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About Ginette NY

Ginette NY Review

Ginette NY puts a unique twist on modernity with its collection of jewelry. Offering high-quality designs made from champagne-tinted 18k rose gold, the company plays with simplicity and takes inspiration from architecture in each piece. Though it originally focused on women’s jewelry, this brand has expanded to now include designs for men and children, too.

With acclaim from magazines such as Vogue, Elle Magazine, and Air France Madame, Ginette NY has certainly made a name for itself in the world of jewelry. Today, the brand boasts more than 80k followers across Instagram and Facebook.

Ready to add some trinkets to your collection? Stay tuned, as this Ginette NY review dives deep into the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, FAQs, and more to help you decide if its jewelry is for you.

Overview of Ginette NY

Ginette NY Review

After earning a degree in art history, French designer Frédérique Dessemond moved to the US in 1999. She founded Ginette NY shortly after in 2002, with Dessemond attempting to repurpose everyday trinkets like tags, clasps, and chains by stripping them down and giving them a new lot in life.

The dream was to provide luxury jewelry for affordable everyday wear. As Ginette NY grew, her inventory expanded to the mixed styles that exist today.

Dessemond works to combine pure materials, contemporary styles, and unique architectural inspiration into each of her pieces. The result? Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are all works of art.

Heavily influenced by her mother’s personal style, Dessemond describes her collection as: “A connection between jewels and skin, like an extension of oneself, an opportunity to show your unique personality. An unique DNA in the world of contemporary jewelry.

Before we get into the in-depth Ginette NY review, let’s go over some quick highlights:


  • Wide range of jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, ankle chains, and more
  • High-quality materials, with the vast majority of pieces being made from champagne-tinted 18k rose gold
  • Collection is cohesive with the opportunity to pair pieces together
  • Certificate of authenticity with every order
  • Offers Affirm as an alternative payment method
  • 14-day return policy
  • International shipping is available to some countries

There are currently more than 500 pieces for women available on the company’s site. To give you a sampling of what you’ll find, this Ginette NY review will cover some of the top-selling items.

All of the brand’s pieces can be paid for in monthly installments with Affirm.

Ginette NY Jewelry Review

Ginette NY Review

Up next, this Ginette NY jewelry review will go over a variety of the top choices available online. Most of the brand’s designs are made from champagne-tinted 18k rose gold, with other materials, like natural stones, worked in.

Each piece comes packaged in one of the brand’s signature boxes. And, you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity.

Ginette NY Necklaces Review

We’re kicking off this Ginette NY review with some top-sellers from the brand’s necklace collections. The website offers more than 200 designs that are made to be delicate yet modern statement pieces or layered for a more intricate appearance.

Ginette NY Ever Onyx Round on Chain Review

Simplicity at its finest, the Ginette NY Ever Onyx Round on Chain is a design you can match with any outfit. Featuring an 11 mm onyx pendant that hangs from a 43 cm chain, this necklace is fit for wearing on its own or layered.

The brand’s attention to detail adds a mysterious twist. A small Ginette NY pearl stud decorates the left side of the chain, for a slightly asymmetrical look without throwing off its balance too much.

Add this classic yet edgy Ginette NY necklace to your collection for $510.

Ginette NY Lace Monogram Review

The Monogram collection is one of the brand’s most popular ones. So, no Ginette NY review would be complete without including a few pieces.

Proudly display a logo without looking too obvious with the Ginette NY Lace Monogram. This necklace features an intricate 31.5 mm pendant that swirls together the initials of what will soon become your favorite jewelers.

The intertwined “NGY” initials appear to knot together, locking the whole piece into one abstract design. Finished with a 43 cm chain, this $1,260 necklace is a subtle style that classes up any outfit with a bit of bling.

Ginette NY Circle On Chain Review

Appear lighter than air with this classically stunning design. The Ginette NY Circle on Chain is a delicate beauty that will enhance any look you pair it with.

Made from thin gold wire and hung on a 43 cm chain, feminine intricacy are the words that come to our mind when admiring the grace of this piece. Part of a larger hoop collection, this design adds an easy elegance to every look.

Add this piece to your jewelry box for $425.

Ginette NY Mini Wolf on Chain Review

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Definitely not Ginette NY. The brand immerses its customers in fantasy and fairy tales by transforming a symbol of childhood fear into an artistic expression of power.

The Ginette NY Mini Wolf on Chain design features a 10 mm pendant of a stylized wolf’s head, hung from a 43 cm chain. Though the thin and intricate nature of the chain and pendant offers a sense of delicacy, the animal adds a touch of fierceness.

This sleek Ginette NY wolf necklace is available for $415. Leave behind your dormant nature and bring out the inner wolf as you take on the world—sometimes all you need is a small symbol to remind you to keep fighting!

