Maria Tash Review

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About Maria Tash

Maria Tash Review

Operating for over two decades, Maria Tash is a fine jewelry brand that aims to represent the personality of each client through a combination of innovation and science. The brand boasts an extensive product line for men, women, teens, and even children. 

Maria Tash has expanded globally since their launch, now offering shops in Rome, Dublin, Harrods London, and Dubai. The brand is recognized and followed by a list of celebrity clients including Rihanna, Blake Lively, and Zoë Kravitz

They also have a dynamite online presence with over 705k followers. The brand is also a frequent feature in the likes of Vogue and Ocean Drive.

This Maria Tash jewelry review will take a good look to find all the details about the brand’s prices, products, customer ratings, and more to help you decide if they’re worth it.

Overview of Maria Tash

Maria Tash Review

Maria Tash grew up with a love of fine jewelry and, after sensing a gap in the market, began her journey by creating custom Maria Tash navel jewelry in her East Village studio in Manhattan under the name Venus by Maria Tash. 

After launching her business in 1993, Tash set out to use art and science to bring quality and innovation to her pieces. She’s since developed techniques such as invisible set diamonds to create works that appear almost suspended in air. 

Working exclusively with 14k and 18k gold for her settings, Maria Tash “sources white, yellow, rose, and black golds and has perfected the art of incorporating stones that appear both intricate yet delicate.

Maria Tash Jewelry worked to define themselves and “is now synonymous with curation and self-expression.” Known for their fine jewelry and piercing expertise, the brand has time and time again offered pieces that are a gateway to individualizing styles and identity. 

Though they are well-established in the New York City market and have collected a cult following for their pieces, there are some pros and cons to weigh out before thinking about purchasing some Maria Tash piercings:


  • The brand offers a stunning selection of pieces, including earrings, rings, septum piercings, and so much more
  • Maria Tash clicker rings and other pieces of jewelry are built to last 
  • Ships domestically and internationally 
  • The brand is well-established and held in high regard due to almost three decades of experience
  • Maria Tash has unique and custom pieces that are perfect for self-expression
  • Financing options available with Affirm


  • Some issues with the clasps and the brand’s personal threading system
  • The brand’s pieces are quite expensive compared to other jeweler options available
  • Limited warranty
  • No Maria Tash sale section
Maria Tash Review

After nearly 30 years in business, the brand has an extensive line of products that include custom Maria Tash daith, rook, and tragus pieces. 

In this Maria Tash Jewelry review, we’ve taken a good look at some of the best-sellers across various categories to give you a bigger picture of what’s in store. Let’s get started, shall we?

Maria Tash Earrings Review

Maria Tash offers a range of products and piercings in several locations. Their earring collection is known to work well for cartilage and earlobe placements. The product line includes pieces such as Maria Tash rook and tragus rings in clicker and invisible set designs. 

The following piece is a customer favorite that you can’t miss out on.

Maria Tash 6.5mm Plain Ring Review

Maria Tash offers a simple and transferable design with the Maria Tash 6.5mm Plain Ring. Available for earlobes, cartilage, septum, and helix, this one ring will work wherever your style suits. 

These sleek Maria Tash earrings come in white, rose, black, and yellow gold options for only $120. Made with the iconic “clicker ring” design, this ring is designed for easy removal from several piercing locations.

All colors promise a 14k, hypoallergenic piece that will fit any casual or formal style. This Maria Tash jewelry review loves the simple yet effective clicker design!

Maria Tash Septum Piercings Review

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a subtle look, Maria Tash septum clickers and spinners have you covered. This featured bestseller is a look for the ages, providing the perfect addition to your style.

Maria Tash 16m 8mm Double Chain Septum Spinner Review 

Available in white, rose, or yellow gold, the Maria Tash 16mm 8mm Double Chain Septum Spinner strikes a new style in a stunning yet delicate piece. This $260 chain offers an innovative take on the traditional style of Maria Tash nose rings. 

