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Tea Forte Review

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Tea Forte Review

Do you have an affinity for a really good cup of tea? Maybe you’ve tried every tea on the market and are thirsty for more. Or perhaps you love the ritual of brewing the perfect pour and want a tea that feels extra special. 

You just might be looking for Tea Forte, a luxury handcrafted tea blend brand that puts quality, taste, and presentation at the forefront. 

Tea can be beneficial to physical and mental health, even if an individual is only able to take a few minutes to enjoy a single cup a day. Tea contains polyphenols and other components that may reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. 

Tea Forte is a tea brand specializing in unique ingredients rarely found in other tea blends, with a focus on sustainable tea farming (all of their products are USDA-certified organic), and thoughtfully designed packaging that creates both great-tasting tea and a luxe drinking experience. 

Since 2011, Tea Forte has consistently taken home numerous awards from culinary organizations for their creative and tasty blends, including from their peers in the tea industry at the North American Tea Championships. 

The brand has also received recognition from Food & Wine Magazine, Food52, Taste of Home, and New York Magazine.

O, The Oprah Magazine, has also endorsed the brand for their teas and accessories multiple times, including the brand in their famous Oprah’s Favorite Things guide. 

The luxury tea brand has also accumulated a strong social media following with nearly 100k likes on Facebook and nearly 47k followers on Instagram. 

Do you have your favorite mug ready? In this Tea Forte review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview Of Tea Forte

Tea Forte Review

Tea Forte was founded in 2003 by Peter Hewitt in Massachusetts. The brand is still headquartered in Maynard, MA. 

Hewitt started Tea Forte to change the way we think about drinking tea at home, creating luxurious, handcrafted tea blends that feel rich and special, packaged in their signature pyramid tea infuser sachets.

They help keep your teabag submerged, and provide enough room for the hot water to move around in the bag and envelop all of the ingredients. 

This luxury tea brand is sold in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and wellness centers around the world. Tea Forte’s products are also served in many hotels, dining rooms, and spas, thanks to the brand’s extensive partnerships with hospitality groups. 

They even became the exclusive tea brand of the James Beard Foundation. Every time the organization hosts one of their renowned dining events honoring America’s best food and best chefs, they serve Tea Forte to accompany their meals.  

Now that you’ve had a taste of some brand history, let’s move this Tea Forte review into a quick rundown of all the highlights of shopping from this upscale tea brand. 


  • Award-winning teas with ingredients sourced from around the world 
  • Most teas are certified Kosher and/or USDA Organic 
  • Recognizable for their luxurious packaging and pyramid sachets
  • 79 tea varieties available in a range of tea types, including black, green, herbal, white, and more 
  • Many Tea Forte sales available
  • Sold at various retail partners across the world
  • Wide variety of Tea Forte gift sets available 

Tea Forte Review

Do you immediately find yourself feeling warm and cozy at the mere thought of a nice cup of tea?

Tea Forte has everything any true tea aficionado appreciates from herbal blends to black teas, white teas, green teas, and more. Let’s open up the tea cupboard and take a look at their best-sellers.

Tea Forte African Solstice Review

Looking for a fruity cup of tea that you can drink before bed? Check out the Tea Forte African Solstice blend. 

This herbal tea contains rooibos, a caffeine-free South African tea with a sweet, earthy flavor.

African Solstice combines strong berry notes with a hint of rose petals and vanilla. It has a distinctly bright taste that’s equal parts tart, sweet, and smooth.

Rooibos tea is rich in antioxidants, which are categorized as polyphenols. These ingredients are chemical compounds that allow plants to fight stress.

Rooibos is a wonderfully easy tea to prepare and drink. It never gets bitter, so you can steep it as long as you’d like, for as intense a cup as you’d like, and because it’s non-stimulating, you can drink it any time of day. Rooibos is also as delicious on its own as it is with milk and sugar. 

The Tea Forte African Solstice pricing starts at $17 for a canister that contains 35-50 servings of loose leaf tea.

