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About Mash and Grape

Mash and Grape Review

Mash and Grape is an online store selling a variety of alcoholic beverages to customers across the US as one-time orders and monthly subscriptions. The brand’s focus is on providing the highest quality whiskey, bourbon, scotch, gin, and more to their customers.

This company has been featured in media outlets like Esquire and has almost 2k followers on Facebook. Mash and Grape’s mission is to “scour the planet looking for products that excite and amaze us, so that we can share them with you.”

My Mash and Grape review will cover this brand’s best-selling options, buyer feedback, and purchasing info so you make an informed decision about inviting Mash and Grape to your home bar. 

Overview of Mash and Grape

Mash and Grape Review

Mash and Grape was founded by American entrepreneur Adi Pal in 2014. A big fan of quality drinks, Adi was running a brick-and-mortar tasting store in Manhattan before taking his shop online.

Passionate about providing the best liquors to customers across the country, Adi partnered with different retailers to create a vast selection of bottles, including gin, rum, tequila, bourbon, and beyond – making Mash and Grape a curated “marketplace of craft spirits.

Mash and Grape sells individual bottles, discovery sets, and subscription services. This company is known for carrying products that are a bit difficult to find. Their selection of rare drinks has set them apart from other liquor stores and subscription boxes.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of buying from Mash and Grape.


  • Delivers alcohol such as bourbon, whiskey, and tequila to your door
  • Wide selection of products
  • Range of prices from $20 to over $10,000
  • Recent and vintage finds
  • Also sells glassware and books
  • Flat rate shipping of $15 on orders over $44
  • Fabulous gift ideas
  • 6 subscription options based on alcohol type
  • Products sourced from around the world, including the US, Japan, and Ireland

Mash and Grape Beverages Review

This brand has tons of options, but I’ve narrowed down this Mash and Grape review to highlight four of their best-selling drinks.

Mash and Grape Jeppson’s Malört Review

Mash and Grape Jeppson’s Malört Review
Mash and Grape Jeppson’s Malört

This liqueur is a Swedish classic. According to Mash and Grape, Malört was first developed in the Middle Ages and relied on for its medicinal effects. 

Jeppson’s Malört liqueur is named after Swedish immigrant Carl Jeppson, who introduced the drink to the US by distilling and selling this traditional beverage in his new home of Chicago. 

Jeppson’s Malört is made from wormwood, a plant that grows wild in many parts of Sweden, giving this liqueur a bitter taste. Its distinct (and sometimes polarizing) flavor has made this drink a cult favorite, famous across the American midwest and hard to find elsewhere.

This bottle contains 375 ml of Malört, which is 35% alcohol. Try Jeppson’s Malört for yourself for $17.

Mash and Grape Jeppson’s Bourbon Review

Mash and Grape Jeppson’s Bourbon Review
Mash and Grape Jeppson’s Bourbon

This bourbon is made from a variety of straight bourbon whiskeys, all aged for at least four years. 

Jeppson’s Bourbon is 50% alcohol, has been non-chill filtered, and comes in a 750 ml bottle.

This drink comes in a brown bottle, with Jeppson’s traditional design on the front honoring their Swedish and American heritage.

Mash and Grape proudly note that the Beverage Testing Institute gave this drink a gold medal rating of 91 points

Buy the Jeppson’s Bourbon for $30. 

Mash and Grape Sourland Mountain Spirits Review

Mash and Grape Sourland Mountain Spirits Review
Mash and Grape Sourland Mountain Spirits

This colorful Vodka is really one of a kind. The Sourland Mountain Spirits Vodka is colored with plant-based extracts from the butterfly pea flower, giving it a peppy blue hue.

Here are some fast facts on Sourland Mountain Spirits Vodka:

  • Distilled six times
  • Made from corn
  • Slow-filtered with charcoal
  • Colored with butterfly pea flower 
  • 40% alcohol
  • 750 ml bottle

Mash and Grape explains that when you purchase this drink, you’ll be supporting a good cause: Profits will go towards raising money and providing employment for employees with autism working at the We Make workplace where Sourland Mountain Spirits is bottled.

