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About Kwiat

Kwiat Review

Commitment can be scary, regardless of the situation. A new job, moving to a new city, following a new diet, these are all big commitments.

Yet, the largest commitment in most of our lives is dedicating ourselves to one person. Now that’s scary. It doesn’t help that we often mark that commitment by committing a few months’ salaries to purchase a diamond ring. 

We know that fear is the mind-killer, the little death that brings total obliteration. Kwiat looks to relieve that fear with their exquisite line of diamond jewelry.

Not only have they cemented themselves as a diamond jewelry staple for over a century, but they’ve also amassed over 46k Instagram followers.

So don’t let fear cloud your visions. Observe the spirits on the wall, in this case, our Kwiat review, and study what they tell you about the brand’s history, craftsmanship, promotions, and products so that you can decide whether they’re worth the commitment.

Overview of Kwiat

Kwiat Review

Sam Kwiat founded the company all the way back in 1907 on the guiding principle of respect. He wanted to respect his customers by educating them on the backstories of his products.

He also wanted to respect them by providing unparalleled service, something our Kwiat review team noted that the brand has adhered to since their founding.

Finally, that respect flows through to earnest production and sourcing practice. Kwiat only uses conflict-free diamonds whose sourcers work according to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. 

This multinational agreement is a set of guiding principles that certifies diamonds as being produced without cruelty or that could’ve been used by corrupt rebellious uprisings against lawful governments.

The Kwiat staff personally inspect all of their workshops, which are located across the globe, to ensure that they stick to ethical practices.

Furthermore, all of their diamonds have to obtain grading from the Gemological Institute of America before they are put on the shelf.

Kwiat’s commitment to quality and respect allowed him and his son to transform a tiny, family gem store into a diamond empire.

We’ve ogled at the company’s history enough though. Let’s cover what our Kwiat review writers believe are the biggest highlights concerning the brand:


  • Offers a regal collection of diamonds, rings, and other jewelry
  • Free 2-day shipping to all US locations
  • Complimentary engraving options on certain items
  • Ethically sourced diamonds
  • Financing options available
  • Price matching policy
Kwiat Review

The company’s jewelry line is greater than just rings and Kwiat earrings. They also sell diamond-encrusted pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, and necklaces. 

The brand can engrave many of the items too, but you’ll have to check each one’s product page to see which items qualify for engravement. 

Kwiat Diamonds Review

If diamonds truly are forever then you’d better know what you’re getting into by purchasing one. This section of our Kwiat review should show you why the company has persisted for so long – by producing elegant diamonds.

Kwiat Kwiat Slim Bangle with Fancy Shape Diamonds Review

Kwiat Kwiat Slim Bangle with Fancy Shape Diamonds Review
Kwiat Kwiat Slim Bangle with Fancy Shape Diamonds

The company refers to this product as “fancy shape,” and perhaps that’s an industry term, but our Kwiat review squad feels that they’re underselling the product. We can do better.

The Kwiat Kwiat Slim Bangle with Fancy Shape Diamonds dazzles with an 18k gold bracelet that houses an illustrious bevy of diamonds. It’s nearly an opulence overload, but the thin band maintains a sense of modesty.

It’s the subtle way of saying, “Oh I know I’m worth it, but I don’t need to flaunt it,” while, in fact, flaunting it. 

Purchase your own Kwiat Kwiat Slim Bangle with Fancy Shape Diamonds in either 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, or 18k white gold for $9,990.

Kwiat Wrap Ring with Diamonds Review

Kwiat Wrap Ring with Diamonds Review
Kwiat Wrap Ring with Diamonds

This piece of Kwiat jewelry serpentines around your finger, coating every side with a cluster of VS2-SI1 diamonds so that everyone in the room has a fair viewing angle of its splendor.

What we love even more about the Kwiat Wrap Ring with Diamonds is its translucent 18k white gold colorway. It captures the image of a crystal palace encrusted with pristine snowflakes. 

We’re smitten by the wintery vibe and we suspect you may be charming onlookers in a similar way with this on your finger.

Pricing for this exquisite ring begins at $3,050.

Kwiat Double Band Ring with Diamonds Review

Kwiat Double Band Ring with Diamonds Review
Kwiat Double Band Ring with Diamonds

The Kwiat Double Band Ring with Diamonds saves you the trouble of having to buy two rings, though you might be tempted to purchase two of these given how delightful they look.

This product contains 1.00 cts of VS2-SI1 diamonds that dot its smooth band. Kwiat intelligently divided the diamonds between the two bands so there’s a peaceful and pleasing asymmetrical element to the ring.