You can also purchase this pre-portioned blend in Tea Forte’s signature pyramid bags, which is available in several sizes, starting at $20 for 15 bags.

Tea Forte Black Currant Tea Review

For those that enjoy their black teas with a twist, the Tea Forte Black Currant Tea is here for you! 

Black Currant Tea contains black tea from Yunnan, a province in China considered the “birthplace of tea” because of their long history of producing superior teas.

Black tea from this region has more of a sweetness than smoky, malty black teas like an English Breakfast.

Black tea provides several health benefits as it contains powerful groups of polyphenols and an amino acid, L-theanine, which provides protection against the onset of several chronic disorders.

Many people interpret Yunnan’s black teas as having a honeyed or even chocolatey flavor, an amplified version of a quintessential black tea.

Black Currant Tea blends these traditional notes of Yunnan black tea with the depth of black currants and a hint of blackberry

Tea Forte suggests skipping milk with this blend to let the berry notes really sing. 

Tea Forte Black Currant Tea starts at $17 for a canister. 

Tea Forte Blueberry Merlot Tea Review

Looking to try an award-winning tea and taste what the tea industry considers one of the best blends ever produced? Look no further than Tea Forte Blueberry Merlot Tea, 2011’s ‘Best Herbal Tea’ according to the World Tea Expo’s North American Tea Championships

The judges at the Expo, one of the tea industry’s largest annual conferences, fell in love with this bold, caffeine-free Tea Forte blend that takes tea from the kitchen table to the wine cellar.

This Tea Forte tea pairs the experience of enjoying a sophisticated glass of red with the feeling of stepping into a magical garden filled with blueberries, hibiscus, and sage

Sweet, fruit-forward, spicy, and a bit herbal, Tea Forte’s Blueberry Merlot is a complex and easy-drinking tea that leaves you wanting more. 

The Tea Forte Blueberry Merlot Tea pricing starts at $12 for a canister. 

Tea Forte Bombay Chai Tea Review

There’s nothing like sipping on a cup of Tea Forte Bombay Chai Tea during the cold winter months. Based on traditional Indian masala chai, it’s a sweet, warming tea that exudes coziness.

This organic black tea comes from Southern India and is infused with all sorts of spicy notes, such as star anise, cinnamon, ginger, and clove.

It’s earthy and completely delicious, whether you drink it on its own or dressed up with Tea Forte’s recommendation of warm milk and honey.  

The Tea Forte Bombay Chai Tea pricing starts at $17 for a canister. 

Tea Forte Gift Set Review

Unsure what to get the ultimate tea lover in your life? Nothing shows that love quite like a Tea Forte Gift Set. Whether it’s a holiday gift, a birthday surprise, or a “just because” treat, there’s a set for every occasion and tea taste out there. 

Let’s take a look at some of their best-selling gift sets. 

Tea Forte Warming Joy Advent Calendar Review

How does a different tea blend every day in the lead up to Christmas sound to you? The Tea Forte Warming Joy Advent Calendar is here to give you just that. 

This advent calendar is laid out with 24 fun little doors in Tea Forte’s signature triangle shape, with one pyramid tea infuser filled with one of their signature blends waiting to be revealed each day. 

Designed to surprise, I can only tell you that some of the teas offered include these holiday favorites:

  • Cherry Marzipan – cherry-almond flavored green tea
  • Winter Chai – rooibos tea infused with cardamom and vanilla
  • Spiced Ginger Plum – herbal with notes of fig and plum

Tea Forte also includes some of their best-loved classics, so your favorite tea drinker can enjoy everything the brand has to offer.

These include all of the best-selling teas in my Tea Forte review, as well as the followiing:

  • English Breakfast – a rich Assam black tea
  • Green Mango Peach – green tea with peppermint, mango, and ripe peach
  • Apricot Amaretto – herbal tea with apricot and almond notes

The Tea Forte Warming Joy Advent Calendar is priced at $59

Tea Forte Tea Chest Warming Joy Review

On the hunt for a luxurious tea gift? The Tea Forte Tea Chest Warming Joy is a unique present sure to evoke comfort and joy for the holidays! 

