Zwilling Kettle Review

Overview of Zwilling Kettles

Zwilling Kettle Review

As one of the most trusted names in kitchen appliances, it’s no surprise that Zwilling has one of the best electric kettles on the market. However, does the product hold up to the German company’s reputation?

In my Zwilling Kettle review, I will look at the product’s key specifications, capabilities, price, distinguishing features, customer reception, and more. That way, you can decide if this should be the product you’ll trust at your next tea time.

But before I indulge you in those details, I want to give you a quick rundown of the product’s highlights:


Zwilling Kettle Review
  • Electric stainless steel kettle
  • Double-walled insulation system
  • Automatically shuts off when water reaches a boil
  • Built for small spaces
  • Simple design

Zwilling Kettle Review

Zwilling Kettle Review

Tea has a long rich history in many cultures, with its origins tracing back to nearly 5,000 years ago in ancient China. Despite this long rich history, we don’t have to stick to the same methods they used in the past.

While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional kettle on the stove, electric kettles offer a faster way to boil water for your tea. Since black tea makes for a great alternative to coffee and herbal tea is a lovely way to unwind after a long day at work, you might be firing it up several times a day. Zwilling is one of the brands here to save you some time and make your life easier.

But how much will it cost? The Zwilling Enfinigy Electric Kettle is usually $110 but you can currently grab it for a discount at only $80.

Kettles, both traditional and electric, come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. With so many options, what sets Zwilling’s offering apart? Let’s take a look.


Zwilling Kettle Review

The Zwilling Kettle has a stainless steel interior structure that keeps heat in for longer and protects its exterior from becoming roaring hot. That means it should be safe for you to grab the kettle and not worry about burning your hand.

This structure should keep your water hot for long periods of time so that you don’t need to keep reheating it over and over.


Zwilling Kettle Review

Beyond the interior structure I just mentioned, this item also has a double-walled heating system that can heat an entire liter of water relatively quickly. Once the water reaches a boil, the Zwilling Kettle automatically shuts off.

Furthermore, this kettle is perfectly sized to accommodate people with limited counter space. That comes without sacrificing any of its functionality.

What’s Included?

Zwilling Kettle Review

Purchasing a Zwilling Kettle will only include the kettle itself because it doesn’t require any additional accessories.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Zwilling Kettle

Zwilling Kettle Review

While everything I’ve mentioned so far in my Zwilling Kettle review is certainly charming, there are some other elements that can affect whether this product is right for you.

Frequency of Use

Kettles like the Zwilling Kettle benefit from frequent usage. If you’re a tea addict then this might be the one for you.


As previously stated, the Zwilling Enfinigy Electric Kettle costs $80 currently, which is a fair price for a stainless steel electric kettle.

Tech Aspects

This kettle weighs just under 3 lbs, has overheating protection, and uses 1,500 watts of energy.

Ease of Use

Simply plug the kettle in, fill it with water, and turn it on. That’s all the work that goes into operating this device


Although the Zwilling Kettle holds 1 liter of water, you can find the same item with a larger capacity. Some models can hold 1.5 liters.


Zwilling covers this product with a three-year warranty.


You can’t find an item much safer than the Zwilling Kettle. Since it turns off automatically and has overheating protection, there’s little chance it’ll harm you if you use it correctly.

Zwilling Kettle Alternatives

I’ve only covered one product in my Zwilling Kettle review, but there are some notable contenders that you may also be interested in. Let’s see what else is on the market.

Swan Nordic Cordless Electric Kettle

Zwilling Kettle Review

This kettle can hold a bit more liquid than the Zwilling Kettle and has a lovely streamlined design with a wood grain handle. It also features a rapid boil.

However, with some extra features, it costs a little extra at $93. It also has more components that you need to clean. So, if you want a kettle that’s easier to keep tidy, stick with Zwilling’s.

Precision Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Zwilling Kettle Review

I’ll admit that I do like this alternative’s design, reminding me of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. However, the fact that it costs more than the Zwilling Kettle even though they share the same capacity is a bit of a turn-off.

One of the points I want to drive home in my Zwilling Kettle review is that that product shines for its simplicity, a factor that neither of the alternatives can quite match.

Zwilling Kettle Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Zwilling Kettle Review

I put together a list of Zwilling Kettle reviews from multiple websites to give you a broad perspective of what people generally think about the product.

I should note that some of these scores are for the version of the item with a 1.5 L capacity rather than 1 L, but the two function nearly exactly the same.

  • Walmart: 4.8/5 stars based on more than 400 reviews
  • Bed Bath & Beyond: 4.7/5 stars from over 600 reviews
  • Food 52: 4.7/5 stars based on 6 reviews

Most positive Zwilling Kettle reviews I found honed in on the fact that this piece of equipment is extremely easy to use. People loved that this kettle was one of the simplest appliances in their kitchen. As one customer put it:

“Its ease of use is seamless and I never have an issue or question how to use it. Its minimal and sleek design let it flow with the rest of my kitchen while still being its own eye-catching piece.”

That’s another component that buyers frequently complimented in their Zwilling Kettle reviews; the device is a looker. Its rudimentary aesthetics charmed many people, including this customer, who wrote: “Very high-quality product and it looks great in [the] kitchen. I would recommend this product.”

One final Zwilling Kettle review highlighted the appliance’s main appeal: “The interior is stainless steel, which I really love and holds more than enough water for my daily needs. This kettle has a nice safety feature of switching off if the kettle boils.”

With its easy-to-use, safe, and effective features, the Zwilling Kettle is a hit with customers across the internet. Its simple and sleek design will definitely look great in your kitchen.

Is Zwilling Kettle Worth It?

Zwilling Kettle Review

After conducting my Zwilling Kettle review, I found it to be a great option if you want a reliable, simple, and safe appliance and you only have so much free space to spare.

Where to Buy Zwilling Kettle

Zwilling Kettle Review

You can purchase the Zwilling Enfinigy Electric Kettle through these retailers:

  1. The brand’s website,
  2. Online distributors like Amazon
  3. In-person locations like Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond

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