Remedy Drinks Review

About Remedy Drinks

Remedy Drinks Review

Remedy Drinks is a Canadian beverage company selling organic kombucha, ginger beer, and switchel to customers across the globe. 

This brand is switching things up in the drinks industry by offering refreshing drinks with no alcohol content and no added sugar. Remedy Drinks are all-natural and don’t contain any fake flavors or colors, making them perfect for health-conscious customers. 

My Remedy Drinks review will give you a look at this brand’s best-sellers and break down why they’re considered a healthier alternative to soda and beer. I’ll also check out some customer feedback and give you all the buying info you need to know before diving into Remedy’s line of unique drinks. 

Overview of Remedy Drinks

Remedy Drinks Review

Remedy Drinks was founded by Australian-Canadian couple Sarah and Emmet Condon. The Condons are huge kombucha fans who got inspired to learn the art of brewing their own. 

After perfecting their recipes in their home kitchen and winning over their friends, family members, and even their kids, they wanted to share their love for this healthy drink with a wider audience.

So, what is kombucha? It’s a fermented drink dating back hundreds of years, made from tea with added yeasts and good-for-you bacteria! 

The end result is a fizzy iced tea that can be left plain, or sweetened with natural sweeteners like stevia, and pepped up with fruit extracts and herbs for a nature-based taste.

Remedy Drinks makes their kombuchas with bright, fruity flavors like Peach, Ginger Lemon, and Raspberry Lemonade. They also make switchel, a living apple cider vinegar drink, and ginger beer

If you’re avoiding alcohol and added sugars, Remedy Drinks are here as a tasty alternative! Sarah and Emmet teamed up with professional nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill to craft kombucha recipes that are healthfully indulgent, tasting delicious while still delivering gut-friendly bacteria and antioxidants. 

Unlike some booch brands, they don’t add any additional sugar. They also test each batch to make sure whatever sugar is used for fermenting has been completely converted to organic acid. You still get bubbles and a delicate, fruity sweetness but with none of the sugar found in conventional soda. 

Remedy Drinks products are also alcohol-free, but beer and cocktail lovers can certainly appreciate the rich, fermented flavor and the subtle fizz. They make for a great hot weather refresher, and are a creative alternative to seltzers and cloyingly sweet non-alcoholic cocktail options.

Now that our Remedy Drinks is more familiar with all things kombucha, let’s check out the highlights of buying your brew from this brand.


  • Canadian company selling organic, no-sugar kombucha and switchel
  • Huge range of fruity flavors
  • Natural ingredients like black tea and fruit extracts
  • No alcohol content
  • Sweetened with natural sweeteners: stevia and erythritol
  • Kosher, vegan, gluten-free, and Halal
  • Home delivery and subscription options for Canadian shoppers
  • Sold through Amazon in the US

Remedy Drinks Review

If you’re ready to switch up your summertime faves to something a little kinder to your body, take a look at the Remedy Drinks best-sellers below!

Remedy Drinks Switchel ACV Blood Orange Review

Switchel is a live-culture, unpasteurized drink similar to kombucha. This version marries spicy ginger with fruity blood orange for a zesty drink that Remedy describes as “tart yet smooth.”

This fizzy beverage has the following natural ingredients:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Ginger Juice
  • Blood Orange Extract
  • Natural Honey Flavor
  • Lemon Juice
  • Hibiscus

Don’t worry, there’s no added sugar here to ruin your healthy vibe! Remedy Drinks ferments organic apples, letting their natural sugars turn into raw ACV. This drink is then sweetened with stevia and erythritol, which are plant-based sweeteners.

Buy a 12 pack of the Switchel ACV Blood Orange for $22.

Remedy Drinks Kombucha Mango Passion Review

If you love mangos and kombucha, why not try them together? The Kombucha Mango Passion has a black and green tea base with a few additions to make this all-natural refresher especially interesting. 

