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About Lokai

Lokai Review

Lokai is an American company that sells casual beaded bracelets for the whole family. Their beads come in a wide variety of designs, from prints to solid colors, and they regularly collaborate with other companies to offer branded collections. 

Currently, Lokai has partnered with pro sports organizations like the NFL, NHL, NBA, WNBA, and MLB to create bracelets showcasing classic team colors.

At the time of writing my Lokai review, they’d also joined with Disney to offer movie-themed jewelry, inspired by Marvel, Snow White, Pocahontas, Moana, and more. 

Whatever the design, Lokai bracelets always feature the brand’s signature – one white bead filled with water from Mount Everest and one black bead filled with mud from the Dead Sea – to remind wearers to stay grounded during the good times and hopeful during the bad. 

Lokai is also known for donating 10% of their profits to charities, including the American Humane Society, The Trevor Project, the Nature Conservancy, and many more. 

Lokai’s business model and unique style is resonating with customers, and the brand currently has 1.1m followers on Instagram and over 352k followers on Facebook. 

My Lokai review will give you a look at the brand’s buying highlights, their best-selling products, and customer feedback. Keep reading to learn more about their story.

Overview Of Lokai

Lokai Review

Lokai was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Steve Izen, who was inspired to invent the Lokai bracelet when his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 

It sent Izen on a path of thinking about how everyone’s life is marked with ups and downs, wanting to make something that could be a reminder to himself and others to find balance and keep things in perspective.

He became fascinated with the idea of incorporating elements from high and low altitudes on Earth to represent this journey in something wearable.

Izen sourced water from the highest high, Mount Everest, and mud from the lowest low, the Dead Sea, locking these materials into silicone beads to make stylish and meaningful Lokai bracelets

He also wanted his company to have a positive community impact, so he guaranteed that 10% of their profits would be donated to charities. 

Since launching his company, Lokai has contributed to many charitable endeavors, including building four schools, establishing 98 wells, and planting over 200,000 trees.

Next up in my Lokai review, let’s take a look at the highlights of buying from this company.


Lokai Review
  • Offers beaded bracelets in a wide range of colors and patterns
  • 10% of profits are directed to charities
  • Purchase fan bracelets for specific sports teams or movies
  • Each bracelet has elements from the Dead Sea and Mt. Everest
  • Bracelets made of silicone or natural materials like wood and pearl
  • Save 20% if you are a new customer

Lokai Review

This portion of my Lokai review will look at this brand’s best-selling bracelets! 

Whether your child is a big Lilo & Stitch fan or you want to pick out a unique bracelet for yourself, check out a few options below.

Lokai Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Review

This playful Star Wars bracelet is perfect for the young Grogu – a.k.a. Baby Yoda – fan in your life!

The Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child bracelet has a super cute Baby Yoda pattern all over every bead.

The white version of the bracelet features white beads printed with colorful green Baby Yodas standing tall or peeping out of a blue carrier pod. 

The black version has a more galactic theme, with a green-robed Baby Yoda set against a dark, starry sky.

As with all Lokai bracelets, this piece has elements from Everest and the Dead Sea to remind the wearer to seek balance in life. It’s made of large, round silicone beads strung on a stretchy band, so it’s easy to slip over your wrist.

With every purchase of The Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child, $1 will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation to help kids suffering from illnesses. 

This Disney Lokai bracelet is only available to US customers. It comes in sizes XS to XL, which fit wrists from 5.5” to 7.5” in circumference.

Pick up The Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child bracelet for $22.

Lokai Cause Collection Ohana Review

Lokai’s Cause Collection allows you to choose a bracelet that supports a good cause.

Each bracelet in the collection is associated with a different initiative or organization, like St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital or the Alzheimer’s Association.

With the Cause Collection Ohana bracelet, you’ll be supporting the charity A Walk on Water, which helps children with special needs enjoy the ocean through surf therapy.

