Zwilling Madura Plus Review

Overview of Zwilling Madura Plus

Zwilling Madura Plus Review

What makes the perfect pan? Is it a slippery as ever non-stick granite coating? How about forged aluminum or ergonomic stay-cool handles?

The Zwilling Madura Plus range of fry pans comes equipped with it all, bridging classic Italian design with German craftsmanship.

Named the best omelet pan by the New York Times, I saw it called the same by Bon Appetit. But is it really? I intend to find out in my Zwilling Madura Plus review, and so will you. You’ll read all about the pans, including specs, feedback, and more. Let’s get sizzling with some highlights first.


Zwilling Madura Plus Review
  • Range of standard & deep fry pans
  • Made in Italy
  • 40x more durable than PTFE
  • Does not contain PFOAs
  • Heats quickly & evenly

Zwilling Madura Plus Review

Zwilling Madura Plus Review

Every now and again you run into a product that’s really worth it. And I mean “no doubt about it” worth it. That’s the Zwilling Madura Plus, and the line comes highly recommended for anyone who loves to cook.

Unlike other non-stick pans, this one is scratch-resistant, long-lasting, and thoughtfully designed. Perfect for any meal, it’s most famous for how well it can cook an omelet and have it slide on out without so much as a spatula.

Designed for real life, it’s also safe to use metal utensils and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. What more could you ask for in a pan? If it’s a non-toxic PFOA-free coating, it has that too.

In the line, you’ll discover a full range of frying pans plus one stir fry pan. We’ll get into the pans’ intricacies next in my Zwilling Madura Plus review.


Zwilling Madura Plus Review

Arguably the best non-stick cookware out there, these pans are made in Italy, a country known for their craftsmanship and food. It turns out they know a thing or two about making great pans because these pans perform excellently.

Thanks to forged aluminum construction, they heat up quickly, retain heat, and distribute it evenly. 

Coated with a granite non-stick, you’ll get more use out of your pans and can even use metal utensils. Cook foods on the stovetop up to 400°F then finish them off in the oven up to 300°F.

When you’re done, you can just place your pan in the dishwasher. So do they perform well? I’d say so.


Zwilling Madura Plus Review

Zwilling Madura Plus pans look simple, but their design is incredibly thoughtful. First, the pan is made of forged aluminum.

Then, it’s coated with Duraslide granite (which is 40x more durable than PTFE by the way) and primed with a plasma spray that helps it resist scratches.

After that, it’s fitted with an ergonomic handle that stays cool. And did I mention the dripless pouring rim? No more saucy splashes.

What’s Included?

Zwilling Madura Plus Review

The Zwilling Madura Plus non-stick frying pan comes in regular or deep styles in sizes of 8”, 9.5”, 10”, 11”, or 12”. The brand also offers them in sets. All made in cool matte black, depending on the one you buy, your pan may also come with a lid.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Zwilling Madura Plus

Zwilling Madura Plus Review

Just because Bon Appetit said this pan was the bomb for eggs doesn’t mean you should skip out on reading the details. I’ll walk you through a few more key points to keep in mind before you shop.


What are you making? If you like big, one-pan meals, opting for a larger pan or the stir-fry pan is a great choice. Just making eggs for one? The 8” will do.


There’s a reason these pans are pros at making eggs: their Duraslide granite three-layer non-stick coating. Unlike other non-stick pans, you can use metal utensils on these ones.


Madura Plus pans are oven-safe up to 300°F and stovetop-safe up to 400°F.


The Zwilling Madura Plus is available in both standard and deep frying pans. The brand also offers a 12” stir fry pan.

Ease of Care

All of these pans are dishwasher safe but you can also wash them by hand if you prefer.


The Madura Plus line is made from forged aluminum coated in three layers of Duraslide granite non-stick granite. This coating is 4x more durable than pans coated with PTFE. 

Zwilling Madura Plus Alternatives

If you thought that all frying pans were the same, I hope you’ve learned a little from my Zwilling Madura Plus review.