Described as “fragrant, fruity, smooth, and deep,” Kombucha Mango Passion is made with:

  1. Natural Mango Flavor
  2. Natural Passion Fruit Flavor
  3. Natural Lemongrass Flavor

Like all Remedy Drinks products, this drink doesn’t have added sugar, just plant-based sweeteners that are low in calories – a whole 8.5 oz can will give you 5 calories total.

Buy the Kombucha Mango Passion for $39 for a pack of 24 cans.

Remedy Drinks Good Energy Blackberry Review

The Good Energy Blackberry Kombucha has plenty of plant-based goodness to keep you going on a hot day. 

An energy drink of a different kind, this effervescent powerhouse is made with green and black tea. Then, to give you a boost, it has ginseng and coffee bean extracts, but none of the sugars or fake additives found in conventional energy beverages.

For this Remedy Drinks review, I found that this recipe includes plenty of natural additions, like hibiscus tea, and blackberry, raspberry and vanilla flavoring, to create a rich, thirst-quenching flavor.

Buy the Good Energy Blackberry for $22 for a 12-pack.

Remedy Drinks Ginger Beer Review

For those of you who like a zesty, sweet-and-sour kind of summer drink, the Ginger Beer was made for you. 

This Ginger Beer isn’t a sickly sweet soda injected with artificial ginger flavor- it’s made from real organic raw ginger juice, brewed the old-fashioned way!

This gently fizzy drink is infused with the following ingredients for an authentic, healthy kick:

  • Remedy’s own Ginger Beer live culture
  • Ginger Juice
  • Stevia Extract
  • Erythritol
  • Natural Ginger Flavor

Buy a 12 pack of the Ginger Beer for $22.

Who Is Remedy Drinks For? 

Remedy Drinks Review

While doing my research for this Remedy Drinks review I found that this company caters to customers who love to indulge in a nice cold drink, but want to do so without the health consequences of too much sugar or alcohol. 

All of Remedy Drinks’ products are made with nutrition and gut health in mind, putting organic ingredients up front and cutting out harmful additives.

Their drinks are ideal for those looking to avoid even traces of sugar in their drinks, which can come from things like fruit juice, or may not be fully converted in the fermenting process. Instead, Remedy Drinks uses fruit extracts and naturally-derived sweeteners designed to deliver on taste without any of the effects of sugar. 

Anyone who loves the fizzy texture and fruity tastes of kombucha will appreciate that this brand makes it organically, and in a host of different flavors! These peppy drinks would be great additions to all the picnics, parties, and BBQs you’ll be enjoying this summer

Remedy Drinks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Remedy Drinks Review

This brand shares some customer reviews on their official site’s product pages. These reviews have positive things to say about this brand’s flavors and approach to customer service

One shopper who was impressed by the brand tried the Kombucha Mixed Case, which contains all of the brand’s kombucha flavors, including Mango Passion

She loved trying out the different tastes, sharing in her Remedy Drinks review, “Easy shipping to my post office to be sure they didn’t get frozen in winter! All delicious flavours! So good I cannot pick my fave (Mango?! berry?!)”

I also found some customer’s Remedy Drinks reviews on their official Facebook page. Most of these posts mention that buyers rely on these drinks for healthful refreshment, and love that they are low in calories with no added sugar.

A customer comments in her Remedy Drinks review:I drink some of this almost every day love the ginger lemon. NO added sugar.”

Another shopper found that she got “hooked” (in the healthiest sense possible) on this brand’s drinks after trying them as a non-alcoholic alternative on a night out.

She writes in her Remedy Drinks review on Facebook: “I’m a little bit obsessed with your Kombucha! I discovered it whilst drinking in a Wetherspoons pub in Birmingham (I was the designated driver) and I’ve been hooked ever since!”

Another customer expressed how happy they are that Remedy Drinks is an option for her diabetic son because it doesn’t raise his blood sugar

She shares in her Remedy Drinks review: Glad you’re still in business! Your product is perfect for those with Type 1 diabetes too. No effect on blood glucose – which is terrific! My son loves it!”

Finally, I found some Remedy Drinks reviews on their official Amazon page, where you can order their products if you’re located in the US. 

