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PeaTos Snacks Review

About PeaTos

PeaTos Snacks Review

PeaTos sells natural and delectable crunchy snacks that give all the pleasure of the worst junk food, without any of the unhealthy ingredients. They have been commended by outlets like Vogue, Men’s Health, the LA Times, and The Wall Street Journal, just to name a few, and have amassed 125K Instagram followers.

This PeaTos snacks review provides an in-depth look at the brand’s free phone app, their products, ingredients, what makes it stand out among its many competitors, and a whole lot more.

Overview of PeaTos

PeaTos Snacks Review

Founded in 2011 by now-CEO Nick Desai, PeaTos announces their brand mission clearly and upfront on their website: “Junk Food without the Junk!” 

Remember those horrible neighbors who put out ‘alternative’ snacks on Halloween? That apples-and-peanut butter nonsense that no one wants? PeaTos has the same good intentions at heart—they are just much, much smarter about it.

We all know that junk food is terrible for our health. We eat it anyway, because it’s addictive and tasty and once in a while doesn’t hurt…and this isn’t going to change. PeaTos knows this inherent weakness deep-rooted in our souls.

They developed a crunchy snack—coming in different shapes and sizes, depending on the bag you order—made with all-natural flavors. And, this industry-shaking invention is based on peas instead of corn.

PeaTos Snacks Review

Does that catch your attention? Keep reading for more details on what makes PeaTos unique.


  • Peatos lets you select pea-based crunchy curls or rings 
  • Clean ingredients (no synthetic color, flavor additives, or GMOs)
  • All PeaTos products are gluten-free
  • Better nutritional values compared to conventional snack brands
  • Free app makes it easy to browse products and place orders
  • Great vegan-friendly snack option
  • PeaTos subscription saves you 10% and gives free shipping


  • No customer support phone number
  • Very little shipping information publicly provided by the PeaTos website

Are All PeaTos Vegan?

PeaTos Snacks Review

At the moment, there are 5 basic bags to choose from and 2 chip types. Only 1 of them is vegan. Thankfully, that option has great reviews and is a bestseller: the PeaTos Hot Crunchy Curls

This PeaTos snacks review found out that there was once a product called Masala that was also vegan, but it’s no longer listed on the official website.

Are PeaTos Gluten-Free?

PeaTos Snacks Review

This PeaTos snacks review found that Masala was previously also the only gluten-free option in 2020. But with that flavor out the door (presumably because it didn’t sell enough), what does the health-focused food brand have to offer?

It only takes a glance at the PeaTos chips catalog to find that they upgraded and made all of their products gluten-free. So, at the time of this PeaTos snacks review, you can buy any of their offerings and rest assured that the brand guarantees it will have no gluten.

PeaTos Curls Review

Curls are big best-sellers for the brand. They come in 5 flavors, but this PeaTos snacks review will focus on the 2 most popular ones: Fiery Hot and Classic Cheese. In this section you will find pricing and technical specifications on what your order includes.

PeaTos Fiery Hot Crunchy Curls – 15 Single Serve Bags Review

The first thing you need to know is that Fiery Hot Crunchy Curls are the only offering from PeaTos without any dairy ingredients. You can’t miss identifying this snack due to its bright red jalapeno-themed snack jacket.

When you buy it in the 15 single serve PeaTos snack bag amount, you get all the crunch of a classic chip snack but with a wholesome, nutritious pea base instead of corn. Each serving has 130 calories, with 4g of protein, 1mg iron, and 12g of carbohydrates. 

This 15oz Fiery Hot Crunchy Curls pack costs $20 on the PeaTos website. 

PeaTos Classic Cheese Crunchy Curls – 15 Single Serve Bags Review

This is the iconic PeaTos world peas snack. It’s called Classic Cheese because it packs that never out of style can’t-put-down taste. You know, the kind that has your hand going back into the bag before you realize it. 

The individual packaging makes it work so well as a throw-in item for your knapsack. Eat it on the go, or save for a rainy day. This healthy snack bundle gives you 15 single-serve bags with 130 calories each. 

You can buy the 15oz Classic Cheese Crunchy Curl pack for $20.

PeaTos Fiery Hot Crunchy Curls – 4 Large Bags Review

Large bags are better because you don’t have to open three or four in one sitting…Well, not most of the time…For those intolerant to dairy or animal products, the Fiery Hot Crunchy Curls are a particularly great option, because it’s the only vegan flavor and you can munch through one of these large bags with a friend (or not) at home.

