Lightbox Jewelry Review

About Lightbox Jewelry

Lightbox Jewelry Review

Are you looking to pop the question soon? Lightbox Jewelry sells trinkets made from lab-grown diamonds. They target millennials who are looking for reasonable prices on the sought-for stone. 

The company has been featured in several news outlets, including Refinery29, Forbes, and PureWow. Plus, with an Instagram following of 58.2k, ethically produced diamonds are slowly becoming a girl’s best friend once again. 

An important purchase like this requires some careful consideration. So, this Lightbox Jewelry review will take an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer reviews, and more, to help you figure out if their collection is worth a second glance.  

Overview of Lightbox Jewelry

Lightbox Jewelry Review

Lightbox Jewelery’s precious stones were previously only made in the Element Six laboratory in the UK, but they’ve recently opened a center in Portland as well. Both of these companies are owned by the diamond industry’s hardest hitter, De Beers. 

To the naked eye, Lightbox’s diamonds might look indistinguishable from real ones. Lab-grown stones contain the same chemical components, but the only difference is that scientists grow them over the course of a few weeks. Natural diamonds can take years to fully form. 

Despite having fought against the idea of lab-grown diamonds, De Beers created their own brand in 2018 to be part of the wave. Now, Lightbox is an independently managed subsidiary of De Beers, and their mission is to make diamonds “available for more people more often.” 

Now that you know more about the brand, this Lightbox Jewelry review will go over a few pros and cons. 


  • Wide selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings 
  • Ethically produced diamonds 
  • Available for low costs
  • Financing options offered 
  • Free standard shipping on all US orders
  • International shipping available


  • Diamonds are not graded or certified by independent labs
  • Limited individual product and third-party reviews

There are many dazzling pieces available at Lightbox Jewelry. Their selection includes modern engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. 

If you’re in the market for an unforgettable present, keep reading this Lightbox Jewelry review to browse through some bestsellers. 

Lightbox Jewelry Rings Review

First up in this review, we’ll be going over the ever-popular Lightbox Jewelry rings. These are ideal for stacking, or can even be a modern take on engagement rings.

Lightbox Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamond ⅜ ct. Mini Trillion Linear Ring Review 

The Mini Trillion Linear Ring features a triangular, 3/8 carat diamond. The modern band evidently steers away from the traditional ring bands, and Lightbox says it’s great for adding on top of other rings. 

The linear setting is 10k yellow gold and can feature a blue, pink, or white lab-grown diamond. The cut, as described on the Lightbox website, is ‘Very Good’ and was grown in England. Additionally, sizes range from 6 to 8.

Worn with other rings with similar settings, the Mini Trillion Linear Ring will definitely be a conversation starter. Unfortunately, this piece doesn’t have financing options available. Prices do vary depending on the stone color, so here’s a list of the three colors available: 

  • White: $298 (down from $350) 
  • Pink: $333 (down from $350) 
  • Blue: $315 (down from $350)

Lightbox Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamond Blue Moon Ring Review 

The Diamond Blue Moon Ring is quite literally a piece that you’ll find once in a blue moon. The band is more traditional, with a touch of modern due to its moon setting. The diamond has a 1/2 carat weight

The blue diamond and the white stoned crescent together make for a beautiful ring. Whether it’s to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I do’, this little box will definitely get your point across.

Lightbox prices its diamonds at $800 per carat weight. So, with this stone being half the weight plus the sterling silver setting, the total price of this Diamond Blue Moon Ring comes to $500, or $46 a month with financing. 

Lightbox Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamond ½ ct. Round Brilliant Solitaire Open Top Ring Review 

Next in this Lightbox Jewelry review is the Round Brilliant Solitaire Open Top Ring. This is another ½ carat diamond. It’s set in a band with an open-top, giving it a stylish twist and allowing for some layering. 

Despite being a precious gem, the Solitaire Open Top Ring is demure and dazzling all at once. It doesn’t steal the show, so pairing it with another stone will really amp up your ring game without being too bold. 

The diamond ring is available in pink, blue, and white and is currently on sale for $385 (regularly $700). 

Lightbox Jewelry Necklaces Review

Next up, we’ll be taking a look at Lightbox Jewelry’s best-selling necklaces. The delightfully dainty pieces sure make up for size with sparkle! If you’re not ready to make the leap to marriage but still want to display your affection, these are a perfect anniversary present. 

Lightbox Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamond Blue Moon Pendant Review

Like the Blue Moon Ring, the Blue Moon Pendant is set in another crescent of pavé stones or tiny diamonds put closely together. The cool-toned colors are paired well together, making the necklace a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. 

The sterling silver chain measures 18” but is adjustable down to 16”. The tiny, handcrafted stones have a ¾ carat weight, and the necklace retails for $700

Lightbox Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamond ½ ct. Heart Pendant Review 

Unfortunately, this Lightbox Jewelry review found that the ½ carat Heart Pendant necklace is unavailable on the company website. But, there are similar pieces, including a classic, ½ carat Halo Gold Pendant.