This tea chest is a beautiful red and gold box that displays 40 pyramid tea infusers.

Tea Forte’s most elaborate gift box, this set really allows you to explore the brand’s extensive collection of teas and is perfect for both new and adventurous tea drinkers. 

Ranging from white to rooibos to herbal, some of the teas in the box include:

  • Caramel Nougat – a black tea with warm, decadent sweetness
  • Sweet Orange Spice – black tea with cinnamon and citrus
  • Belgian Mint – peppermint and dark chocolate herbal tea
  • White Ginger Pear – delicate pear and ginger-infused white tea

It also contains all of the bestsellers in my Tea Forte review. There is also a beautiful tea guide inside the box, so your recipient can learn about and keep track of every cup

The Tea Forte Tea Chest Warming Joy is currently on sale for $50 (down from $66). 

Who Is Tea Forte For? 

Tea Forte Review

Tea Forte is a high-end tea brand for those who appreciate a luxury handcrafted tea blend and unique presentation, designed to make you feel special with every single cup of tea you prepare! 

Tea Forte is, without a doubt, a tea brand for people who love tea. They sell incredibly interesting blends using unusual ingredients like quince, cucumber, night-blooming jasmine, rosemary, kiwi, and orchid. Plus, most of their teas are certified USDA organic and Kosher.

They also offer many types of tea, from mate, to oolong, to Ceylon, sourced from notable tea-producing regions, and have rotating single-origin teas so tea lovers can try teas from around the world in their purest form.

It’s perfect for tea drinkers looking to try high-end, rare, and original blends you won’t find anywhere else.  

Their pyramid bags are designed to deliver optimal flavor, and the brand has all sorts of teaware and Tea Forte gift sets to choose from that make the act of drinking tea special. Tea Forte products also make great gifts for the tea obsessed. 

But that doesn’t mean Tea Forte is only for people who know tea. It’s also a perfect brand for those just learning about the world of tea beyond the grocery store shelf and those still discovering what kind of tea they like. 

Their wide range of gifts and Tea Assortment boxes also make Tea Forte a great brand for introducing you to new kinds of tea and new ways to drink it.

You can find sets with just one type or flavor of tea, like Green, Black, or Pumpkin Spice, or sets with a theme like Fleur (botanicals), Tea Over Ice (iced teas). 

They also have a Tea Tasting Assortment, available in several sizes, which features the brand’s signature and best-selling teas, which come in a wide range of styles – great for learning more about tea and about the brand itself. 

Tea Forte Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tea Forte Review

Every tea drinker is unique and has equally unique tastes, but they’re all looking for a high-quality, delicious cup. That’s exactly why it’s important to check out some Tea Forte review posts to see what people are saying about this premier organic tea brand. 

First, let’s check out the brand’s website, which has reviews and ratings of their most popular blends from customers:

  • Tea Forte Black Currant Tea: 5/5 stars out of 264 ratings, with one customer describing it as “my favorite tea on the planet”
  • Tea Forte African Solstice Tea: 5/5 stars out of 656 ratings, with one customer saying, “Such a delicious aroma – and the flavors are robust, without being overpowering.”
  • Tea Forte Bombay Chai Tea: 5/5 stars out of 324 ratings, with one shopper calling it ”my favourite hot tea to sip on a chilly winter evening”

Two things seem to come up time and time again: the unique taste of the tea blends and the luxurious packaging that customers say adds to the whole experience. 

One customer left a Tea Forte review on the brand’s Facebook page discussing her newfound love of this brand:

“Had a cup of this delicious tea on thanksgiving. I truly enjoyed it. Teas are beautifully wrapped in a box with a brief description of each tea. Definitely not your ordinary flavors of tea.”

There also seems to be a lot of love for the Tea Forte gift sets because they deliver an assortment of amazing tasting teas in a beautiful set.