Cut back on waste when you buy this Fiery Hot Crunch Curl pack. They are hot and have a serious crunch, plus they are good for you. There’s only one thing stopping you from finishing off one of these bags in a single go—can you handle the heat?

It’s available to buy right now for $18 on PeaTos, but make sure you have some water handy. Each bundle has 4 servings inside.

PeaTos Classic Cheese Crunchy Curls – 4 Large Bags Review

With this offering, PeaTos gives us 4 bags of the Classic Cheese Crunch in 1 package…but, in the honest opinion of this PeaTos snacks review, there should be a 10 serving option too. Are 4 really enough? They make a great item to bring to a backyard barbecue or cottage party.

In any case, this best-selling and customer-favorite PeaTos snack holds the equivalent of 4 smaller bags. If you’re planning to munch from home, then go for this option and cut down on the packaging. 

You can get all the rich cheesy taste you’re craving for $18.

PeaTos Rings Review

PeaTos Onion Rings are great for barbecues and nights on the couch. In this section, the PeaTos snacks review goes over 2 of their best-selling flavors, what makes them so good, what’s in them, and how much they cost.

PeaTos Classic Onion Crunchy Rings – 4 Large Bags Review

This is the best option for buying Classic Onion Crunchy Rings. Each bag holds 4 servings with tongue-tingling onion flavor. The contents weigh 2.5oz and have an all-natural flavor. With this purchase, you would have enough to binge on during a Netflix and chill marathon.

The Classic Onion Crunchy Rings are complete with 120 calories per serving. Healthy, non-GMO, and supremely munchable, you can buy this 4 pack for $17.

PeaTos PeaTos Fiery Onion Crunchy Ring – 15 Single Serve Bags Review

When the Classic Onion just isn’t enough, go for the Fiery Onion Crunchy Ring. The PeaTos snacks nutrition on these are amazing, with just 70 calories per bag. On the other hand, the protein is a little bit low too, at only 2g.

Fiery Onion Crunchy Rings are perfect for on-the-go snacking. Take it out, finish it off, and trash the wrapping at your leisure. It makes for a great supplement to lunch or as a standalone midday snack that excites your mouth. 

For $18, you get 15 of these single-serve packs.

PeaTos Bulk Packs Review

This PeaTos snacks review understands that 15 bags are not enough. And 4 large bags? Why not order more? You know it tastes amazing. Plus it’s healthy, gluten-free, and low in calories. 

So just buy a bunch at once. If you’re on board, keep reading as we review the flavor and product options for buying PeaTos snacks in bulk.

PeaTos Super Party Mix Bulk Pack – 45 Single Serve Bags Review

This pack offers 45 single serve bags that hit every one of the all-natural PeaTos creations. To be clear, with the Super Party Mix Bulk Pack you get 9 packets of each of the following flavors: Classic Cheese Crunchy Curls, Fiery Hot Curls, Zesty Ranch Curls, Classic Onion Rings, and Fiery Onion Rings. 

These are perfect for Halloween, kid’s birthday parties, or any gathering with a lot of people who appreciate crunchable snacks (you don’t have to tell them PeaTos are healthy). The Onion Rings options have only 70 calories per pack, while the other 3 Crunchy Curls have nearly double that amount at 130, but also twice the protein at 4g.

But what’s really important is that you get the full PeaTos product range in bulk, and in snack-sized packaging. You can buy this Super Party Mix Bulk Pack for $65

PeaTos Classic Mix Bulk Pack – 45 Single Serve Bags Review

The Classic Mix Bulk Pack is for customers with a discerning taste, who don’t need any “fiery” jalapeno items in their snack pool. You will get 45 single-serve packs broken down into 15 Classic Cheese Curls, 15 Zest Ranch Curls, and 15 Classic Onion Rings.

No need to scorch your taste buds with flavor—you will still be salivating for the next pack in this bundle. These high-protein snack options stand the test of time, and you’ll have enough to last you months…maybe weeks, possibly days. You can buy the Classic Mix Bulk Pack for $60 on the PeaTos website or phone app.

PeaTos Party Mix Variety Pack – 15 Single Serve Bags Review

The Party Mix Variety pack is, frankly, enough for a party of one. I would make short work of them in only a couple of sittings. So what you really get is a full range of the available PeaTos flavors in 1 bulk order (three of each): 

  • Classic Cheese Curls
  • Fiery Hot Curls
  • Zesty Ranch Curls
  • Classic Onion Rings
  • Fiery Onion Rings

Whether you want to take one per day after work, during lunch hour, or for your kid to snack on during school, the Party Mix Variety Pack makes sure you won’t get tired of the flavors. They can last you a month, week, or day. Test out what PeaTos has to offer with this $25 mix pack.