Buy the Sourland Mountain Spirits Vodka for $45.

Mash and Grape Devil’s Sister Peach Whiskey Review

Mash and Grape Devil’s Sister Peach Whiskey Review
Mash and Grape Devil’s Sister Peach Whiskey

If you’re an adventurous whiskey fan, check out the Devil’s Sister Peach Whiskey. Mash and Grape calls this whiskey “sinfully sweet” with a “smooth finish.” 

This drink comes in a stylish bottle with peachy flames rising up the side and a fittingly devilish font, too.

Devil’s Sister Peach Whiskey is a rich, smokey drink with some unique flavor notes to enhance your whiskey experience:

  • Fresh peaches
  • Honey
  • Caramel

The Devil’s Sister Peach Whiskey comes in a 750 ml bottle, and is 33% alcohol. Pick it up for $30.

Mash and Grape Subscription Review

Mash and Grape Subscription Review
Mash and Grape Subscription

If you love the Mash and Grape approach to rare and curated spirits, you may want to consider their subscription option: the Mashbox Club

Mashbox Club is a great way to discover new producers and experiment with the variety of flavors and drinking experiences across a single type of spirit. This is also a great gift idea for friends or family who will appreciate tasting something new.

When you sign up for the Mashbox Club, you’ll be asked to pick which type of drink you’d like to receive (they’re all priced a bit differently). 

Here are the options:

  1. Bourbon Club ($69 per month)
  2. Whiskey Club ($69 per month)
  3. Scotch Club ($69 per month)
  4. Gin Club ($49 per month)
  5. Tequila Club ($54 per month)
  6. Rum Club ($54 per month)

After you’ve selected your Mash and Grape subscription type, you’ll be asked if you’re sending it as a gift, and if you would like your subscription to last for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

Once you’re all signed up, you or your gift recipient will receive a different bottle each month. Your new drink will come with tasting notes and the story behind the beverage or its distillery.

Sign up for the Mash and Grape Subscription at the link above.

Who Is Mash and Grape For? 

Mash and Grape Review

This brand is adding another dimension to the experience of shopping for alcoholic beverages online, appealing to everyone who likes a good quality drink from time to time.

People who particularly love bourbon, gin, whiskey, scotch, and agave-based drinks like tequila and mezcal will almost certainly appreciate this brand. Their selection ranges from low-priced small-batch bottles of bourbon to $7,000 scotch that has been carefully aged for decades.

Customers who are a little tired of the selection in their local grocery or liquor store will enjoy the chance to find something different for themselves and their friends. 

The Mashbox Club subscription and their standard marketplace are curated with the specific intention of introducing you to new styles and celebrating underrepresented distillers. It’s an easy and delicious way to diversify your drinking experience and expand your palate. 

People who are after a certain brand, taste, or vintage year will also love being able to find exactly what they’re looking for from Mash and Grape’s extensive selection of rare and wonderful bottles.

Mash and Grape Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mash and Grape Review

This company shares Mash and Grape reviews on their official website, where customers can leave their thoughts on their product pages. 

Most buyers praise this brand for the quality, taste, and selection of their beverages. One customer shares in his Mash and Grape review of the Teremana Reposado Tequila, “A nice quality Tequilla for this price range is a great find.”

Another buyer purchased a Bourbon Club subscription from this company for her spouse and was pleased with the result. She shares in her Mash and Grape review, Got this as a gift for my husband. He absolutely loved every bottle you sent.”

I also found a particularly glowing review on Sitejabber, from a customer who loves shopping through their craft spirit finds. He comments in his Mash and Grape review,Unbelievable selection of spirits. My new go to destination for top quality whiskeys that I can’t find anywhere else.”

This company’s 25 Facebook reviews are more mixed, as Facebook reviews typically are, with many customers expressing frustrations about shipping times. Our Mash and Grape review noticed that the company doesn’t seem very responsive to these complaints, which are generally about delivery and order fulfillment. 

In terms of the taste and quality of this shop’s products, customers on Facebook were considerably more positive. Buyers really like their products and have good things to say about their in-person and online shops. 

