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About Monos Luggage

Monos Luggage Review

Life is impractical and travel doesn’t always come at our leisure—nor does it always go the way we planned. Though luggage seems like a small sliver of taking a trip, I’ve found it to have a huge impact on how my journey goes.

Monos is a major luxury brand that sells elite travel luggage. Practical to keep you organized on unexpected airport runs, its catalog of carry-ons and check-in luggage is durable to last through a lifetime of family vacations.

Amassing over 260K Instagram followers, Monos has been featured by noteworthy publications like The Hollywood Reporter and Business Insider.

Jetting off on your solo adventure or family vacation? In this Monos luggage review, I’ll provide an in-depth look at the brand and its best-selling products, prices, and fine-print policies in detail—so that you can decide if the bags are worth bringing along.

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Overview of Monos

Monos Luggage Review

Monos is a Canadian company founded in 2018. The folks behind the brand believe in simple, streamlined, and beautiful luggage that will last a lifetime.

Their products don’t draw attention through glitter and bold patterns, they get noticed through a powerfully sleek and classic look reminiscent of Tiffany & Co or Chanel. Monos doesn’t have to try to stand out, and I like that it’s not striving to win anyone over. People with taste will know and appreciate the durability by the sight, touch, and design of their luggage, backpacks, and accessories.

How do I know? Because Monos uses the highest quality materials from across the world. Each piece of luggage has a bit of Germany and Japan in it and goes through rigorous testing, which Monos documents on their website.

Heavily influenced by Japanese culture[1], I admire their simple designs and functional design—a great pick for those with an open mind and an eye for detail.

Monos is also conscientious of its role as a steward of the earth. As they put it, “The planet gives us so much to explore, and it’s our responsibility to protect” it. I was delighted to read that it’s the first luggage brand to be Climate Neutral Certified and meet the difficult standard of zero emissions. The brand also donates 1% of their revenue to organizations dedicated to healing the planet.

Before I get further into this Monos luggage review, let’s explore some highlights. 


  • Monos offers a wide range of travel luggage and accessories 
  • Fashionable yet functional designs
  • Decent range of size options 
  • TSA-approved locks on zippers
  • Ethical brand that donates revenue to environmental causes
  • The first Climate Neutral Certified luggage brand with zero emissions
  • All products are fully vegan
  • Free shipping to US and Canada
  • Lifetime Monos warranty 
  • 100-day return policy with no strings attached

Monos Luggage Review

In this section of my Monos luggage review, I’ll examine 9 customer favorites. Because this brand has a limited catalog, that means you will get the fine details on nearly every bestseller.

From their carry-on bags to the UVC Sterilizer, I’ll go over pricing, design details, and a whole lot more. Let’s get started.

Monos Carry-On Review

From its very appearance, I can see that Monos has given the Carry-On a great amount of polish and consideration. The zippers, for example, can be locked in place with a combination code that users can set. 

I don’t travel with many valuables, but this feature gives me a sense of security for any time I bring along jewelry.

The Carry-On is sturdy, sleek, and designed to perfectly fill an overhead compartment on any flight. The 360 degree wheels are smooth and silent, while the handle is ultra-stable with 4 adjustable heights. Tall? You won’t have to worry about slouching to pull along your new piece.

This Monos Carry On luggage is currently on sale for $225, down from $250. You can choose from 8 colors and 2 limited edition patterns that slightly increase the cost.

Monos Carry-On Plus Review

The Monos Carry On Plus has all of the features of the basic Carry-On (color options and limited edition patterns included) but comes in a larger size. It will fit in the overhead compartments of large US airplanes, but may have to be checked in on flights from smaller airlines.

I love that the interior has many pockets for convenient access, waterproof bags, and straps to hold everything in place, while the German-made shell keeps it all safe from harm. You can buy the Carry On Plus for $285, reduced from $306.

Monos Check-In Medium Review

I carry-on whenever possible, but for longer trips, I love the extra space check-in bags provide.

Like the name suggests, the Monos Check-In Medium is a mid-sized luggage encased in beautiful vegan leather and perfectly stable parts made in Germany and Japan. I’m head over heels for its smooth, matte look.

