July Luggage Review

About July Luggage 

July Luggage Review

Travel has always been special to me. That’s why I believe in making the most of my journey—and that means having functional luggage that doesn’t let me down.

Looking to jet-set to a foreign destination? Do it in style with July Luggage. This online brand provides the sleekest and most stylish carry-ons to help you feel like a first-class passenger. 

With an eye for the minimalist[1] traveler, July Luggage was founded in 2019 in Australia, with the goal of designing luggage that is more thoughtful, versatile, and stylish.

Over the years, this baggage company has garnered quite a fanbase for its modernized designs—which is most notably shown through its 55.2k follower count on Instagram. They’re also featured in multiple publications, including Travel + Leisure, Observer, and CNN. 

Before you start packing a week’s worth of clothing, I recommend staying put for this July Luggage review. I’ll take a closer look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if it’s time to retire that old carry-on. 

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Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros and Cons

Before diving into this July Luggage review, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of the brand’s products:


  • Wide variety: July Luggage offers a wide range of luggage options, including backpacks, duffel bags, and trunks, giving travelers many choices to fit their travel needs.
  • Personalization: Customers can personalize their carry-ons for free with monogramming or a custom message, adding a personal touch to their luggage.
  • Payment options: July Luggage offers Afterpay as an alternative payment option, making it more accessible for customers to purchase their luggage.
  • Warranty: All July Luggage comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100-day trial, giving customers peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.
  • Free shipping: July Luggage offers free shipping on all US and Canadian orders, saving customers on shipping costs.


  • Limited information: There is limited information available about the materials and construction used in July Luggage products, which may make it difficult for customers to evaluate the quality of the luggage.
  • Limited color options: July Luggage has a limited range of colors available, which may not appeal to everyone’s tastes.
  • Limited size options: July Luggage has a limited range of sizes available, which may not suit everyone’s needs.
  • Price: July Luggage is priced at a higher-end point, which may make it unaffordable for some travelers.


July Luggage prides itself on using high-quality materials to create luggage that is both stylish and functional. Here are the materials used:

  • Polycarbonate: July Luggage uses polycarbonate for the shell of its luggage. Polycarbonate is known for its strength and durability while being lightweight and resistant to scratches and dents.
  • Aluminum: Some of July Luggage’s luggage models have aluminum frames and handles, which adds extra durability and strength to the luggage. Aluminum is lightweight and strong, making it an excellent choice for travel luggage.
  • Nylon: July Luggage also uses high-quality nylon fabrics for its luggage. Nylon is water-resistant and durable, making it a popular choice for luggage due to its abrasion-resistant and lightweight properties.
  • Leather: July Luggage uses genuine leather for its luggage handles and trims, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the luggage. Leather is durable and elegant, making it a common choice for high-end luggage.


July Luggage offers a wide range of luggage options, each designed with unique features to suit different travel needs. Here are some of the features:

  • TSA-approved locks: All July Luggage comes with TSA-approved combination locks, ensuring that your belongings are safe and secure during travel.
  • 360-degree spinner wheels: July Luggage features four 360-degree spinner wheels that provide easy maneuverability through airports and other travel destinations.
  • Expandable design: Some of July Luggage’s luggage models have an expandable design that allows you to increase the packing capacity of your luggage when needed.
  • Interior organization: The luggage is designed with multiple compartments, zippered pockets, and garment straps to help keep your belongings organized and secure during travel.
  • Free personalization: July Luggage offers free personalization of its carry-ons with monogramming or a custom message, adding a personal touch to your luggage.
  • Lifetime warranty: All July Luggage comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that your luggage will last for many travels to come.

5 Best Selling July Luggage Products

July Luggage Carry On Review 

Unlike a snooty flight attendant, I won’t tell you that the Carry On Luggage from July is reserved for first-class only. Here’s what you can expect from this expertly crafted carry-on:

Featuring a crush-proof German shell and durable aluminum bumpers, these specs are coupled with a sturdy build. I think you’ll also also enjoy the ejectable battery near the handle. Yes, that’s right—you’ll never have to worry about dead phones for the rest of your flights.

Best of all, the July carry on luggage is designed to be silent, which is all thanks to its 360 degree spinner wheels. Other notable features include a multi-stop telescopic handle, a Y-strap compression system, and an integrated TSA lock to help keep your valuables protected.

Offered in 12 different colors, you can jet-set like a pro with the Carry On Luggage for $245

July Luggage Carry On Light Review 

It doesn’t matter if it’s only a day trip. That dusty duffle bag won’t do justice in protecting your valuables. In my experience, accidents happen, as do rushed passengers with no respect for your things or space.

Instead, the Carry On Light suitcase offers a more durable way to shield those keepsakes from damage. And let’s not forget that it also looks bangin’ as well. 

Designed to give 38 liters of space, this petite July suitcase is reinforced with a German polycarbonate shell[2], YKK Japanese zippers, and an integrated TSA lock. It also comes with a twin bar 3-stop telescopic handle to help wind the luggage throughout the airport.