Two layered chains hang from this piece, strung through rotating settings to prevent any tangles or knotting between layers. Simple, creative, and stunning, this piece gives a bit of attitude to an otherwise classy design.

Worried about maintenance? No cause for concern with Maria Tash pieces. While body oils can build up, a simple soap clean with a soft toothbrush will get your piece sparkling in no time. Easy to care for and easy to insert, this elegant design will never get old once added to your growing jewelry collection.

Maria Tash Clickers Review

Maria Tash clickers offer a simple and safe way to insert and remove pieces. From septum clickers to pieces designed for cartilage and earlobes, these featured bestseller designs offer simple ways to look stunning for everyday and formal occasions.

Maria Tash 14g 5mm Plain Clicker Review 

The Maria Tash 14g 5mm Plain Clicker is a simple and sleek design suitable for any occasion. 

This $165 ring comes in white, rose, and yellow gold options to best fit your current vibe. Due to the design of the piece, the plain clicker can be used for a variety of piercing options including nostril, ears, and septum.

The 14k gold piece offers a thicker gauge for security after insertion. Combined with the clicker feature, this ring promises safety and strength that won’t wear out any time soon. This universal style effortlessly fits any man, woman, or teen.

Maria Tash 16g 8mm Diamond Horizontal Eternity Clicker Review 

Hoping to see something in this Maria Tash jewelry review with a bit more flair? The 16g 8mm Diamond Horizontal Eternity Clicker will perfectly fit your needs. 

This $625 piece consists of a row of 1mm diamonds to elevate any style. Designed for septum and daith piercings, the shimmering row of diamonds will face the world whenever worn and get you plenty of envious looks.

Built using the Maria Tash clicker design, this piece is easy to insert and remove at any time. It’s oh so simple to add a little elegance and luxury to your day with just one ring. 

There’s nothing as classic as diamonds and whether you have them set to the white, rose, black, or yellow gold options, these gems will shine day in and day out.

Maria Tash 9.5mm Diamond Star Eternity Clicker Review 

Like a diamond in the sky, the Maria Tash 9.5 Diamond Star Eternity Clicker shines bright enough to make any wish come true (terms and conditions apply). 

Designed around a 5-point diamond star, this $925 Maria Tash Eternity Clicker features a stunning row of diamonds surrounding the showstopper. 

Best used to rock a Maria Tash tragus or rook look, this piercing is set to be the star of the show. The elegance of this piece brings out magic we all strive to achieve in our daily appearance.

Four points of the brilliant star leap out from the sides of the diamond band as though the star is suspended mid-fall. 

Small enough for subtlety, but with enough luxury to make a statement, the Diamond Star Eternity Clicker in white, rose, or yellow gold will bring the stunning night sky right to you. 

Maria Tash Rook Piercings Review

Jewelry at Maria Tash goes beyond simple clicker ring designs. This review will explore a customer favorite that adds a new and exciting element to your everyday wear.

Maria Tash 3mm Flower and 2mm Diamond Rook Barbell Review

Designed to put attention on the stones rather than the ring, the Maria Tash 3mm Flower and 2mm Diamond Rook Barbell is a simple and delicate piece for the ages. 

With the barbell wrapping around the back, the flower and diamond are designed to perfectly balance one another. For $475, this piece contains a 6-point flower design atop the barbell with the counterweight diamond encased in its own scalloped edging for a refined, simple elegance.

The closed diamond bezel prevents oils and dirt from ruining the polish and shine of the diamonds. Both elements lie flat preventing anything catching and pulling at your rook while you rock your look. 

Available in white, rose, or yellow gold, this simple piece is a subtle beauty that is perfect for showing off.

Maria Tash Nose Rings Review

Take your fashionista style to the next level with an elegant Maria Tash nose ring. The two featured bestsellers below are too tempting to resist, even if you haven’t yet pierced your nose!

Maria Tash 1.5mm Diamond Scalloped Set Nostril Screw Review

Looking for simple and small? The Maria Tash 1.5mm Diamond Scalloped Set Nostril Screw will be the perfect fit. This slight diamond stud is a big gift in a little package. 