With lockable exterior zippers and a soft interior with pockets for everything you need, the design turns it all into a reliable travel companion. Don’t be afraid to pack the extra pair of shoes.

It also includes a bacteria-resistant laundry bag, shoe bags, and a fancy luggage tag. The Check-In Medium is available in 8 colors, including desert taupe, rose quartz, olive green, and in 2 limited editions patterns: terrazzo and terracotta, for those who prefer a little extra. 

The Check-In Medium normally costs $322, but it’s currently on sale for $290.

Monos Check-In Large Review

Traveling light isn’t always possible. When you can’t cram it all it a carry-on, consider the Check-In Large—the ultimate travel luggage for long trips. It keeps you prepared for all the elements, no matter what part of the world you’re in. 

Available in the same colors and patterns as its smaller counterpart, I treasure the fact that it comes with the bacteria-resistant laundry bag, shoe bags, and luggage tag. The big difference is that this version provides maximum space for multiple outfits and shoes. 

Here’s a Monos luggage size comparison: 

  • Check-In Medium: Interior of 24.4 inches x 17.7 inches, or 70 liters 
  • Check-In Large: Expands to 28 inches x 20.5 inches, or 99.2 liters in volume 

The material quality, handle stability, silent wheels, and plush interior are all the same—and, like its sibling, the Check-In Large is on sale. You can buy it for $320 (originally $356). 

Monos Metro Duffel Review

This is a bag for the books—though technically, it’s made to handle your daily essentials too. The Metro Duffel gives you additional space and convenience without sacrificing mobility or style.

Unlike most duffle bags, I love that this model synchronizes with other Mono luggage by slipping into place on top. I appreciate the way modern luggage bags work this feature into their collections. It’s the ideal way to stay (and look) organized while running to your gate.

You can rest assured it stays secure during long walks across the airport, or when you’re herding toddlers nearby. No more worrisome balancing acts with bags falling over or awkwardly propping one against the other.

The nylon material repels water while the vegan leather brings style. Looking to up my own sustainability score, I like that the brand has an eco-friendly leather option.

The Metro Duffle can be used on its own for a smart everyday method to carry your valuables about town, or at your workplace, and of course while travelling. It can fit a 15-inch laptop with spare room for small personal items and bottles. Magnetic pockets keep everything safely shut in. Get yours for $205-$225.

Monos Metro Backpack Review

I tend to overload my backpack, which ends up doing a number on my shoulders. Instead of bearing the weight, I could just use the Metro Backpack.

Pairing perfectly with Monos luggage via its trolley sleeve, this bag allows it to fit snugly on top without sliding around or running risk of falling— all while remaining easily accessible. 

Digging through the bag’s details, I oohed and aahed at the interior waterproof compartments, pouches, and secret pockets with magnetic locks for your most valuable items (such as that chocolate bar to hide from your kids). 

This Monos Backpack comes in 2 materials and 7 colors. It’s your choice between vegan leather in ivory, saddle tan; or mahogany and water-resistant nylon in carbon black, oxford blue, juniper green, or dover grey. 

My favorite part? A 15 inch slot that lets you store and retrieve your laptop without having to open your whole bag. Genius! This agile backpack from Monos costs $195.

Monos Luggage Cover Review

I’ve seen more than one gorgeous piece of luggage bound down the baggage belt. Suitcases get pretty banged up before and after flights, so I think the tight-fitting Monos Luggage Covers are a brilliant idea.

Love by customers, they’ve garnered great feedback on social media thanks to their eco-friendly PEVA material that protects your suitcase at all costs.

The Monos Luggage Cover is translucent and clean, allowing the expressive designs and colors of your luggage to show through. It is available at four different price points depending on size:  

  • Carry-On at $45
  • Carry-On Plus at $47
  • Check-In Medium at $50
  • Check-In Large at $55

Monos CleanPod UVC Sterilizer Review

There’s a reason you end up with a cold every time you travel—airports and planes are full of people, and thus germs[2]. The CleanPod UVC Sterilizer simply and easily sanitizes your area.

Thinking about putting it to use, I dreamed of travel without the annoyance, waste, and wetness that comes with wipes, hand sanitizer, or any combination of the two.

It works immediately upon activation and the batteries last for around 3 hours of use. This CleanPod UVC Sterilizer is battery-powered and kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds.