For every Ohana bracelet that you buy, Lokai will donate $1 to this deserving foundation.

Lokai explains that this blue bracelet is inspired by the Hawaiian coasts and is named for the indigenous Hawaiian word “ohana,” which means family. 

The Ohana bracelet has a design that mimics the colors and patterns of the ocean, with navy blue, light blue, and white waves.

One end of the bracelet has a black bead (containing Dead Sea mud) while the other side has a white one (with Mt. Everest water), creating a yin and yang effect.

The Ohana bracelet is made of silicone, comes in sizes S to XL, and is intended to fit snugly on your wrist. 

Buy the Ohana bracelet for $18.

Lokai Disney Lilo & Stitch Review 

Who doesn’t love little Stitch? If you are looking for a Lilo & Stitch-themed gift, or want to welcome him to your own ohana, take a look at the Lokai Disney Lilo & Stitch bracelet.

There are two versions of this Disney-themed bracelet:

  1. Stitch version: Stitch on a black background with small white Hawaiian flowers
  2. No Bad Days version: A colorful purple, orange, and yellow striped pattern, with white silhouettes of Stitch surfing. It also has the inspirational phrase “No Bad Days” printed across a few of its beads.

Both versions of this bracelet are made of silicone and have Lokai’s signature design detail of two opposing white and black beads, representing the highs and lows of life. 

The Disney Lilo and Stitch Bracelet comes in sizes XS to XL and is designed to have a fitted feel. 

This bracelet is only available to buyers in the US. By buying this bracelet you will be supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which gives critically ill kids special experiences. 

Buy the Disney Lilo and Stitch Bracelet for $22.

Lokai Membership Review 

Like many brands, Lokai now offers a subscription deal for customers who want to regularly receive their products. 

By purchasing a Lokai Membership, you can become a subscriber for $20 per month and have Lokai send their bracelet of the month to your door!

This membership has the following perks:

  • A new, subscriber-exclusive Lokai design every month
  • Receive 10% off your additional purchases
  • Choose to “swap” your monthly bracelet for your preferred design
  • Choose to “skip” your delivery and pause your subscription
  • Feel great supporting good causes every month – 10% of Lokai’s profits go to charity

Who Is Lokai For? 

Lokai Review

Lokai caters to jewelry lovers who want a bracelet that conveys their personal style, or their passion for a particular franchise or team.

This company has partnered with Disney and many sports leagues to create fun fan bracelets that let you express yourself! 

This company makes bracelets with people of all ages in mind, as their products range from bracelets for kids to men’s and women’s styles.

Their children’s bracelets feature beloved characters like Baby Yoda and Stitch, while their adult bracelets are offered in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Lokai bracelets will appeal to people who like comfortable, fitted jewelry that isn’t too fussy to wear or maintain. 

These bracelets are made of silicone, a rubbery material that won’t pinch or scrape the wearer. This makes them ideal for active people who want to wear their bracelet while they play sports, for anyone avoiding metal, and for those who love a tactile accessory.

Lokai is also great for anyone who wants their purchases to put some good into the world and is looking to buy from companies that reinvest their profits into charities and organizations dedicated to making positive change. 

What’s So Special About Lokai Bracelets? 

Lokai Review

This company understands that many people enjoy wearing jewelry as a meaningful reminder to themselves. Lokai bracelets give you inspiration throughout your day, as they all include a black and white bead to represent the highs and lows of life. 

Each black bead contains mud from the ‘low point’ of the Dead Sea, while the white bead contains water from the ‘high point’ of Mount Everest.

These elements are meant to remind you to “stay humble” when you’re on top and “stay hopeful” when you’re down.

Their bracelets also have a charitable component. The sale of some of their bracelets includes a direct contribution to organizations and initiatives like the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Additionally, 10% of all of Lokai’s net profits are donated to charities

Lokai Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lokai Review

This company shares customer feedback on the review page of their official website and displays both customer impressions and star ratings.