Set within a braided bezel, this $155 product is an intricate detail that will pull together any fashion you set out to create. No need to worry about direction, as Maria Tash offers this piece with straight, left-bending, or right-bending posts to customize to your heart’s desire

All options of white, rose, and yellow gold are nickel-free. Add a subtle elegance to your appearance with an out-of-this-world diamond.

Maria Tash 3mm Diamond Scalloped Set Nostril Screw Review

Braided in an elegant border, the Maria Tash 3mm Diamon Scalloped Set Nostril Screw ups the ante with a bigger design piece sure to steal the show. 

The white, rose, and gold options of this $645 piece are all so lovely that this Maria Tash jewelry review can’t make up our mind on which looks better. Available in straight, left-bending, or right-bending posts, there’s no reason to leave this one behind when it comes to going out.

Casual or formal events will fit the luxurious scalloped design of this piece and you won’t want to leave the house without it. The hypoallergenic golds assure the design works for anyone without worry, so go big or go home. Steal the spotlight with just one piece.

Are Maria Tash Diamonds Ethical?

Maria Tash Review

All diamonds used by Maria Tash are made in a lab. This offers a consistent clarity and cut for all pieces while maintaining an ethical practice. 

No need to worry about the morals behind your purchase. You can look great while feeling good about supporting an ethically run business.

Who Is Maria Tash For? 

Maria Tash Review

We were pleased to see many a Maria Tash jewelry review from a variety of ages and genders. There is no one group that best benefits from their product line. 

The numerous pieces available online offer stunning options that would work on any body. Who says jewelry is for one gender? Maria Tash takes pride in offering designs made for anyone.

Comparison: Maria Tash vs. BVLA

Maria Tash Review

Fine jewelry can get quite competitive when it comes to quality and prices. You want to make sure going in that the money you spend will be worth the product you’re getting. 

Maria Tash’s biggest fine jewelry competitor comes from the west coast company BVLA (Body Vision Los Angeles).

So how are these two similar? Both companies are ethical in their diamond practices. Maria Tash relies solely on lab-created diamonds while BVLA sources their diamonds following the Kimberly process in Africa. 

Both companies offer designs in a variety of stones as well as diamonds. They pride themselves on unique styles and designs.

So, what are the differences? BVLA offers a lifetime warranty on their pieces while Maria Tash’s warranty stops after 6 months. BVLA also works in a variety of metals for their pieces. 

Maria Tash, however, is famous for working solely with white, rose, black, and yellow golds. Due to working with more materials, BVLA offers a larger selection of products, but Maria Tash is no slouch when it comes to a generous product line to choose from. 

Maria Tash Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Maria Tash Review

Want more than our word for it? This Maria Tash jewelry review went a step further to search online for the general consensus when it comes to the brand and their products.

Despite the company garnering a notable celebrity and social media following, not many testimonials regarding online sales can be found. 

The majority of Maria Tash jewelry reviews come from in-store service and purchases, often pairing the jewelry with the piercing experience for an overall rating. That said, Maria Tash does hold a 4/5 star rating with a current count of 375 reviews on Yelp. 

Many of these reviews regard the customer service as incredibly helpful in not only the piercing experience but also in advising clients as to what piercings and products work best for them. Service aside, reviews compliment the style and design of the pieces for being fun and unique:

“Just purchased a pair of 8 mm Coronet earrings in yellow gold with back diamonds and white diamond briolettes. They are unbelievably fabulous!  Well worth the investment, highly recommend.”

Focusing on the products, Nordstrom reviews for Maria Tash products typically list a 3-5/5 star rating. Nordstrom’s site does list reviews by product rather than brand, with many products only reviewed by one or two individuals, few choosing to leave comments. 

Many of the 1-star reviews from Nordstrom complain of the size of the product despite its dimensions being listed in the product description. When it comes to style and design, reviews are quick to compliment Maria Tash. 

Many 5-star reviews go so far as to respond to lower-rated comments to offer their opinions on the faults others found in the product.