To show you how this featured brand stacks up against other top products, I’ll include two of my favorites here.


Zwilling Madura Plus Review

Caraway has a small collection of cookware, selling just a fry pan, saute pan, saucepan, and Dutch oven all in one size each. The Fry Pan is 10.5” and is free from PTFE just like the Madura Plus line is. 

In contrast with its competitor, Caraway cookware comes in 6 fun colors, and instead of using granite as Zwilling does, its non-stick coating is made from ceramic. Get it for $95.


Zwilling Madura Plus Review

Unlike the Madura Plus line, Misen’s non-stick selection includes sauciers, saute pans, and stockpots. Because this is a Zwilling Madura Plus review, I’ll stick to its fry pans. 

Offering 8”, 10”, and 12” fry pans, Misen has fewer size options than my featured brand does. Similar to Zwilling, these pans have an aluminum core for quick and even heating, though they’re oven safe up to 450°F. An 8” pan is $55.

While the Misen Pan is most similar to the Zwilling Madura Plus non-stick pan in terms of construction and price, it has fewer size options for its frying pans. Caraway only has one size and is a little more costly.

Zwilling Madura Plus Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Zwilling Madura Plus Review

There’s certainly something special about this cookware line, but I’ll push it a little further by looking at customer feedback next in my Zwilling Madura Plus review.

First up, some ratings from the company’s website:

  • 8” Non-Stick Aluminum Fry Pan: 4.6/5 stars from 881 reviews
  • 11” Non-Stick Aluminum Deep Fry Pan: 4.8/5 stars after 257 reviews
  • 12” Aluminum Stir Fry Pan: 4.5/5 stars from 19 reviews

Checking out the comments for the Non-Stick Aluminum Fry Pan, customers generally seem happy with their purchase saying that it outlasts other non-stick pans on the market. One Zwilling Madura Plus review read:

“I have been very pleased. The pan has enough heft so that it sits on the burner of my less than adequate stove without tipping over. It conducts heat well without uneven cooking or burning. I love that it is black and looks good even when family members have not scrubbed the outside as well as they might. And yes, the omelet does slide off as smooth as silk.”

There’s nothing worse than discovering your new non-stick is actually quite sticky, so it’s nice to read that these do what they claim to. Numerous comments say the same thing, so I’ll move on to Amazon.

There, the 2-Piece Frying Pan Set is rated 4.5/5 stars by 53 shoppers. Like the reviews on, the ones on Amazon say that these pans really are as non-stick as the brand claims. Here’s one review that sums things up nicely:

“Received the fry pans quickly and well packaged. These pans are ridiculously slippery, nothing sticks in these pans, and the quality…what can I say, the brand(s) speak for quality and durability! Extremely pleased with these heavy-duty beauties!”

Heading over to Crate & Barrel to finish things off, I saw a 4.7/5 star score from 151 shoppers for the 10” Frying Pan.

The feedback here was simple, comments like “This is far and away the best non-stick frying pan I’ve ever owned,” were common, as were ones such as: “The quality of this fry pan is amazing.”

Do Madura Plus pans live up to the hype? From what I can tell after researching for my Zwilling Madura Plus review: 100%.

Is Zwilling Madura Plus Worth It?

Zwilling Madura Plus Review

It isn’t often that a product comes as highly recommended by shoppers as it does by big-name publications. No matter where I looked for my Zwilling Madura Plus review, I turned up exceptional ratings for these pans. 

So here’s the thing: no matter which non-stick pan you buy, eventually, the coating will come off.

But with that said, customers said the Zwilling Madura Plus non-stick fry pan outlived any other non-stick pan they’ve had in the past. Plus, the non-toxic coating doesn’t hurt either. 

All things considered, I think the Zwilling Madura Plus is more than worth it.

Where to Buy Zwilling Madura Plus

Zwilling Madura Plus Review

You’ve reached the end of my Zwilling Madura Plus review. If you’re champing at the bit to start cooking, head to to get what might just be the best non-stick pan there is.

You can also find it at Crate & Barrel, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Walmart.

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