The pink stone is another excellent way to showcase your style or your love for your partner. The stone is set in 10k white gold and, similar to the previous piece, is surrounded by white pavé stones. The Halo Gold Pendant also comes in blue and white for $650

Lightbox Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamond 1 ct. Cushion Cut Gold Pendant Review 

Next up, we have a 1ct diamond necklace. The Cushion Cut Gold Pendant is a classic jewelry item to keep in your boudoir, featuring a square diamond with rounded edges. 

The subtle necklace looks sweet and cute on its own, but you can sport some rings and bracelets to complete the look. There’s nothing too showy about this necklace, and subtlety is a look that never goes out of style. 

The white diamond is set in 10k white gold, and retails for $1,050. It’s unfortunately sold out at the moment, but you can get the pink diamond set in rose gold for the same price. 

Lightbox Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamond 1ct. Round Brilliant Solitaire 14k Gold Pendant Review 

The last necklace in this section is the Round Brilliant Solitaire 14k Gold Pendant. Dubbed a “jewelry essential” by Lightbox, this necklace is elegant and easy to style. So, it makes the perfect gift for yourself, your wife, daughter, fianceé, or any diamond necklace enthusiast. 

As said above, the Lightbox Jewelry man-made diamonds are nearly indistinguishable from natural diamonds. So, the Round Solitaire necklace is bound to be a head-turner wherever you go. 

This review recommends wearing a low neck top to really showcase the necklace’s brilliance. Unfortunately, the Round Brilliant Solitaire 14k Gold Pendant is currently sold out, but it normally sells for $1,150 (or $104 a month). You can get the pink diamond for the same price. 

Lightbox Jewelry Earrings Review

Diamond earrings are definitely a jewelry collection staple. So, read on to find out which Lightbox Jewelry lab-grown diamond earrings customers can’t get enough of!

Lightbox Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamond 1ct. tw. Princess Cut Studs Review 

These Lightbox Jewelry pink diamond stud earrings are a game-changer with their rose gold setting, and due to the more affordable price tag. Also, if you have multiple piercings, you can easily style these studs in a way that still keeps the spotlight on them. 

This Lightbox Jewelry review recommends pairing them with smaller studs along your earlobe, and a neutral dress to complete the look. The 1ct Princess Cut Studs are another classic at Lightbox; currently half off, these $525 diamond earrings feature a square stone that’s bound to satisfy your glitter fix. 

Lightbox Jewelry Bracelets Review

The final product we’ll be taking a look at is the cult-favorite Lightbox Jewelry bracelet. Decorating your wrist has never been more fun or easy with the beautiful selection on their website. 

Lightbox Jewelry Lab-Grown Diamond Blue Moon Bracelet Review 

As we said, this Lightbox Jewelry review features bestsellers. So, it makes sense that the Diamond Blue Moon Bracelet is no longer available on their website. Luckily, there are similar options available with the same ½ carat, lab-grown blue diamonds. 

While it’s not set with pavé stones like the other Blue Moon items, the Round Brilliant Cluster Bracelet is a beautiful alternative. Keeping up with its dainty jewelry styles, this Lightbox bracelet has a thin chain that features two blue and two white stones. 

Although a cluster of diamonds may be too much for some, Lightbox gives it a more modern twist. With a 40% off sale, the Round Brilliant Cluster Bracelet retails for $300 (marked down from $500). 

Are Lightbox Diamonds Real?

Lightbox Jewelry Review

Even though Lightbox diamonds are man-made in a lab as opposed to grown in the Earth, they have the same makeup as natural diamonds. So, Lightbox diamonds are real. 

Who Is Lightbox Jewelry For? 

Lightbox Jewelry Review

Looking at the brand’s marketing approach and Instagram page, we’d say that Lightbox Jewelry’s target demographic is young millennials. Their necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are subtle and accessible enough for people who are looking to collect staple pieces. 

Plus, for those who are on the fence about how natural diamonds are mined and found, lab-grown gemstones are a great ethical alternative

Comparison: Lightbox Jewelry vs. De Beers 

Lightbox Jewelry Review

As a subsidiary of De Beers, Lightbox Jewelry has many similarities to the natural diamond company. Their cuts and styles are mainly the same, but the main differences are how their gemstones are made and what they’re priced at. 

As we said, De Beers mines for their diamonds, making their offerings more expensive. Some of their necklaces are priced as high as $5,000. Lab-grown diamonds require less work, so naturally, Lightbox has fewer expenses. 

De Beers also has several retail locations, while Lightbox is a direct-to-consumer brand. But, they are similar because their online stores offer international shipping, and they have the same 30-day return policy.

If you’re looking to get a bit more bang for your buck, you can check out

Lightbox Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lightbox Jewelry Review

Now, the big question is: what do customers think of the company’s lab-grown stones? This Lightbox Jewelry review searched the internet for feedback and read through the comments on their main website. 