Ginette NY Rings Review

Up next, this Ginette NY jewelry review will look at some of the most popular rings. One thing we noticed about the brand’s collection was how cohesive it is. Meaning, you can pretty much opt for any rings, knowing they’ll pair well together.

Each ring, including the Ginette NY signet ring, is available in sizes 3-8.5. For more information, check out the size guide on each product page.

Ginette NY Disc Ring Mother of Pearl Review

Bring beauty and bliss to your life with the Ginette NY Disc Ring Mother of Pearl. Designed with an upside-down setting, this stone directly touches your skin. Did you know stones have healing properties?

Mother of Pearl is a protection stone that provides a calming nature to those who wear it. Through soothing tempers and fears, it balances emotions and aids clear thoughts and decision-making. If you’re looking for a natural solution to ease your stress, this ring may be the way to go.

If you aren’t super invested in the healing properties of stones, don’t worry, this ring provides visual interest, too. The gorgeous off-white stone is surrounded by a champagne-colored circle for an elegant design.

Ginette NY brings you into contact with all the benefits of Mother of Pearl through a remarkable $685 design.

Ginette NY Ever Malachite Disc Ring Review

The Ginette NY Ever Malachite Disc Ring crosses through two of the brand’s key collections: Ever and Disc Rings. The stone is held in place by a champagne-colored ring that makes the vibrant greens of the Malachite pop. Historically, this stone was a favorite gift for Egyptians and Greeks to bestow on others due to its pattern and colors.

The Disc Ring collection connects you to the natural healing powers of each stone, bringing you benefits with your beauty. Malachite is known to lower blood pressure and relieve cramps and pains—especially during that time of the month. In fact, these abilities are so well known, it is also referred to as the Midwife Stone.

Malachite is the ultimate healing stone that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace all the change life throws at you. Who couldn’t use that in their life? Get the Ginette NY Malachite ring for $685.

Ginette NY Fool’s Gold Disc Ring Review

The Ginette NY Fool’s Gold Disc Ring features a marvelous Pyrite stone locked in the sleek rose gold band standard for the Disc Ring collection. The upside-down setting brings the healing properties of Pyrite into your life—in addition to its stunning appearance.

Pyrite, often known as Fool’s Gold, comes in an array of styles and colors. Best known for its golden tone, this stone is often rejected due to its appearance when compared to gold and lesser value.

That said, it has many incredible healing properties of its own. Fool’s Gold is thought to increase oxygen supply to the blood and has been known to help treat infections and fevers.

Healing properties aside, this ring offers an old-world-like appearance. Get this option from the Ginette NY rings collection for $685.

Looking for something more edgy? Check out the Ginette NY art deco necklace.

Ginette NY Bracelets Review

Looking to add some bling to your wrist in an intricate, sophisticated, and subtle way? These featured Ginette NY bracelets are some of the company’s top-sellers.

Ginette NY Heal Wood Bead Bracelet Review

Go for a more natural look by incorporating wood into your everyday style. The Ginette NY Heal Wood Bead Bracelet brings the peace of the natural world to you, no matter where you go.

Made with Ginette NY wood beads, the porous nature of the wood allows you to easily add essential oils to the bracelet for healing and a delightful scent. Essential oils hold an astounding number of properties that help with everything from headaches or digestion to memory and concentration.

With each wood stone measuring 0.31”, the Heal Wood Bead Bracelet is currently available for $110. If you’re looking for something brighter, check out the Ginette NY turquoise collection.

Ginette NY Baby Lace Monogram Bracelet Review

The Ginette NY Baby Lace Monogram Bracelet features the brand’s intricate logo—the initials “NGY” interwoven and knotted together. It appears almost like an infinity knot, tying you to the beauty of this brand for good.

The monogram measures 17.5 mm, and the bracelet itself is adjustable with a clasp closure. Next to the clasp is a tiny charm that specifies the bracelet is 18k gold, with the brand’s name, too.

Add this Ginette NY monogram bracelet gold to your collection for $565.

Who Is Ginette NY For? 

Ginette NY Review

Ginette NY traditionally offers products for adult women. That said, the brand has recently begun working to offer items for men and children, too.

These catalogs aren’t nearly as stocked as Ginette for Her, but they are growing. Currently, only 12 pieces exist in the Ginette Loves Men brand, while 15 are available under the name Little Ginette.

The company has primarily been interested in offering women powerful pieces that speak to their individuality and self-expression. Its mission stands firm, despite the growing offerings.

Comparison: Ginette NY vs. JTV

Ginette NY Review

When it comes to jewelry, we all tend to shop around to find our favorites. It wouldn’t be a true Ginette NY jewelry review if we didn’t consider at least one brand competitor.

JTV (Jeweler Television) is a jewelry retailer that runs 24/7 in the US to offer deals on a number of products. Having operated for 25 years, the brand is well-versed in social media with its followers continuing to grow. So, what are the key differences?