For an excellent way to store only your essentials, the Carry On Light trunk retails for $225

July Luggage Checked Review 

Let’s see. If I took a month-long trip to Japan, I’d need a hefty amount of clothing, a full tube of toothpaste, and probably all of my chargers and devices. In addition, I can’t forget about the number of souvenirs I’d surely collect along the way.

If you find you need a little more space for your trip, the Checked suitcase offers 80 liters worth of room for lengthy vacations. 

Offered with the same features provided in other July personalized luggage, this suitcase provides the best blend of comfort and style into one. And here’s my favorite part: when the trip is over, customers can simply stack their trunks inside of one another like a Russian doll, which is extremely helpful in saving space.

Available in an assembly of colors, the Checked bag costs a cool $275

July Luggage Carry All Weekender Review 

I’m 100% sure that Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada would use the Carry All Weekender for her jetsetter escapades—not that she would carry it herself. Fashionable and sleek in design, this attractive bag offers a spacious amount of room perfect for 2-day trips.

It provides a number of thoughtful details, including a QuickPass hidden pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a pass through band.

The July weekender bag features a 16″ quilted compartment to help store your laptop for business trips. While it’s offered in green, white, and French navy, I recommend opting for midnight black—because, you know, everything goes with black. That’s what Miranda would do.

Regarding price, the Carry All Weekender tote costs $195

July Luggage Carry All Sling Review 

Fashion alert! Granny style is back, and it’s coming in full force. Don’t worry; some accessories have been reinvented to fit in today’s modernized aesthetic—case in point, the Carry All Sling

This crossbody bag features a minimalistic pouch with an invisible zipper. Best part of all, it’s designed to be water-resistant, which means you can store your phone with ease. I sure know what I’m wearing to the amusement park on my next vacay.

Made to fit 3 liters of space, this fanny pack comes with a Quickpass magnetic pocket, adjustable strap, and two inside compartments for extra storage. With something this spacious, you can probably fit one or two July personalized water bottles inside.

The Carry All Sling retails for $125

Where is July Luggage Made?

If you’re looking for a luggage brand that is shaking up the industry, look no further than July. This Australian-based company is taking a direct-to-consumer approach that sets it apart from the competition. July is hands-on from start to finish, meaning they’re involved in every step of the process – from designing and manufacturing to fulfilling and providing customer service.

While the assembled parts come from China, Germany, Japan, and Korea, July luggage cases are assembled in China. Once your luggage is ready to go, it ships directly from either Melbourne, Australia or Los Angeles, USA, depending on your location.

How Do You Use A July Luggage Suitcase?

Traveling can be stressful, but a well-designed suitcase like July Luggage can make all the difference. If you’re wondering how to make the most of your new July suitcase, here are some tips to get you started.

First, take advantage of the free personalization option and add your own custom message or initials to your suitcase. Not only does this add a personal touch, but it can also make it easier to spot your luggage on the baggage carousel.

When packing your suitcase, start with the exterior pockets for any items you might need during your trip, like your passport, boarding pass, or headphones. Then, move on to the main compartment, reserving the interior pockets for smaller personal items like a book, phone charger, or sunglasses.

For your clothing and larger items, use the main compartment and secure everything in place with the provided straps. Don’t forget to use the removable laundry bag for dirty clothes or wet swimsuits to keep everything else in your suitcase fresh and clean.

Finally, if you’re traveling with liquids or creams, use the waterproof baggies provided by July to prevent any spills or leaks that could damage your other belongings. With these tips, you’re ready to hit the road with your July Luggage suitcase in tow.

Comparison: July Luggage vs. Away

July Luggage Review

I believe that travel is all about choice. From choosing airline companies to the kind of seat you’d like on the plane, decisions come by the dozens. This also applies to baggage as well. If you visit your local department store, there are hundreds of stylish carry-ons to pick from. 

With that in mind, how does July Luggage compare to other brands such as Away? Let’s take a look at a few key points. 

July Luggage:

  • Known for its smart design when it comes to luggage since 2019 
  • Caters to experienced travelers 
  • Offers suitcases, travel bags, and accessories on its website 
  • Price ranges from $45 to $395 
  • No claims about sustainability or manufacturing practices 
  • Free shipping in North America. Free returns 


  • Also known for its stylish luggage collection.
  • Has been around since 2015 
  • Provides a more luxurious approach to traveling 
  • Price ranges from $10 to $645
  • Partners with a carbon-neutral printer and is involved with the Global Glimpse organization
  • Free shipping (also offers international delivery) with a 100-day return policy 

Like most brands out there, it usually comes down to price. If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable way to purchase durable suitcases, I think July Luggage can serve as a ‘suit’able option. On the other hand, those looking to spend a bit more money can opt for Away as a more bougie alternative. 

To learn more, check out our full Away Luggage Review.

July Luggage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

July Luggage Review 1

Adjust your seats and prepare for takeoff. In this section of my July Luggage review, I’ll take a look at the customer feedback attributed to this brand. As of date, it seems that skies are clear—when it comes to product quality, that is.

To help readers get a better view of where their ratings lie, let’s take a look at some of the company’s best-selling products.