With over 15,000 reviews of their products so far, Lokai has a 4.7/5-star average – not too bad at all! 

Most customers reviewing their Lokai purchases on the official site say that their bracelets were just what they were hoping for – good quality, nice colors, and well-fitting.

Others praised the brand for their friendly customer service or quick order fulfillment times

One shopper writes, “Love this bracelet and all the good energy and motivation it inspires!” 

Another buyer loved the convenient design and material of her bracelet, sharing in their Lokai review that it’s “Just a fun bracelet to have. I enjoy these more in the summer months because they’re not metal and can go with all my summer activities.”

This brand also has customer feedback on the review site Influenster, where most customers shared positive experiences of buying from Lokai.

Many appreciated the symbolism of the bracelets, while others complimented their fun colors and wearability

One shopper shares in their Lokai review that theylove my Lokai original bracelet. It’s very lightweight and easy to put on or take off. I love the meaning behind it and I try and hold true to it every chance I get.”

Lokai’s products have also been reviewed by a writer at, who liked how functional and cute the bracelets are.

She elaborates in her Lokai review by saying, “Lokai bracelets are one of my new favorite accessories. Their beach vibe goes with anything I wear, they don’t interfere with my wrists while I’m typing, and I can feel good knowing they donate a portion of their profits to over a dozen charities.”

Overall, this brand has solid reviews from happy customers who feel that their bracelets deliver on both the aesthetics and quality they were hoping for and find them comfortable and easy to wear

Is Lokai Legit?

Lokai Review

Yes – this company has a massive social media following and plenty of good reviews. All the research done for this Lokai review hasn’t resulted in any red flags for this jewelry brand.

Is Lokai Worth It?

Lokai Review

If you have a certain sports team or Disney movie you’re crazy about – or you just love an inspirational bit of jewelryLokai bracelets could be for you. 

While researching for this Lokai review, I found that this company makes fun and functional bracelets for everyone from young kids to grown-ups!

Lokai’s patterns range from clear beads to funky patterns to branded products, all anchored by their signature inspirational black and white beads

They’ve also gone above and beyond to support numerous charities and are proud of the impact they’re making by donating 10% of its profits to good causes. 

This brand has very positive reviews from customers and no major red flags or complaints.

With all of that in mind, the verdict in this Lokai review is that I can definitely recommend making a purchase with this company!

Lokai Promotions & Discounts 

Lokai Review

Here are a few of Lokai’s current promotions:

  • Become a Lokai member for $20 per month to receive a monthly subscription box that comes with a new Lokai bracelet each month! If you make any additional purchases, you will get 10% off your order as a member.
  • If you are a new customer, you can text LOKAI to 86642 to receive 15% off your first purchase with the company. 
  • If you refer a friend, get 20% off once they make their first purchase. 

Where To Buy Lokai

Lokai Review

You can purchase all Lokai products through their official website. You can also use their store locator to find retailers near you that sell Lokai bracelets. 


Lokai Review

Who owns Lokai?

American entrepreneur Steve Izen is the founder and owner of Lokai.

Is there actually sand and water in Lokai bracelets?

Yes! This brand’s unique bracelets contain real sand in the black beads and real water in the white beads. The brand does warn that because silicone is porous, some of the water may evaporate with time. 

Does Lokai ship internationally?

Yes, Lokai ships worldwide, with the exception of Russia, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Guatemala. Customers are responsible for paying for customs fees and duties. International customers pay a flat rate of $10 for shipping.

What is Lokai’s Shipping Policy?

If you live in the US, orders over $50 ship for free! Otherwise, an order under $50 will cost $5 in shipping. 

What is Lokai’s Return Policy?

This brand does not offer returns, however, they do process size exchanges. If your bracelet is not fitting you well, contact them at [email protected] to exchange it for a new size.

How To Contact Lokai

Lokai Review

Have any questions after finishing my Lokai review? Feel free to reach out to the company through their website’s Contact Page.

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