One Facebook user writes in her Mash and Grape review, “Very impressed with the quality of this company and their knowledge of spirits. I love the Avenue C store in lower Manhattan.”

The brand also has some stellar feedback on TrustPilot, where they have a 5-star rating. I noticed a Mash and Grape review from a buyer who was thrilled to shop through their unique selection for himself and his friends.

They write in their Mash and Grape review, This is an amazing company. It is a great ongoing gift set up for someone you know that likes, say a gin or wine, and you can simply set up many options for a gift delivery. They get all kinds of exclusive products that no one else has. I was able to ship some pretty rare stuff to great friends.”

Esquire magazine listed Mash and Grape as one of their Top 16 Alcohol Subscriptions of 2022, for their fab selection of rare beverages

Esquire’s team writes, “At its core, Mash & Grape is an online liquor store with very deep shelves. You’ll stumble on something you’ve never tried—let alone heard of—here, whether that’s lemongrass shochu or rare mezcal.”

Overall, this brand is appreciated for the delicious and high-quality options it offers consumers. By selling products that are more difficult to find than the average liquor store selection, Mash and Grape are successfully giving discerning customers a taste of something new and rewarding them with a more exclusive shopping experience.

Is Mash and Grape Legit?

Mash and Grape Review

This brand has been around since 2014 and is certainly a legit company. The brand has plenty of reviews out there from happy customers and they operate a brick-and-mortar store that has been serving New York customers for years. 

However, based on what I found while doing my research on Facebook for this Mash and Grape review, you may want to check in with the company about delivery and wait times and make sure you’re happy with those before you make your final selection.

Is Mash and Grape Worth It?

Mash and Grape Review

Mash and Grape has become known for their wide selection of drinks from a variety of distilleries and cultures. The brand is catering to customer needs by providing one-time orders as well as offering specific subscription options for each kind of alcohol they sell.

Many other alcohol subscriptions sell wines and champagnes, and Mash and Grape is providing an alternative to these sites by focusing on liquors like whiskey, bourbon, gin, and tequila. Their subscription plans can be as short as 3 months and as inexpensive as $49 per month, making the Mashbox Club a unique and affordable gift idea.

This brand also has some solid customer reviews from buyers who love the taste of their purchases, and appreciate the chance to shop through a great selection of products on their site –  from inexpensive drinks to high-priced and rare bottles.

If you’re a fan of spirits and want to shop through a unique selection – and find some new favorites – to wrap up this Mash and Grape review I can recommend checking out this brand’s options.

Mash and Grape Promotions & Discounts 

Mash and Grape Review

At the time of this Mash and Grape review, the company offers a flat shipping rate of $15 for orders over $44. Check back at their official site for occasional Mash and Grape discount codes.

Where to Buy Mash and Grape

Mash and Grape Review

Order all Mash and Grape products through their official site or visit their in-person retail store.


Mash and Grape Review

Who owns Mash and Grape?

Mash and Grape is owned by founder Adi Pal.

Does Mash and Grape ship internationally?

No, this company only ships within the US.

What is Mash and Grape’s Shipping Policy?

This company will ship orders across the US, with the exception of these states:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arkansas
  3. Michigan
  4. Mississippi
  5. North Carolina
  6. Ohio
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Oregon
  9. South Dakota
  10. Tennessee
  11. Utah
  12. Vermont

Mash and Grape shares that due to the popularity of their service, orders may be delayed. They do their best to fulfill orders within 5 days and have them shipped to their new homes within 5 days of processing your order.

This company’s orders are fulfilled by their retail partners, so order and delivery time will depend on these businesses and your location, too. 

Keep in mind that because these products are alcoholic, so someone over the age of 21 has to be home to sign for the package. Deliveries can’t legally be left without proof of age and typically happen during business hours. 

For this reason, Mash and Grape recommends having your order delivered to your place of work to ensure it can be successfully delivered.

What is Mash and Grape’s Return Policy?

Mash and Grape provides refunds if your product arrives broken or defective. Send them a refund request at [email protected]

How to Contact Mash and Grape

I hope you enjoyed this Mash and Grape review! You can get in touch with the brand via their website Contact Request page. 

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