  • The Carry On suitcase: 444 reviews with 4.9/5 stars 
  • The Checked suitcase: 166 reviews with 4.9/5 stars 
  • The Carry All Tote: 30 reviews with 4.9/5 stars

It’s spacious, light, and super versatile to use: that’s at least the general consensus when it comes to July Luggage. A majority of customers commended the brand’s level of detail provided in each carry-on, which helped in keeping their valuables protected and organized. 

“The front and back pockets are cleverly designed to fit objects you need easy reach for, eg. Phone, glasses, passport, etc. The design is very, very smart. The structure is very sturdy and the inside compartmentalisation is well thought-out,” one customer wrote for the Carry All Tote Bag. 

“Loooove the Carry On, super lightweight and with great space and distribution. The personalization is a gorgeous touch. One of the best things is the customer support,” I read in another July Luggage review.

Unfortunately, I could only find a few independent blogs that critiqued this brand. But so far, the feedback is quite positive. 

According to articles posted by Mum On The Move and Travel Wanderlust, this brand exceeded their expectations in terms of style, quality, and versatility. Other sources also gave note to its handy personalization options, which helped to separate their luggage from the crowd. 

“I love that they are stylish yet practical and all the different features show that the team at July have really tried to think of everything you need – even things you maybe didn’t even know you needed,” reads Mum On The Move’s July Luggage review. 

July’s Carry On Pro is a compact carry-on suitcase that is clearly engineered to both look good and do so much more than the run-of-the-mill suitcase,” writes

As of lately, this July Luggage review hasn’t found any glaring red flags online. It seems that this brand is clear of turbulence for now. 

Is July Luggage Worth It?

July Luggage Review

What’s a lesson I learned from this July Luggage review? That baggage is so much more than a canvas pouch with an added zipper. There are better ways to travel, and that usually entails a high degree of storage and product innovation. 

From crush-proof Carry Ons to smartly-designed tote bags, travelers can jet-set in style without compromising function. It’s basically a win-win scenario. 

I also love the personalization option offered with most of the brand’s products. Not only does it help your carry-on stand out at baggage claim, but it adds a nice, unique touch to the onslaught of similar-looking suitcases. 

If you’re searching for a great way to travel in style, I definitely recommend that you check this company out


If you’re looking for a variety of luggage options beyond July, consider these brands:

  1. Rimowa: For travelers looking for luxury luggage that’s both stylish and functional, Rimowa is a great choice. Known for their iconic aluminum suitcases, Rimowa also offers lightweight polycarbonate versions, functional bags, and packing accessories.
  2. Lipault: If fashion is a top priority, Lipault’s suitcases, backpacks, and cross-body bags are as fashion-forward as they are reliable. This Parisian brand creates luggage for the modern fashionista who considers every part of their outfit, with sleek and colorful designs.
  3. Away: Another popular brand among travelers is Away Luggage. Their suitcases feature a durable polycarbonate shell and come in a variety of sizes and colors. They also offer packing cubes and other travel accessories to make packing and organizing easier.
  4. Monos: If you’re looking for a direct-to-consumer brand that emphasizes durability, functionality, and eco-friendliness, check out Monos Luggage. Their luggage is made from high-quality materials, features TSA-approved locks and 360-degree spinner wheels, and has interior organization to keep your belongings secure and organized during travel.

July Luggage Promotions & Discounts 

July Luggage Review

At the time of writing this July Luggage review, I didn’t find much in the way of promotions or discounts offered on the brand’s website. But—I did see that July is offering free shipping on orders over $100. Plus, I think free personalization for select products is pretty great too.

Where to Buy July Luggage 

July Luggage Review

Looking to buy a few July personalized drink bottles for your next road trip? Customers can visit to see what else they have in store.  


July Luggage Review

Where is July Luggage made?  

In my research for this July Luggage review, I found out their products are made in Australia. 

How to care for July Luggage?  

For their suitcases, the brand recommends using a mix of warm water and soap to help clean the exterior. If you’re met with a particularly stubborn stain, you can try a magic eraser instead. 

What’s the warranty on July Luggage?  

I was pleased to learn that the brand offers a lifetime warranty on all of its luggage. In addition, bags and accessories are entitled to a limited, 5-year guarantee. 

Who owns July Luggage? 

July Luggage is owned by co-founders Richard Li and Athan Didaskalou. 

What is July Luggage’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping is an important part of this July Luggage review, and so I’m happy to report that the brand offers free shipping on all North American orders over $100. They also provide international delivery to other countries. 

It’s worth noting that customers can opt for other transportation options such as Express. Buyers can monitor the status of their order by accessing the chat function on the brand’s website. 

What is July Luggage’s Return Policy?

July Luggage offers a 100-day trial for customers to try out their products. Buyers should know that this offer doesn’t extend to bulk purchases or personalized items. 

If you’re still unsatisfied with your suitcase, you can contact the brand to request a refund. Lucky for buyers, they provide complimentary return shipping under its policy. 

How to Contact July Luggage

For inquiries unrelated to this July Luggage review, you can contact the brand through:

  • Phone number: +618001 9009
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Using the chat function on their website 

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