These reviews mostly mention the great taste of their kombuchas and ginger beer. Customers love drinking these products on their own, and some even use them as mixers, with one buyer writing, “Great base for a refreshing cocktail.”

Overall, this brand has solid scores from a variety of sites and has earned an enthusiastic reaction from customers who love their wholesome ingredients, flavor quality, and friendly service.

Is Remedy Drinks Legit?

Remedy Drinks Review

Yes! While writing this Remedy Drinks review, I found no red flags or complaints about this brand on review sites like TrustPilot or Sitejabber. 

The brand’s products are reliably shipped throughout the US via Amazon, are sold all over the world through the brand’s website and through various restaurants, bars, and retailers. 

Is Remedy Drinks Worth It?

Remedy Drinks Review

This beverage company is responding to a significant customer need by making tasty and refreshing drinks that don’t contain harmful ingredients.

While writing this Remedy Drinks review I learned that this brand prioritizes customer health by making the following guarantees about their products:

  • Non-alcoholic
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • Organic
  • Natural and plant-based sweeteners and flavors
  • No added sugar

Rather than totally abstaining from fizzy drinks, health-conscious consumers can enjoy something from Remedy and rest easy knowing that they’re not breaking their good eating habits or consuming anything they’d prefer to avoid. 

It’s also good to know that customers have found this company’s service and delivery to be timely and friendly. So what’s the verdict of my Remedy Drinks review? Honestly, I’d recommend trying out the brand’s offerings for yourself the next time you need a refreshing-yet-healthy drink!

Remedy Drinks Promotions & Discounts 

Remedy Drinks Review

At the time of this Remedy Drinks review, I found that if you subscribe to receive their drinks regularly, you can receive 10% off the cost of your order. 

This subscription service isn’t available in the US, but is available in some other markets, including Canada. To find out more if you’re eligible, make sure you select your shipping destination from the dropdown menu at the top left of the Remedy Drinks website. 

Where to Buy Remedy Drinks

Remedy Drinks Review

Find all Remedy Drinks products at their official site or through Amazon. You can also use their Store Locator to find a stockist near you!


Remedy Drinks Review

Who owns Remedy Drinks?

Entrepreneurs Sarah and Emmet Condon co-founded and co-own Remedy Drinks.

Where is Remedy Drinks from?

This is a Canadian brand based in the Ontario area.

Are Remedy Drinks healthy?

Compared to the average pop or beer, Remedy Drinks can definitely be considered a healthy alternative. 

Kombucha is tea-based, and none of Remedy’s Drinks have oodles of added sugar, synthetic flavors, or added colors to be concerned about. Their ingredients are organic, too, so you’re not enjoying any harmful toxins or pesticides alongside your kombucha. Cheers to that!

Does Remedy Drinks ship internationally?

Remedy Drinks’ shipping varies from country to country. Their products are available in:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • UK
  • Canada
  • US

Canadian shoppers can buy most of their products for direct home delivery, while customers in the US will be redirected to their Amazon store. 

For more about the brand’s shipping policies in your country, select your destination from their dropdown menu and go to the product page of your choice. 

What is Remedy Drinks’ Shipping Policy?

If you’re a Canadian health nut, you’re in luck! This company will ship their drinks anywhere across the country. If you live in the Toronto area you can expect your order to take about four days. For the rest of Canada, expect delivery to take up to a week. 

Your order will be delivered by Canada Post, and in the winter you will receive a ‘pick-up card’ so you can get your drinks at the post office at your convenience so they won’t freeze on your doorstep!

Shipping policies outside of Canada depend on the country and carrier. In all cases, shipping charges vary and will be calculated at checkout. 

What is Remedy Drinks’ Return Policy?

It doesn’t look like this brand accepts returns, but give them a shout at their contact lines below if you have an issue with your order.

How to Contact Remedy Drinks

I hope you enjoyed this Remedy Drinks review! I found that you can reach out to this brand by email at [email protected], or by phone at 1-888-566-2824 during business hours.

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