“The other reviews are disappointed that this is small but in my opinion, that’s the whole point! It’s a subtle earring. I used it for a “workplace appropriate” upper cartilage piercing and it looks great! The quality is really nice, the diamond catches the light beautifully… I love it!”

There are, of course, negative ratings coming in from sources like TrustPilot. The website lists Maria Tash as having a less-than-ideal 2.9/5 stars

The only Maria Tash jewelry reviews listed for TrustPilot are two 1-star ratings that complain about the quality and the material easily snapping. One claimed that the material was quick to tarnish and “…it’s quite clear that the metal oxidised.”

With those reviews in mind, the brand has a large following online and many stand by their purchases. The lifespan of jewelry can also be affected by the treatment of said pieces, so you get what you pay for with this brand, but you have to put some work into maintaining the pieces.

Is Maria Tash Worth It?

Maria Tash Review

Some Maria Tash jewelry reviews may cause confusion, but this established brand speaks for itself. Their prices run a little high, but if you’re looking to invest in something for your collection, Maria Tash offers you a myriad of options to choose from. 

Reviews of their piercing shops have also garnered good attention with many of the trained workers having been complimented on their customer service.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Maria Tash is a more affordable fine jewelry alternative to names such as BVLA, offering you a number of products to suit your style. While there are some complaints, overall the brand seems well-loved and worthy of your time and money.

Maria Tash Promotions & Discounts 

Maria Tash Review

The brand offers a Maria Tash coupon code for a 10% discount to anyone who signs up for the online newsletter. 

No Maria Tash promo codes are currently available.

Where to Buy Maria Tash

Maria Tash Review

Maria Tash jewelry is available internationally online. Stores offering Maria Tash products exist in New York, Miami, Dubai, Dublin, London, and Kuwait.


Maria Tash Review

Where is Maria Tash made? 

Maria Tash headquarters are located in New York City. They are a USA-based business, though they have opened stores in Rome, Dublin, Harrods London, and Dubai. 

They’re looking to continue global expansion in the coming years and will hopefully become available to new populations outside of their online store.

What is Maria Tash’s Shipping Policy?

Maria Tash offers free shipping on domestic orders of over $60. Free expedited shipping comes with purchases over $400

If your purchase falls under the $60 limit, shipping costs are an additional $25. Overnight shipping is offered for $50.

Ordering internationally? There is a flat rate of $60 that thankfully covers customs and duties. For international orders of over $600, Maria Tash offers free shipping.

Once an order has shipped, a tracking number will be sent out for you to eagerly follow along. All packages require a signature upon arrival due to the high value of the products being delivered.

What is Maria Tash’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Maria Tash Venus Piece? The brand offers returns on unworn and unaltered jewelry items for up to 30 days after your original purchase.

There are some things to note when it comes to returns:

  • Pieces bought online can’t be returned to a physical store
  • International returns require you to email customer service with your order number, name, and address
  • Maria Tash doesn’t refund shipping charges on international returns
  • Custom orders alongside jewelry used for piercings are non-refundable items

For domestic returns:

1.    Have your order number ready for reference

2.    Go online to their website and head to their return portal

3.    Print your label or show the provided QR code at an approved location to get it printed

4.    Drop your return off at one of the listed locations

5.    Keep an eye on your email to follow the status of your return and refund

Maria Tash doesn’t currently accept any exchanges. If you need to exchange an item you must submit a request for a refund and order a replacement item.

How to Contact Maria Tash

Do you have any more questions after reading our Maria Tash jewelry review? Listed below are the easiest ways to access customer service with all the info you need to get a quick response.

Live Chat online

  • Monday-Friday available 24 hours
  • Saturday-Sunday 7 am – 6 pm EST

Text at +1 513 370 5904

  • Monday-Friday available 24 hours
  • Saturday-Sunday 7 am – 6 pm EST

Phone to Chat at +1 833 775 TASH

  • Monday-Friday available 24 hours
  • Saturday-Sunday 7 am – 6 pm EST

Email Customer Service at: [email protected]

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