We also found that there are limited third-party reviews. But, we did manage to find some on a diamond guide website and Reddit. 

Lightbox has been criticized because of De Beers’ practices, but we’ll get to that later. As a whole, the company website has a 4.4/5 star rating from 1,230 reviews. Here’s a snapshot of ratings for the best-selling products on their site: 

  • Mini Trillion Linear Ring: 4.4/5 stars from 4 reviews
  • Blue Moon Ring: 5/5 stars from 9 reviews
  • Round Brilliant Solitaire Open Top Ring: 4.4/5 stars from 4 reviews
  • Blue Moon Pendant Necklace: 4/5 stars from 5 reviews
  • Cushion Cut Gold Pendant: 4.4/5 stars from 6 reviews
  • Round Brilliant Solitaire Gold Pendant: 4.4/5 stars from 39 reviews
  • Princess Cut Studs: 4.4/5 stars from 11 reviews

We’re going to focus on the Round Brilliant Solitaire Gold Pendant and Princess Cut Studs. The necklace has the most reviews of their products discussed, and people are satisfied with the cut and the sparkle. 

One buyer writes, “I love my necklace! So beautiful and just the right chain length. I can not believe how beautiful the diamond is. So glad I found you!” Looks like they found their go-to jewelry store. 

Another reviewer agrees, writing, “The diamond quality surpassed my expectations. It is truly beautiful and I can’t wait to purchase more!”

The Princess Cut Studs also receive praises, with one customer saying, “I am delighted to have a beautiful option to diamonds taken out of the Earth. The quality is outstanding, and the price point makes me feel like a smart consumer.” 

Buying lab-grown diamonds does seem a bit more practical. But, despite these glowing reviews, there are some red flags raised around Lightbox and its practices. For example, the website Lab-Grown Carats gave the website a 2.8/5 star rating. 

The main concern is that De Beers uses Lightbox as a “marketing vehicle” that actually portrays man-made diamonds as less desirable than naturally mined stones. 

Lab-Grown Carats also notes that Lightbox doesn’t get their diamonds certified, so it’s difficult to trust that they’re good quality just by word of mouth. Plus, LGC says that other companies have the same lab-grown stones for low prices and with certifications. 

We found the Reddit thread also notes similar complaints, emphasizing the lack of diamond certification as a disappointment despite their affordable prices. 

Is Lightbox Jewelry Worth It?

Lightbox Jewelry Review

Shopping for casual, high-quality jewelry can be a hassle, especially if you’re looking for the glamor that diamonds offer. Lightbox offers ethically made diamonds for reasonable prices.

Based on this Lightbox Jewelry review, we would say that browsing couldn’t hurt. They offer cute staples that are set in unique designs and cater to major occasions in your life. 

That being said, the lack of diamond certification is concerning if you want to ensure you’re paying the right price for a high-quality diamond. The fact that people believe De Beers is using Lightbox to make lab-grown diamonds seem inferior is hard to ignore. 

Plus, they don’t often have their bestsellers in stock. Those who were enraptured by the Lightbox Jewelry 1 ct diamond necklace will have to be very patient. 

Ultimately, we don’t think there’s an issue in checking out the Lightbox Jewelry collection, but definitely form your own opinions when considering purchasing. There are other certified, lab-grown brands available. 

Lightbox Jewelry Promotions & Discounts 

Lightbox Jewelry Review

At the moment, Lightbox Jewelry is hosting a 50% off summer sale. To get the latest scoop on deals and exclusives, you can sign up to receive the brand’s emails.

Where To Buy Lightbox Jewelry

Lightbox Jewelry Review

Do you have your eye on some Lightbox Jewelry blue diamond earrings? You can shop the entire collection directly from their website at


Lightbox Jewelry Review

Where is Lightbox Jewelry made? 

Lightbox Jewelry is made in Portland, Oregon. Some of their pieces are also manufactured in Element Six labs worldwide.

What is Lightbox Jewelry’s Shipping Policy?

Lightbox Jewelry ships both domestically and internationally. Here are the estimated times and rates for US customers: 

  • Standard: free, 3–5 business days 
  • Express Overnight: $25, next business day

US shipments are fulfilled by FedEx, while international shipments are fulfilled by DHL. For overseas orders, duties and fees are calculated at checkout (for some countries, they are displayed on the product pages). 

What is Lightbox Jewelry’s Return Policy?

Lightbox has a 30-day return policy for both US and international orders. Domestic returns are free, but the piece must be unworn and in its original packaging. Your original shipping costs are non-refundable. 

For international returns, a $30 fee will be deducted from your refund amount. To initiate the process, simply follow the guide on Lightbox’s returns center page. 

It can take between 5 to 10 business days to see a refund in your account, and you’ll get a confirmation email once your request is processed. 

How to Contact Lightbox Jewelry

Do you have questions beyond this Lightbox Jewelry review? Reach the brand’s customer service team by email at [email protected]

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