First, the price and quality. JTV offers much cheaper prices for its pieces. But, the reason its prices are so much lower likely has to do with the quality of the materials.

And, the online supply varies from brand to brand. JTV offers its entire selection online, as advertised through TV. Ginette NY notoriously only offers some of its selection online, suggesting instead that you go into stores to look through other pieces not as widely advertised online. It seems to make the pieces more personal to you!

Finally, we found very different reviews. JTV has 1.7/5 stars on Consumer Affairs, with over 170 testimonials. Many complaints concern the quality of the pieces purchased. Ginette NY jewelry comments seem to be far kinder, though lower in quantity. But, we’ll talk about that more in the next section.

Ginette NY Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ginette NY Review

Though the brand’s products look to be of high quality, this Ginette NY jewelry review wanted to get the real story from real customers. The company hasn’t garnered many testimonials yet, but from what we’ve found, the response it has received is positive!

The brand’s site doesn’t provide any customer comments, so we first turned to Womply. Here, Ginette NY received 4.2/5 stars from 22 shoppers, with the majority of their reviews coming in at “Excellent.”

Taking into account the physical store as well as the website, all reviews praise the quality materials and intricate designs. Take this glowing testimonial:

“A wide variety of jewelry for everyday and dressed up. Ginette’s pieces are all made with beautiful diamonds and stones with amazing quality. Can’t wait for the next Ginette purchase!!!

Meanwhile, another buyer reports that the company offers a hassle-free shopping experience: “The buying experience was great, No drama no hassles.Thank you Alexis and Raheem for perfect crevice. Will recommend you for my friends.”

13 customers on Yelp give the company 3.5/5 stars for in-store service, with resounding love for the pieces and the style of the jewelry itself. The majority of comments listed were pleased with the service and options available to them.

Take this positive experience: “This store has very unique pieces with unique designs.  They range from small and delicate to bold and stunning… the jewelry is made very well and the colour of the gold, whether it be yellow, white or rose is stunning. I love the item I purchased and already have received compliments.

Unfortunately, that’s where Ginette NY reviews end. But, we’re happy to see that the experiences shared online were mostly positive. People report high-quality jewelry that is stunning, unique, and durable.

Is Ginette NY Worth It?

Ginette NY Review

Ginette NY prices are fairly midrange when it comes to jewelry options. There are far more expensive brands out there, but there are also cheaper options to consider. That said, we would argue for the quality and style of the pieces you’re getting, the price is more than worth it.

Plus, the Ginette NY reviews we found were mainly positive reviews in all aspects, with no red flags to consider before purchasing. If you find a piece that appeals to you on the company’s website, and we’re sure you will, we would highly recommend adding it to your jewelry box.

Ginette NY Promotions & Discounts

Ginette NY Review

Unfortunately, there is no Ginette NY sale section right now. That’s not to say sales don’t exist for this company, just that there aren’t any currently active. We recommend signing up for its e-newsletter to stay informed about future promotions.

Where to Buy Ginette NY

Ginette NY Review

The brand’s jewelry is available at, as well as in its international stores. Other online options include Lyst, ShopBop, and Neiman Marcus.


Ginette NY Review

Where is Ginette NY made?

Ginette NY is, as the brand name states, made in New York. But, European sales are shipped from France. 

What is Ginette NY’s Shipping Policy?

Good news for any American or European readers—free shipping is offered throughout the US, France, and the EU!

Want to ship with FedEx? Here are your options:

  • Ground $15
  • 2nd day $25
  • Next day $50

For regular shipping, expected wait times vary and are dependent on what and when you order. Upon heading to check out, you’ll be given an estimated turnaround time for processing and delivery.

Do you need your purchase by a specific date? Just shoot an email to [email protected] and Ginette NY’s team will be able to give you a more specific timeline and advise you accordingly.

What is Ginette NY’s Return Policy?

Ginette NY accepts returns up to 14 days after delivery of your purchased item. In order to return any items, follow the listed steps below.

  1. Log into your account online and select the item/purchase you wish to return
  2. Click the Request RMA button at the top of the page
  3. Fill out the form and make sure to note whether you’re requesting an exchange or a return before hitting agree
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the information needed to continue the return process
  5. Print the return label along with the instructed information about the RMA to be included in the package
  6. Pack your item, including the original receipt and certificate of authenticity
  7. Mark the RMA number on the package
  8. Ship to: GINETTE NY.COM/RETURNS&EXCHANGES, 1260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10128

The brand recommends that you use an insured courier when returning or exchanging an item to ensure its safe travel.

Please note that all sale items cannot be sent back. And, any refunds will not include the shipping price of the returned item.

How to Contact Ginette NY

If you have any questions after reading this Ginette NY jewelry review, you can contact the brand via:

  • Contact page at
  • Phone: +33 1 69 86 58 36

The brand’s hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm, Paris time.

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