On Amazon, where the brand sells a limited selection of their products, one customer was ecstatic in their 5/5 star comment for the Tea Forte Gift Set Presentation Box

The quality of the tea and the flavor profiles of their tea is EXCELLENT. I’m a black tea person and rarely like ‘flavored’ teas, but their options are all incredible. I ended up ordering some green tea and white tea as well. It also makes a wonderful gift … check out their various options!”

Overall, the Tea Forte reviews from customers highly rate the opulent packaging, the fast, reliable delivery, and the brand’s ability to deliver a really beautiful-tasting cup of tea

Is Tea Forte Worth It?

Tea Forte Review

Based on my Tea Forte review, and the thoughts of thousands of completely satisfied customers, it seems like Tea Forte delivers on their promise of superior flavor, handcrafted blends, and certified organic products that come in a unique package.

Customers aren’t alone in their appreciation of this refined product. The brand is sold in boutiques and specialty tea shops, as well as through their online stores.

Beyond that, Tea Forte teas are so highly respected that they’re often used in hotels and spas around the world, and are served by renowned restaurants and culinary organizations. 

Relative to the tea market in general, Tea Forte’s blends are undoubtedly more expensive than your average breakfast Orange Pekoe.

Although for the luxury tea market, their prices are comparably reasonable. That said, my research suggests the price tag is more than justified. 

Tea Forte delivers great value for their price. They source their teas from the greatest tea-producing regions across the globe and use rare, organic ingredients, sustainable practices, and innovative packaging to give their customers reliably delicious products. 

While you can enjoy their teas in a 5-star restaurant or posh hotel, Tea Forte brings that feeling of sophistication and a high product standard to the at-home tea drinker – giving everyone access to a lavish, thoughtfully blended, cup of tea

If you’re looking for a world-class tea experience, all that I’ve shown in my Tea Forte review leads me to say that this is definitely a tea brand worth discovering. 

Tea Forte Promotions & Discounts 

Tea Forte Review

While there are no specific Tea Forte promo codes available, there are still a number of ways for Tea Forte lovers out there to score significant savings on their next purchase: 

  1. During the holidays, you can often find many items on sale for 25% off
  2. Tea Forte has a dedicated Specials page where you can find items up to 50% off the original price 
  3. If you sign up for Tea Forte Rewards, you can earn points on every purchase and redeem points for extra savings 

Where To Buy Tea Forte

Tea Forte Review

You can shop exclusively for Tea Forte tea on their website: You can also find their tea products at Indigo, Walmart, Amazon, and Bloomingdale’s. 


Tea Forte Review

Who owns Tea Forte?

Peter Hewitt founded Tea Forte in 2003 in Massachusetts and remains the owner of the company. 

Does Tea Forte ship internationally?

Tea Forte has a dedicated site for every other country they ship to besides the US. You can find the list on their Store Locator page.

What is Tea Forte’s Shipping Policy?

Tea Forte is happy to offer customers in the contiguous US free shipping on orders over $49. Standard shipping typically provides delivery in the US within 3 – 5 business days. Standard shipping for orders under $49 in the U.S. is $6

Expedited shipping is available at additional costs with all rates for second and next-day air shipping listed on their website. 

Shipping is also available to the US Territories, Alaska, and Hawaii with additional fees. 

What is Tea Forte’s Return Policy?

Tea Forte accepts returns of unopened products in their original packaging within 30 days of purchase.

In order to begin the return process, customers must first reach out to the Tea Forte team by phone, or on their web contact form, in order to obtain a return authorization number.

The brand will also accept exchanges for products of comparable value within 30 days of purchase. However, customers need approval from the Tea Forte team as well as a return number in order to proceed with an exchange. 

Please note that any return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. 

How To Contact Tea Forte

Need to reach out to the Tea Forte team? Here are a few ways to get in touch:

  1. Phone: 1-800-721-1149
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. You can also fill out the contact form on the website and someone from their team will get back to you shortly 

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