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Nicks Ice Cream Review

About Nick’s Ice Cream

Nick’s Ice Cream Review

Nick’s Ice Cream is the creamy, diet-friendly, cool kid on the block. Offering keto-friendly, vegan, and low sugar ice creams, you’ll find 16 mouth-watering flavors that contain just 5g of net carbs per serving and have under 300 calories per pint.

We know what you’re thinking—is it reeaallly creamy and delicious? In short, yes. And for that very reason, the brand has been featured in notable publications like PopSugar, BuzzFeed, and PureWow, and has an impressive following of 121k on Instagram.

Want to find out if the hype is real? Keep reading this Nicks Ice Cream review.

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand, introduce you to some of its most popular flavors, reveal customer feedback, and more. From there, you can decide if it’s the right fit for your lifestyle.

Overview of Nick’s Ice Cream

Nick’s Ice Cream Review

Ice cream…so good for your soul, so bad for your waistline. Of course, now and then you do come across beacons of hope, glorious figure-friendly desserts that shine a light on the dreary depths of diet burnout.

It’s only that, more often than not, those beacons dim, their glory dissipating into the rock-solid icy disasters some brands deem worthy of the title, ‘ice cream’. And then, out of the foggy freezer section, once the source of such frustration, such sorrow, arises Nick’s Ice Cream, the bright diet revelation of the decade—low in calories and sugar, and keto-friendly.

What’s the difference? It’s kind of a no-brainer, but Nick says it’s all about flavor. Flavor and some invaluable experience in food engineering.

Although self-taught, Nick Luthman’s food skills were coveted by the Swedish Space Agency. And, get this—he turned them down to bring Nick’s Ice Cream to the world. 

Pretty cool, Nick, pretty cool. After some research between 2014-2016, he officially launched his company out of Elkins, West Virginia and never looked back.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably chomping at the bit to find out what’s in these miracle treats. But before we get to that, this Nick’s Ice Cream review will fill you in on the brand’s pros and cons.


  • 16 delicious flavors
  • Offer gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan options
  • Keto-friendly
  • No added sugar, only 5g net carbs
  • Offers promotions & discounts 
  • Nick’s Ice Cream Subscription available
  • Fast shipping


  • Only ships within the continental US
Nick’s Ice Cream Review

With a Swedish-American fusion, Nick’s Ice Cream is like the healthy and modern version of Haagen Dazs. Swedish culture is fused into the brand’s marketing, so the ice cream’s names may look a little funky, but we think you’ll get the gist of it.

Not versed in Swedish? Don’t worry, we’ll be here to translate.

Before we jump into this Nick’s Ice Cream review, we wanted to note that the brand has a $50 minimum order for frozen treats. That’s the nature of the game and they’re sticking to it, although, with flavors like this company has, it’s not hard to rack up a hefty total.

Scooped up and served in pints with four servings each, all ice creams are $10, unless you buy in bundles. The next section of this Nick’s Ice Cream review will showcase both pints and bundles in Light, Vegan, and Keto categories.

Nick’s Ice Cream Review

You’ll find 16 different flavors in Nick’s Light Ice Cream selection—from traditional to inspired. Below, we’ll introduce you to a few different tasty combinations, some sold in singles, others in bundles, all 100% creamy, dreamy, and low-calorie.

Nick’s Cookies and Kräm Light Ice Cream Review

A Swedish take on Oreo, Nick’s Cookies and Kram Light Ice Cream combines the chocolatey, creamy, and crunchy wonder of the American favorite with the creaminess of Swedish ice cream. The result? A taste bud and waistline-approved treat.

You’ll find delicious ingredients like coconut oil, skim milk, and chocolate cookies on its list. Clocking in at just 280 calories and 10g of fat per pint, this iconic classic is $10.

More of a java fan? Try Nick’s Coffee Karamell instead.

Nick’s Swedish Pistasch Light Ice Cream Review

Pistachio ice cream that actually tastes like pistachio—not the color green. This light, creamy concoction melds together unique nuttiness and rich vanilla for an authentic flavor profile.

Nick’s Swedish Pistasch Light Ice Cream is quite low in calories, just 240 per pint, with 8g of fat. Don’t worry—this tub gets its flavor from real pistachio nuts.

Get a tub of this classic green flavor for $10.

Nick’s Best Sellers Bundle Review

Can’t choose? Try them all. The Best Sellers Bundle combines five of the brand’s most-loved favorites.