Both the 18k two-tone color and the 18k yellow gold come in at $5,150, which makes sense considering that you’re technically purchasing two rings.

Kwiat Kwiat Small Hanging Heart Pendant with Diamonds Review

Kwiat Kwiat Small Hanging Heart Pendant with Diamonds Review
Kwiat Kwiat Small Hanging Heart Pendant with Diamonds

While a heart-shaped necklace can sometimes come off as cliched depending on who you ask, we think the Kwiat Kwiat Small Hanging Heart Pendant with Diamonds smashes through that cliche.

Indeed, this necklace looks like the ideal romantic jewelry piece because of its reserved design. The actual heart shape is only an outline, with small VS2-SI1 diamonds shimmering off of it. 

This directs the eye to the heart, metaphorically mirroring how we’re always driven by our hearts first and foremost.

You can purchase the Kwiat Kwiat Small Hanging Heart Pendant with Diamonds for $1,550.

Kwiat Quads Necklace 16 Inches Review

Kwiat Quads Necklace 16 Inches Review
Kwiat Quads Necklace 16 Inches

16 inches is an impressive measurement for any body part, be it biceps or waist size. But you know what else impresses at 16 inches? The Kwiat Quads Necklace 16 Inches.

This product drapes around the neck elegantly and can be stacked with other necklaces, though our Kwiat review writers suspect it’d twinkle by itself too.

The Kwiat Quads Necklace 16 Inches’ chain comes in either 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, or 18k yellow gold.

Four diamonds line this exquisite product, and you can select either 0.48ct diamonds for $1,900, or 1.05ct pieces for $4,100.

Kwiat Engagement Rings Review

Mark the splendid wedding occasion with some of the best Kwiat engagement rings that’ll swing your bitter mother-in-law-to-be into a jealous fit.

Kwiat Engagement Ring with a Round Diamond Review

Kwiat Engagement Ring with a Round Diamond Review
Kwiat Engagement Ring with a Round Diamond

This item is based entirely around the diamond, with every detail curtailing themselves in service of showing off the center diamond.

The Kwiat Engagement Ring with a Round Diamond’s band is transparent and tame to draw your eyes towards that thick rock jaunting out of the ring. This transparency is crucial to the product’s design as it streamlines its appearance.

The diamond itself is available in a variety of shapes while the band comes in either platinum, 18k rose gold, or 18k yellow gold.

The base Kwiat Engagement Ring with a Round Diamond model starts at $1,400, but that price is subject to increase depending on how you customize it.

Who Is Kwiat For? 

Kwiat Review

Kwiat diamonds, and the rest of their jewelry, are for shoppers who want a little personalization and care along with their products. The company makes it a point to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, it’s tough to purchase diamonds and jewelry with a clear conscience since the general public can be skeptical about how those products are sourced. 

With that in mind, Kwiat jewelry eases that cognitive dissonance by only using diamonds that adhere to their cruelty-free standards, so their items are built for people looking for bespoke jewelry without any associated guilt or malpractice.

Kwiat Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Kwiat Review

This section of our Kwiat review will uncloud any perceptions that distort your opinion on the brand. We’ll be turning to what real people have to say about Kwiat so that you’ll get an honest brand review from the most honest people on the planet, customers.

First, buyers on Google reviews gave the company an average score of 4.6/5 stars. This number comes from over 10 customer reviews, which isn’t a lot, but it can get us started on the right track.

Customers loved how the brand has carried on as a family-owned business for over 100 years. It made them feel like they were in good hands when they purchased a product.

But let’s move on to Kwiat’s product quality, which also impressed most fans on Google reviews. Many reviewers there felt that the brand’s selection was both fairly priced and elegant

This 5/5 star reviewer says, “I have been going there for a few years and always get the best service. Their products are top-notch and prices are very reasonable. Can’t say enough good things about Kwiat.

Our Kwiat review writing staff always look for return customers because it implies that the brand continues to satisfy their market. 

Another fan was full of praise for the Kwiat staff, who walked them through the entire purchasing process with the sleekness of a royal slip and slide. 

That customer wrote, “I cannot ever recall doing business and getting a higher top-notch service. From my first email to the store, all the way through the selection process and buying process, the communication was excellent.  I cannot say enough good things about Kwiat and their employees.

After wringing all we could out of the Kwiat Google reviews page, we took to the company’s Yelp feedback section. Even there they continued to earn acclaim. Based on 10 customer reviews they held a 4/5 star overall score.