It is a high-end option for cleaning your seat and surroundings in an airport, plane, rental car, or in any public space—yet I was delighted to find that it’s surprisingly affordable. 

Buy your own special Monos UVC Wand for $109. If the whole family is travelling with you, save 10% off on 2 of these, and 20% off on 3+. 

Monos Kiyo UVC Bottle Review

I get super thirsty on planes. Like, unnaturally thirsty. Apparently, it has something to with the elevation, but whatever the reason, I always travel with a water bottle.

The Kiyo UVC Bottle has an egg speckle pattern that stands out as a modern art piece, but in a non-intrusive way. The design is overall minimalist and refined, offered in castle rock, graphite, blue hour, salt spring, and more. 

Here’s the cool part: Inside, the UVC technology kills 99.9% of bacteria at your touch with two options: Quick Clean, lasting 60 seconds, and Deep Clean, lasting 3 minutes. The battery will last around “1 month with normal use” while insulated walls keep your drink either hot or cold. 

The Kiyo normally costs $85, but you save 10% if you buy 2 and 20% with 3 or more. 

Where is Monos Luggage Made?

Monos Luggage Review

While Monos is a Canadian brand with headquarters in Vancouver, I read that their products are manufactured in China. They extend high “standards and values” to their manufacturing partners though.

According to the website, I learned that the brand will only work with factories operating in a way that they deem acceptable for their employees. I wasn’t able to find a 3rd party verification of these statements for this part of my Monos luggage review, but I think such dedication to ethical business practices also fits with their eco-friendly mission. 

I should also note here that the parts making up a piece of Monos luggage come from all over the world. For example, the polycarbonate shell that protects their carry-on luggage comes from Germany. While the bags are assembled in China, they’re still made from top-quality materials.

How do you use a Monos suitcase?

Monos Luggage Review

I’ve heard that a Monos hybrid suitcase is a pleasure to use. It qualifies as carry-on luggage and should be filled with your most personal belongings, as well as any items you might want to use during the flight; whether by necessity or for comfort.

I like to start from the outside and personalize the zipper-locking code, or you can use the default combination, depending on your preference. Then, pack the interior pockets with any personal effects (like a Kindle and eye mask), while reserving the main compartment for slippers, cardigans, socks, general clothing, and larger items. 

Strap it all down so nothing shifts around, then use the supplied waterproof baggies to safely store beauty products, liquids, and creams.

Monos Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Monos Luggage Review

For this part of my Monos luggage review, I wanted to find out what buyers were saying about the brand online. Not surprisingly, I came across glowing feedback from their official website and social media. 

Verified customers on the Monos website give 5/5 stars to all of their luggage options. They apparently love the brand thanks to its thoughtful details that make for a more convenient traveling experience. 

For example, one Metro Duffel reviewer says they appreciate how the bag securely integrates with their Monos Carry-On, making both easy to move around. I read that customers love the colors and classy design, both inside and out.

One thorough 5-star reviewer shared this takeaway: “After going through articles, reviews, YouTube videos, employee comments and their production factory; this company blew the other one away. I felt investing in luggage with Monos was going to be worth the cost and walk away with a superior luggage.” 

On Reddit, normally critical social media users are actually quite interested in Monos. One of them owns an olive Carry-On Plus and reports that it works very well for them, and that they plan to buy more luggage from the company. Their comment read:

“I have their olive green set and their Carry-On Plus model has served me well for short trips. I’m looking to add their newer Carry-On Pro (w/ an external pocket) to my set.”

A few others shoppers were initially uncertain about Monos and were hesitant to dive into the new-ish brand, but after buying they couldn’t finding any faults. That’s a huge win.

Instagram is host to many Monos luggage reviews—even some that touch on Monos luggage collaborations, like with Drunk Elephant. Monos offerings are classically gorgeous and camera-ready, so they make the perfect selfie companion.

As one Instagrammer puts it, “Our first trip with our new luggage was a success! What is better than light, well made, pretty luggage with lots of storage???” In terms of stress-free travel, nothing really.

