the journey.

What Makes Horizn Luggage Different Than Other Luggage? 

Horizn Review

When buying luggage, it’s always difficult to figure out what brand offers the best. Suitcases aren’t cheap, so any investment made into the world takes some time to separate what exactly makes each company stand out. Horizn luggage makes its stand in two ways: function and form.

It sounds standard, but we’ll lay it out. The function of any suitcase is first and foremost about securing the items needed for travel. Check. But Horizn compounds this typical use with that of the travelery by adding in a removable power bank to their pieces.

Charging any phone with ease, this company knows that our technologically dependent world requires a plug at all times. That’s not throwing shade – our phones are basically a GPS, confirmation of registration, identification, communication, and more. Horizn just ensures that travelers can access any of those elements without worrying about losing power at the worst moment possible.

Form also takes a different stand with this brand through their solely vegan builds. As of 2020, this brand went wholly vegan, using mainly recycled products, green energy for manufacturing, and all sustainably sourced materials. Reused fabrics, recycled goods, and a generally green outlook on life, this company is all about helping us see the world without impacting it negatively.

Horizn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Horizn Review

To complete the picture for our Horizn review, we needed some buyer verification on quality and service. This meant turning to the internet for comments and posts. 

While we couldn’t find any rating platforms with high numbers, the responses we did find were quite positive. Though the smaller numbers don’t necessarily reflect the whole population of buyers, these comments do give a glimpse into the reality of these purchases.

The company site has over 275 ratings posted on their Horizn review page, with 4.8/5 stars as the average rating amongst customers. Customers on the company site seem thrilled with each purchase, with many comments coming from return buyers.

One customer stated, “2nd pair of this backpack. The convenient fit and top pocket make my travels super convenient. Also, the way it straps to my trolley is a game changer. Fav bag for travelling.

Small, light, and simple to use as a carry-on for any trip, this brand is all about efficiency. The durable build of these products is heavily praised by customers for the way the “wheels roll marvellously smooth, and the design is seamless. Price for value is great with this one.

One of the elements really highlighted about this brand is their customer service. Many of TrustPilot’s over 25 ratings rave about how quick the service was to respond to any concerns. While TrustPilot only rates the brand 2.9/5 stars, the 5-star comments speak for themselves:

Great baggage system and the customer service worked perfect in my connection with them related to a warranty claim. I have several of the products in both cabin and check in versions and can highly recommend them. Lightweight, easy to handle and with relevant details to ease your travel.

The smooth feel of the wheels is one aspect that continually surfaces in online comments regarding this brand. Cases are light, comfortable, and strong enough to protect whatever they’re securing.

We do need to focus on their defining feature: the power bank. The built-in power bank showcased in many of their luggage pieces defines this brand and sets them apart from the rest. Easily accessible and capable of charging a phone to full battery multiple times, these removable power banks have built the brand as one to watch.

Reviews from both Travel Dealz (with a 4.3/5 star rating) and Business Traveller make it a point to mention just how revolutionary the notion of the built-in power bank really is. 

Business Traveller’s article states, “The best thing, however, about this innovative piece of luggage is the secret compartment in the top that contains a rechargeable, removable battery pack to charge your devices via two USB slots. I found this to be extremely useful when on the road as my iPhone never lasts a full day.

Compounding the praise, Travel Dealz emphasizes how “The integrated but removable power bank is useful and the outer pocket is a must-have on trips where you only have your hand luggage.

On top of an already durable and waterproof design for the luggage, this simple yet effective addition is all that’s needed to make this product distinct from others on the market.

Is Horizn Worth It?

Horizn Review

It’s the final countdown (cue the theme) and we’re ready to reveal the final thoughts in this Horizn review. We’ll keep it straightforward – this brand is a must for anyone who wants that extra insurance.

Let’s face it, we all depend on our phones for tickets, GPS, check-ins, registrations, and communication. During travel to new locations, these elements are more important than ever before. Horizn Studios acknowledges that need and designed their products around it.

Keeping customers charged and safe at all times, these cases are also durably made of thick and waterproof material that keeps everything in the luggage dry and secure. Smooth with the wheels and the appearance, this brand is an easy buy for any type of traveller.

Horizn Promotions & Discounts 

Horizn Review

We need to be honest, there aren’t many options listed for discounts on this brand. At the time of writing our Horizn review, there were no ongoing promotions. 

Keep an eye out for the latest, or register an email with the company for the latest updates and a bonus 20% off the next purchase made.

Where to Buy Horizn 

Horizn Review

For those looking to make a purchase, this brand is easily found at for their full inventory. Options are available globally in select stores, but also found on partner and third-party sites such as:

  • Monos
  • Mr Porter
  • Mode Sense
  • Matches Fashion


Horizn Review

Who owns Horizn?

Horizn Studios is owned by Stefan Holwe. Operations are run from Berlin, Germany.

Is Horizn vegan?

As of 2020, Horizn officially sells vegan products. This brand is the first on the market to be certified by PETA.

Does Horizn ship internationally?

Horizn proudly ships to international locations. For a full list of available countries, check out their online store.

What is Horizn’s Shipping Policy?

Find something in the products segment of this Horizn review worth buying? It’s alright, we have a few items on the wish list too.

The first thing to take note of here – most shipping prices are dependent on the order weight and destination. That means for a complete cost write-up, customers need to head over to the shopping cart and put in some basic info to find out what those costs will be. Some areas do have a flat rate in place, including the US.

US prices are a standard $50 flat rate for orders. Once an order surpasses the $250 threshold, shipping is free

Orders typically take 10 days to construct before shipping, with a following 6-to-8-day delivery time on international orders.

Other flat rate costs and countries are listed under the shipping section, so take a gander at that spot on the website to check out whether your country is listed.

What is Horizn’s Return Policy?

Ideally, customers won’t have to make any returns. That said, for those who aren’t quite happy with their purchases, all products can be returned within 30 days with no questions asked. This means no excuse or email is needed to request a return – they’re just sent back and a refund will be returned.

The few exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  • Worn, scratched, or faded products
  • Personalized products
    • Personalized tags can be returned, but the tag cost and monogramming cost will be deducted from the refund (so is it really worth it? No)

Note that the 30-day limit is not from the delivery date, but rather the date of instructions sent to the customer. These documents will be sent via email after the order has been placed, so be sure to track from that date to know how long returns are a viable option.

To complete the return process, customers must:

  • Enter the relevant details into the Return Portal online
  • All instructions will be emailed to the linked account
  • Packages must be returned to:

HS New Travel GmbH

c/o Radial GmbH

Siriusstrasse 3

06116 Halle (Saale)


Once the package has been received, customers can expect a refund within two weeks of the return being made. For those who have yet to receive their money back, simply send out a quick email to customer service to find out what the hold-up is.

How to Contact Horizn

Ready to reach out? We made sure to include the quickest contact info in our Horizn review to ensure a swift response to any questions. There are two easy methods to get in touch:

  • Online Contact Form
    • Inquiries have a 48-hour response time
  • Instant Chat (Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM, CET)

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