There are a total of six pints here. After you rip open the box, you’ll find:

  • Mint Chokladchip
  • Triple Choklad
  • Peanot Butter Cup
  • Strawbar Swirl
  • Salta Karamell
  • Choklad Cherry

Throw yourself an ice cream party with the Nick’s Best Sellers Bundle for $60.

Nick’s Vegan Ice Cream Review

It’s 2021 and vegans aren’t missing out on anything. Salisbury steak? There’s a soy version of that. Ice Cream? Nick’s has you covered.

What’s really cool about this particular brand is that they’ve partnered with Perfect Day, the inventors of the first-ever animal-free whey protein. This means that their formula can be soy-free, low in sugar, and retain the same creamy quality its original ice creams have. So cool.

Nick’s Swedish Mint Chip Vegan Ice Cream Review

Refreshing, chocolatey, light…the perfect sunny day treat. Nick’s Swedish Mint Chip Vegan Ice Cream is not made from cows, but it does contain milk protein.

Kind of confusing, but that’s the world we live in. When actual dairy protein no longer comes from cows. But hey, we’re all for it.

Anyways, with that said, those allergic to dairy should not consume, but those who are vegan and need something that’s lactose-free can. Hooray!

With the same creaminess at 90 calories per serving, a pint of this minty goodness is $10.

Nick’s Strawbär Kräm Vegan Ice Cream Review

Luscious strawberries, smooth, vanilla creme, no animal cruelty…what more could you ask for? Oh, low calorie? Yep, no problem.

With just 90 calories and 6 g of fat per serving, Nick’s Strawbar Kram Vegan Ice Cream is a win, win, win! Pick up a pint for $10.

Nick’s Vegan Bundle Review

If you love ice cream, animals, and your little black dress, consider the Vegan Bundle. Combining five of the brand’s top-sellers, this flavorful little set packs on the taste while being kind to your body (and the planet).

The bundle includes one of each of the following: Nick’s Choklad Choklad, Swedish Mint Chip, Strawbar Kram, Peanot Butter Fudge, Hazelnot Fudge, plus a double of one of those flavors for a total of six pints. Order this kit for $60.

Nick’s Ice Cream Keto Review

All of the brand’s ice creams are keto-friendly, but some more than others. For example, though Cookies and Kram is low in sugar and net carbs, it contains gluten, which is a no-no for some following a keto lifestyle.

The options showcased next in this Nick’s Ice Cream review are totally keto-approved and aren’t limited to just ice cream. We’ll show you what we mean.

Nick’s Ice Cream Choklad Peanöt Box Review

Lookin’ like a snack, Nick’s Choklad Peanot Box isn’t a sugar-laden, gut-bomb. It’s actually a diet-friendly, low-sugar treat.

Some compare it to Snickers. But, us? We think it’s like Payday meets Milky Way. Tons of chewy nuts, rich caramel, and nougat, all coated in sugar-free chocolate.

The best part, perhaps, is that it’s only 180 calories, contains just 3 net carbs (yeah, you read that right), and has 15 grams of protein. Move over chalky, dry keto-bars, there’s a new boss in town—he’s a Swedish guy, totally sweet, super friendly. We think you’ll like him.

The Choklad Peanot Box contains 12 dreamy bars, but you can buy up to 5 boxes at a time.

Try them out or load up for $35-$175.

Nick’s Keto Friendlies Bundle Review

You? You like a little bit of everything. This bundle? A little bit of everything.

Including six different pints from Swedish Lemon Bar and Strawbar Swirl to Butter Pecan and Salta Karamell, you’ll also experience the nuttiness of Swedish Pistachio, and the light, fan-favorite, Birthdag Cake.

Meet your match with the Keto Friendlies Bundle for $60.

Nick’s Ice Cream Dubbel Keto Bundle Review

If you want it all—taste, clean conscience, variety, balanced blood sugar—look no further.

Nick’s Dubbel Keto Bundle dishes out six different, varied flavors, ranging from the fruity and light to the rich and complex. Overall, we will say the ice creams in this bundle are on the lighter side—no chocolate here.

The chocolate is left in the Choklad Peanot Box, with 12 of your favorite nutty, nougat bars for anytime cravings.

The ice creams in this set include:

  • Strawbar Swirl
  • Swedish Lemon Bar
  • Nick’s Karamell
  • Swedish Pistasch
  • Birthdag Cake
  • Swedish Vanilj

Cover all the bases with this tasty bundle for $95.