PeaTos Subscription Review

PeaTos Snacks Review

The company’s subscription option gives you a 10% discount on every order, plus free shipping. You can also use your PeaTos login information with the brand’s app and easily make any changes from your phone.

The PeaTos subscription allows you to cancel whenever you want, as well as edit your order frequency, amount, and the items. Follow the steps below to subscribe:

1. Go the product page of your desired crunchable snack

2. Click the ‘Subscribe’ button

3. Select how often you want the snack delivered

4. Checkout and finish your order

PeaTos Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

PeaTos Snacks Review

On the official PeaTos website, their bestsellers received hundreds of 5-star reviews. Across the board, their products have a 5/5 star average rating. Common feedback says the pea chips are flavorsome and satisfy snack cravings. 

They also love eating a tasty treat knowing that PeaTos snacks ingredients produce none of the guilt or bodily harm that comes with the old standard brands. One customer writes, “PeaTos are a perfect substitute for the crunchy chips you crave. I don’t feel guilty when I indulge in PeaTos.”

Amazon also provides insight into the customer experience. Snackers are delightfully surprised by the tangy rich flavors and solid crunch. The only downside is that they wished the single-serve bags were bigger (don’t we all).

Some also said the spice level was too much, while others said it gave just the right amount of kick. Overall, they give PeaTos products between 4 to 4.5 out of 5 stars.

PeaTos Snacks Review

One Amazon PeaTos snacks reviewer writes, “These are amazing! Great flavor, amazing crunch. I can’t believe these are a healthy “alternative” snack because in my opinion they’re even better than traditional snacks of this type. I’ve tried fiery hot and classic cheese and both are awesome. So glad I found these!”

There are also PeaTos fans on Instagram. It’s a newer brand and some of them weren’t sure what to think going into it. They found the flavors on point and great, but most of all they are huge fans of the healthy ingredients that let them eat to their stomach’s content. 

One Instagrammer, @thee.mac.chavez, writes, “I’m not going to lie… I DO NOT like peas but I LOVE @peatosbrand !!”

Is PeaTos Worth It?

PeaTos Snacks Review

PeaTos is worth a try for so many reasons. First of all, it’s an affordable snack. You can order the Party Mix Variety Pack for $25 and try every flavor and style that the brand has to offer.

Chances are you’re going to really like it—according to customers and premier magazines and news outlets, PeaTos is innovating the entire snack industry with their healthy and naturally flavorful pea-based munchables.

Are PeaTos any good? Everything this PeaTos snacks review has seen says they are absolutely worth a try. They’ll hit the spot when you’re hungry, but unlike most junk food, these curls and rings won’t cause tiredness or spike your insulin.

PeaTos Promotions & Discounts

PeaTos Snacks Review

PeaTos offers a 10% discount on your first order after signing up for their mailing list. It’s easy to do, so you should definitely take advantage of the deal before giving the brand a chance.

Other than that, you can sign up for an auto-delivery subscription and save another 10% on all your PeaTos pea chips. It also comes with exclusive offers and free shipping.

Where To Buy PeaTos

PeaTos Snacks Review

This PeaTos snacks review found that you can buy their products at Kroger, Safeway, Walmart, Amazon, or just directly on the brand’s free app and website.


PeaTos Snacks Review

How long do PaeTos take to ship?

PeaTos doesn’t tell us much about their shipping policy. What we do know is that delivery is free on every order through their phone app or website—if you are a subscriber. 

This PeaTos snacks review did find a store locator, which you can use to discover the nearest physical location that sells their products. With that, you could get lucky and pick up your favorites with zero shipping costs or wait times.

What is PeaTos’ Return Policy?

There is no return policy, but you can still get a refund. Check off the steps below to ensure the process goes smoothly.

1. Make sure you don’t want a return or exchange, because PeaTos cannot accept either (food regulation policies), only refunds

2. Complete the refund process within 30 days of your purchase

3. Prepare your order number and associated email address or your order receipt

4. Email your refund request to [email protected] with your order information and refund explanation

5. Follow up if you don’t hear back after 3 business days

How to Contact PeaTos

This PeaTos snacks review found that you can get in touch with their customer service team by emailing [email protected], or filling out the contact form on their website. 

PeaTos aims to respond no later than 2 business days after receiving your message.

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