Common among the reviews there were compliments about the company’s staff. Customers described them as knowledgeable and enlightening, as many reported that the staff waswere happy to dive into the finer details of every available item to ensure customer satisfaction.

This 5/5 star review said that the Kwiat worker had “…incredible attention to detail and taste. And then the customer experience was really special, he went above and beyond to accommodate our hectic schedule and tight timelines, and we really appreciated that.

Fans also loved how accommodating the staff were. Kwiat workers were able to adjust and customize pieces to the customer’s desires, tweaking already beautiful jewelry to the exact detail of each customer’s fantasy.

And if you value exclusivity then Kwiat have you covered, as this happy customer proclaims. “Kwiat is one of those great undiscovered brands that delivers all the style & quality of the big names, without the fear that someone else will show up at a party wearing identical jewelry.

Others deemed the company as fabulous, referring both to the Kwiat brand and their items. 

Kwiat also holds quite an impressive rapport with their Facebook fans, evidenced by their 4.4/5 stars overall score tallied from over 15 customer reviews.

Let’s wrap up this section of our Kwiat review by covering what people loved about the brand:

  • Phenomenal customer service
  • Fair prices
  • Deep customization options
  • Top tier product quality

Need we say more? Let’s move on. 

Is Kwiat Worth It?

Kwiat Review

Any company that adheres to conscientious development will always earn praise from us, and our Kwiat review team admires the company’s commitment to using only cruelty-free diamonds.

Beyond that, we believe that Kwiat is worth looking into because of their bespoke customer service and high levels of consumer satisfaction. You don’t last 100 years in the game by disappointing customers. All in all, two fashionably-adorned thumbs up.

Kwiat Promotions & Discounts 

Kwiat Review

We didn’t know you couldn’t spell Kwiat without the letters f-r-e-e, but it’s impossible for us to do so, considering all their free promotions.

The company offers free shipping to all locations within the United States as well as free engraving for all eligible items.

There’s also a 0% APR financing option where you can pay for Kwiat products over a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month period. You can discover if you qualify for these options on the company’s website.

As if the company weren’t generous enough, our Kwiat review team reports that they have a price matching policy too. They will meet any of their product prices featured on any other website to certify that you are getting the best possible value.

So they’re competitive as well as rewarding; we like that kind of dichotomy in a company.

Where to Buy Kwiat

Kwiat Review

Here are all the most reliable outlets our Kwiat review writers found:

  • High-end retailers like Nordstrom
  • Online retailers like Farfetch

You can also use the company’s Store Locator function to find more specific retailers. 


Kwiat Review

Who owns Kwiat?

Kwiat continues to be a family-owned business over a century after their inception. Lowell Kwiat has served as the company’s chairman for the past 45 years and his brother Greg Kwiat is the active CEO.

The Kwiat family hopes to deliver you to an experience that’ll make you feel like you’re a fellow family member, though our Kwiat review team wouldn’t hold out any hopes for a Thanksgiving invitation.

How long has Kwiat been in business?

Kwiat has been producing and distributing diamonds longer than most people have had access to air conditioning. They first opened their doors all the way back in 1907.

Does Kwiat offer engraving?

You can bet your mortgage that Kwiat provides engraving services. It’s a bit of a monkey’s paw situation, though. 

They can engrave a variety of their products for free but you cannot return any engraved items. Make sure you spell your partner’s name correctly if you want it engraved on their engagement ring.

Does Kwiat ship internationally?

The company offers international shipping, although our Kwiat review writers discovered that the company only provides scant details on the process. They recommend contacting them directly to learn more about their shipping policies for international locations.

What is Kwiat’s Shipping Policy?

Kwiat provides free 2-day shipping to all US locations, including the often-ignored subhuman reservoir Alaska, the tropical getaway Hawaii, and other US territories.

What is Kwiat’s Return Policy?

If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can make use of Kwiat’s 30-day return policy. All you need to do is contact a Kwiat representative up to 30 days after you purchased a product and provide a receipt.

The representative will then send you a return shipping label and walk you through the necessary steps to return your purchase.

How to Contact Kwiat

Our Kwiat review writers found multiple ways you can either expose your grief or spew bounties of praise to the company directly. We’ve included them all in a list below:

  1. Speak with a company representative through the online chat function on the company’s website,
  2. Call: 212-725-7777
  3. Text: 646-759-9262
  4. Email: [email protected]

Fill out a customer feedback form on their Contact Us website page

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