Nick’s Ice Cream Subscription Review

One of the best things on a long list of wonderful qualities of Nick’s ice cream is that its diet-friendly treats can be enjoyed all the time. Because of that, the brand created a subscription service that delivers ice cream to your door at a schedule that fits your cravings.

With this option, you can choose which flavors you like each month, skip a month if you ever need to, or cancel after you’ve received three deliveries.

Troubles with deliveries or scheduling? Email or SMS support will be there for you.

Subscribers get 20% off every shipment. And, you can order as much as you like.

Who Is Nick’s Ice Cream For?

Nick’s Ice Cream Review

Low in calories and carbs, Nick’s Swedish Ice Cream is ideal for anyone on a diet or who wants to enjoy a whole pint in one sitting without feeling guilty about it. The brand offers gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan collections as well, all of which are keto-friendly too.

Why Is Nick’s Ice Cream So Low In Calories?

Nick’s Ice Cream Review

To get down to the basics, calories come from the macros: fat, protein, and carbs. Fat holds 9 calories per gram whereas protein and carbs hold 4 each.

Nick’s Keto-Friendly Ice Cream keeps carbs and fat low for its ‘Light Ice Cream’ meaning that while traditional ice cream can have 12-14 grams of fat per serving, Nick’s only has 2-3 grams. See the difference?

But aside from fat, the majority of calories in ice cream comes from its sugar content. Nick’s doesn’t add any sugar.

Instead, he chooses natural, plant-based sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit extract. These sweeteners add zero calories and no carbs, meaning the brand’s ice cream only has around 5 net carbs per serving.

Nick’s Ice Cream Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nick’s Ice Cream Review

If you’re reading this Nick’s Ice Cream review, there’s a good chance you’ve tried your fair share of bland low calorie or keto-friendly frozen treats. Ice creams with titles that sound great, but when you rush home, hurriedly whip them open, and dig in, something called ‘Birthday Cake’ ends up tasting more like vanilla-flavored ice. Big whoop.

With Nick’s special formulation, if our speculations are correct, his ice creams should be marvels in the diet-friendly world of frozen treats. To be sure, we’re going to need a lot more than speculations and dreamy titles to prove it.

For this, we turned to customer feedback, and we headed to all corners of the web to find it. So to get things started, we hit up the brand’s website to check out ratings there. You’ll see what we found in the little list below:

  • Salta Karamell: an average of 5/5 stars from 44 reviews
  • Cookies and Kram: an average of 5/5 stars from 23 reviews
  • Triple Choklad: an average of 5/5 stars from 61 reviews
  • Vegan Strawbar Kram: an average of 5/5 stars from 11 reviews
  • Choklad Peanot Box: an average of 5/5 stars from 94 reviews

We know this is a Nick’s Ice Cream review, but the Choklad Peanut Box is calling our name. Plus, we want to give you a variety of feedback on a range of the brand’s products, so for now, we’ll focus on the chocolate, but later, fill you in on the ice cream.

Buyers say the Choklad Peanut bars taste like Snickers. One comment reads, “These bars are delicious. Taste like a snickers bar but better. They came very well wrapped and in a cool storage box.

Others say the bars have a wonderful texture—they’re not dry like some other protein bars on the market. First impression? Very good.

Now that the chocolate is squared away, we had enormously high hopes for the ice cream. Heading to Amazon, we found the Bakery Favorites Pack that bundles two of each of a rotating list of three flavors.

122 buyers awarded the pack a 4.3/5 star rating, and we’ll include the snapshot below if you’d like to take a peek at how that score came to be.

  • 5 stars: 69%
  • 4 stars: 11%
  • 3 stars: 8%
  • 2 stars: 3%
  • 1 star: 9%

Of the taste and texture, one Nick’s Ice Cream review read, “wonderful creamy, smooth, buttery texture. I don’t think I’d ever bother with another “low carb” option out there. I remember the first time tasting Triple Choklad and having to look at the nutritional label again. It really doesn’t taste like it’s that low calorie or low carb.

It looks like Nick’s is truly living up to our expectations, and then some. Browsing through the other comments, most buyers think the same, agreeing how creamy the ice cream is and that it’s sweet without being overly sweet. Sounds like the perfect treat.

While we’re on the topic of sugar, if you skipped past the previous section in this Nick’s Ice Cream review, we’ll remind you that the brand uses stevia leaf and monk fruit extract as the sweet factor in its ice creams. These two ingredients, though natural, tend to have a bad rep for causing an aftertaste—especially for those who are new to sweeteners.