During this Monos luggage review, I came across only one common complaint from buyers—late delivery. Many left comments on the brand’s social media pages explaining that they were still waiting for their order to arrive after weeks, or that their favorites frequently went out of stock. As it was still a fairly new company when these were written, it looks like Monos has been working on ironing out these kinks.

All in all, the feedback for this brand was great. People love how the products look, feel, and travel. End of story.

Is Monos Luggage Worth It?

Monos Luggage Review

If you didn’t get the feeling already, I think Monos is absolutely worth it. The boutique luggage designer makes stunning and streamlined travel companions that turn what can be an annoying hassle into a chilled out adventure.

Customers across social media love posting pictures of their bags because they look both sturdy and stylish.

Are Monos good luggage? Yes, without a doubt. Beyond the visually appealing design, they are engineered with parts from Germany and Japan to be robust, spacious, and convenient to use on the inside and out. 

Features like quiet 360 degree wheels, a multitude of interior pockets, and TSA-approved combination security locks are also a plus. For a luggage upgrade, I think you should strongly consider Monos. If it doesn’t work out, there’s always a 100 day guarantee

Monos Promotions & Discounts

Monos Luggage Review

While writing this Monos luggage review, I found that you can get a free Carry-On and a Metro Backpack just by joining the brand’s mailing list. 

And this isn’t a one-off promotion—they choose a winner each month, meaning you automatically get a chance to win every 30 days. Everyone has an equal chance, no matter how long you’ve been on the mailing list.

Since no Monos luggage review would be complete without a full list of deals, I tracked down a few more that are currently running:

  • 10% off all Luggage
  • Refer a friend: They get $25, you get $25
  • Become Wayfarer & earn points to redeem discounts
  • Become a Gold VIP member to save even more
  • Free US & Canada shipping

Where to Buy Monos

Monos Luggage Review

You can buy Monos luggage exclusively at


Monos Luggage Review

Where is Monos luggage from?

Monos is a Canadian company that operates out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Their products are manufactured in China, though I was glad to read in factories selected for their ethical treatment of workers and high-quality output.

Does Monos have a charger?

The only charger I came across for this Monos luggage review was the one that comes with the CleanPod UVC Sterilizer. For that product, the batteries will last for around 3 hours. 

You will know the CleanPod needs to be charged when the light dims. Alternatively, if used regularly, you can charge it every couple of days.

How long does Monos luggage take to ship?

Shipping is a breeze. Monos takes care of everything via UPS (including the cost) as long as you order from the US or Canada. 

International buyers will be shown a shipping cost at the checkout page, and they should keep in mind—along with US buyers—that goods over $800 trigger extra charges in duties. You can email Monos anytime for a quote.

  • Expect up to 10 business days for Monos to process your order
  • Canadian customers should receive their order within 10 business days
  • For US customers, orders can take 14 days to arrive
  • International shipping may take 14 days, but there is no guarantee
  • Monos notes that UPS is at capacity, and to watch your tracking information 

What is Monos’s Return Policy?

Monos is so confident in the quality of their travel luggage that you can send back your order “for any reason whatsoever” within 100 days of purchase. They only have a couple of requirements, and I’ll list them all below.

1. The person who purchased the luggage must be the one to contact Monos about the return

2. Don’t scuff up the luggage, as it should show “no signs of use” and look the same as when it was delivered

3. Keep the packaging, because Monos wants it back with the return

4. Email [email protected] to begin the return process

5. You must pay for the return shipping (Monos can print a shipping label for you)

6. Exchange requests must be made within 7 days of the order

In this Monos luggage review, I found out that the Metro Backpack and Duffel bags have a 30-day return window.

How to Contact Monos

For any other questions I didn’t answer in this Monos luggage review, I recommend reaching out to the brand via: 

A customer service representative will respond to your queries on weekdays from 9 AM–5 PM PST and weekends from 8 AM–4 PM PST

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Article Sources

[1] Kan, Chiemi & Karasawa, Mayumi & Kitayama, Shinobu Minimalist in Style: Self, Identity, and Well-being in Japan ResearchGate Self and Identity. 8. 300-317
[2] Ikonen, N., Savolainen-Kopra, C., Enstone, J.E. et al. Deposition of respiratory virus pathogens on frequently touched surfaces at airports BMC Infect Dis 18, 437 (2018)

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