To find out some in-depth information on if this aftertaste exists in the brand’s products, we headed to a Nick’s Ice Cream review on Three Snacketeers that walked us through some of its bestsellers.

For each ice cream they reviewed, the answer sounded like this, “the texture is very creamy and no detectable aftertaste.” Even with lighter flavors like vanilla, the result was the same.

The review went on, “Vanilla is a light delicate flavor, so I was concerned about a possible aftertaste with this particular pint. However, I’m pleased to report, I had nothing to worry about.

Overall, Nick’s checks out. Delicious flavors across the board and textures that trump any other keto, low-sugar, or low-calorie product on the market.

Is Nick’s Ice Cream Worth It?

Nick’s Ice Cream Review

In case it’s not obvious, we think Nick’s Ice Cream is so worth it. Offering 16 regular flavors, 12 of which are gluten-free and 12 nut-free, the brand covers its bases by making 7 vegan flavors as well.

With a smooth, creamy consistency, delicious flavors, and no added sugar, Nick’s Ice Cream is kind of a miracle in the diet world. It helps those who follow keto or low-sugar plans to indulge without going off track.

Nick’s Ice Cream Promotions & Discounts

Nick’s Ice Cream Review

Nick’s ice cream is so low in calories, technically, you could eat one pint per day. We’re not suggesting it, but hey, it’s been done. But even at one pint per week, though Nick’s is sold for a decent price, that price can add up quickly.

To help soften the creamy and delicious impact the brand’s ice cream can have on your budget, Nick’s offers several discounts, all of which we rounded up and neatly bullet-pointed below to help you and, let’s be real here, us out:

  • Mix and Match with no pint minimums (usually a minimum of $50)
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Subscribe and save 20%
  • Give $25 get $25

Where to Buy Nick’s Ice Cream 

Nick’s Ice Cream Review

If it’s the variety you’re after or love the thought of your ice cream arriving magically at your door each month, then buying from is the way to go.

More of a one-stop-shop kinda person? You can also find Nick’s Ice Cream at select locations across the US, like Safeway, Shoprite, ACME, Market Basket, and Stop & Shop. And strangely enough, you can also shop on Amazon. The online warehouse will ship the ice cream using its Expedited Chilled Shipping method for an extra, small fee.


Nick’s Ice Cream Review

Where is Nick’s Ice Cream made?

Nick’s is a curious company. Its funding is based in Sweden but its ice cream is made in the USA and shipped to US customers only.

Is Nick’s Ice Cream sugar-free?

Not completely, but Nick’s ice cream doesn’t contain added sugar. Overall, its flavors are very low in sugar, usually clocking in around 3-4 grams making it safe for a keto diet.

Is Nick’s Ice Cream gluten-free?

The brand makes 12 gluten-free flavors, but not all of them are. If you have a severe gluten allergy, Nick’s may not be the right choice for you as its facility is not completely gluten-free.

How does Nick’s Ice Cream stay cold in transit?

It’s kind of important for ice cream to stay frozen, which is why Nick’s has strict measures in place that assure it will be when it arrives at your door. Using dry ice and thermal padding inside every box, the brand uses 2-Day UPS delivery to make sure your order gets there before it melts.

How do I skip a delivery or cancel my subscription?

Though Nick’s ice cream is low in calories, fat, and sugar, every now and again, you may find you want to cease your consumption of all the creamy goodness. If it’s time to end your subscription, and you’re sure you wouldn’t rather just pause or skip, simply email [email protected] and let them know.

What is Nick’s Ice Creams’ Shipping Policy?

Shipping frozen treats requires the utmost care, which is why you’ll only find one shipping option at Nick’s and limited delivery locations. Live in the continental US? You’re in luck because that’s the only place the brand will ship to.

If you’re outside of those locations, there’s still hope! Head to one of the brand’s carriers.

Orders ship out via UPS within 48 hours from when they’re placed online and arrive within another 48 hours. Shipping costs are $15 per order, unless your total is greater than $75, then shipping is free.

What is Nick’s Ice Cream’s Return Policy?

Nick’s Ice Cream is, after all, ice cream, and for that reason, cannot be returned

With that said, if there is something wrong with your order, other than a personal taste preference, shoot the brand’s customer service team an email using one of the contact methods listed below in this Nick’s Ice Cream review.

How to Contact Nick’s Ice Cream

We hope you found all that you came looking for in this Nick’s Ice Cream review. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brand to get them answered. Here’s how you can get in contact:

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